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"Ye Xiwen!" Ye Xiwen heard a faint shout.

The sound of footsteps came from the gate of the Merit Palace Hall along with a cold shout. It was a man of approximately 27 or 28 years of age. He was clad in a white robe. His physique appeared tall and slim. It seemed as if his face had been carved with a knife. His handsome face was as cold as frost. He strode in and ran his eyes over the place, and eventually shot a glance at Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen's entire body tightened up. He could feel that this man's aura contained the ferocity of a wild beast. And, it also carried a faint murderous aura. It seemed as if he had experienced too many battles… same as Dou Hexing since it was seemingly difficult for him to conceal his 'killing intention'.

"Who's this man? He has such a great murderous aura!" someone asked.

"Don't you know him? Ah? He has been out of the big limelight these days. He's a great disciple of the Law Enforcement Hall. Mu Sheng Jie is very proud of this subordinate of his'. He's Cao Yuyu. It's said that his strength has already reached the perfection level of the sage realm. He is about to enter the half-step great sage realm. He's a rare young talent who has emerged out in the recent years!"

"Yeah. I've also heard about him. He had gone on that expedition with Mu Sheng Jie for a hundred years. He has an illustrious fame to his name. He's quite famous in the True Martial University. All the young core disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall follow his commands. Mu Sheng Jie attaches a lot of importance to him!"

"But, why he has arrived here? Is he going to start a fight with Ye Xiwen?"

Someone asked in a doubtful manner. It would appear as 'bullying' if he were to attack Ye Xiwen at this time. After all, he had cultivated for so many years. And, Ye Xiwen had practiced for many years lesser. So, he would be breaking the rules if he were to attack Ye Xiwen regardless of his status. And, this act of bullying would provoke Huang Wuji and the Hidden Star Peak. Then, they would have no scope for excuses.

Unless… there was a valid reason.

A fight between two individuals of the same generation was passable by the Law Enforcement Hall even if it was based on some arbitrary reason.

"Are you Ye Xiwen?" Cao Yuyu looked at Ye Xiwen. His ice-cold vision didn't have the slightest of fluctuations. It seemed as if he was looking at a dead person. "You're quite audacious. I've seen many daring people whose attempts to provoke our Law Enforcement Hall's prestige have gone in vain. And, all of them are dead now!"

"I've also seen many people who wanted to crush me in order to establish their prestige. All of them wanted to kill me, but they are also dead now!" Ye Xiwen grinned and revealed his white teeth. His face exposed a slightly genial smile. However, his words didn't show the slightest sign of weakness.

A fierce light flashed in Cao Yuyu's eyes as he heard these words. He didn't conceal his 'killing intention' and swept it out towards Ye Xiwen. However, he was surprised to see that Ye Xiwen didn't budge. In fact, he remained motionless. Moreover, Ye Xiwen didn't seem the least bit suppressed.

Many people who were present in the surroundings could feel this 'killing intention', and had goose bumps because of it. In fact, they had retreated several steps in order to avoid the rage of this 'killing intention'. However, it seemed as if Ye Xiwen wasn't feeling anything. He looked unaffected in his entirety. And, this had stunned everyone. They now admired Ye Xiwen even more than they used to.

[No wonder he has dared to mess with the people of the Law Enforcement Hall. He's no weakling who would crumble at the first blow!]

However, they were unaware that Ye Xiwen was using his divinities to protect his body. So, it could be said that pressure that was put upon him felt no different to him than a burst of cold breeze upon his face. It had no effect on him.

After all, God is the most powerful entity in the entire World. The invincible might of Gods was like a prison. No suppression or imposing aura was going to work in the face of God's Power. In fact, any attempts would be a joke since such influences were worthless before divinities.

An astonished look flashed in Cao Yuyu's eyes when he saw that Ye Xiwen wasn't affected, and wasn't in any pain either. He said, "Very good. It's not surprising that you dared to oppose our Law Enforcement Hall. However, you are gravely mistaken if you think that you can get away by depending on your clever little tricks and schemes!"

Ye Xiwen merely shook his head, and burst into laughter.

"What are you laughing at?" Cao Yuyu frowned and shouted.

"I'm laughing at you for being too outrageous. It seems that you believe every matter to be a provocation to your prestige!" Ye Xiwen replied in a casual manner. "Mu Sheng Jie has so much importance in your eyes. It seems as if you take him to be some God. However, he's worthless in my opinion. I would've killed him by now if we were to be at the same level. In fact, killing him wouldn't have been any more difficult than killing an ant by trampling it in that case!"

The crowd went in an uproar. Mu Sheng Jie had been famous for so many years. His power had shaken the True Martial University. He was an extremely illustrious expert in the entire True Martial University. He was a super-expert who had a promising future, and might even obtain the next Supreme Lord's position in the future. However, he was worthless in Ye Xiwen's opinion…?

Words are as light as a feather. However, these words had smashed down like a sudden clap of thunder. 'Killing Mu Sheng Jie is like killing an ant'. Who could've dared to say such a thing? Could Huang Wuji have dared to say this?"

He certainly wouldn't have dared to say this. It didn't matter how prideful Huang Wuji was. He wouldn't have spoken these words. He was very proud and aloof. But, saying such words would've been beneath his dignity because one would only feel embarrassment after they had spoken such words.

