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Chapter 493
Chapter 493: Slaughtered!

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Mu Sheng Jie stretched out his hand to grab Ye Xiwen. The land under Ye Xiwen’s feet began to disintegrate under the terrifying pressure. In fact, cracks had begun to appear in the ground. It looked exceptionally terrifying.

This was the same Control Crane Seven Divine Hands. However, it looked completely different in Mu Sheng Jie’s hand as compared to what Dou Hexing had displayed. In fact, these were two entirely different kinds of feelings.

Even the disparity between them was very big. It didn’t seem as if the unleashed power was from the same technique. In fact, there was a big disparity in every aspect. And, it was simply beyond imagination. However, this didn’t happen because there was disparity in the essence of the power technique. Dou Hexing had practiced only a portion of this power technique. However, it couldn’t be compared with Mu Sheng Jie’s complete version of this power technique. And, this disparity had basically occurred because of the difference in the martial power of both individuals.

Only a wisp of Mu Sheng Jie’s soul had incarnated here. Yes, that’s right. Ye Xiwen had realized at a glance that it wasn’t Mu Sheng Jie’s actual body, but only a wisp of his soul. However, it was far more powerful than that Dou Hexing even if it was only a wisp of his soul. The dreadful strength of Mu Sheng Jie’s real body was hard to imagine.

Ye Xiwen’s hands suddenly emitted golden lights. They then transformed into Falling Sky Hand, and swept out to grab. He was merely facing a wisp of Mu Sheng Jie’s soul. However, he still didn’t dare to underestimate him, and used his entire strength from the get go.

"Bang!" the two big hands collided in the sky. The space collapsed along with the mutual annihilation of the two hands. Both of them seemed to be evenly matched.

Mu Sheng Jie saw that Ye Xiwen was able to resist his attack.

"You don’t know how to appreciate favors. I had decided to give you a way out. However, I didn’t expect that you would be so arrogant. I will have to protect the sovereignty of my True Martial University’s legislation now. And, I will have to execute you on the spot!" Mu Sheng Jie coldly said.

"Do you consider yourself a God that whatever you say will become a law?" Ye Xiwen laughed in a taunting manner, "This is only a wisp of your soul; nothing more. I wouldn’t have surrendered even if your entire figure were to be present here… let alone such an insignificant wisp of soul!"

"Then, you must die. Whoever dares to challenge the Law Enforcement Hall’s people must die. You aren’t an exception either!" Mu Sheng Jie sneered. He again attacked Ye Xiwen.

His body emitted even brighter rays of light than before. And, it obscured half of the sky in a split second. A big hand suddenly swept out from these endless rays of light. And, the entire sky began to disintegrate as the big hand swept out.

Ye Xiwen repeatedly shot his Fire Cloud’s Falling Sky Hand, and weaved a huge fiery-red net in the sky. Consequently, the incoming attacks were blocked even before they could reach him.

"This is the Fire Cloud’s Falling Sky Hand. It belongs to the Southern Barbarian People of the Fire Cloud Cave. This secret technique is known only to the people of the Fire Cloud Cave. You are a spy of the Fire Cloud Cave. You must be killed this instant. I’m sure that those old fogies will have nothing to say in this case!" Mu Sheng Jie sneered. He had finally gotten hold of Ye Xiwen’s weak point.

"What a joke! Can only a spy of the Fire Cloud Cave obtain Fire Cloud’s Falling

Sky Hand? I can see that you have also learnt this Control Crane Seven Divine Hands from an unknown source. So, you must be a spy of some other sect as well!" Ye Xiwen replied. He could also use such scheme. However, he still felt that it was beneath his dignity to use such dirty tricks.

"You have a razor sharp mouth. It’s not surprising that you’ve fooled those old-timers. However, it’s useless in front of me. You must die today!" The ‘killing intention’ had become even stronger in Mu Sheng Jie’s eyes. Ye Xiwen had practiced the Fire Cloud’s Falling Sky hand to such an extent that it was enough to guess how talented he was.

