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This outcome was clearly beyond their imagination. The Dwarf Tiger had seemed incomparably powerful in the beginning. So, nobody had expected that he would collapse at first blow. He was no match for Ye Xiwen!

This scene had blown everyone away in a flash.

Ye Xiwen was callously looking at everyone. The sage level sword that was in his hand suddenly swept out. A loud sound reverberated in the sky, and countless 'sword energies' burst out. Everyone was terrified at the sight of this.

The 'Buried Person Sword' had revealed more dreadful might than before.

It was undeniable that the current Ye Xiwen didn't care whether the weapon in his hand was a sage tool or not. After all, he had dared to use an ordinary iron sword in a fight with an expert who possessed a sage tool. However, the might of his 'Buried Sword Secret' would reach an extreme condition if he had a sage sword in his hand.

This sage sword issued far more dreadful might in Ye Xiwen's hand than it had issued in the hand of the Dwarf Tiger. The radiance of his brilliant swordsmanship nearly covered the entire Imperial Capital.




Those 'sword energies' struck the subordinates of the Fourth Prince one-after-another since they happened to be in the way. They were then transformed into blood fog, and scattered in the sky.

This scene had left everyone speechless. They had understood why the Fourth Prince had wanted to attack when Ye Xiwen's sage body was condensing because that might be Ye Xiwen's weakest moment.

However, the outcome had been beyond their expectations. He had still killed that Dwarf Tiger and a group of experts effortlessly. The deceased had then transformed into blood fog even though Ye Xiwen's sage body was still taking shape.

The Fourth Prince had looked quite calm at first. However, his complexion had turned exceptionally ugly when he saw this scene because Ye Xiwen was coming towards him at this time with that long sword in his hand. The sharp end of the sword streaked across the void, and delimited a huge crack; this crack looked like the one on a neat paper.

"You..." The Fourth Prince didn't get time to speak. He only saw a cold beam of light. And, his body was then split open in the sky. He had been cut into two halves by Ye Xiwen. Even his soul had been annihilated!

The outstanding heroes of the Great Wei State became silent as they watched this scene. Nobody had dared to step out and speak-up for the Fourth Prince. One must pay a price in this contest for the title of Emperor. There was no one who hadn't paid any price.

One must face the decisive battle of life or death once they had stepped onto this road of the contest for the throne. And, they wouldn't have any escape route because one would land into a deep abyss or a dead end if they'd withdraw even a single step.

In other words… nobody would've spoken for Twenty-third Prince either if he had died today. In short, nobody would have shed tears for him. This reality of this contest was too cruel!

However, the Twenty-third Prince had become very popular with the death of the Fourth Prince. He was considered a trash at the start. However, he had suddenly become the hot-favourite in this contest for the throne after he had obtained the support of an incredibly powerful expert like Ye Xiwen.

Some people were unequivocal about their stance of protesting against the injustice suffered by the Fourth Prince. However, they didn't dare to say anything right now since Ye Xiwen had displayed extremely terrifying fighting strength. Could they kill a peak level expert of the sage realm within such a short time if they had been in his place?

Moreover, this wasn't the most crucial point. The most crucial point was that they had seen Ye Xiwen's dreadful heavenly tribulation. A divine army of 500 sage experts had effortlessly lost at his hands. They hadn't been a match for him either.

Only an expert at the Small Perfection level of the Sage Realm could stop him. It wasn't that the Imperial Clan didn't have such experts. However, experts of such rank wouldn't participate in this contest for throne since such experts often took a neutral stance.

In fact, there was no need for such experts to participate in this contest. After all, they were at a level where it didn't matter to them who'd ascend to the throne of the Imperial Capital. Whoever acquired the throne would then try to rope-them-in. And, they didn't wish to break their existing consecration. Therefore, there was no need for them to expose themselves to unusual danger and pull chestnuts out of the fire. After all, everything could be finished if they made a single mistake.

Therefore, the people who often took part in the contest for the throne were the ones like the Old Ancestor Gong Yang since he wasn't too strong. Such people would put everything they had in the contest. Otherwise, they might not advance ahead in their entire lifetime…

The so-called martial cultivation required the so-called basic required conditions namely — law, loyalty, wealth, and land. However, these experts were 'random cultivators with no backgrounds'. So, the thing they lacked the most was resources. And, only such contests might help them in acquiring resources that could help them towards cultivating to an even higher level in their lifetime.

"It seems that the Fourth Prince wasn't the most secretive. This unknown Twenty-third Prince was! He had also said that he wanted to participate in the contest. However, I never expected that he has such profound background, and had concealed such an expert as well. And, that heavenly tribulation could easily scare a person to death. Perhaps, the entire Imperial Capital might've been destroyed under his heavenly tribulation if he hadn't crossed it!"

"I had noticed that the Twenty-third Prince had returned along with two consecrate experts. And then, another group of people arrived. Moreover, all of them were dressed in similar clothes. So, they must belong to the same organization. He might've obtained the support of some organization. But, it's quite difficult to say which one!"

"Such battle strength is enough to sweep away the consecrate experts of the other princes!"

The entire Imperial Capital was talking about this matter. Some people were happy and excited because of the sudden rise of the Twenty-third Prince. However, some people were worried as well. That was because the Twenty-third Prince's participation had suddenly made this already-confusing contest between the princes even more chaotic.

