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Ye Xiwen had never stopped because of his physical foundation and aptitude. He didn’t possess extremely outstanding body foundation and aptitude. However, he had still managed to come so far.

Less than twelve-year-old Xiantian experts could be found everywhere in the True Martial University. Let alone an evil genius like Xuan Yuan Palace Hall’s Pang Yang Bo who was at the semi-sage realm. However, it could also be said that 12-13 years old Houtian experts in the Yi Yuan School were nothing less than evil geniuses. They were much stronger than Ye Feng when he was at this age. And, it was hard to guess how much stronger they were compared to Ye Xiwen when he had been at their age.

Kids with such aptitude would have boundless future prospects if they were trained properly.

So, it wasn’t surprising that Ye Feng had introduced his kids so proudly.

"Good, good!" Ye Xiwen laughed and said. He took out a chunk of Dragon Essence from the Heavenly Source Mirror and said, "This is a chunk of Dragon Essence. Both of you can divide it into smart parts and distribute among yourselves at the time of making a breakthrough in the future. It will enormously increase the chances of your breakthrough!"

This was Ye Xiwen’s remaining stock of the Dragon Essence. It could do far more than merely increasing the chances of making a successful breakthrough. In fact, it could guarantee a successful breakthrough if used by a Houtian expert.

"Younger Brother!" Ye Feng hastily stopped Ye Xiwen and said, "It is an extremely precious item!"

"It’s nothing!" Ye Xiwen shook his head and said, "I am just giving them gifts for the first meeting!"

A Dragon Essence wasn’t of great use to Ye Xiwen anymore. However, it would be an enormous treasure for Ye Ning and Ye Ning Xuan. Ye Xiwen cared about his family the most. So, this was nothing for him.

"All right then… you can accept it!" Ye Feng wasn’t a pretentious person. So, he didn’t continue to haggle over this issue.

"Thanks, Third Uncle!" The two kids spoke in unison. Both of them were educated and well mannered… just like Ye Feng from back then. This made Ye Xiwen dote on them even more.

Many senior members of the Qianyu Faction had also become excited. So, they had also gathered around Ye Xiwen apart from his family members. The Qianyu Faction had progressed smoothly in these years. The Yi Yuan School had also agreed to pushed for their development. However, these people knew that these things had happened because of Ye Xiwen. He had showed outstanding performance in the True Martial University. And, they had received great benefits because of this. It was the so-called case of ‘getting benefits of being close to an influential person’.

Ye Xiwen also distributed great amounts of immortality pills. He often lacked ‘spirit energy’. However, he never lacked immortality pills. He had obtained great amount of heavenly treasures in the last ten years or so. And, a lot of them had been refined into pills by him. In fact, he had personally refined several immortality pills back when he was in the Truth Realm. However, these pills weren’t of great use for the current Ye Xiwen. Therefore, he had decided to distribute them.

"Oh My God, this is the legendary ‘Nine Speeds Spirit Pill’. It can instantly restore one’s ‘Real Elemental Energy’. It’s like having more than one life for me!"

"There are also the ‘Seven Revolutions Soul Gathering’ pills. I’ve heard that this item can blow life into a dead body. Is it true?"

"Senior Brother Ye is very generous. I had only heard about these elixirs. I hadn’t seen them until now!"

The disciples of the Qianyu Faction cheered after obtaining so many immortality pills. These pills were of no use for Ye Xiwen. He had also refined some high quality immortality pills which were useless to him now. However, these were rare treasures for these people. After all, the Yi Yuan School wasn’t a colossus establishment. So, most of the resources were inclined only towards the true disciples.

Many disciples of the Yi Yuan School had become very envious of these disciples of Qianyu Faction as they saw them obtaining these pills from afar. The Qianyu Faction had certainly obtained Yi Yuan School’s support for development because of Ye Xiwen. However, they had still maintained the rules which they had fixed at the time when Ye Xiwen had established it. So, they still hired only elites. In fact, it was quite difficult for an average person to get recruited. Therefore, they still had around 1000 people only… even after ten years of development. The only change which had occurred in these years was that… only the elite experts at Small Complete level of Xiantian realm were eligible to become a member of the Qianyu Faction.

There were others who also wanted to join. However, they didn’t have a chance. So, they all regretted why they didn’t join the Qianyu Faction at that time. They wouldn’t have had to watch these people of Qianyu Faction obtain such great benefits from the side-lines if they had joined the faction as well…

Then, Ye Xiwen did the most surprising thing. He grabbed the ‘spirit energies’ from the sky with some unfathomable power, and majestically instilled it into the Qianyu Peak.

Suddenly, a lot of disciples who were stuck at the bottleneck and were unable to make the breakthroughs… took the advantage of this golden opportunity, and began to make breakthroughs one after another. This was an extremely rare opportunity for them.

Many disciples of the Qianyu Faction had suddenly begun to make breakthroughs.

Even people like Ye Kong Ming weren’t an exception either. The ‘spirit energies’ were present in ample amount on the Qianyu Peak since the beginning. And, Ye Xiwen also had done a lot of preparations before he had left. However, how could that old Ye Xiwen be compared with the current one…? The current Ye Xiwen had straightaway grabbed the ‘spirit energies’, and had placed them here!

Ye Xiwen’s cultivation level realm had reached the intermediate stage of the semi-sage realm. And, his strength could be compared with that of a peak expert of the initial stage of the sage realm. So, there was obviously no comparison between the current Ye Xiwen and the old one.

