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"Fourth Brother!" the Twenty-third Prince shouted. He called out the identity of this man who was before his eyes. It was one of the most powerful princes of the Imperial Capital - the Fourth Prince.

The Fourth Prince shot a glance at the Twenty-third Prince as he appeared from inside the clouds. He then said, "Twenty-third young brother, I'm also feeling quite embarrassed like you. Do you know what will be the result of attacking the Imperial Guards? Even Imperial Father can't save you!"

"I will have to kill you in order to protect the dignity of the law of my Great Wei Empire!" a smile appeared on the face of the Fourth Prince when he said that he would have to kill the Twenty-third Prince. Perhaps, he wanted to show how just he was. However, he had instead made people aware of his shady motives.

"Fourth Brother, don't go too far!" A trace of fear flashed in the eyes of the Twenty-third Prince. He didn't have a good opinion regarding his fourth brother. Everyone knew that Imperial Guards were being used as a pretext; nothing more.

One must know that the Imperial Guards were very powerful. Nobody had ever dared to attack them. However, that power had originated from the dignity of imperial authority. Nobody dared to contend against them because they were the Emperor's Guards.

However, the Emperor himself was helpless at present. The shining corona of the imperial power was nowhere to be seen. So, the imperial guards didn't have the ferociously deterrent power like they used to.

The Black-clothed Old Man who stood beside the Twenty-third Prince suddenly launched an attack at this time. And, a heavenly big hand stretched out towards the Fourth Prince to grab him. It seemed as if this big hand had merged the Heaven and the Earth within itself. And, it clenched with the capacity to crush the world.

However, an astonishing sword energy broke out before that big hand could grab the Fourth Prince. Then, this sword energy transformed into a startling sword rainbow, and slashed into that big hand.


The entire big hand had been chopped down in an instant. Then, the incredible sword rainbow suddenly struck that Black-clothed Old Man's body after it had passed through that big hand made up of energy.

The Black-clothed Old Man became very startled. He promptly withdrew his hand. Nearly his entire arm had been cut-down by that astonishing sword rainbow. A huge and terrible wound had been opened on his arm by the sword energy even though he had withdrawn it. And, blood was gushing out from it.

The Black-clothed Old Man let out a muffled snort. He then looked up to the sky. A small-sized expert came out of the void. His height was less than 1 meter. He was holding a long sword in his hand. It looked even taller than him. In fact, he looked a bit funny.

However, nobody could laugh in this situation because everyone had seen that this man's sword had nearly cut-off the arm of that Black-clothed Old Man of the Twenty-third Prince's faction.

"I've heard rumours that the Fourth Prince has a peak level sage expert at his side to keep watch. And, it seems that it's true!" someone from among the spectators of the big forces gasped and said.

Sage experts were rarely seen even in a huge empire like the Great Wei Empire. One could ensure their position in the Great Wei Empire as long as they had a senior sage expert in their clan to keep watch. And, one could start a noisy development as long as they had two experts of sage rank or above.

Sage experts of peak level were obviously the topmost experts that were recruited by these forces. However, the experts of the small perfection level and great perfection level of sage realm were merely a myth for them. So, one could imagine that the experts of great sage realm were like Gods for them.

"I know that expert. He's called 'Dwarf Tiger'. He's a ferocious expert. However, his short height is his weak point. He hates it when other people talk about his height. The City Lord of a certain city had made fun of his weakness some time ago. So, this guy had slaughtered everyone in the entire city. In fact, he hadn't spared anyone!"

"He had run into some extremely ferocious enemies later. So, he had disappeared without any trace after he had sustained some serious injuries. Therefore, I had believed that he had died. However, I never expected that he had obtained the support of the Fourth Prince instead. The Twenty-third Prince is done for. Such an expert is definitely going to cause huge trouble!"

"Bang!" A firm and imposing aura soared into the sky from the backyard of the Twenty-third Prince's mansion. And, herbal fragrance began to proliferate in the surroundings.

Everyone was trembling with fear… including those experts of each of the forces of the Wei State even though they were only watching the fight. Everyone knew that the Fourth Prince and the Twenty-third Prince had a very old enmity between them. The Twenty-third Prince had been chased by the Fourth Prince once before, and he had almost lost his life when that had happened. However, the Fourth Prince had waited very patiently for these three days. And, he had suddenly launched an attack today. This incident and the sudden rise of the fragrance of those precious medicines might have some relation. Perhaps, some ranked medicinal pill might have taken birth.

One must know that a person could become the so-called extraordinary sage and transcend the mortal world after they had cultivated up to the sage realm. They would become different from the ordinary people from this stage onwards. So, an ordinary medicinal pill would be of no use for them since it couldn't be used on their sage body.

Only the ranked medicinal pills refined by some talented alchemy master would be useful for them. Therefore, the so-called great masters of alchemy were considered to be a treasure for any Empire.

Fourth Prince must have come to know that a great alchemy master had joined the Twenty-third Prince's side. And, this must've compelled him to launch this sudden attack.

However, they probably didn't know that Ye Xiwen wasn't some great alchemy master. In fact, one must perfect hundreds of kinds of 'pill making methods' if they wanted to achieve the title of a 'great master of alchemy'. Most people couldn't concoct ranked medicinal pills. And thus, they were only called 'alchemy masters'.