"Crap! What happened here?" Rays of light flashed in the sky. The Wood Dragon came out of the void. He was carrying the big head of a person. The head fell down as he came out of the void. That was the head of that commander who was clad in the silver armour. He had obviously lost his life to Wood Dragon in that fight.

The Wood Dragon had travelled more than several thousand miles while chasing this chief clad in that silver armour. And, he had eventually killed this seriously injured chief. He had returned only a moment ago. However, he then found out that the atmosphere of the entire Imperial Capital wasn't very normal. It should be mentioned that the atmosphere had become very intense. Moreover, the residual aura of the heavenly tribulation was still lingering in the environment, and hadn't scattered in its entirety. In fact, this dreadful aura could make a person's soul tremble.

This aura was so dreadful that the Wood Dragon could feel that an incredible heavenly tribulation had occurred here even though it had dispersed a long time ago. However, he didn't know what exactly had happened here.

However, he then saw Ye Xiwen holding a sage sword in his hand.

Moreover, Ye Xiwen's body still possessed some residual tribulation aura. This clearly indicated that he had made the breakthrough into the sage realm. In fact, some of the tribulation aura hadn't dispersed because his restrain wasn't at its best right now. So, the Wood Dragon had suddenly sensed it.

"Fu*k me! It's not you who has crossed the heavenly tribulation a moment ago, right?" The Wood Dragon stared at Ye Xiwen. He could see that Ye Xiwen's strength had become far more powerful than before. And, this had left him terrified.

One must know that he had always intimidated other people with his strength and innate talent. And, nobody had ever scared him. However, the residual aura of that heavenly tribulation on Ye Xiwen's body had left him terrified.

Of course, it was a feeling of 'heavenly power' — a kind of revere that all living things have for the heaven! This was an instinctive reaction. So, he had no control over it either.

"Yeah!" Ye Xiwen nodded. He put his sage sword inside the 'Heavenly Source Mirror', and allowed Ye Mo to swallow it. Scarlet rays of light emitted inside the 'Heavenly Source Mirror' as a result. And, his entire inner universe illuminated with a scarlet-color. In fact, his universe appeared like a sea of blood now.

These rays of light were more dazzling than the time when Ye Mo had swallowed the 'Blood Emperor Seal'. A pleasant smile appeared on Ye Xiwen's face because he knew that the 'Heavenly Source Mirror' had recovered very significantly. It should be mentioned that it wasn't the 'Heavenly Source Mirror' that had recovered. Rather, it was Ye Mo who had recovered.

In fact, the 'Heavenly Source Mirror' hadn't suffered much damage because it hadn't really fought against the phoenix guy. It had only used the energy field to scare the enemy away. So, the one who had suffered damage was Ye Mo.

In fact, the 'Heavenly Source Mirror' wouldn't have any issues, and would become 'easy to use' if Ye Xiwen were to make a harsh decision and erase Ye Mo. However, how could Ye Xiwen be willing to erase Ye Mo?

Ye Mo had been like a teacher and friend to him for so many years. He had taught many things to him. Ye Xiwen might have died by now if he wasn't there. In fact, he would've died even before he had met that man of the Ancient Phoenix World. In any case, he would never give up on Ye Mo; no matter what.

"Crap! What kind of a heavenly tribulation have you crossed? How it can be so terrifying?" The Wood Dragon simply couldn't believe this. Everything had quickly transformed after the heavenly tribulation. Clouds had turned mild, and the wind had become gentle. Even those things that had been trampled down by the heavenly tribulation had begun to recover under the influence of abundant 'spirit energy'. Therefore, it was obvious that a lot of time had passed since the event. However, he could still feel so much residual aura of the heavenly tribulation. So, he could well-imagine what kind of a heavenly tribulation Ye Xiwen must have crossed.

"You're a monster! People say that I'm a monster and whatnot. However, I am nothing in comparison to you!" the Wood Dragon spoke-up in a depressing tone. There were several experts of the younger generation in the Northern Dipper Organization. And, he had been working with Qing Xu since a long time. He simply didn't wish to compare himself with Qing Xu. They weren't equal. Qing Xu had arrived late, and he had arrived earlier.

Moreover, he was almost a hundred years older than Qing Xu. They were the experts of same generation in many people's opinion. After all, a gap of hundred years for these experts was nothing since they used to practice for nearly-endless time. However, he still felt unpleasant since Qing Xu had caught up with him even though he had arrived after him.

And, he had gotten to see Ye Xiwen. And, he felt that Ye Xiwen was the genuine monster.

He became somewhat dejected as a result!

"You and Qing Xu are freaks. I also have the reputation of heaven's pride expert. However, I'm nothing in front of you. This isn't good. I will fall far behind you if it continues like this. I will also rush to the 'Enlightening Mind Mountain' once this mission ends. And, I won't come out of the mountain until I surpass you!" the Wood Dragon muttered since the thought of those two monsters had stimulated him.

Ye Xiwen couldn't help but laugh. But, he didn't argue with him. Only he himself knew that he wasn't some genius. He didn't have outstanding innate talent. So, he couldn't even dare to compare himself with these geniuses. In fact, he himself didn't know how many times he had made narrow escapes in order to reach this stage.

(To be continued)

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