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Ye Xiwen crushed Mu Sheng Jie's body that had been formed from a wisp of his soul. He then grabbed that wisp of his soul in his hand.

"Ye Xiwen, you mustn't feel too pleased with yourself. You will die when my real body comes out of the closed-door training!" Mu Sheng Jie's voice was still ice-cold.

"Whom do you want to kill? What do you think you are?" Ye Xiwen disdainfully laughed. Mu Sheng Jie was very violent, cruel, and untamed. In fact, he had reached an extent where it was quite difficult to describe him. He considered everyone beneath him… or it could be said that he had too much confidence in himself.

He had dared to overrule the Supreme Lord's decision. It was merely a small matter. However, it was evident that Mu Sheng Jie was arrogant and despotic. This was also the reason why the high-level experts used to tolerate him.

Ye Xiwen also enjoyed high-level experts' tolerance like he did since the high-level experts attached great importance to these geniuses. A genius had always been place above a thousand mediocre individuals since the beginning. Any sect must look at the performances of these geniuses in order to flourish over time. The mediocre people were useless to them.

This was the reason why the high-level experts didn't say anything on this fight between these two individuals. Otherwise, any other person in their place would've been arrested by the people of the Law Enforcement Hall by now.

"You can be pleased with yourself for now. But, you will die when the next competition between the sage realm disciples takes place!" Mu Sheng Jie spoke-up in his usual ice-cold voice.

"You talk too much!" Ye Xiwen crushed that wisp of Mu Sheng Jie's soul, and it dissipated. It was merely a wisp of his soul. However, it contained a lot of information; including some secrets of the Control Crane Seven Divine Hands.

Ye Xiwen brought his mysterious space into play, and began to analyze the secrets of this Control Crane Seven Divine Hands. Meanwhile, his hands slowly started to perform some styles of the Control Crane Seven Divine Hands. The more and more adept he became in this new technique… the cleaner his movements started to become.

Many spectators felt that they had seen a ghost when they saw this scene. In fact, they were even more shocked as compared to when Mu Sheng Jie was defeated. After all, only a wisp of Mu Sheng Jie's soul had been present here. However, Ye Xiwen had quickly learnt the Control Crane Seven Divine Hands, and had adopted its movements. This was far beyond their imagination. Such an exaggeration shouldn't have been possible even if he possessed a very sharp memory.

They were unaware that Ye Xiwen could grasp the essence of any technique as long as he had enough 'spirit energies' and an accurate method of cultivation.

However, Ye Xiwen had learnt too many secret techniques by now. So, he only learnt a little bit of this technique. And, he stopped after he had learned some of the key strength and weak points of this technique. He had done this since a conflict might break out between him and Mu Sheng Jie in the future.

It was said that this Control Crane Seven Divine Hands was Mu Sheng Jie's special skill. Therefore, Ye Xiwen needed to examine it to some extent. This was the so-called 'know thyself and your enemy' in order to win every fight.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't relax after he crushed Mu Sheng Jie's soul because Mu Sheng Jie had spoken about the 'sage disciples competition' before he had disappeared.

There were many competitions for the disciples of different ranks in the True Martial University. And, this time's competition was the biggest official competition among the core disciples.

And most importantly, every sage level disciple of each big force of the entire True Martial World would gather in this competition.

Moreover, the venue of this completion was located in the Devil World. Every big force would join hands to open the passage that would lead to the Devil World once the competition would start. And, a large number of sage disciples would go in. The more devils they would kill… the more their scores would increase. And, the one who would obtain the highest score would become the champion.

This was also True Martial World's method of opposing and controlling Devil World's invasion. They used to organize such competitions at regular intervals so that a large group of experts could venture into the devil world and cause wanton destruction there. This would consequently delay Devil Race's next invasion of the True Martial World. The conflagration of war would spread inside the Devil World, and would burn it from within.

It was useless to enter the Devil World if one possessed weak strength. They would get killed rather quickly. However, the Devil World might quickly find out if great sage experts entered in such big numbers. And, the True Martial University's people might have to face the siege of countless devil experts in that case.

The great sage experts would also take part in such competitions. However, their numbers wouldn't be so large.

One would become elite among elites if they could manage to endure the conflagration of war of the Devil World and come out of it alive.

Ye Xiwen could only contend against some weak experts of the late stage of the sage realm at the most as per his current strength. However, he must think to rise above others at that place. In fact, survival wasn't guaranteed inside the Devil World even if one were to be an expert of the late stage of the sage realm.

The disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall could be found everywhere in the entire True Martial University. In fact, many experts among the sage level disciples belonged to the Law Enforcement Hall. And, many such experts would be directed against Ye Xiwen in this time's competition since Mu Sheng Jie had said so.

However, there were still 10 years left for the competition to start. So, he had the time to improve himself. He must at least have the power to defend himself.

Ye Xiwen went inside the palace of the Metropolis Single Peak after he had tossed these matters out of this mind. The control of this floating peak abode was in his hands now!

Those spectators were left dumbstruck as they saw Ye Xiwen's figure gradually disappear before their eyes… especially those people who were aware about the ins-and-outs of this entire matter. They couldn't help but be stunned by these two undisciplined and untamed guys.

It was well-known that Mu Sheng Jie considered everyone beneath him. He didn't even care about the Supreme Lord's reputation. The Supreme Lord had set this floating peak aside for Ye Xiwen. However, he had still dared to say that he would take it away… and he did exactly so. It wasn't a big matter for the Supreme Lord. However, Mu Sheng Jie's arrogance could be seen from this action.

