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The Twenty-third Prince's mansion had been transformed into a battlefield. The strengthened materials that had been used to construct this mansion couldn't withstand the unceasing bombardments of the many semi-sage and 'legendry's great complete realm' experts either. And, they had consequently broken down into small pieces.

The neighbouring areas had been destroyed and turned into a complete mess. In fact, the entire Imperial Capital would've been tossed-about if everyone hadn't controlled themselves on purpose.

"Haa, haa..." the Black-clothed Old Man who was in the faction of the Twenty-third Prince was panting unceasingly. Hardly any of his body part was in good condition. It was nearly visible that the sword energy had severed his body vertically and horizontally. An expert like him who was at the late stage of the sage realm didn't have any power to fight back while facing that Dwarf Tiger. He only differed from that Dwarf Tiger by one small step. However, he didn't have any power to fight back in front of that Dwarf Tiger who was at the peak level of the sage realm. In fact, it looked like a game between a cat and mouse… perhaps more along the lines of the way a cat plays with a mouse before it eats it.

And, even the Twenty-third Prince was in a bind. He hadn't faced the attacks of the Dwarf Tiger yet. However, there were many experts in the Fourth Prince's faction. The paths of those sage experts had been blocked by the sage experts of the Northern Dipper Organization. However, the semi-sage experts were still approaching to kill him, and he was being forced to retreat again and again.

The Fourth Prince was watching this show from not very far off. And, it seemed as if he was having a lot of fun as he said, "Kill them for me. Kill all of them. Then, go and take a look which great alchemy master has been invited by my twenty-third brother!"

He didn't dare to neglect the great alchemy master. A great alchemy master might not be a sage expert. However, these great alchemy masters were a group of very ferocious people. And, that's because they could refine countless medicinal pills. So, many people could be benefited from their skill set. And, this very fact was enough to distinguish them from others experts.

The great alchemy masters might hide their key importance. And, they usually looked very ordinary. However, they might attract a group of high-handed great sage experts to crush someone if the-said entity offended them.

A boundless aura suddenly emerged out from the backyard of the prince's mansion at this time. And, it continued to soar up in a gradual manner.

Someone must be making a breakthrough!

Everyone was left dumbstruck. They hadn't expected that someone would make a breakthrough at such a crucial time. Moreover, it was a sage realm tribulation. Many sage experts were present here. Even the Fourth Prince himself was a sage expert. So, they weren't unfamiliar with the sage realm tribulation. Therefore, they sensed it immediately.

This breakthrough had appeared from the backyard. So, this could mean that that great alchemy master was the one breaking through.

A great alchemy master might not necessary have to be a sage expert. However, his value would increase several folds if he were to be a great alchemy master of the sage realm.

He would become even more precious!

And, that's because sage realm was the beginning of transcending the mortal world. A sage expert's lifespan would increase up to 2000 years. So, the result would be completely different.

The Fourth Prince had become even more excited at this realization. His strength would increase by leaps and bounds if he could obtain the help of a sage realm powerhouse who was also a great alchemy master. Moreover, it would also be a very big advantage for the Great Wei Empire in the future.

However, the Fourth Prince wasn't the only one who was thinking about this. The other princes were also thinking about this. Many divine senses of the princes of third-party forces had become restless. And, many people had started to wonder if they could a get hold of that great alchemy master before the Fourth Prince.

No one believed that the Twenty-third Prince would be able to make a comeback from this. In fact, he had already died in the eyes of those people after the grand-scale attack of the Fourth Prince and the arrival of that peak level expert of the sage realm.

The figures of thunder dragons could be seen flashing within the black clouds in the sky. The clouds then spread over the entire Imperial Capital in a flash.

This had alarmed the entire Imperial Capital. There were many sage experts present in the Imperial Capital. However, it was still very rare for them to dare to cross a tribulation in the Imperial Capital.

This vast and mighty heavenly power had forced the majority of ordinary people to kneel down. The sage realm was for the sages. The ordinary people simply weren't on the same level. Therefore, they were experiencing a formidable coercion.

However, the matrix formation of the Imperial Capital got triggered by the heavenly tribulation, and obstructed those coercions almost immediately. Otherwise, the entire city would've been brought to its knees.

The heavenly coercion became increasingly heavy. Even the Fourth Prince and other sage experts had begun to feel a strong pressure as time passed. In fact, it had begun to impact their souls…

They couldn't help but suspect. How could there be such a formidable coercion? One must know that these people had crossed the sage realm tribulation. And, they had already become sage experts. So, how they could feel so much pressure because of a sage realm tribulation?

However, they didn't think much into it. After all, they had never seen a great alchemy master crossing the sage realm tribulation. So, they couldn't possibly have any idea about this matter.

"Whoosh!" a loud sound of thunder and lightning streaking across the horizon resounded. A two-meter-tall lightning man appeared inside the clouds. He wasn't clearly visible. He was clad in the clothes of a warrior. He was holding an iron spear in his hand. A strong sage realm coercion was sweeping out from his body.

Everyone was stunned at the sight of this. What the hell was going on here? Was this an 'abnormal heavenly tribulation'?

