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The high-level experts of the Qianyu Faction had gathered inside the discussion hall of the Qianyu Faction. This hall was located on the Qianyu Peak. And, they were discussing about the measures that should be taken to deal with the current situation.

"They have adopted a very malicious strategy!" Ye Feng pounded his fist on the table, and said. He looked extremely angry.

Everyone could see what they were up to. They wanted to force Ye Xiwen to come out and seek his death voluntarily since it would take too long for that sage expert to reach the Yi Yuan School and kill everyone at his current marching speed. They obviously hadn’t arrived yet. In fact, they were advancing at a leisurely pace, and were whimsically killing anyone that happened to appear in their way.

Wouldn’t these people hate the Qi allied forces when their time would come? They would! However, they would hate Ye Xiwen even more. They would think that Ye Xiwen was the reason for this calamity since he had attracted the enemies. However, they had forgotten that it would’ve been very difficult for them to escape this killing spree… irrespective of Ye Xiwen’s choices. Such was the psychology of ordinary people…

"They want to force Young Brother Ye to come out and seek his death voluntarily!" Ye Ruxue’s small face had turned serious as she spoke.

"Yeah… More and more news is coming that many people have started to blame Young Brother Ye for this situation. They want him to go and beg for forgiveness!" Yan Chi Ling’s complexion turned dignified as he added. He had been the in-charge of Qianyu Faction’s management this entire time. His presence had also become very strong because of this. In fact, it was very similar to that of a powerful person. So, there was obviously a difference between his current personality and the one he possessed when he was younger and relatively inexperienced man.

"These people should die in a merciless manner!" Ye Shu spoke in anger. He believed that Ye Xiwen was the most gracious person one could ever find. And, these people had dared to criticize Ye Xiwen…? It was nothing less than suicide in his opinion.

Did everyone think that these people were stupid? No, they weren’t stupid. And, it wasn’t that they didn’t know the difference between right and wrong either. They were merely afraid of getting killed by the Qi allied forces. They couldn’t dare to oppose the Qi allied forces. So, they could only dare to blame someone who stood on their own side. And, Ye Xiwen had been deemed responsible for this disastrous situation as a result…

Ye Xiwen was sitting on the throne of the Lord. He was silent. He had also heard some of those criticisms. However, he hadn’t paid any attention to them. He wasn’t a pedantic person who would give value to these small issues. And, he wasn’t someone who would willingly go and seek death because of the criticisms of those people.

These people would accuse him more and more as time would progress. However, he wouldn’t agree with them. He instead believed that the best option was to kill that blood-red-clothed Young Master. And, this was also the best method to give a tight slap in the faces of those people.

Ye Xiwen had gradually heard some of the matters surrounding the Qi allied force during these days. So, he had also developed some idea about them. The Qi State’s army hadn’t been so powerful at the start. However, it had been said that the Qi State’s sage expert had returned, and he had brought several sage experts along with him. And, the most famous among them was that blood-red-clothed Young Master. But, nobody knew his name. So, they simply called him the ‘blood-red-clothed young man’.

People would consider themselves fortunate if they were attacked by the other sage experts. But, this blood-red clothed Young Master had slaughtered entire cities wherever he had appeared. Moreover, he had done it without any hesitation. It seemed as if he was practicing some evil power technique. And, it appeared as if he would use other people’s blood and essence for carrying out his practice.

It was reported that he was at the initial stage of the sage realm. However, he possessed extremely tyrannical strength. In fact, an ordinary expert of the initial stage of the sage realm couldn’t stand up to him. That sage expert of the Imperial Clan had been torn apart by him. Moreover, he had several sage experts by his side. But, Ye Xiwen was all alone. So, things didn’t look optimistic for him.

The opposite party wanted to exploit this volatile situation. In fact, they might even be considering that they would focus everyone’s hatred on Ye Xiwen after the post-war domination of the Great Yue State.

Time would gradually come to pass. And, everyone would gradually begin to believe that Ye Xiwen was the one responsible for this disaster!