He didn’t believe that Ye Xiwen was a spy. However, he needed an excuse. The more outstanding Ye Xiwen’s performance was… the stronger his ‘killing intention’ would become. And, it had soon reached an extent where it seemed like he would kill Ye Xiwen.

Mu Sheng Jie didn’t wish to talk nonsense with Ye Xiwen any further. The Control Crane Seven Divine Hands technique was simple. However, it was mixed with a special core cultivation method. And, it unleashed such might in Mu Sheng Jie’s hand that it could destroy the Heaven and extinguish the Earth.

It seemed as if the sky would be annihilated every time he attacked. His mediocre-looking moves contained endless murderous aura. Every move was a manifestation of the extremity and truth of the main dao principle.

Ye Xiwen wasn’t going to be outdone either. The Control Crane Seven Divine Hands was exceptional. However, he had also practiced the Fire Cloud’s Falling Hand to perfection. This technique was once founded by the Barbarian God. And, it had regained its glorious might in Ye Xiwen’s hand. So, his attacks weren’t yielding to those of Mu Sheng Jie’s.

"Ye Xiwen, you’re not fast enough!" Mu Sheng Jie shouted while facing Ye Xiwen’s attack. "You won’t get a chance to run away once my real body appears!"

"Real body…? Ha ha ha... Your real body will appear? Say that again when it appears!" Ye Xiwen burst into laughter as he replied. He was certain that Mu Sheng Jie’s real body couldn’t move into action. Otherwise, he would be accused for bullying the weak. Perhaps, Ye Xiwen wouldn’t be taking it so lightly if Mu Sheng Jie had threatened him earlier. However, the situation was different now. Ye Xiwen had displayed enough talent. Perhaps, this fight had already alarmed the high-level experts. So, it would be strange if his real body were to move into action now.

"Good, very good!" It seemed as if one could see the real Mu Sheng Jie gnashing his teeth in extreme anger. It was clearly visible that he was extremely angry.

Many spectators gasped in amazement since they hadn’t thought that they would see such a scene.

"Mu Sheng Jie is very angry right now. He has attacked personally. However, he still can’t get hold of a new disciple like Ye Xiwen!"

"Yeah! It’s merely a wisp of Mu Sheng Jie’s soul, but its strength is enough to sweep away the experts of the intermediate stage of the sage realm. However, it looks useless in front of Ye Xiwen. It doesn’t have any way to get a complete hold of him!"

"Yeah, even a wisp of Mu Sheng Jie’s soul should be extremely dreadful considering his strength. Moreover, he has returned from the ancient ruins, and has obtained enormous benefits. He’s undergoing closed-door training at present. He must’ve thought that only a wisp of his soul would be enough to handle this matter. However, it now seems that he was overconfident!"

"That Ye Xiwen is the genuinely dreadful person. That is Mu Sheng Jie’s soul we are talking about! It has to be extremely dreadful even if it’s a wisp of his soul. We can’t dare to say that we can prevail over his soul. However, Ye Xiwen is facing it head-on. Moreover, he hasn’t fallen into a disadvantageous situation yet. He is extremely dreadful!"

"I don’t know how Ye Xiwen has learnt the Fire Cloud’s Falling Sky Hand. But, he has learnt it to such a profound level that even the Lord of the Fire Cloud Cave will be surprised if he sees this!"

"These two individuals are undisciplined and out of control… especially Mu Sheng Jie. Even the elders of the great sage realm don’t dare to interfere into his matters. He holds the control power of the Law Enforcement Hall in his hands. How can some ordinary elder be a match for him?"

Mu Sheng Jie looked at Ye Xiwen with his ice-cold eyes. He was standing firmly in the dome of heaven. He was looking like a God. And, he was staring at Ye Xiwen with his ice-cold and ruthless eyes. His murderous aura seemed boundless.