Ye Xiwen knew many 'pill making methods'. However, he could only refine a few medicinal pills. And, the only ranked medicinal pill that he knew how to refine was the 'Break Sage Yellow Pill'. Moreover, he had learnt this method only recently. So, he was no great alchemy master. Everyone was merely overestimating his capabilities.

This had been possible only because of his mysterious space. He couldn't have been able to do this if he didn't possess this 'special space'. It's similar to when a child studies all the subjects like literature, native language, English, mathematics, and so on for a year in order to ascend from first grade to junior high. However, Ye Xiwen had put more emphasis on some selected subject alone. In fact, he had also skipped grades, and had directly begun to study the mathematics of junior high level. Thus, he hadn't studied the mathematics of elementary school level. Moreover, he hadn't studied literature and language either. So, he couldn't even recognize the letters therein. However, Ye Xiwen didn't need to understand the problem in order to figure out the correct answers. He only needed to analyze the optimum method to solve the problem with the help of his mysterious space. And, he could then figure out the correct answer.

This was the role that the mysterious space in his mind had been playing for him.

However, other people didn't know this. So, they believed that the Twenty-third Prince had invited a great master of alchemy. Even the Twenty-third Prince himself was no exception to this belief. So, he had also become very excited. A great master of alchemy could be considered as a very important guest… a guest of honor… and so on in an Empire!

Therefore, the Fourth Prince had become anxious and had launched an attack. He wanted to get hold of such a great master of alchemy before other forces could act.

"Twenty-third young brother, I didn't expect that you would silently invite a great master of alchemy!" the Fourth Prince spoke-up in a sinister manner. He was staring at the Twenty-third Prince. "It seems that he is refining some stunning item. However, it will fall into my hands now!"

He genuinely had the urge to burst into laughter since he felt as if the Heavens were helping him. He would obtain such a great master of alchemy in this crucial time of contest for the throne. And, his force would become extremely popular when a great master of alchemy would join it. In fact, many third-party forces would decide to join his force once they had seen the face of a great master of alchemy.

"You should give up on that idea!" the Twenty-third Prince clenched his teeth and replied. He had suddenly realized that Ye Xiwen might help him in making a comeback. It would be a very exciting matter if a great master of alchemy were to join his force at such a turning point when he was all-set to reverse the situation.

The entire Great Wei State used to have one great master of alchemy in the past. However, he had left a hundred years ago. So, one could imagine how few were the numbers of the great masters of alchemy in this world. After all, only those alchemy masters who could refine ranked medicinal pills were called as 'great masters of alchemy'.

Ye Xiwen brushed away the fragrance and white vapor of medicines which had proliferated in that underground secret room. The entire alchemy furnace had already broken into pieces, and had spread-out on the ground. Only a yellow-colored medicinal pill was calmly lying at the bottom of the alchemy furnace. The thick herbal fragrance had filled the entire room.

He had done it!

Ye Xiwen's face exposed a pleasantly surprised look. He had put everything on stake for refining the 'Break Sage Yellow Pill' in one fell swoop because he had a limited amount of ingredients. One needed to spend more than 50 million 'Primary Spirit Dans' for obtaining that amount of ingredients.

Even a sage expert would be scared to death if they heard this price. In fact, a peak level sage expert wouldn't be able to obtain such amount of ingredients even if they went bankrupt over it.

Ye Xiwen wouldn't have had enough wealth to accumulate these ingredients even if the people of Law Enforcement Hall hadn't attacked and interfered. He would've needed time to accumulate that amount of money. However, the Northern Dipper Organization had fortunately handed-over these drug ingredients to him in advance. Otherwise, he genuinely wouldn't have known what to do…

He wouldn't have blinked an eye before spending 50 million 'Primary Spirit Dans' for buying the drug ingredients. He might've regretted that later. However, he would've been very firm on his decision.

And, that's because he knew that other people had used their own talent to level up. But, that was because they possessed outstanding talent. However, he needed endless amount of accumulated wealth for that because of his cultivation style. In fact, the amount of wealth he had used up in these 10 years of his cultivation was enough for hundred individuals to cultivate up to the sage realm.

However, he had access to such wealth-powered cultivation. Therefore, he was still extremely tyrannical in the younger generation even though his cultivation time was quite short.

Strength was the most valuable thing. Any heavenly treasure which couldn't be transformed into strength was practically useless.

In addition to this, he could only use the alchemy furnace once in order to refine this pill. And, it had exploded after that. Therefore, it wasn't surprising that the number of great masters of alchemy was so less. One must learn how to refine ranked medicinal pills if they wanted to become a great master of alchemy. And, one must have a 'sage level alchemy furnace' if they wanted to refine a ranked medicinal pill. However, sage tools were very rare. Let alone a sage level alchemy furnace… Therefore, many people used to get stuck at this stage...

Fortunately, he had succeeded even though he had put everything on stake in one fell swoop. So, his anxious heart had finally calmed down.

Ye Xiwen wasn't aware of the desperate situation outside because he had been refining the 'Break Sage Yellow Pill'. However, he suddenly felt that a tyrannical sage level aura had entrenched from above, and was trying to investigate the situation inside. In fact, this sage level aura wanted to break through the matrix barriers that he had laid out.

He immediately became anxious as a result. And, he promptly picked up that 'Break Sage Yellow Pill', and swallowed it.

(To be continued)

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