"Those traitors of the Heavenly Wind Hall and the Blood Spirit Sect are definitely trying to add fuel to the fire by inciting a rebellion against Ye Xiwen!" Yan Chi Ling spoke with a trace of extreme anger in his tone. These five big forces had always been vigilant of each other. However, they also had each other’s cooperation. In fact, they would often join hands against the foreign forces. But, this rumor had spread far and wide in such a short time. And, that wouldn’t have been possible unless these two forces hadn’t cooperated. This was the so-called ‘the mighty dragon is no match for the native serpent on its hunting ground’. The Qi allied forces undoubtedly had tyrannical strength. However, they still weren’t as powerful as the local forces when it came to such matters…

"It seems that we will have to punish the culprits in order to give warning to the others. We must uproot those who are most excited, and are willing acting as the pawns!" Ye Xiwen callously suggested.

The Qi allied forces were quite formidable. And, that blood-red-clothed Young Man was extremely tyrannical. However, it seemed that the people who were jumping in excitement had forgotten that Ye Xiwen wasn’t a weakling either.

"Let’s find the people who are the most excited about this rumor. And then, let’s kill them!" Ye Xiwen stood up from his throne as he spoke in a strong voice.

Being manipulated by the enemy at each and every step wasn’t the solution. And, Ye Xiwen didn’t care about the criticisms of those stupid people. In fact, these rumors had helped him to come up with another idea on the contrary. The Qi Coalition had a reputation of an allied army because various force had joined them. In fact, some among those entities were willing to throw their lives for the sake of the Qi State. However, some of them had been forced to join the coalition.

Therefore, they must expose the people who had joined the Qi Coalition willingly. And, they must punish the-said people to set an example for others. The rest of the things would become very simple after that.

"Hand over this task to me!" Yan Chi Ling vouched for this task by beating his chest. He was certainly much inferior to Ye Xiwen in terms of strength. However, his familiarity with the local information networks was much better than Ye Xiwen’s.

Anyway, there wasn’t enough time to gather this information!

Ye Xiwen raised his head, and looked up at the sky. His facial expression looked firm.

More than ten streamers of lights streaked across the sky over the Yi Yuan School a few days later. A few people arrived, and the Yi Yuan School turned lively once again.

That was because the people who had arrived were none other than the disciples of the True Martial University. Moreover, they were being led by Qi Feifan. Ye Xiwen had sent a letter to Qi Feifan after he had saved the Yi Yuan School from getting besieged. And, Qi Feifan and the others had finally arrived as well at this time!

In addition, many of the former powerful disciples of the Yi Yuan School had also arrived this time. Huang Luochen and Shuiyan Luo were amongst them as well. Qi Feifan had also made a huge progress in these years… just like Ye Xiwen. In fact, he had already entered the sage realm.

Ye Xiwen had tyrannical strength, and he could even take down an outstanding expert who went against the heaven’s will. However, it was countless times more difficult for him to make the breakthroughs when compared to an ordinary person.

A mysterious old man clad in black clothes was also present there. He had an obscure aura. In fact, the depth of his aura was unfathomable. Even Ye Xiwen couldn’t see through his cultivation level. Qi Feifan mentioned that this old man was an elder of the Metropolis Martial Peak. He had specially been assigned to Qi Feifan for the sake of his protection. This old man would cultivate with Qi Feifan under normal circumstances. However, he could also protect Qi Feifan when required.

Ye Xiwen sighed with emotion. The Metropolis Martial Peak had a very profound and dreadful background. After all, it was the inheritance of the Supreme Lord himself. Moreover, an extremely profound sage level elder had been assigned to protect a disciple. Such generosity wasn’t available to everyone in the sect!

Then, the thought about his own Hidden Star Peak appeared in his mind. It only had a few disciples. However, he didn’t think about it any further. He didn’t know whether he should even ask or not… In fact, he couldn’t think of anybody whom he could invite.

