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Chapter 469: He’s Really a Freak!
It seemed as if this place had experienced the doomsday. The spirit energy of this place had been seemingly used up. The principles were disrupted. Ye Xiwen felt as if he had returned to his previous life on the Earth – the era of the end of principles.
"What kind of a place is this? How there can be such a place in the True Martial Secret Territory?" Ye Xiwen asked. This place had toppled his impression regarding the True Martial Secret Territory. He had previously thought that a place like the True Martial Secret Territory would be filled with heavenly treasures and spirit energy. In fact, he had almost guessed every situation he had seen so far after he had entered this territory. So, he hadn’t thought that there would be such a desolate place inside.
The sandstorm was rising in the distance. The northern wind was whistling in the endless sand. A figure slowly came out of it in small steps. Not a bit of ‘real elemental energy’ was fluctuating on his body. Not even the principles were fluctuating on him. He looked like an ordinary person who was facing difficulty in walking through the sandstorm. And, it seemed as if he was carrying heavy weight on his body since his feet were getting stuck in the sand with every step he took. It was hard to tell how long it took him, but he arrived near these two men. However, it seemed as if he hadn’t seen them since he simply walked past them. He wasn’t distracted one bit by their presence. It seemed as if nothing in this world could distract him from his purpose.
He went away from them in his usual small-stepped style of walk. However, Ye Xiwen clearly noticed that he possessed a terrifying aura.
Zeng Hexu opened his mouth and spoke only when that man had gone far away, "These people are the Hardship Cultivators. This world is opened-up especially for them. These people might be the strongest of our True Martial University. However, they are also a group of lunatics!"
A scared look had appeared on Zeng Hexu’s face when he had spoken the word ‘lunatics’.
Hardship Cultivators — Ye Xiwen had seen the records on these people in some ancient books. These were a group of people who bore hardships happily. They would try to use all kinds of methods to torture their body and spirit. And, they would gain enlightenment by enduring endless pain. They would sublimate within pain and suffering to learn about the world principles through experience.
Zeng Hexu was right when he had addressed them as a group of lunatics. They were a genuine group of madmen. They weren’t like the other ruthless experts. The ruthless experts would force their enemies to such an extreme situation from where they might not be able to come out. And, even a naive person might transform into an incredibly tyrannical person in the usual style of cultivation. However, these ‘Hardship Cultivators’ weren’t like that. They were ruthless towards their enemies… but, they were even more ruthless upon themselves. They would use all kinds of cruel methods to deal with their enemies, but would use even worse ones upon themselves. So, their minds and bodies were very dreadful.
These hardship cultivators were considered the most formidable group of people inside any sect because they weren’t afraid of death. They looked like a group of madmen in a real fight because didn’t care about their own lives. Moreover, these hardship cultivators rarely went out of their way to provoke others for a fight. However, it would be a dead end for others if they dared to provoke them.
Ye Xiwen hadn’t seen anything on the body of that person. However, he had guessed that this man had probably added a matrix formation on his own body to increase the gravitational force upon himself. This was quite common because these hardship cultivators didn’t practice any sort of body power techniques. They would purely rely on such oppressive methods for strengthening their bodies.
They believed that human body

was God’s masterpiece in itself. So, it was the most perfect thing in the entire world in their eyes. Therefore, practicing those body power techniques would transform one’s constitution, and would make the human body profane as a result. Only the natural methods were the best in their opinions.
This was a simple method. However, it was very difficult to stick to it for a long time. There had been many hardship cultivators among the powerful entities of previous generations. These people weren’t born that easily, but they had made the entire world tremble whenever they had taken birth.
Ye Xiwen couldn’t help but secretly swallow his saliva as he saw the figure of that man disappear into the distance. These people genuinely deserved to be called madmen.
Cultivating in an environment which was devoid of spirit energy and principles was a very big test of people. A person must laboriously temper their body. And, it was even harder in this kind of a situation where one couldn’t feel the principles, or utilize their real elemental energy.
One must save even a thread of one’s real elemental energy to use in such an environment where there wasn’t a bit of spirit energy. One might not be able to make a single breakthrough even after one had practiced for ten years or hundred years in such harsh conditions. However, one would advance by leaps and bounds once they had made the breakthrough.
This type of a cultivation method was indeed very harsh. Only a person who possessed great willpower could cultivate under such situation. Otherwise, it was impossible.
Ye Xiwen admired this harsh cultivation method, but wouldn’t use it himself.
Both of them left for the centremost place of the True Martial Secret Territory after they had passed through this desolate region. Even a sage expert like Zeng Hexu had become extremely cautious in this region. The tyrannical divine senses would often sweep past them. However, these probing divine senses eventually disappeared once they had entered the Water Moon Fairyland. Ye Xiwen found that a barrier had been laid out around the Water Moon Fairyland, and this barrier had cut-off those people’s divine senses.
Zeng Hexu pointed towards the surroundings once they reached inside, and spoke, "This is the Water Moon Fairyland. The Water Moon Cave isn’t accessible to the outside world in any other way. This is the only path. There are 49 heritages inside the Water Moon Fairyland. And, you can choose any one of them for your comprehension. Even these heritages aren’t open to the outside world. However, you’re likely to reach the peak of the great sage realm if you comprehend even one amongst them!"