However, Ye Xiwen's incomparable tyranny wasn't any less in comparison to Mu Sheng Jie's arrogance. Most people wouldn't dare to oppose Mu Sheng Jie after they'd hear about his glorious past. In fact, most great sage level elders didn't dare to interfere in his matters. So, it was evident that his fierce name had flourished everywhere. However, Ye Xiwen had still arrived here and challenged him. He had disregarded what Mu Sheng Jie's soul had said, and he had even destroyed that wisp of his soul. He didn't even seem afraid of the consequences.

Ye Xiwen was undoubtedly an undisciplined and untamed man. Some old fogies had been observing this from the mystical depths of the True Martial University in secrecy, and they couldn't help but recall the past image of Huang Wuji's. It seemed to them that Ye Xiwen was an undisciplined and untamed individual. Huang Wuji couldn't endure any injustice either. But, he had been outside for a long time, and hadn't caused much trouble as a result.¬¬ However, he had made earth-shaking ruckus when he had returned the last time. He had even rushed to the 'War Dead Star Peak', and had chased their leader until he had nowhere to run to.

He wasn't some law-abiding citizen. And, many people saw Ye Xiwen, and felt that he looked similar to Huang Wuji of the past!

The news that Ye Xiwen had defeated Mu Sheng Jie's soul had spread quickly throughout the entire True Martial University. And, the entire university had begun to bustle with noise because of this.

Both involved individuals were a kind of person whom nobody would dare to approach. Ye Xiwen had recently won the Martial Arts Competition that had taken place between the four forces. So, it could be said that his incredible strength had come into the limelight. Moreover, he had also gained the attention of the high-level experts, and everyone had reckoned that he would most likely become a senior great sage expert in the future. However, Mu Sheng Jie was an even more outstanding character. He had become famous in the entire True Martial University many years ago. And most importantly, he had just returned after establishing great service for the university. So, he had also gained praises from many high-level experts.

Ye Xiwen had returned a very short while ago. So, his strength was yet to come into the limelight again after the collision between these two men. It should be mentioned that no one had expected that he would dare to go out and look for trouble.

This conflict between Ye Xiwen and Mu Sheng Jie had once again instigated the conflict between the Hidden Star Peak and the Law Enforcement Hall. It had now become the keenest struggle ever.

Many people still had the memories of it. It seemed as if this conflict had begun a long-long time ago. The Hidden Star Peak and the Law Enforcement Hall had never had friendly relations. And, two top heaven's pride experts like Huang Wuji and Mu Sheng Jie had amplified the memory of this conflict in the minds of people.

However, Ye Xiwen's arrival had again highlighted the conflict between the two forces that had begun to quiet down a bit of late.

There were two basic points of conflict in this matter. The Law Enforcement Hall wanted to manage everything. First, they had a habit of poking their nose in everything. Secondly, they wanted everything under their control. However, everyone in the Hidden Star Peak disliked and criticized their habit of 'poking their nose'. And, this was the triggering factor that had laid down the foundation of this conflict.

Everyone was watching. An even bigger conflict might break out between both sides in the future. And, both sides might go all-out against each other. Everyone knew that the Law Enforcement Hall was a powerful institution. In fact, only a few institutions in the entire True Martial University were at par with them. Moreover, they had a huge number of experts.

However, the Hidden Star Peak only had a few people. But, each of them was ferocious. There were seven individuals altogether. And, four of them were powerful great sage level senior experts. The remaining three were the senior experts of the sage realm. This strength might not rank them among the Top 10 Inheritances. However, it was enough to rank them at the forefront of the Top 100 Inheritances.

Huang Wuji had singlehandedly made a huge ruckus in the entire War Dead Star Peak. So, people didn't dare to look down upon the Hidden Star Peak because of Huang Wuji's strength. In addition, Ye Xiwen's outstanding performance in the Four Forces Martial Arts Competition had also made everyone aware of the fact that the Hidden Star Peak couldn't be underestimated even though they had a very few disciples in their ranks.

Many people wanted to see the collision between two forces in which one was extremely powerful, and the other had few disciples but was high-handed. Those people who couldn't deal with the Hidden Star Peak… or those who considered the Law Enforcement Hall as an eyesore were particularly keen to see this happen. They hoped for a big fight to break out between the two sides. And, they wanted the results to be disastrous. In fact, it would be best if both sides suffered a loss.

However, both the sides concerned had strangely maintained silence in this regard. In fact, it seemed as if they hadn't paid any attention to this matter.

The outside world was bustling with excitement. However, Ye Xiwen himself felt as if nothing had happened. He went straight to the Merit Palace Hall.

Ye Xiwen had barely entered the Merit Palace Hall, but he had already attracted the attention of countless people. His popularity had increased enormously since he had been a part of so many matters.

He didn't hide his cultivation this time. He had messed with the people of the Law Enforcement Hall, and had still dared to come out and run all over the places. Such courage couldn't be regarded as small.

Ye Xiwen didn't pay attention to the astonished gazes of the people who were present in the surroundings. And, he approached the disciple who was present at the front desk of the Merit Palace Hall. He then said, "Help me in finding out the medicinal ingredients that have been mentioned in this list. Which ones among these can be redeemed with the points I have accumulated? And, which ones do I need to purchase?"

The materials required for the 'Break Sage Yellow Pill' were listed in this list of items. However, he had also made sure that the people of the True Martial University couldn't get through the materials which were mentioned in his list of items and guess which immortality pill he wanted to refine. In fact, he had listed many insignificant and unnecessary drug ingredients for safety. Moreover, some drug ingredients with completely opposite effects were also mentioned in this list. So, it would be deadly if someone were to get hold of this list of items and attempted to refine the pill…

"Ye Xiwen!" Ye Xiwen heard a faint shout in his ears.

(To be continued)

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