However, Ye Xiwen was mostly surprised to see Yang Wen Jun and Deng Shui Xin. Both of them had become tired of staying at the Hidden Star Peak since they had hardly gotten an opportunity to come out of it. Therefore, they immediately came along with Qi Feifan when he asked them.

Presently, there were five sage experts present in the Yi Yuan School as a result. And, this count included Qi Feifan since he had already entered the initial stage of the sage realm. Moreover, Huang Luochen and the other semi-sage experts were also present. So, they probably weren’t any lesser in number when compared to the team of that blood-red-clothed Young Master.

The high-level experts of the Yi Yuan School became exceptionally excited when they heard this news. The Yi Yuan School had been shrouded in a very sorrowful mood for some time. In fact, even the presence of an expert like Ye Xiwen who possessed divine powers couldn’t make any difference in their mood. He was undoubtedly very ferocious. However, he was alone. How he could contend against several sage experts? However, things had changed now since many sage experts had arrived. So, their confidence had increased enormously as well.

Everyone thought that Southeast region was only a small portion of the Southern Region, and couldn’t possibly have more sage experts than the True Martial University. The True Martial University obviously had many sage experts. It was just that the True Martial University didn’t wish to interfere in the disputes among these countries. After all, the True Martial University wasn’t seeking worldly dominance. Moreover, the country that would win and gain the top position would have to give ample resources to the True Martial University. Therefore, the True Martial University didn’t care who was at the top…

The True Martial University didn’t wish to interfere. However, they didn’t stop their disciples from interfering either. After all, the ways of the world is always hard to avoid.

A huge pile of bonfire had been ignited late at night on top of the Full Moon Peak. This peak was located in the depths of the Yi Yuan School. A huge flood dragon was hanging on a rack above that bonfire. Its skin had been peeled off, and it was being roasted on the rack. The yellow-colored fat was constantly dripping into the huge bonfire. And, the ‘pitter-patter’ crackling sound would be heard whenever those drops of fat would fall into the bonfire.

Ye Xiwen had killed this young flood dragon on the ancient road. It had merely been a young flood dragon at that time. However, it had the body of a fully grown dragon. So, it was very huge.

It had frozen when Ye Xiwen had put it into the Heavenly Source Mirror. So, it was still fresh. In fact, it seemed as if Ye Xiwen had killed him only recently.

Everyone was drinking and having fun because of this rare get together. But, how they could get drunk considering their martial power? So, they were drinking even more fearlessly. However, nobody was aiming to get drunk since that would be nonsensical. After all, they weren’t drunkards. Moreover, there was something important going on in their bodies. And, they might botch this process if they got drunk…

"Gee! I hadn’t thought that I would get to eat a flood dragon’s meat in my entire lifetime!" Deng Shui Xin was holding some unknown divine tool in her small hand. She cut apart a piece from the huge body of that flood dragon, and put it into her mouth. And, she let out a ‘wah-wah’ sound as she put that sizzling hot piece of meat into her mouth. However, she still didn’t wish to stop chewing. She had unknowingly revealed her foodie nature at this time.

Everyone nodded in unison. Flood dragons hadn’t vanished from this world… much unlike the real dragons. However, they were still quite rare. So, it was hard to find them… let alone eat their meat. Anyway, it wasn’t as if these people were eating donkey’s meat… After all, wasn’t a flood dragon a dragon too?

It must be mentioned that such frightening creatures took birth in the legendary realm. And, they could easily surpass the great sage realm after they had reached adulthood. In fact, a fully grown flood dragon could turn the entire Southern Region upside down. But, it was a nearly a creature from the legends.

Several other people also began to attack the meat when they saw this. That Flood Dragon’s body was quite huge. It was enough to satisfy everyone’s hunger… In fact, some of it might still be left after that. It could be said that the so-called semi-sage or sage experts might not get another opportunity to eat a flood dragon’s meat. So, nobody wanted to miss this chance.

Ye Xiwen couldn’t help himself either. He too ate to his heart’s content. His taste buds suddenly felt different. The Flood Dragon’s meat contained a great amount of vitality. And, it could clean people’s meridians.

(To be continued)

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