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Of course, it was sage power. Ye Xiwen's body had begun to exude sage power. He had finally entered the sage realm! He could feel that a tremendous change was taking place inside his body. His cells and genes were being ripped apart. They were then being reassembled into fundamentally different atoms. This process was evolving him into a completely new kind of life-form.

It was an entirely different feeling from earlier. A kind of formidable power was seething inside his body now. It had made him so excited that he wanted to look up to the sky and roar.

He had finally entered the sage realm. However, he could feel that he could blow away a peak level expert of the sage realm if one were to arrive in front of him.

Everyone was left dumbstruck as they saw this scene before their eyes. A group of terrifying divine soldiers that could wreak havoc in the entire Great Wei State's Imperial Capital had died at his hands.

This feeling was nothing less than watching someone shooting-down a spacecraft using a bow-and-arrow. It was unbelievable and inconceivable!

Even a great sage expert would've retreated and fled while facing the joint attacks of these many experts. However, those lightening-experts had disappeared at the hand of this man.

All of them had died at his hands!

Some people had also noticed that Ye Xiwen had skilfully used the tactic of forcing his way into that army. He had cancelled out their numerical advantage by doing that. He had basically reversed the siege on them. Therefore, he only had to tackle ten or so experts at a time. And, he had gradually eroded them bit by bit from within their formation until he killed each one of those hundreds of experts.

It was easy to put in words, but not very easy to believe. The spectators would've been annihilated on the spot if they had tried to confront 10 such experts of the sage rank!

Ye Xiwen was genuinely abnormal. It wasn't surprising that he had been able to cross such a dreadful abnormal heavenly tribulation.

"This was extremely terrifying. Is this the typical sage realm tribulation for a great alchemy master? It's not surprising that there are so few great alchemy masters in this world!"

"Yeah! That was extremely terrifying. I didn't expect that I will ever see such a spectacle. He has entered the sage realm, but… just look at his horrifying aura. It doesn't resemble that of a person who has entered the sage realm. Even an expert who has entered the sage realm a long time ago won't possess such a terrifying aura!"

The complexions of the Fourth Prince and several other experts had turned green. They hadn't thought that they would see such a terrifying scene.

The Fourth Prince previously hadn't cared even if that person were to be a sage level 'great alchemy master'. After all, that person would only have been an expert of the initial stage of the sage realm even if he had managed to enter the sage realm. And, he didn't think too highly of an expert of the initial stage of the sage realm. Moreover, the great alchemy masters often weren't good at using their fighting strengths. So, he would've forcibly invited him at the right time.

However, there was no way could he question Ye Xiwen's fighting strength after he had watched this terrific scene. In fact, it seemed that Ye Xiwen could even beat 500 sage realm experts if he were good at using his fighting strength!

This was simply amazing!

A trace of killing intention flashed in the Fourth Prince's eyes as he shouted, "Kill him for me!"

The Fourth Prince genuinely deserved to be called as a 'formidable and ambitious person' of his generation. He had realized that it was impossible for him to recruit Ye Xiwen. And, his 'killing intention' had arisen immediately-afterward. He wanted to kill Ye Xiwen now. He had given any importance to the Twenty-third Prince before. However, he had become a huge threat for him after he had obtained Ye Xiwen's assistance.

The Fourth Prince felt that this was his only opportunity because that man had crossed the sage realm tribulation barely moment ago. Therefore, his sage body must be in the process of moulding. So, it would be at its weakest as a result.

Therefore, this was his only chance!

"Die!" The Dwarf Tiger was the first one to react. He was carrying a huge sword. His 'killing intention' had risen to the peak. In fact, his 'killing intention' had been fixed on Ye Xiwen's body since a while.

He was the most important 'consecrate expert' in the Fourth Prince's faction. However, he felt an enormous threat after he had witnessed the Fourth Prince's eagerness to recruit Ye Xiwen. And, his hostility towards Ye Xiwen hadn't changed from the beginning till now.

"What great alchemy master? Look how kill you!" The scene of Ye Xiwen crossing the tribulation was very terrifying. However, the Dwarf Tiger wasn't scared. In fact, it was merely a joke to him. He was an outstanding peak level expert of the sage realm. He would lose his face if he got scared by an expert of the initial stage of sage realm… even though this expert looked somewhat ferocious.

The dreadful aura of a peak level sage expert emerged out. His aura then soared into the sky. And, it pounded upon Ye Xiwen as if a galaxy had fallen from the ninth heaven.

The space got fractured by every movement he made. He hadn't revealed his terrifying fighting strength in its entirety when he was fighting with that black-clothed old man. However, he had now unleashed it.

He had run away from so many enemies of his clan in the past. And, he had been living properly so far. Hence, his strength had increased significantly. Moreover, he wasn't some weakling. He was a peak level sage expert!

Ye Xiwen had understood that the Fourth Prince wanted to launch a surprise attack on him since his sage body was still consolidating. He had realized that the Fourth Prince wanted to get rid of him.

Ye Xiwen didn't escape with the thought of returning after his sage body had consolidated. And, this was unlike what others had expected. Instead, he strode forward like a meteor. He took large strides, and approached like a mountain. His vitality condensed into a pillar of energy, and soared into the sky.

He arrived in front of the Dwarf Tiger within a flash. However, he seemed indifferent towards his opponent. His outstanding aura clashed against that Dwarf Tiger's formidable aura. His might wasn't the least-bit lacking. In fact, it was very strong on the contrary.

