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Chapter 51 - Blood Yuan Territory

All of the disciples had exhausted their Zhen Qi while dashing all the way up to the summit in one go, however, Ye Xiwen face didn't seem fatigued at all. Because the Zhen Qi present in his body was way more vigorous than the masters of the peak Houtian seventh stage, and the reason for that was the widening of the meridians in his body.

Although, a large amount of his Zhen Qi had been consumed, but this consumption was still far from the point where he would feel exhausted.

After Ye Xiwen's arrival, awhile later, other disciples had also arrived one by one.

All of the disciples had arrived and were resting in order to recover the exhausted Zhen Qi. When everyone was ready, the elders announced that they were going to open the Blood Yuan Territory.

Four elders together summoned a sophisticated sealing method. This was something everyone was waiting for. With a “bang”, the side of the cliff started to move just like a gate, which slowly opened and a dazzling light came from behind the gate. No one could clearly see anything behind the gate.

But, Ye Xiwen knew that there was a small world behind this cliff, and this little world was connected to the main world through a constantly changing chaotic space.

“Good, Blood Yuan Territory has been opened! Everyone, quickly go in, but you must remember that you have only a month’s time, and within this one month's period, you must go to the Fengye Mountain ,which is located in the central regions of Blood Yuan Territory, and then you must come back as well. If you got lost and couldn't come out in the allotted one month's time, then in that case, the next opening time is ten years later. I hope everyone will keep this in mind!” The fat elder explained.

More than two hundred young experts immediately jumped off and flew into the gate.

Ye Xiwen's movements were definitely not slow and he shuttled into the gate. He crossed through the distorted chaotic space and finally appeared inside the Blood Yuan Territory and suddenly, he felt a divine Lingqi blowing on his face. This place was rich in divine Lingqi compared to the outside world. If he were to practice here, then he could actually have twice the improvement with half the effort.

“No wonder this was the most central part of the rumors. Those formidable sects establish the core sections of their sect stations in these microcosms” Ye Xiwen said with a sigh. He had seen in some miscellanies that these formidable sects placed the core section of their sects in these small worlds, and not only were these small worlds rich in various resources, which also acted as the last means to resist against the enemy. Those sects possessed supernatural powers and they would install matrix methods in these small worlds. These matrix methods were controlled by the ancestor of the sect and in the moment of an emergency, the ancestor would start the matrix method instantly in order to avoid the enemy.

He glanced around inside the Blood Yuan Territory and actually saw a small world covered with greenery in all directions. It was a beautiful new world that was small but filled with plenty of Lingqi.

Since no one else was around, Ye Xiwen realized that when they had entered the gate, each of them must have been transmitted to a different place inside the Blood Yuan Territory.

Ye Xiwen gawked for a moment, but he did not stop and headed towards the central region of Blood Yuan Territory.

The curtain of night gradually descended and a bright moon light enveloped the earth resembling a white blanket. It was illuminating the whole piece of land with white and serene light.

Inside the dark and gloomy forest, occasionally, several streaks of moonlight projected through the dense foliage on the ground which was fully covered of fallen leaves, forming luminous spots on the ground and like this, only a few rays of moonlight were entering this dark and gloomy forest.

Deep inside the forest, sometimes, faint roars of unknown beasts would spread, sending the chills down the spine of anyone.

Ye Xiwen had been sauntering inside the Blood Yuan Territory for almost a day and sun had finally set, but even with all of his efforts, he had not encountered a single valuable target in this dark and gloomy forest. Although, it was a small world compared to the 'Zhen Wu Jie' world, but the size of this world was absolutely not small.

A breeze gently caressed against his face and suddenly a rustling sound spread over from all directions.

Ye Xiwen stopped and not far from him, there was a nearly two meters tall, more than three meters long and dark purple colored leopard quietly standing on the top of the tree branch. Its soft and smooth fur was reflecting the moonlight with a touch of dark and light colors. Its limbs looked strong and full of explosive strength. Its sharp claws could easily tear off its prey and it had a strong jaw from which it was exuding low and deep roars from time to time. The sight of this demon beast in this moonlit dark night and gloomy forest could easily scare any human.

The cold and sharp eyes were staring nonstop at Ye Xiwen. He had read many books on demon beasts and after thinking a bit, he finally recognized that this demon beast was called 'Youying Bao'. It was not just a speed type demon beast, but it also moved quietly like a shadow and its dark purple color worked as a camouflage in the night. On top of that, it also possessed an enormous strength. All these traits made this 'Quiet Shadow Leopard' a very tough opponent. (NT: 'Youying Bao' means 'Quiet Shadow Leopard')

Considering its cultivation level, it was definitely a high level demon beast. The adults of its race could reach the peak of Houtian ninth stage, and some could even evolve into Xiantian realm demon beasts. These beasts lived in the depths of 'Fengye Mountain'. Ye Xiwen couldn't understand the reason why he encountered one at the edge of the mountain forest!

Like a quiet and well-behaved kitten, Quiet Shadow Leopard gracefully jumped from the tree and stepped on the ground covered with leaves. The scariest thing was its silent movements.

Although Quiet Shadow Leopard was on a higher cultivation level compared to Ye Xiwen, and the strength of a demon beast was greater than a human on the same cultivation level. However, Ye Xiwen was also an anomaly and his strength couldn't be weighed against his cultivation level.

Quiet Yingbao walked slowly in a big circle around Ye Xiwen and it seemed as if it was trying to understand him. When it was behind him, suddenly the Quiet Shadow Leopard roared and rushed towards Ye Xiwen. It opened its huge mouth displaying countless sharp steel-like teeth shining in the moonlight and a stench blew on his face.

Quiet Shadow Leopard's movements were fast and its figure looked like a shadow, but Ye Xiwen was well prepared. He had been paying attention to the movements of this beast and in an instant he easily dodged the attack of Quiet Shadow Leopard. He instantly drew out his long blade and reflexively chopped out with an incredible force towards the face of that Quiet Shadow Leopard.

If his blade had struck its face then even if the other party was a tough demon beast, its brain would have immediately burst out of its body.

However Quiet Shadow Leopard was clever and when it saw that the long blade coming straight at its face, it immediately jumped several meters back. It was actually very fast and after dodging the blade attack, it looked warily at Ye Xiwen.

“Boom!” with a loud noise, the long blade had punched a one foot long crack in the ground and had also caused a microseism in the surrounding area for a moment.

That 'Quiet Shadow Leopard' was looking warily at Ye Xiwen. He had not expected him to be so monstrously strong. This extent of physical strength was simply too terrifying, although Quiet Shadow Leopard was at the peak of Houtian ninth stage, but it excelled at speed over strength, therefore it was scared of Ye Xiwen's terrifying strength.

However, even if it was scared of Ye Xiwen's monstrous strength, it was not willing to leave, constantly producing a deep whooshing sound. Ye Xiwen noticed that Quiet Shadow Leopard actually knew who was stronger between the two of them, but it had still not left. It was said that demon beasts were comparatively more intelligent than ordinary beasts. And when they would face a stronger opponent, they would try to avoid fighting and prefer to escape. Evidently, this was not necessarily the case this time.


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