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"Bang!" The dreadful and bloody energy swept across. The entire space fluctuated, and ripples proliferated in all directions.

The endless void had been ripped apart in a flash like a picture scroll. It looked extremely frightening.

Massive scarlet waves swept out. Everyone in the Imperial Capital had a very depressing feeling in their hearts. So much so that they wanted to vomit blood.

"Guys, we must go all out. We anyway don’t have a way out. This Young Master in blood-red clothes is a lunatic. He will slaughter everyone if he manages to capture the city!" someone shouted loudly. This Young Master in blood-red clothes was quite famous in the entire Southeast Region. He would slaughter the entire city whenever he appeared in the battlefield… especially if the opposite party dared to resist. In fact, many forces had surrendered because of the fear of getting slaughtered by this crazy killing-machine.

This so-called Young Master in blood-red clothes was indeed a lunatic. So, it would be of no use to surrender afterwards since he would slaughter everyone in the city if they showed any resistance.

Everyone in the Imperial Capital stood united at this time. All of them knew that it would be a dead end for them if this person managed to capture the city. And, they wouldn’t get a single chance of survival if that came to happen.

One must know that this Young Master in blood-red clothes was fighting alone at this time. However, he had several million soldiers of the allied forces stationed behind him.

The crumbling defensive matrix formation of the Imperial Capital had once again gotten some support since everyone had gotten united. Then, a myriad of divine tools shot up in the sky in quick succession, and headed towards that Young Master in blood-red clothes. And, a grandiose wave of divine tools was formed as a result. It blotted-out the sky and covered the earth. It was overwhelming, and its influence could scare a person. The murderous auras surged up into the sky, and endless clouds got torn apart.

Qi Gao Yang was also one in this united group of thousands of warriors. He was merely an expert at the pinnacle of Xiantian Realm. So, the people of the Imperial Capital didn’t consider him as a formidable expert either. However, he didn’t have any other option at this time. His family and friends were behind him. So, he didn’t have any other way. The entire city would be slaughtered if they got defeated.

He nervously looked-on as that massive wave of divine tools filled the entire sky. The success or failure was hinged on this one attack. And, he couldn’t afford to lose.

However, that blood-red-clothed Young Master didn’t even look fazed in the face of this attack. He snorted coldly, and suddenly stamped his foot. Then, scarlet ripples emerged one after another, and proceeded to crash into the incoming divine tools. Murderous aura flickered in those divine tools as they released the divine beams. These beams then condensed into a group, and pounded on those layers of ripples one after another.

However, that Young Master in blood-red clothes hadn’t even moved back. He had merely taken a single step, and had managed to produce these ripples which had come to collide with those divine tools.




Those divine tools were shattered at first impact by his scarlet ripples… as if they were made of glass. They broke down into small pieces and disintegrated in their entirety.




Countless experts in the Imperial Capital spouted blood from their mouths in quick succession. Those divine tools had been interlinked with their minds. So, these people were also affected when those divine tools shattered.

Qi Gao Yang’s entire body shivered violently. He felt a strange taste in his mouth. Then, he spouted blood from his mouth as well. And, everything became fuzzy before his eyes. It seemed as if he had sustained serious injuries. And, he fell down as a result. The attack wasn’t directly aimed at him. However, it had carried an extremely terrifying force.

The scarlet ripples grew more and more thick. Even the pseudo-sage tools had begun to break. Thick layers of blood clouds formed in the sky above the Imperial Capital. It looked exceptionally frightening.

The blood-red clothed Young Master sneered, "Audacious!"

The bloody clouds became even thicker under his feet. Blood-red lightning was also brewing and flickering inside the clouds!


Seemingly endless blood and energies condensed into blood spears inside those bloody clouds, and swept down. And, countless people in the Imperial Capital were nailed to the ground by those blood spears. The entire Imperial Capital had been densely covered with blood spears in a split second. Loud screams reverberated everywhere. And, the people of the Imperial Capital had been killed within a split second.

Everyone had been killed in a flash; the semi-sage experts had been no exception to this. They couldn’t escape either. A powerful sage expert was enough to suppress an entire area in the Southeast region. A terrifying strength had vividly manifested on the body of that Young Master in blood-red clothes.

The sage realm was the beginning of transcending the mortal world and becoming an extraordinary expert. Therefore, sage experts were significantly different from the experts at lower levels.

The essence and blood of those people had been absorbed by those blood spears. Afterwards, those spears converged-back inside those blood clouds below that man’s feet. Then, the blood clouds fluxed into his body. He seemingly felt very comfortable as the blood-red rays of light emitted from his body. In fact, they faintly looked like blood-red scales. However, his cheerful expression suddenly turned sinister and dreadful at this time.

And, his aura had flourished even more!

"Young Brother, there’s a bad news!" The blood-red clothed Young Master was still enjoying those scarlet energies. However, an old man clad in black clothes suddenly arrived treading on a rainbow light.

"The people who had gone to the Yi Yuan School have failed. I’ve heard that a powerful person has arrived there!" That old man was clearly older than the Young Master in blood-red clothes. However, he still willingly saluted to the Young Master.

"He might be a powerful sage expert!" that old man thought for a moment before he added.

"Sage realm…?" The face of that Young Master in blood-red clothes exposed a strange and demonic smile. In fact, his smile looked a bit crazed and twisted, "How much blood and essence do these ordinary people have? However, killing a sage expert will be equal to killing a billion of these ants!"