Such words suddenly popped-up in their minds. They had believed that this had merely existed in the fables. Or perhaps, the abnormal heavenly tribulations had only appeared in front of the great geniuses or the heaven's pride experts of the Meteor Sect.

However, it had appeared in front of them at this time.

Could the heavenly tribulation of a great alchemy master be so special?

Moreover, it wasn't some ordinary 'abnormal heavenly tribulation'. It was the 'human-form heavenly tribulation'. And, such a tribulation was considered the most terrifying among the various types of 'abnormal heavenly tribulations'.

Everyone suddenly began to tremble when they saw such a heavenly tribulation. And, a chill ran down their spines. They might have died in one slap if their sage realm heavenly tribulation would've been this 'human-form heavenly tribulation'.

They wouldn't have said it at the time of their breakthrough, and wouldn't even dare to say it now that they could prevail over this lightning man who was issuing that sage realm coercion.

Moreover, the thing that had scared them even more was that this lightning man hadn't appeared alone. Many lightning soldiers had arrived behind him. In fact, they had lined-up in rows and columns.

Each of them was clad in the clothes of a soldier, and was holding an iron spear in their hand. Their overwhelming and grandiose sage power had ripped the vast sky apart. The surrounding space had also begun to shake.

Many cavalries made of lightning were also mixed in that army. The men shouted, and the horses neighed. Afterwards, the hooves trampled the void and opened cracks. And, the sound of vibration proliferated in the surroundings like drum beats.

Everyone had started to tremble with fear upon seeing such a terrifying army of several hundred people appearing in the sky. It seemed as if the Heaven had sent its invincible troops to purge the disastrous evildoers of the world.

There had been similar records in many fables. These lightning men weren't living beings. However, the murderous auras that had emitted from their bodies seemed more frightening than that of any living creature.

"What the hell is going on? Why do I feel like I have returned to the mythological age… the era of heaven's dominance on everything? Those lightning men look like hundreds of thousands of mythological heavenly soldiers who have arrived to suppress all the evildoers of the world!"

"Yeah! Such a sage realm army is enough to destroy a country. And, this sage realm tribulation has come for just one person. Can the sage realm tribulation of a great alchemy master be so dreadful? My God… its not surprising that the great alchemy masters are so rare. They are so ferocious!"

Everyone was in shock. It would've been an enormous disaster for them if these lightning men had appeared in their sage realm tribulations. Moreover, there were so many of them in this one. This heavenly tribulation was enough to scare a person to death.

The sage realm army moved while everyone's tongues were wagging. The grandiose army then marched downwards with their thunderous footsteps.

Their war-cry shook the sky. Their murderous auras proliferated in all directions. The entire world began to boil and shake under these dreadful murderous auras.

The experts who were present in vicinity of the Twenty-third Prince's mansion promptly retreated in a madden state of mind. They didn't dare to approach the army. They would die very unjust deaths if they approached or provoked the heavenly tribulation since they would ended up being misjudged as a helper of that person who was about to cross the heavenly tribulations.

In fact, these experts would have to run for their lives even if a small team of lightning soldiers branched out.

The people of the entire city turned their gazes inside the mansion of the Twenty-third Prince. They wanted to see which man was crossing such a terrifying heavenly tribulation.

However, they were surprised to see that a figure leapt up and burst into that sage realm army even in the face of such a horrifying strength.

Everyone was left dumbstruck when they saw such an overwhelming scene. From where had such ferocious man arrived… who was facing such a dreadful sage realm tribulation? He didn't avoid it. In fact, he had dared to dash inside.

However, some people felt that it was quite normal. How could he face such a terrifying sage realm tribulation if he was an ordinary person?

This scenario wouldn't have been possible to achieve for ordinary people. The more terrifying heavenly tribulation meant that the person would also be exceptionally terrifying…

However, they couldn't see this man's appearance very clearly. They could only see the shadow of a slim person who had worn a white robe and a golden dragon mask.

"Bang!" Boundless imposing aura emerged out of Ye Xiwen's body. It then transformed into a vacuum of the universe. He was standing in the centre of the Universe. The heavenly forces marched over and broke the void. Their boundless imposing aura pounded down from the sky like a mountain range.

Ye Xiwen had already burst into the divine army. He then suddenly shot a fist. And, a seemingly endless amount of 'spirit energies' got absorbed by his fist as a result. They then condensed into a huge star. It burst out blinding rays of light which ripped apart the vast sky. The dazzling rays of the light of the star made it difficult for everyone to open their eyes.


It seemed as if two incomparably dreadful forces had collided with each other. Numerous cracks had appeared in the void. And, they had then proliferated in all directions like spider webs. A trace of chaos had started to leak out. The scene looked incomparably frightening.

"Crash!" two forces collided into each other. And, incomparably dreadful energy waves swept out in all direction from the centre of the collision. It formed violent astral winds which began to blow everywhere. In fact, a truth realm expert's bones would've gotten crushed into powder by this incredible shock wave if he hadn't used his protection.

Several of those sage realm lightning-soldiers had been ripped apart by this dreadful force. They had then transformed into mass of lightning-energy. Then, they were captured by a force, and transferred into the 'Heavenly Source Mirror'.

The 'Heavenly Source Mirror' issued flashes of a bloody light after it had absorbed this mass of energies.

(To be continued)

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