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Ye Xiwen couldn't do anything about this matter either. How he could get hold of a sage tool that easily? Powerful sage experts who were using pseudo-sage tools could be found everywhere. He had obtained the 'Blood Emperor Seal' of that 'blood-red-clothed Young Master' last time. However, it had been snatched and swallowed by Ye Mo.

Ye Xiwen estimated that this alchemy furnace could refine the 'Break Sage Yellow Pill' only once at the most. Therefore, he had only one opportunity. Moreover, he didn't know when he would be able to collect so many ingredients in the future if he failed this time.

The alchemy fire was promptly ignited on top of Ye Xiwen's hand. It looked extremely deep in color. Such kind of alchemy fire was unique to an alchemy maser. He wasn't an alchemy master. However, he knew a core method of alchemy. Moreover, he knew a top-notch core method.

However, he didn't wish to walk on this path of alchemy. Otherwise, he would have to spend the rest of his life in deep mountains and old forests looking for the herbal ingredients.

"Water Moon Robust Tin Fur!"

"Moon Silk Immortal Fruit!"

Ye Xiwen threw the unfamiliar and familiar drug ingredients inside the alchemy furnace. He was carefully controlling the flame. He had divided the drug ingredients in the order of priority, and had thrown them into the furnace one after another.

This was the first time Ye Xiwen was performing the alchemy so carefully. One must know that he used to refine those drug ingredients in the past with the help of the extraordinary abilities of his mysterious space. So, he had never faced any trouble. However, he had to be careful this time.

And, that was because he knew that this would decide whether he could enter the sage realm or not.

Ye Xiwen looked focused. His gaze was firmly fixed on the alchemy furnace. The inexhaustible alchemy fire was surging, and was being reflected on his pitch-black eyes.

He was carefully controlling the temperature of the flame, and matching the available resources with the information in his mind. He couldn't afford to commit a single mistake.

Time passed second by second. And, three days' time had passed in the blink of an eye.

The peripheral members of the Northern Dipper Organization who were initially waiting for the organization's latest orders had arrived in the Imperial Capital during these three days. A delegation of 10 men had arrived in total. And, all of them were experts of the sage realm. One among them was a senior expert of the late stage of sage realm, while two of them were experts of the intermediate stage of the sage realm.

Old Ancestor Gong Yang and other people had suddenly become enlightened after they got to witness such a line-up. They obviously couldn't provoke this organization which was before their eyes. It had conveniently sent ten strong sage experts. Such high-handed style meant that these experts certainly had the support of some dreadful force. In fact, Old Ancestor and the others felt unusually scared at the mere thought of it.

The face of Twenty-third Prince looked very calm. However, he was also extremely terrified in his heart. The Northern Dipper Organization hadn't sent such a team when they were supporting him earlier. But, they had sent 10 sage experts at this time. And, such capability had daunted him straightaway.

The 'wood dragon of the horn' couldn't do anything in this matter after the arrival of these sage experts. These experts were more professional as compared to the so-called professional 'hired goons' like him and Ye Xiwen. These experts would obviously be the ones planning everything in the Twenty-third Prince's matter in a clear and orderly fashion. In fact, it would be pointless for the Twenty-third Prince to think that he could protest against such a powerful organization.

The Wood Dragon was sitting on a branch of a big tree inside the prince's mansion. He was leaning against the trunk of the tree at this time. He drank mouthful of liquor from the waist bottle gourd. It wasn't a very old liquor. However, it was white liquor. And, a strong one at that…

"Three days have already passed. He isn't done yet?" The Wood Dragon looked below. It was a flat surface, and it seemed as if there was nothing down there. However, he knew that there was a place inside where Ye Xiwen was undergoing the 'closed-door training'. "I will also find a place and undergo 'closed-door training' once this matter gets finished. And, I will enter the late stage of the sage realm this time!"

The Wood Dragon suddenly smelled herbal fragrance at this time. It was permeating from underground. Then, a burst of magnificent fragrance permeated from the barrier which had been laid down underground, and soared into the sky.

"Crap! Its so fu*king intense! Which pill is he refining?" the Wood Dragon exclaimed in shock. He could confirm the grade of the medicinal pill that was being concocted by merely looking this barrier. The medicinal pills were also divided into many ranks. The unranked pills weren't popular in the least, and were simply not worth mentioning since the unranked ones were merely ordinary pills. However, things would be a lot different if the talk was about ranked pills. In fact, every such pill would be enough to draw the attention of countless experts.

The pills would be divided into three ranks by the people of the entire world after their worth had been confirmed. And, every rank was divided into nine grades. So, there were twenty-seven grades in total. The so-called divine pill was at the top. However, it was only mentioned in fables. Nobody had ever seen it. It had been said that the divine pill could attain 'spiritual intelligence' right since its formation. Then, it would have to face the heaven's punishment. And, it could even transform into an expert and cultivate in case it would pass this punishment. Moreover, it could create a chaotic mess… just like a demon.

However, the Wood Dragon reacted since such a big noise might attract the attention of countless people in the Imperial Capital. People had been keeping watch at the Twenty-third Prince's residence. In fact, dozens of spies of each big force had been keeping watch. However, it was hard to say how things would turn out to be. It seemed as if all the big forces had collectively become invisible after the flashy return of the Twenty-third Prince. Nobody had come to visit him apart from Old Ancestor Gong Yang and the old members of his faction. It seemed as if everyone had forgotten him.

Only those spies were still around and keeping watch!

However, this movement might draw the attention and backlash of countless people of the Imperial Capital since it was secretly in an uproar.