Two incredible auras had suddenly collided in the sky. Endless cracks appeared in the void along with a shattering sound.


Ye Xiwen raised his hand to attack. He brandished his fist, and it pounded like a star. It was a head-on collision. His fist fearlessly swept forward to face the long sword of that Dwarf Tiger.

He unleashed the 'Big Bang Stardust Fist' in front of everyone. Those lightning soldiers had obstructed the line of sights of these people a while ago. However, they could see everything very clearly at this time. So, they immediately felt that they had landed into the vast universe. Ye Xiwen was the only God in this Universe. He was ruler of this endless void!

"Let me send you to hell. Great master of alchemy or whatever… I will send you to hell!" the Dwarf Tiger suddenly roared loudly. His whole body's energy condensed in his long sword. It then transformed into a giant dragon and rushed forward.


This strike shook the world. The deafening sound of the collision of metals resounded. Ye Xiwen's fist and the Dwarf Tiger's long sword firmly collided with each other. And, a huge crack proliferated in all directions from the point of collision.


Those cracks collapsed with a loud bang. And, this exposed the pitch-black dreadful chaos.

Everyone was left petrified at this spectacle. The long sword in the hand of the Dwarf Tiger didn't look extraordinary. However, it was a real sage sword. Furthermore, it was a sage tool with attack power at its forte.

However, Ye Xiwen wasn't afraid. He merely used his fist, and rushed straight up. His body had become intrepid to what extent?

Many people guessed that Ye Xiwen would be cut into two halves. However, some people also felt that he would've had confidence in himself if he had dared to use his fist to resist.


A scream sounded from the collision. The Dwarf Tiger was sent flying back from the point of collision. He staggered and retreated several steps. He was forced to retreat in order to neutralize the very large force that his body had been subjected to. The void broke down with each step that he took. The cracks then spread out like giant spider-webs.

Everyone was surprised to find that the Dwarf Tiger's small body was covered with blood. It seemed as if his entire body had been fished-out from the insides of a blood-pit.

"Poof!" Dwarf Tiger spouted a mouthful of blood. Then, he coughed out more blood. The muscles of his arms had cracked-open since had been holding the long sword with them. Moreover, blood was gushing out from them. His hands had started to collapse inch-by-inch since they had encountered a strike that carried unfathomably massive impact-force.

The look in his eyes seemed exceptionally fearsome. His arrogance had collapsed in the collision that had taken place. In fact, he couldn't believe what had happened a moment ago. He couldn't dare to imagine that a peak level expert of the sage realm like himself had been defeated by an expert who had barely entered the sage realm a moment ago.

He had been sent flying in one move! It had certainly subverted his common sense. How could someone be so powerful that they had defeated him using their strength of the initial stage of the sage realm?

Everyone had been scared by the sight of this spectacle. This slim figure was extremely powerful. He had used one fist attack; nothing more. The Dwarf Tiger was regarded as the strongest among them. However, he had been defeated by this person very effortlessly.

Everyone was thinking that the entire situation in this contest for the throne had reversed. People hadn't been optimistic about the Twenty-third Prince. However, he had become enormously popular since Ye Xiwen had joined his faction. That fourth prince had been highly popular in the beginning. However, he would loose his popularity and become a 'trash' if the Dwarf Tiger died. In fact, even his life might be put in danger.

"It's impossible. I can't accept this!" the Dwarf Tiger roared loudly. The sound of the friction of his bones sounded from his body. His long sword rose even higher in the sky than it had before. He had even begun to grow at a slow pace. His imposing aura had become even more tyrannical than before. The wounds on his body had healed, and had begun to form scabs. Moreover, his height had become almost equal to the height of an average man.

"Clang!" Dwarf Tiger's long sword emitted ice-cold lustre as it suddenly fell down. It carried boundless sword-energy with it. It pounded upon Ye Xiwen, and it seemed as if a Galaxy had fallen from the Ninth Heaven.

"Whoosh!" Ye Xiwen raised his hand, and a massive fist fell down. It was surrounded by boundless star power. It was exceptionally dazzling.

"Bang!" The portion between dwarf tiger's thumb and forefinger got ruptured. His hands had been numbed by Ye Xiwen in a split second.

Ye Xiwen grabbed the edge of the sword with his bare hands. He had managed to hold that sage sword with his bare hands! He hadn't even worn any gloves for protection.

This long sage-sword emitted profound rays of light when this happened. It then struggled to escape from Ye Xiwen's hand. However, golden rays of light suddenly burst out from his hands. They then crushed the 'sword spirit' of that sage-sword.

"Aaah!" The Dwarf Tiger again spouted a mouthful of blood. His complexion had turned deathly pale. However, Ye Xiwen didn't wait for him to react as he slashed the long sword like a lightning. The strike transformed into a cold sword-light. This sword-light then dropped down to chop the Dwarf Tiger.

"Puchi!" The Dwarf Tiger's body was cut into two halves by the sword-light, and blood splashed out. His soul was also annihilated in that split second!

That scene was enshrouded in a pin-drop silence as this happened. The sound of breeze resounded in the sky. However, it had a faintly bleak chilliness and mournfulness to it.

A peak level expert of the sage realm had died. In fact, he couldn't even resist two moves from Ye Xiwen. He had been slaughtered by Ye Xiwen after they had clashed head-on.

(To be continued)

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