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Chapter 506
Chapter 506: Sage Realm! Sage Realm!

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Ye Mo had sunken into deep sleep. He needed huge amounts of energy in order to recover. This had been an ordeal for Ye Xiwen as well.

This enormous army of lightning soldiers was like a horrible heavenly punishment for other people. However, they were merely a huge amount of mobile energies for Ye Xiwen.

This lightning energy acting as heaven’s punishment was so dreadful in other people’s opinion that they couldn’t dare to absorb it. In fact, their bodies would explode if they tried. However, there was no such concern for Ye Xiwen since he possessed the mighty ‘gilded tyrant form’.

His tyrant body had already reached to the peak of the sixth layer. It was only one step away from reaching the seventh layer. The more he practiced this incredible tyrant body divine technique, the more he felt that it had become profound. It could reach to an extremely terrifying extent.

He-himself had mended the successive layers of this technique after the first layer. In fact, he was confident that his ‘tyrant body technique’ was more tyrannical than the original version of the ‘tyrant body technique’. However, its foundation had been laid by the original version. He couldn’t have deduced the successive layers of this power technique if he hadn’t obtained the first layer.

His mysterious space was amazing. He could deduce any power technique to its pinnacle as long as he had enough ‘spirit energy’. However, the basic requirement was that he must have a power technique to act as foundation. It was impossible to create a homemade power technique without the foundation.

Ye Xiwen possessed many incredible magical techniques of secret origins. However, he had only created the ‘Observing Person Scripture’ by himself. He himself had created the entire technique on the basis of his own comprehension of the Hidden Star Scripture.

His mysterious space was indeed incredible. However, it couldn’t do everything. It couldn’t create a power technique out of thin air.

Therefore, this showed that the ‘tyrant body technique’ was an extremely tyrannical power technique in itself. He might come across another descendant of tyrant body one day, but there was no certainty!

Ye Xiwen was also determined to take advantage of this heavenly tribulation for completing the transformation, and pushing his tyrant body technique to the seventh layer. Moreover, he also wanted to use it to provide Ye Mo the amount of energy that he required.

He had already deduced the seventh, eighth, and ninth layer of this technique. However, he hadn’t deduced the final tenth layer yet.

Ye Xiwen had a hunch that his physique would transform in its entirety if he managed to reach the tenth layer. In fact, he believed that he would transform into another being entirely. He would transform into another species. Then, his descendants would inherently have the tyrant body since their births. They wouldn’t have to practice to obtain the tyrant body.

This would be a complete transformation of the shape of life.

However, that would happen after a very long time!

The seventh layer of the ‘tyrant body technique’ would take Ye Xiwen’s body strength to another level. In fact, he even suspected that the magical abilities might begin to appear in his body after he had practiced the further layers of this technique.

Just like those Devils and Gods in the fables. The existing dao principles had been founded by them. But, where had they learnt all these from? They had acquired these remarkable abilities naturally. They had possessed a myriad of magical powers since their births. These were the magic

al powers derived from innate skills.

So, there would be no difference between him and those Devils and Gods once he had practiced the tyrant body to the pinnacle. Then, the magical abilities might appear on their own!

However, that was something that would happen in the future. Ye Xiwen’s first priority was to annihilate this heavenly tribulation.

Other people believed that rushing into this divine army was akin to asking for death. However, it was a form of self-defence for Ye Xiwen. So what if he would have to face the joint attacks of several hundred sage experts? Perhaps, he would be crushed to death even if he was formidable…

However, forcing into that army was different. He could freely attack them in that case because he had his enemies in all directions. So, it wouldn’t matter if he were to attack randomly. However, those lightning-men wouldn’t be able to do so. Moreover, he may be surrounded by several sage realm lightning-men, but it was still better than facing a barrage of attacks of hundreds of sage experts at once.

Ye Xiwen hadn’t even stridden over, and the world had started to vibrate. His stature was obviously thin. However, he had reversed the flow of the entire world’s ‘spirit energies’ like a God. A dreadful storm swept across, and crushed the void as a result.

Ye Xiwen moved and raised his hand. A dreadful imposing aura broke out from his body. The golden divinities crawled over his entire body, and fused together with his body. He wasn’t afraid while facing such lightning-soldiers. His universe also expanded crazily. And, those lightning-soldiers had been surrounded by it.

He was the only true God in his universe.

"Roar!" Three lightning-soldiers joined forces, and thrust their iron spears. They drew-in the lingering dao principles. It was a terrible sight. These lightning-soldiers might not have the strongest strength. However, they had been condensed by the heavenly law itself. So, they could casually grasp the dao principles, and manipulate them at will to launch attacks.

Ye Xiwen shot his fist. It transformed into a huge star which went forward to crush. He had also accommodated his dao principle into it. A kind of invincible and tyrannical force swept across, and proliferated in all directions. He didn’t hold back while facing these lightning-men. He didn’t have any escape route either.

He had realized the intensity of this breakthrough. He would have to climb over this ordeal. And, that’s because it would be a dead end for him if he couldn’t climb over it.


This was a stunning blow. Ye Xiwen’s fist had transformed into a huge star. It then collided with those iron spears. Dazzling rays of light emitted from the point of the collision. They then proliferated in all directions. It ripped apart the earth, and violently spread in all directions. The space collapsed and terrifying cracks were opened wherever it went. And, it eventually swept out far in the distance.