"You have talent. So, I had offered you a chance to redeem your crime as long as your martial arts cultivation was destroyed. However, you won’t be able to make up for your crime even if you die a hundred times now!" Mu Sheng Jie solemnly spoke-up.

"You talk too much!" Ye Xiwen suddenly trod forward at an incredible pace. His entire body transformed into golden light, and he disappeared without any trace. Then, he appeared right in front of Mu Sheng Jie the very next moment.

Ye Xiwen hadn’t used his entire power. In fact, he had retained some of his power… just in case. However, his current power was already very dreadful. His ‘gilded tyrant form’ was particularly intrepid. The power technique of this sect had laid down the foundation of his body. A fist attack with full concentration could reverse the flow of a river.

Ye Xiwen didn’t feel the need to use his entire strength while facing an expert like Mu Sheng Jie. He might say that he was quite relaxed. However, he was incomparably afraid in his heart. He didn’t dare to relax even if only a wisp of Mu Sheng Jie’s soul had condensed up.

However, Ye Xiwen was also confident that only a wisp of that man’s soul had reincarnated. So, it would definitely sustain serious injuries even if didn’t die once it came under his fist.

Mu ShengJie was still calm and composed. He suddenly used the Control Crane Seven Divine Hand, and a big hand swept towards Ye Xiwen to catch him. It transformed into an offensive that covered the entire sky. Ye Xiwen also made the counterattack.

Ye Xiwen was well-experienced. It wasn’t clear how many times he had made a narrow escape. However, Mu Sheng Jie didn’t have less fighting experience than Ye Xiwen. So, they had almost-immediately found out each other’s limits.

An iron sword appeared in Ye Xiwen’s hand in a split second. And, an astonishing ‘sword intention’ surged up. Ye Xiwen used the ‘Buried Heaven Sword’. And, it suddenly cut open the Control Crane Seven Divine Hands, and went towards Mu Sheng Jie to chop him.

Mu Sheng Jie promptly retreated in order to avoid Ye Xiwen’s iron sword attack. Ye Xiwen had learnt a myriad of Martial Arts Techniques. And, he had already reached perfection in planning the next move in advance. Therefore, no matter whether it was the Fire Cloud’s Falling Sky Hand or the Buried Sword Secret… they displayed enormous might in his hand. Moreover, he had grasped all of them with his fingertips. So, he could use them effortlessly.

"How is it possible? Ye Xiwen has forced Mu Sheng Jie to retreat. In fact, he has almost been cornered by Ye Xiwen. Am I making a mistake… or are my eyes not working properly?" someone couldn’t believe as they saw this scene and exclaimed. All of them were sage realm disciples as well. However, they were still left dumbstruck as they saw this scene. And, they started to doubt their interpretation of this scene after they watched it unfold.

"Nobody has ever caused so much trouble for me. Ye Xiwen, you are the first person to do so!" Mu Sheng Jie had been forced to retreat by Ye Xiwen. However, his face was still exposing a cruel expression. It seemed as if being forced into the disadvantageous situation by Ye Xiwen was ordinary for him.

However, Ye Xiwen also knew that this was only a wisp of his soul; nothing more. So, he didn’t care about it much. He may manage to prevail over Mu Sheng Jie, but he would only do so over a wisp of his soul. It was nothing. In fact, it might not even have 1/1000th the strength of his real body.

"Shouldn’t I feel proud?" Ye Xiwen laughed out loud at first. He then said, "You must die!"

One sword had forced Mu Sheng Jie to retreat a hundred steps. However, Mu Sheng Jie still couldn’t find a foothold. He was surprised to find that the surroundings had already sunk into a Universe. Moreover, an enormous star had already pounded upon him along with Ye Xiwen’s fist.


Ye Xiwen shot his Big Bang Stardust Fist, and it crushed Mu Sheng Jie.

"Bang!" Mu Sheng Jie’s body had been condensed by a wisp of his soul. How could it resist Ye Xiwen’s sudden bombardments…? It suddenly transformed into endless ‘spirit energies’.

(To be continued).

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