"I thought it would be better if we could kill them as soon as possible. Our Qi State’s army has certainly acquired a lot of area. However, we still have lesser time. These people are far from truly surrendering to us. And, those secretly ambitious people may retaliate if we get slowed down here!" that old man said worriedly, "And, it will be a big trouble for us if some remnant old sage experts returned back!"

He was certainly worried. The big forces of other countries also had the support of sage experts — just like their Qi State. Those sage experts would often travel outside. However, this didn’t mean that they didn’t care. It was only that they were thousands of miles away from their homes, and the Qi State had caught them off-guard this time.

The Qi State would gain influence over the entire Southeast region if they could pacify the entire Southeast region rather quickly. Those old sage experts may return at some point. But, the Qi State wouldn’t be in a difficult situation if they were able to achieve this target. In addition, they also had a lot of sage experts here. So, they didn’t need to worry.

However, those sage experts would get the news, and they would quickly return if the Qi State’s footsteps were to get obstructed here. And, the consequences would be too disastrous in that case.

"There’s nothing to be afraid of. In fact, it’s good that they have happened to rebel at the right time. I want to perfect the ‘Dark Spirit Blood Emperor Power Technique’. And, I still lack a lot of essence and blood. I was only worried that I wouldn’t get an excuse to kill them!" that Young Master in blood-red clothes let out an evil smile and said, "Anyway, these ordinary mortals are like ants. It doesn’t matter how many of them are killed. I will kill those old fogies of sage level if they dare to return. And, my martial power will advance by leaps and bounds after I’ve killed several sage experts. Then, I will prevail over everyone in the sect’s big competition when the time comes. And, I wouldn’t need to see that bastard’s face after that happens!

"That bastard’s origin and aptitude are worse than mine. Why has everything been pressed upon my head?" that Young Master in blood-red clothes spoke-up. It wasn’t clear where his train of thoughts had drifted while he was speaking these words.

That old man who was beside him had become somewhat embarrassed. He didn’t know how to interact with him.

"I am going to humiliate that bastard after I’ve perfected the ‘Dark Spirit Blood Emperor Power Technique’. And, I want you to see whose performance is best! Who deserves to be the heir…?" the complexion of that Young Master in blood-red clothes had turned grim as he had continued, "Come, follow me. Mobilize the army. Let’s go to that Yi Yuan School. We won’t leave anyone alive on the way either. I want that guy to come out and beg me for death in person!"

The news of Imperial Capital’s collapse had spread throughout the entire Great Yue State in a flash. It obviously caused a huge sensation in the entire Southeast region. And, this suddenly overshadowed the sensational news of Ye Xiwen’s return as well.

Everyone had been slaughtered in the entire Imperial Capital; no one had been left alive. Moreover, the essence and blood of those people had been absorbed, and their corpses had been left in an extremely ugly condition. However, some people had seen this fight from afar on that day. It had happened very quickly, and had been accomplished very easily. The Imperial Capital’s defence couldn’t withstand for long. The sage expert of the Imperial Clan of the Great Yue State had been ripped apart. He simply didn’t have the power to fight back.

Suddenly, the entire Southeast Region had become frightened because of this. No one could picture this news in their head. After all, a sage expert was unable to save a city…

And, this news began to spread out next day. The Blood Spirit Sect had been hesitant at first. However, they had almost immediately surrendered to the Qi State’s allied forces.

The Great Yue State had five big forces. The Heavenly Wind Hall and the Blood Spirit Sect had already surrendered to the Qi State’s army. The Imperial Clan and the Drifting Cloud City had been collectively slaughtered. In fact, their orthodox teachings had been severed as well. So, only Yi Yuan School was left now.

In everyone’s opinion, a weak force like the Yi Yuan School couldn’t stop the footsteps of the Qi State’s allied forces. It didn’t matter even if they had a sage expert to keep watch. The Imperial Clan of the Great Yue State had a sage expert as well. However, everyone had seen what happened in the end.

They had been slaughtered to the last man!

Moreover, the Qi State’s allied forces had several sage experts. How would one person be able to compete with so many people? It would be like courting death.

The forces of those countries who hadn’t surrendered yet had begun to leave. They had only two options – either to surrender to the Qi State’s allied forces… or to leave the Southeast Region and go to some other place. They could also take refuge in True Martial University if they wanted. They might lose their thousands of year old power and influence as a result. But, it would still be better than getting slaughtered.

Many sects that didn’t wish to become Qi State’s pawn… or didn’t wish to get slaughtered had begun contacting the other forces outside the Southeast region. Southeast region was the entire world for ordinary people. However, it was a different matter for these deep-rooted forces.

And then, another bad news spread out soon after that. The Qi State’s army had arrived. Moreover, they had slaughtered everyone on the way. Initially, the Qi Sate’s army had slaughtered everyone in those areas where they had faced resistance. And, those who had surrendered to them in the beginning had been spared. However, things had changed now. The Qi State’s army had started to massacre indiscriminately in order to increase the pace of their march. So, they would slaughter everyone who would come in their way…

There was no reason or logic behind this massacre. And, everyone had begun to tremble with fear at the thought of this. Many people even decided to fight till the last drop of their blood. After all, they were going to die regardless of whether they would resist or not.

Then, another news was transmitted by the Qi State’s allied forces.

They would continue to slaughter people unless Ye Xiwen would agree to come out alone — with his hands tied, and ready to die!

(To be continued)

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