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The news that Cao Yuyu had handed down a declaration of war to Ye Xiwen had quickly spread throughout the entire True Martial University. And, it had added fuel to the enmity between the Hidden Star Peak and the Law Enforcement Hall.

It wasn't set to happen very soon, but a time span of ten years was nothing for these experts since they had extremely long lifespans.

It should be mentioned that this wasn't a clash between the experts of the same rank. Moreover, many people recalled that Ye Xiwen had entered the True Martial University only 10 years ago. And, not much time had passed since he had entered the legendary realm. However, he had already surpassed those heavens' pride experts in these 10 years. And, this was an incredibly fast speed.

God knows the extent he would grow up to after 10 years. In fact, it was possible that he might even obtain the strength to contend against Cao Yuyu…

Ye Xiwen was somewhat depressed in regards to this. However, he didn't say anything. He didn't say that he had agreed to the competition either. However, it seemed as if everyone had already approved of this competition. And, they simply didn't care what Ye Xiwen's opinion was…

Could Ye Xiwen refuse in their opinion?

Certainly not! After all, Ye Xiwen had earned a huge reputation. Wouldn't it be equal to losing face in the True Martial University if he refused at this juncture?

Ye Xiwen remained silent on this matter. How much money was a thing like 'reputation' was worth? One might lose their life for it, and it would still amount to 'nothing'. The reason why he didn't refuse was that he also felt that no one knew what would happen after 10 years… He obviously didn't know how far he would've cultivated by then…

The most important thing was to arrange the materials required for refining the 'Break Sage Yellow Pill'. He didn't have much experience regarding this. However, he knew that it was impossible for an alchemy master to collect the materials required for refining the 'Break Sage Yellow Pill' without having the support of a big force.

The reason wasn't money. Ye Xiwen had ample wealth at present. In fact, he had more than enough wealth to refine an immortality pill of this grade. And, this was considering the situation in which his mysterious space and he-himself would also be consuming the 'Primary Spirit Dans' for cultivation. However, there were many real problems. For example, this pill required many herbs which weren't common. In fact, many of them were simply unheard of. Moreover, there was a requirement of many rare and heavenly treasures as well.

It was impossible for a 'random cultivator with no background' to obtain these things. Only the treasure-house of a big force could possibly have such things…

A 'random cultivator with no background' aiming to become a powerful alchemy master was a myth. Even those extremely rare 'pill making methods' which Ye Xiwen knew… were also useless if he didn't have the required materials at hand. He knew that the great alchemy masters who had left behind these incredible alchemy scriptures weren't the high-level experts of some big force. Nor they had established some colossus forces that were spread across countless domains! They had only focused on collecting a myriad of materials in order to ensure that they had the materials required for their alchemic practices…

Therefore, the alchemy masters who were 'random cultivators' would perennially be seen wandering in deep mountains and old forests since they'd always be on the look-out for heavenly treasures and herbs.

Ye Xiwen's list of drug ingredients had gradually begun to fill up since he could rely on the backing of a force like the True Martial University. However, he soon realized that his accumulated points had gradually become insufficient.

Ye Xiwen had been gone for a long time. And, he hadn't gone on many assignments of late as a result. And thus, he hadn't obtained many points of late. In fact, he had only gained points by winning the Four Forces Martial Arts Competition in recent times.

However, these points weren't enough for Ye Xiwen because his list of items contained many drug ingredients, and all of them were very precious. Moreover, there were some ingredients that weren't regarded as 'precious', but they were still very rare…

Therefore, he needed a bountiful of accumulated points in order obtain them all. However, the Northern Dipper Organization would also send him some tasks every-now-and-then. The Northern Dipper Organization was huge. And, it had a broad area of operations. In fact, its area of operation wasn't limited to the True Martial World alone…

Northern Dipper Organization didn't prohibit its members from receiving tasks. One could receive a wide range of tasks as long as they could afford to handle them. The Northern Dipper Organization didn't have many people in its ranks. However, each of them was elite. And, their sources of information were beyond the imagination of an ordinary person.

However, he hadn't gotten any news from the Northern Dipper Organization thus far. So, he didn't have any choice but to start earning points after he had obtained more-than-half of the drug ingredients in the True Martial University.

"An astonishing amount of materials are required to refine the 'Break Sage Yellow Pill'. However, it wouldn't have been able to help a person in making the breakthrough to the sage realm if it didn't require such a huge amount of materials!" Ye Xiwen thought. He hadn't heard of a pill in the True Martial University which could help a person in making the breakthrough into the sage realm.

Sage experts were considered top-notch experts in the True Martial University's main force. Only a few could get an opportunity to surpass the sage experts. The great sage experts were like the pillars of the university. And, all of them were regarded as chief cultivators of the Top 100 Inheritances.

Those masses of semi-sage experts would've also made the breakthrough into the sage realm if such a pill existed. And, True Martial University's strength would've consequently seen a qualitative promotion within a short time…

"I can only go on assignments, and earn points. Then, I can get those herbs in exchange!" Ye Xiwen thought. He could only think of this method at this time. He could've certainly exchanged the 'Primary Spirit Dans' for the amount of points that he needed. However, it wasn't a good deal since he didn't have enough 'Primary Spirit Dans' for himself. So, how could he have exchanged it for the points?