Those three lightning-soldiers were suddenly sent flying away within the endless rays of light by Ye Xiwen’s attack. They fell down. They were roaring, and weren’t willing to back down. They weren’t willing to give up their ‘martial consciousness’ like real men.

However, a huge golden hand suddenly stretched out before they could fly up. It then grabbed those three lightning-soldiers, and crushed their martial consciousness. And then, the big hand clutched into their bodies. A part of their bodies’ energy flowed inside the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’ as a result. And, some part of their bodies’ energy flowed into Ye Xiwen’s body.

The lightning surged over his entire body for a moment. His golden divinities were also flowing over his entire body. Therefore, he appeared like a human-shaped magic weapon in this moment. In fact, he had started to issue an aura so dreadful that it had scared the people.

The battle was still going on. The loud heaven-shaking sounds were proliferating in all directions. This had shaken the entire Imperial capital. The waves of dreadful aura were sweeping across one-after-another, and were distorting the space.

The experts in the Imperial Capital wanted to sweep out their divine senses in order to see what was happening. However, the centre of the battlefield had been surrounded by countless lightning-men. So, they couldn’t see anything.

The divine senses were unable to reach inside since they got cut-off by the by the endless heavenly power. Someone may manage to sneak in their divine sense. However, they would get injured if their divine sense got discovered by the lightning-soldiers since these soldiers would crush the sneaking divine sense.

The spectators trembled with fear every time the heavenly-shaking sound resounded. They couldn’t imagine what kind of battle was taking place there. However, one thing was certain… such a stunning battle that could scare a person to death.

The divine army of 500 lightning-soldiers was enough to wreak the entire Imperial Capital. Even a great sage expert would’ve been scared to death if he had faced such a dreadful army that didn’t fear life or death.

They would be in a very difficult situation even if one such lightning-soldier had become their opponent. That Dwarf Tiger possessed the most outstanding internal strength amongst those present on the scene. However, even he had been left dumbstruck when he had seen such a terrifying scene. In fact, he had become numb. After all, what kind of an evil genius was present here? It wasn’t that he had never seen an abnormal heavenly tribulation. He had been practicing since thousands of years. So, he must’ve seen some geniuses cross the abnormal heavenly tribulation. However, he had never seen such a terrifying heavenly tribulation.

He could still feel the vast and mighty heavenly power even though he was hiding far away. It felt enormous and grandiose. It seemed as if this heavenly power would chop-down anyone who didn’t respect the heaven.

He had never seen such a heavenly tribulation. Moreover, he couldn’t even dare to imagine it. It may be possible for a genius to make a narrow escape after facing an abnormal heavenly tribulation. However, he-himself would die hundred-out-of-hundred times if he were to come across such a heavenly tribulation. It was impossible for him to cross this dreadful heavenly tribulation.

Therefore, he believed that the man who was crossing this heavenly tribulation was more terrifying than this heavenly tribulation itself. In fact, he didn’t even consider this man to be a ‘man’. He was some monster to that Dwarf Tiger’s eyes.

Time passed second by second. It wasn’t clear how much time had passed. It seemed as if a century had passed in every breath. In fact, it seemed as if the world had gotten destroyed and taken a rebirth in every blink of the eye.

Even Ye Xiwen didn’t know how long he had been fighting with these lightning-soldiers. None of these lightning-soldiers was a match for him since most of them only possessed the strength of the initial stage of the sage realm. However, he didn’t dare to relax since he clearly knew that he would die if he relaxed even for a bit.

It was difficult to assess the extent by which these lightning-soldiers would surpass an ordinary expert of same level by. They were ferocious, and unafraid of life or death. Moreover, it was extremely difficult to kill them. They were made of energy in their entirety. So, their bodies simply couldn’t die.

Only a man like Ye Xiwen could finish the fight within a short time since he had been forcibly absorbing their energies. However, there were so many lightning-soldiers that he had also begun to feel a bit exhausted.

The waves of his intrepid aura proliferated in all directions. The ‘tyrant body technique’ was operating at a maddening potential.

A part of the absorbed lightning-energies had been channelling into his body, and it had been tempering his body. It wasn’t clear how much energy he had absorbed so far. However, it seemed as if the energy inside his body had reached the saturation point.

It had reached a critical point. However, his ‘tyrant body technique’ was still operating crazily.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen’s strength rose to the peak. It then suddenly rushed to a whole new level.

The ‘tyrant body technique’ had finally reached the seventh layer!

He suddenly felt that his entire body had been surrounded by a dreadful power. He then effortlessly shot his fist at this realization. And, his fist now contained ten-times more power than before. This was the seventh layer’s power!

However, he wasn’t done yet because he still hadn’t made the breakthrough into the sage realm.

Ye Xiwen’s fighting strength had increased by ten-times after his ‘tyrant body technique’ had made the breakthrough into the seventh layer. He had been defending himself from these lightning-soldiers with care until now. However, he didn’t need to do that anymore because they couldn’t injure him now.




An endless number of lightning-soldiers were crushed to death by the huge star wherever Ye Xiwen’s fist went. This fight had been a bitter struggle at the start. However, it had become a child’s play for Ye Xiwen after the ‘tyrant body technique’ had made the breakthrough into the seventh layer.

Those densely packed embodiments of heavenly punishments had been entirely crushed by Ye Xiwen, and were then absorbed by him into his body in a short period of time after his physique’s breakthrough.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen’s golden energy soared into the sky.

(To be continued)

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