Sure enough, it didn't take long for the several tyrannical auras - which Wood Dragon had sensed in the surroundings not too long ago - to arrive in the sky above Twenty-third Prince's domain.

"Presumptuous! Who permitted you to rush into the Prince's Mansion?" The Twenty-third Prince's loud shout reverberated. It then transformed into a barrage of sound arrows, and spread out in the sky.

People's figures revealed themselves in mid-air. Several warriors clad in heavy armours were in the front. And, they were headed by a man who was clad in silver-white heavy armour.

"Go back, Your Majesty. I am the Nine Gates Infantry Commander. We have heard that the enemy's spies are present here. So, your humble servant had no choice but to arrive here to investigate in order to ensure your safety!" the man who was clad in silver-white armour spoke-up in friendly manner. He had also swept out his divine sense to search as he had spoken this.

The twenty-third prince's face turned green in anger. 'The spies of enemy countries had arrived here'. Didn't this statement mean that he had collaborated with foreign enemies?

This was a blatant slap on his face!

Moreover, he knew that this Nine Gates Infantry Commander had been hired by his fourth brother in secrecy. So, they had arrived here in order to search his mansion. In fact, they must've arrived here in order to eradicate the root of trouble.

"Initiate the search!" the Chief in silver-white armour ordered in a loud voice. And, several experts immediately appeared behind him. They seemed all-set to rush in.

"I am warning you people. Whoever dares to come in shall be killed!" the Twenty-third Prince suddenly shouted back at them. He mostly cared about his reputation. However, his reputation had been ruined now, and nothing had remained. He could tell that every major force must be paying attention to this on-going situation here. So, he would have no hope of reprieve if he were to take even a single step back.

He finally understood that Ye Xiwen had said rightly. Being low-key was useless since being quite at present would be considered as weakness by the people. The small and big forces of the city wouldn't care about him even if he managed to evade this trouble. So, how would he conquer the hearts of the people?

"Initiate the search!" The silver-armored Chief wasn't willing to back down either. He shouted loudly, and the figures of several experts clad in heavy armors appeared behind him in quick succession. Someone recognized them. There were the Imperial Guards. They were the most elite army in the Great Wei Empire!

"It's such a drag!" a conspicuous and indolent voice resounded at first. Then, an astonishing blade energy took form, and swept out towards that group of Imperial Guards to chop them.

"Humph! So audacious! You are a crafty fella!" The silver-armored chief coldly snorted. He grabbed the approaching blade energy with his one hand, and crushed it. Then, a sinister look appeared on his face. "Kill him!"

"This is like they have shed all pretence of cordiality. It seems that the Fourth Prince has made up his mind to use extreme methods against the Twenty-third Prince!"

"What's strange in that? The Twenty-third Prince had escaped from the Fourth Prince. And, he had lost his face as a result. In fact, it would be strange if he were to bear with such rudeness!"

"They didn't clash in the past several days. So, I thought that there will be no fight. I didn't expect that the Nine Gates Infantry Commander would be sent over here. The Nine Gates Infantry Commander was quiet in the past. He hadn't taken part in the battles of the princes. In fact, he looked neutral. Therefore, I didn't expect that he had secretly sided with the Fourth Prince. The secrecy maintained was indeed very tight!"

"He he! Didn't you see those rays of light a moment ago? It may be a ranked medicinal pill. It is being refined in the mansion of the Twenty-third Prince. This is probably the reason for this sudden attack by the Fourth Prince!"

"I didn't expect that the Twenty-third Prince would come back alive. The situation has completely reversed as a result. Several sage level auras can be sensed inside his mansion. He may have obtained the support of some organization!"


The Wood Dragon and the silver-armored Chief suddenly collided with each other. The two senior experts of the intermediate stage of the sage realm issued their imposing auras. And, the astral wind suddenly splashed out in the sky.

The formidable imposing aura that had emerged out of the body of the Wood Dragon pressed down in all directions. And, the tyrannical strength of the intermediate stage of the sage realm manifested thereupon. The space got crushed and distorted by his imposing aura. And, it seemed as if every movement of his' could destroy the Heaven and extinguish the Earth.

The two senior experts of the intermediate stage of the sage realm had suddenly collided with each other. However, those Imperial Guards had burst into the Prince's mansion. In fact, they had simply ignored the fight between these two individuals. It was obvious that the Twenty-third Prince was their target. They wanted to take advantage of this chaos and kill him in one fell swoop.

"Humph!" an ice-cold shout sounded. And, a big hand stretched out along with it. It then grabbed those Imperial Guards. There were many experts of the initial stage of the sage realm among those Imperial Guards. However, they had been grabbed by this big hand, and didn't get enough time to react as a result. Then, the big hand crushed them to death. And, they transformed into blood fog as a result.

A loud shout was heard, and an old man clad in moon-white robe slowly came out. He then stationed himself beside the Twenty-third Prince.

He was an expert of the late stage of the sage realm, and hailed from the Northern Dipper Organization's faction. Those Imperial Guards were also skilled experts, but how could they be a match for this senior expert of the late stage of the sage realm?


The Wood Dragon and that commander of the Imperial Guards went high up into the sky while fighting. The matrix barrier above the entire Imperial Capital had been broken by them. They then rushed above the horizon. And, they soon went beyond everyone's line of sight.

"Twenty-third Brother, it seems that you're not ready to give up. You even dared to kill the Imperial Guards. You're quite courageous!" an ice-cold shout resounded from the clouds at this time.

A figure appeared in mid-air along with the sound. He was clad in the Imperial Robe of a prince. He looked handsome, and his appearance was a bit similar to the Twenty-third Prince's. However, his deathly-white complexion was giving rise to a sinister illusion.

(To be continued)

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