Everyone sat cross-legged and began to make breakthroughs since they had obtained such a rare opportunity.

"Master!" A figure suddenly arrived flying from afar. He was dressed-up in a scholar’s attire. His entire body had a scholarly air to it. It turned out to be that Book Demon, Ye Shu, whom Ye Xiwen had freed.

Ye Shu was very excited to see Ye Xiwen. After all, Ye Xiwen had returned after ten years. He was very grateful to Ye Xiwen. After all, he would’ve still been a small Book Demon struggling inside that library and fighting for his survival if Ye Xiwen hadn’t brought him out. How he could have obtained the prowess he now possessed if Ye Xiwen hadn’t done that?

His status on the Qianyu Peak was second only to the Ye Family. He was the leader appointed by Ye Xiwen. The disciples of Qianyu Faction also had a huge respect for him. However, he hadn’t thought of having such life in the past.

His demonic body was a book written on loyalty. His personality and character was derived on the characteristics described in this book. This was the reason why Ye Xiwen was also assured that he could entrust Qianyu in his capable hands.

"You seemed to have worked hard this entire time!" Ye Xiwen nodded. He then let out a smile and spoke.

"No, not at all… I haven’t work hard!" Ye Shu promptly shook his head and replied. How could the life he had lived in the last ten years be considered as ‘exhausting’ in comparison to his life before…?

The people of the Yi Yuan School saw that several formidable auras were fluctuating on top of Qianyu Peak. After all, several hundred people were making breakthroughs together in one day. Ye Xiwen had also returned from outside. Moreover, the news that he had brought great amounts of immortality pills for helping the disciples of Qianyu Faction in making breakthroughs had spread throughout the Yi Yuan School at a very fast speed. And, this had increased Ye Xiwen’s importance even more in Yi Yuan School. In fact, this had made him even more of a legend.

Everyone had seen that a great expert like Ye Xiwen was there to keep watch. Even the Qi State’s invasion had been thwarted for the time being. So, they were a bit relaxed since they had such a great expert to keep watch.

Ye Xiwen met the man with whom his elder sister was going to get married. He looked like an ordinary young man. He possessed strength of truth level. He certainly wasn’t the most glamorous one among the many truth level disciples of the Yi Yuan School.

Ye Xiwen had learnt that this man had chased his sister for 10 years, and had managed to arouse some feelings inside her after his nonstop attempts. So, Ye Xiwen was also quite happy for his sister. The so-called ‘it is easy to find priceless treasures and quite difficult to get a lover’.

The news that Yi Yuan School had managed to stop the Qi State’s allied force had spread widely. And, it had caused a huge sensation throughout the 10 countries of the Southeast Region. Everyone knew that more than half of the Southeast region had collapsed under the formidable offensive of the Qi State’s allied forces. Several countries which were outside the territory of the Qi State had surrendered to them. However, they had only surrendered on the surface since the Qi State had risen extremely quickly in recent times. However, these countries hadn’t made genuine surrenders.

However, the Qi State had swept away the other countries at a very fast speed. And, no country had been able to stop them in such a short time. However, the Qi State had to suffer loss whilst facing the Yi Yuan School in the Great Yue State. Moreover, many of their semi-sage experts had gotten defeated in one breath.

Ye Xiwen’s name had become very famous in the 10 countries of the Southeast region. A dozen of more semi-sage experts had appeared like weaklings in front of him, and they had sustained serious injuries by one move of his’. Such strength had scared everyone.

The situation had appeared rather clear initially. But, it had gradually changed, and had become blurred.

The Imperial Capital of the Great Yue State had been surrounded by the army in large numbers. The city’s matrix formation was already on the verge of a collapse.

Two figures were fighting fiercely in the sky above the Imperial Capital.


One of them was clad in an imperial robe. He was skinny, and had white beard and moustache. His face exposed pain and suffering. His robe was drenched in blood. One of his hands had been broken and rendered useless.

His opponent was a young man clad in red-colored robe. He possessed blade-like sharp facial features. His eyebrows were sharp, and stretched into his temples… like a pair of swords. His dark red pupils exposed a crazed look. He let out a strange demonic smile from the corner of his mouth.

Both of them were sage experts in reality. Big black chunks of space had been cracked open in the sky by their stunning fight. It was a terrifying scene to watch.

"Old man, I had given you an opportunity. But, you didn’t give it importance. So, die!" that red-robed young man laughed in a frantic manner. He then unleashed the red-colored star power from his hands. The old man in the imperial robe couldn’t withstand such force. His protective layer of ‘Real Elemental Energy’ got ripped apart by this attack. His body couldn’t resist it, and got split into two halves in the air. And, the shower of blood swirled about.

"Ancestor!" countless experts of the Imperial Clan shouted in grief. This man was their biggest hope. He was also their hidden trump card — a senior expert of the sage realm. The Imperial Clan of the Great Yue State had stood steadily in the region for so many years because they secretly had the support of this sage expert.

However, they helplessly watched him being cut into two halves in the sky at this time. Their only hope had been ripped apart. And, they felt that the entire world had landed into darkness.

The red-hot blood splashed out on the face of that red-robed young man. But, he didn’t feel disgusted by this. On the contrary, he seemed pleased in a crazy way. In fact, it seemed as if he was enjoying the taste of blood.

His dreadful blood-red aura suddenly surged out of his body, and swept across the entire Imperial Capital.

(To be continued)

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