The current Ye Xiwen couldn't be compared with the old one who used to frantically take-on missions. He used to be a very insignificant legendary expert back then. So, he could only receive a limited number of tasks. However, his realm had reached the late stage of the semi-sage realm now. Moreover, his fighting strength was enough to sweep away the experts of the intermediate stage of the sage realm.

It was like the difference between the Heaven and the Earth.

Time passed day-by-day after Cao Yuyu had unexpectedly issued that declaration of war against Ye Xiwen. However, Ye Xiwen didn't undergo closed-door training… nor did he submerge himself into cultivation as everyone had thought he would. Rather, he had begun to receive tasks in a frantic manner. Many sage disciples were left dumbstruck as they saw the course of these events, and the manner in which those tasks were completed by Ye Xiwen…

Everyone was trying to guess what Ye Xiwen was up to. He wasn't cultivating properly. He was only wandering everywhere after having received the tasks. One could train oneself through these tasks. However, the progress speed wouldn't be quick since one wouldn't be cultivating wholeheartedly.

However, the news that Ye Xiwen was purchasing great amounts of heavenly treasures and medicinal ingredients got exposure as time passed. And, someone guessed that he was collecting materials for some immortality pill.

Someone had even asked a great alchemy master in the True Martial University regarding this matter. However, that alchemy master wasn't sure which pill Ye Xiwen wanted to refine. But, he was sure about one thing… and, that was that Ye Xiwen was collecting materials for some pill.

It was reckoned that this pill must be a very important. Otherwise, Ye Xiwen wouldn't have kept aside his cultivation to collect these materials.

People's opinions differed for a moment. Someone said that this was a kind of pill which could increase his strength. Another person said that this might increase his speed. Then, Ye Xiwen was informed via a report that the medicinal ingredients which he wanted to collect had been sold out. And, none were left in stock as a result…

How wouldn't he have understood that the people of the Law Enforcement Hall were behind this matter? The people of the Law Enforcement Hall had also found out that these ingredients were very important for him. Therefore, they had cut down the stock.

Ye Xiwen and the Law Enforcement Hall's people had grudges. So, they obviously wouldn't provide support if he was in need.

"Those people of the Law Enforcement Hall are behind this. They have resorted to such a cheap method!" Yang Wen Jun was enraged by this. He directly pointed a finger at the Law Enforcement Hall. There was no need to enquire about this matter. He knew who was behind this.

Ye Xiwen was frantically finishing tasks one-after-another in order to earn the points. So, he had made Deng Shui Xin and Yang Wen Jun in-charge of collecting these medicinal ingredients. He had handed-over his points to them, and he had told them to buy these drug ingredients whenever someone would come to sell them.

Ye Xiwen had barely returned after having completed a task when he heard Yang Wen Jun's complaint.

However, he wasn't very surprised. What could the Law Enforcement Hall no do if their overbearing nature was taken into consideration? But, to think that they had resorted to such a cheap method was a bit beyond Ye Xiwen's expectations.

Perhaps the name of the 'Break Sage Yellow Pill' would've spread everywhere if they knew which pill Ye Xiwen wanted to refine…

Ye Xiwen wouldn't be surprised if they had guessed that he was planning to use some alchemy method… because, it wasn't difficult to guess thus. The only thing which was difficult to guess… was the name of the pill he wanted to refine.

They had obviously gotten a hold of the list of ingredients Ye Xiwen wanted to purchase. However, it was merely a list of ingredients. They would be hard-pressed if they would attempt to guess what they were for. Moreover, they would find themselves against an impossible task if they were to try and find the method to refine the said-pill. And, they were genuinely underestimating those true ancient grandmasters of alchemy if they felt that it was simple to refine it…

In fact, Ye Xiwen had been looking forward this. He wanted them to try-and-refine a pill on the basis of that list of ingredients. The bad luck that'd ensue would obviously be theirs' in the end. They would have to try millions of times for each 'pill making method' that would fail. And, the Law Enforcement Hall would go bankrupt if they genuinely tried millions of times since these herbs were extremely costly...

However, Ye Xiwen couldn't do anything in this matter. After all, these medicinal ingredients were in the hands of other people. So, he couldn't stop them from giving it to anyone they so-desired…

However, the arrival of a new individual completely solved Ye Xiwen's problem. It was Northern Dipper Organization's Wood Dragon of the Horn.

He had arrived clad in a moon white robe. However, he didn't have the weak temperament of Qing Xu's. In fact, he had a stern and chilly air about him on the contrary. He was tall. A wine bottle was hanging on his body. And, the strong fragrance of alcohol assailed the nostrils. Ye Xiwen was meeting this 'Wood Dragon of the horn' for the second time.

This man was a little too elusive. In fact, it seemed as if the True Martial University wasn't fortified-enough for him. He had some special ways that helped him pass unseen. However, he could only evade ordinary security, and not the vigilance of genuine experts…

"Why have you come here?" Ye Xiwen frowned and asked.

"I have arrived here for a good reason!" the Wood Dragon replied, "You had asked about some drug ingredients from the organization last time. The organization has the information. It had some of those drug ingredients in its stock. And, it has purchased the ones it didn't have at that time!"

Ye Xiwen remembered that he had requested the Northern Dipper Organization to collect these drug ingredients several months ago. However, they hadn't paid much attention to his request at that time. The Northern Dipper was an outstanding organization. However, he had considered them to be an organization which recruited only the disciples of the younger generation. Therefore, he had believed that this organization couldn't be compared with the True Martial University.

(To be continued)

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