However, Ye Xiwen was different. Many people reacted at this. Ye Xiwen's fighting strength wasn't bad compared to that of other heaven's pride experts. However, his cultivation hadn't been making quick progress since the beginning. He had only reached the late stage of the semi-sage realm so far. In other words, he was merely at the level where other heaven's pride experts used to be several years ago.

And, this was a few years ago. A few years' time was enough for the fighting strength of the heaven's pride experts to make a qualitative breakthrough.

However, Ye Xiwen had managed to beat those other heaven's pride experts a few years ago. What did this show? This showed that Ye Xiwen had risen above the rank of a heaven's pride expert through his unusual cultivation.

Countless people were left in shock after they thought along these lines. They hadn't previously thought that this could be the possibility. Perhaps it could be said that many people had been deceived by Ye Xiwen's fighting strength. So, they hadn't thought this.

Ye Xiwen could fight with those heaven's pride experts when his realm was lower to that of theirs. So, what would happen when his realm would rise?

I would've killed him like an ant if we were to be at the same level. Such words weren't empty in this case. Rather, it was an achievable fact.

Everyone's way of looking at Ye Xiwen suddenly saw a drastic change!

Cao Yuyu was merely staring at Ye Xiwen with his ice-cold eyes. The 'killing intention' in his eyes had become even stronger. Mu Sheng Jie was like a God to him. And, Ye Xiwen had used bad words to insult his God. This had made it difficult for him to control his murderous aura.

Ye Xiwen didn't care since Cao Yuyu's murderous aura wasn't affecting him in the slightest. So, he obviously didn't pay attention to it.

Ye Xiwen knew that Mu Sheng Jie was determined to kill him. So, there was no room for leniency. Anyway, it wasn't as if Ye Xiwen would've said some pleasant words for the sake of leniency…

"Ye Xiwen, you should be glad. Senior Brother Mu has allowed you to live till the big competition between the sage realm disciples. However, that lease on your life is only valid till that time!" Cao Yuyu sneered. He suddenly raised his arm, and wrote down a declaration of war in midair. It took the shape of a declaration of war talisman and swept down towards Ye Xiwen.

This talisman carried unmatched power as it suddenly pressed down upon Ye Xiwen. It then transformed into a huge stele, and swept down towards Ye Xiwen to suppress him.

Ye Xiwen felt that a dreadful pressure had tightly locked onto his body. And, he couldn't budge as a result. Cao Yuyu was also a former heaven's pride expert. So, he was far ahead of Ye Xiwen in every aspect. Moreover, the stele had nearly broken the void as it pressed down.

"Die here if you can't even accept my declaration of war!"

Ye Xiwen heard Cao Yuyu's cold shout. However, he didn't put much effort in thinking at this time. The golden divinities suddenly crawled over his entire body. And, it started to seem as if he had put-on a golden divine cloak.

People exclaimed as they saw Ye Xiwen's peak fighting strength. Cao Yuyu had merely written a war-declaration. However, it had forced Ye Xiwen to use his entire strength. Ye Xiwen genuinely lacked in front of him at present. Ye Xiwen was an outstanding genius. However, Cao Yuyu was also a heaven's pride expert of his generation. Moreover, he had cultivated for several hundred years more than Ye Xiwen. So, Ye Xiwen was very far behind. In fact, his cultivation hadn't even entered the sage realm. But, the opposite party was already at the perfection level of the sage realm.

"Haa!" Ye Xiwen shouted loudly. His energy surged up and formed a pillar that soared straight into the sky. He took a step, and his entire body transformed into a universe. He was the only God in this universe. One fist suddenly swept out. It transformed into a huge star, and began to rotate at a very fast speed. It then went up to face that stele.


The stele and the huge star suddenly collided. The space collapsed and chaos flushed in. It seemed as if the world had turned upside down. The sky began to shake. And, a dreadful power recklessly swept out rotating in the sky. The shocked waves swept across, and destroyed Ye Xiwen's star.

It seemed that this force would sweep away the Merit Palace Hall. However, an overwhelming power unexpectedly appeared when this power had swept out. This newly-appeared power crushed this force, and extinguished it. This was Merit Palace Hall's own power.

Ye Xiwen's face was covered with golden divinities, but it had turned very red. The blow from that dreadful force had obviously left his blood and energy to boil and roll over. The stone-floor under his feet had transformed into fine powder by now; it had been crushed by that tremendous power.

"It's only a written declaration of war. There was no need to make it so fancy!" Ye Xiwen suppressed his surging vitalities and grinned.

The 'Phoenix Regeneration Technique' began to operate crazily in order to repair his injuries. He hadn't been injured to such an extent since a long time. So, he hadn't needed to use the 'Phoenix Regeneration Technique' to such an extent in a while. Cao Yuyu genuinely hadn't restrained his strength.

It was difficult for Cao Yuyu to conceal that astonished look in his eyes when he saw that Ye Xiwen had suppressed his surging vitalities within the blink of an eye. He knew that he hadn't used his entire strength in this move. However, he had still done it with the idea to suppress Ye Xiwen to death on the spot. In fact, he wouldn't have complained even if he were to be punished as long as he could accomplish that.

This kind of attack would've easily suppressed an ordinary sage expert to death. And, an expert at the perfection level of the sage realm would've sustained injuries under such attack.

However, Ye Xiwen had withstood that attack. Moreover, he hadn't died. [It seems like the rumors that this boy possesses an extremely tyrannical body aren't baseless.]

"Enjoy the remaining few years of your life properly!" Cao Yuyu said this at first. Then, he turned around and left the Merit Palace Hall.

(To be continued)

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