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The Twenty-third Prince had become exceptionally embarrassed. He agreed with what Ye Xiwen had said. One could say that these people were merely a bunch of hoodlums in comparison. However, he couldn't address them like that because he would hurt his subordinates if he did.

"Brat, you have made me furious!" Old Ancestor Gong Yang became angry. An iron sword appeared in his hand. It suddenly issued astonishing sword energy towards Ye Xiwen along with a clang sound. The sword energy broke down the space, and arrived in front of Ye Xiwen within the blink of an eye.

"Humph!" Ye Xiwen coldly snorted, and his golden hand suddenly stretched out. It transformed into a very big hand above the prince's mansion, and suddenly pressed down.

Ye Xiwen had perfected the Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand to such an extent that no one could refute him if he were to say that he belonged the Fire Cloud Cave. Of course, he would need to change his clothes and appearance first.

Even the 'Wood Dragon of the Horn' was left dumbstruck by this. This style of the Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand looked more authentic than the traditional one. Perhaps, he would've also believed that Ye Xiwen belonged to the Fire Cloud Cave if he didn't know that he was a disciple of the True Martial University.

However, he still had no other choice but to doubt Ye Xiwen. [Could Ye Xiwen be an undercover spy of the Fire Cloud Cave in the True Martial University? I can't fu*king believe my eyes. This is seriously against the heaven's will.]

There's a saying in layman's language… one shouldn't bite off more than one can chew. However, Ye Xiwen didn't need to worry about that. He had the mysterious space at his disposal. He could easily chew and digest any type of technique as long as he had enough 'spirit energy'. So, there simply wasn't a situation in which he could bite off more than he could chew.

The iron sword struck Ye Xiwen's big hand. However, it couldn't even put a scratch on it. On the contrary, a metal clanging sound resounded as it struck his big hand. But, his big hand continued to press down invariably.

The Old Ancestor Gong Yang felt an enormous force pressing down upon him. The portion between his thumb and forefinger got ruptured, and blood splashed out.

The Old Ancestor Gong Yang became indescribably terrified. He hadn't thought that Ye Xiwen's body could be so powerful. The body of a person who had practiced a 'body tempering technique' was likely to be very powerful; especially of a person who had practiced a martial technique for tempering one's body. However, it still couldn't be one's strongest point because people might attain intrepid bodies, but there were very rare top-notch physiques that could surpass the toughness of divine weapons and the divine tools. These weapons could break the formidable body of any person. So, it was useless to rely on the toughness of one's body to face those divine tools. But, an extremely powerful body like that of Ye Xiwen was also very rare…

Many experts used to wear gloves made up of golden cicada's silk for using the divine tools.

"Haa!" How could the Old Ancestor Gong Yang have accepted his defeat? He used his strongest sword technique - Wind and Thunder sword technique. Wind and thunder erupted all of a sudden. And, countless sounds of thunder reverberated. Then, endless thunder and lightning suddenly pounded on top of Ye Xiwen's big hand.

However, it seemed as if those thunder and lightning had pounded on a stone. They couldn't budge his big hand. In fact, they could only set off a puff of black smoke.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen crushed the Old Ancestor Gong Yang's sword energy.

"Puff!" Old Ancestor Gong Yang spouted a mouthful of blood, and his body went flying upside down.

Ye Xiwen retracted his hand. He didn't say anything. The spectators were left dumbstruck at this sight. The complexions of the people who had been accusing Ye Xiwen had turned pale. It seemed as if they had unknowingly eaten a bunch of live cockroaches.

Ye Xiwen hadn't argued with them. He had only made them dizzy with a tight slap on their faces. And, this was the best response to the situation.

Many people had suddenly become scared since this man's way of doing things was extremely ruthless. After all, the Old Ancestor Gong Yang held the top position among them.

One must know that the Twenty-third Prince's subordinates were divided into two factions in the past. And, each group was headed by a sage expert. Both the groups used to be at clash with each other. However, that other sage expert had been annihilated along with his faction. So, only the people who favoured the Old Ancestor Gong Yang remained. Moreover, they clearly knew how terrifying he was since they were his subordinates.

The reason why these people had participated in this contest for the throne was because they hoped that they could also obtain Great Wei State's resources for their cultivation if the Twenty-third Prince got a hold of the great treasure of the state. They didn't belong to the Meteor Sect. The life of 'a random cultivator with no background' was quite miserable in the Meteor World. In fact, it was even more miserable than that in the True Martial World. After all, there were many forces in the True Martial World. But, there was only one big force in the Meteor World, and that was the 'Meteor Sect' itself…

Their complexions had suddenly turned pale since they were afraid that Ye Xiwen might launch an attack on them.

"These people can't even beat me. How they will help you in competing for the throne?" Ye Xiwen looked at Twenty-third Prince and said. He didn't even bother to pay attention to these people.

However, the Twenty-third Prince had a glorious smile on his face at this time. He had already seen how powerful Ye Xiwen was. And, he had gotten to see it once again at this juncture. However, his reaction to this incident was different from the previous one. He had been left to tremble with fear the last time. However, he wasn't even shocked this time around.

"Elder Brother is outstanding and matchless!" the Twenty-third Prince spoke-up, "You people must listen and obey these two Elder Brothers. You must follow them blindly. Am I clear?"

The Twenty-third Prince was very ambitious and bold. So, he had immediately changed his point of view. Moreover, he was quite the hoodlum himself. Anyway… people who walk barefooted aren't afraid of wearing shoes. Everything would go in vain if he couldn't ascend to the throne.