Zeng Hexu looked at Ye Xiwen with an envious look in his eyes. Each of these 49 heritages was outstanding. One would become extremely powerful if the-said individual managed to cultivate even one of them to the depth. However, not everyone could obtain such an opportunity. Even the heaven’s pride experts must wait for a long time until they had entered the sage realm. Only then might they get enrolled for cultivating in this place. He knew that Ye Xiwen was the only semi-sage expert who had been allowed to come here.
Ye Xiwen looked as far as his eyes could see, but he only saw endless plains. 49 stone pillars stood erect on the plain. Each of these pillars was over 10,000 feet tall. There were some inexplicable symbols engraved on each of these pillars. These were possibly ancient seal characters.
It was impossible for anyone to understand which race these scripts belonged to. However, one didn’t need to read it in order to understand — one only needed to comprehend. That’s because the people who had left these writings behind had also engraved their own insights into these stone pillars. And, that meant that one would only need to comprehend those insights. Otherwise, no one would’ve been able to understand anything if they had only left these writings behind.
Several people were sitting upright in front of these 49 stone pillars. Each of them was guarding a pillar, and was deep in comprehension as well. Many of them looked very old, and had long thick beards. They were sitting upright, and motionless. In fact, they almost seemed as if they were dead.
These seemingly dead figures unexpectedly swept out their divine senses. One among them looked approximately 20 years old. However, his divine sense appeared like an exceptionally sharp sword. It looked like a long sword in the sky as it swept over.
A dreadful aura swept into Ye Xiwen’s body. He didn’t wait for Ye Xiwen to counterattack, and immediately pulled the divine sense back into his body. It happened so fast that Ye Xiwen couldn’t even see it.
Ye Xiwen was fortunate that the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’ was protecting his body. Therefore, the imposing aura of that divine sense had hardly caused any effect on him. Not to mention that he presently wasn’t the kind of a person whom anybody could have their own way with. On the contrary, Zeng Hexu had begun to have heartache because of the sudden attack of that imposing aura.
"Are you okay?" Ye Xiwen asked.
"I’m all right!" Zeng Hexu shook his head, smiled, and replied. His complexion had turned somewhat pale. He had obviously replied with a lie. The truth was hidden in his heart. This True Martial Secret Territory was very strange. A sage expert like him had sustained serious injuries by a person’s mere divine sense.
Ye Xiwen was obviously even more freakish. A sage expert who stood beside him had sustained injuries. However, he was fine. Moreover, his calm face made it obvious that he hadn’t faced any difficulty. It seemed as if he simply hadn’t been affected by it.
He was truly a freak. However, it was understandable. He wouldn’t have been allowed to come here while being in the semi-sage realm if he weren’t a freak.
Suddenly, several divine senses swept over with a ‘whoosh’ sound. They read Ye Xiwen’s strength, and became somewhat amazed. They recalled their divine senses within a split second. Their time was very precious. So, they couldn’t waste it on such a trivial matter. They had only done this to verify that there was no danger.
"Can I choose only one of these heritages?" Ye Xiwen asked.
"That’s right. You can choose only one!" Zeng Hexu replied, "In fact, this rule is for your own good. Each of these heritages is supreme. You won’t be able to learn anything if you try to study all of them at once!"
Ye Xiwen understood this point. However, he didn’t feel that he couldn’t study all of them. He had the help of mysterious space. So, the very question of not being able to study them all was outside the range of his consideration. But, the mysterious space required spirit energy in order to function. And, one shouldn’t look at his stock of over 20 million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ as a lot. They seemed to be much at first, but all of it would be gone if he tried to study all of these heritages at once. So, it would be pointless.
When it came to learning heritages… it by no means meant that the more secret techniques one knew the better it would get. First, one must take into account which technique would suit well. Secondly, one must see the possibility of being able to cultivate the secret technique to the greater extent. The more profound the cultivation gets… the better it would be for the said-individual.
He had already started to study his own heritages such as ‘ancient arts’ and secret techniques. Therefore, the most important thing for him wasn’t to learn more and more secret techniques since he had already learnt many secret techniques. Instead, he must fuse these secret techniques together, and turn them into one system.
He had learned many secret techniques such as the ‘Phoenix Regeneration Technique’, ‘Tyrant Body Technique’, ‘Coiling Dragon Palm’, ‘Overturning the Heavens Seal’, and so on. Each of them possessed wonderful effects and power. However, these techniques had come from different forces… and even from different races. They were scattered. So, Ye Xiwen’s priority was to fuse these secret techniques and form one system. He might turn over a new leaf, and form his very own secret technique sooner or later.
This was very similar to making the breakthrough into the sage realm from one aspect. He would need to join the scattered and disorderly principles during the breakthrough, and would have to bring them into a situation where they would be separate but non-chaotic.
Ye Xiwen had learned many secret techniques by now, and many of them had different systems. So, they weren’t compatible, and couldn’t operate together without causing inconvenience. There were still obstructions.
Therefore, studying all these heritages wasn’t something he would choose to do. ‘The fewer the better’ was certainly his choice considering the amount of ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ he had in his pocket.
Ye Xiwen proceeded to choose a heritage once he had made up his mind.
(To be continued)

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