The Old Ancestor Gong Yang crawled and stood up. He merely looked at Ye Xiwen with hatred. However, he didn't dare to contradict the Twenty-third Prince.

"I don't care about these mundane affairs. Some people will come to you. You must listen to whatever they say, and obey!" Ye Xiwen waved his hand and spoke-up. The constellation members like Ye Xiwen… these so-called high-level hired goons didn't care about these ordinary matters. Their task was to kill, and they needed outstanding strength for that.

"Do you know about the situations of other princes?" Ye Xiwen asked. He obviously wanted to know as much about his future opponents as was possible.

"My eldest imperial brother is the most powerful among all these princes because he was born very long ago. He has already roped-in a large number of courtiers. Plus, he also has the reputation of the eldest son. It has been said that he has the support of a peak level sage expert behind him!" the twenty-third prince replied, "Moreover, my second imperial brother, fourth imperial brother, seventh imperial brother, ninth imperial brother, and so on… are also quite powerful. It is said that all of them have the support of a peak level sage expert behind them!"

Ye Xiwen frowned. The enemy had the backing of peak level experts of the sage realm. So, it wasn't surprising that the twenty-third prince could only play the role of 'trash'. A peak level expert of the sage realm couldn't be called the strongest in the sage realm. However, he could be considered as a top-notch expert in the competition for the throne of a country.

[Peak level expert of the sage realm!]

Ye Xiwen frowned. [My fighting strength can ascend to the peak of the sage realm only after I've entered into the sage realm. Only then will I be able to contend against them.] He became anxious as he thought of this since he-himself might become useless in this contest for the title of the emperor if he didn't snatch the time and refined the 'Sage Break Yellow Pill'. In fact, even his life might be put in danger.

"Prepare a place for me. I wish to undergo closed-door training!" Ye Xiwen looked at the Twenty-third Prince and spoke-up. The 'Wood Dragon of the horn' immediately realized what Ye Xiwen was talking about since he was aware about Ye Xiwen's intentions to start the alchemy process. In fact, he was also very interested in the medicinal pill which Ye Xiwen wanted to refine.

"Ok!" The Twenty-third Prince nodded. A person of his stature obviously had a place for the closed-door training inside his mansion.

Ye Xiwen didn't show any courtesy. His task was only to help the Twenty-third Prince in eliminating some of the obstacles; nothing more. These two individuals were only the first wave of assistance. The Northern Dipper Organization would send more members here later-on. In fact, some of those unofficial personnel were the subordinates of the Twenty-third Prince in the beginning. There were many powerful sage experts among those people. Even though they were merely unofficial members of the organization, but they possessed extremely dreadful strength.

Ye Xiwen's strength wasn't too weak. However, this organization was extremely dreadful. The more he came to know about this organization… the more dreadful he felt they were. He had come to know about some basic situations of this organization from the Wood Dragon while on-route to the Meteor World. And, he couldn't help but gasp. Ye Xiwen had previously thought that this was merely an organization which used to recruit the experts of the younger generation. However, he later came to know that this was not the case. And, that was because he and the other young members had only been recruited as 'substitutes' in recent time. The titles of 'Moon Deer of the Extended Net', the 'Wood Dragon of the Horn', and the 'Golden Dragon of the Neck' had been vacant for very long time. And, they had only been filled by these youngsters in recent times.

Two other experts of the younger generation had also joined very recently. However, it seemed as if they and Wood Dragon didn't share good relations. There seemed to be only five known members of the younger generation. The others were the experts of the older generation. In fact, the latest among them had become the member of this organization three hundred years ago. Moreover, all of them had entered the great sage realm long ago.

Even those peripheral members had some great sage experts among them. Such was the tyranny of the Northern Dipper Organization! The more he came to know about them, the more dreadful he felt this organization was…

The Northern Dipper Organization wouldn't leave the Twenty-third Prince since they had already decided to help him in acquiring the throne. So, his attitude would make no difference to them. Therefore, they would obviously send some experts to assist him. And, Ye Xiwen and Wood Dragon would be merely playing the leading roles.

These people would obviously have their own set of processes to follow. And, Ye Xiwen wasn't aware of these processes. But, what role they would play if they wouldn't even arrive here…

"You inform the organization to get those people to gather here after some time. It will look somewhat miserable if only two of us are here!" Ye Xiwen looked at the Wood Dragon and said with a laugh.

The other princes had a group of high-handed experts behind them. However, the Twenty-third Prince only had two experts behind him. How ridiculous it would look? The so-called 'grand style' was also very important sometimes.

"En! No problem. Leave it to me!" The Wood Dragon nodded. His expression wasn't visible since he had worn a mask.

Ye Xiwen followed the Twenty-third Prince, and entered an underground place which had been built for undergoing the closed-door training. He then sat cross-legged on a praying mat on the ground after he had lain down layer-upon-layer of matrix barriers. Then, he took out a huge ancient alchemy furnace from the 'Heavenly Source Mirror'. The faintly fluctuating principles were looming on top of this furnace. This furnace was a pseudo-sage tool in reality!

He had obtained this furnace from the 'Crazy Thirteen Shark Pirates'. However, it had later been upgraded into as a pseudo-sage tool by him.

However, one must have an alchemy furnace of sage-tool rank in order to refine the 'Sage Break Yellow Pill'. But, he was forced to use this pseudo-sage tool instead…

(To be continued)

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