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The ‘murderous intent’ had flooded the eyes of that young girl. Suddenly, a terrifying aura also erupted from her body. It blotted-out the sky and covered the earth as it swept down towards Ye Xiwen to crush him like a mighty wave.

A startled look flashed in Ye Xiwen’s eyes. The golden divinities immediately crawled over his body. He appeared like a god clad in golden clothes. This was his body’s instinctive response. He hadn’t activated his ‘gilded tyrant form’.

This girl had forced Ye Xiwen’s body to activate the ‘gilded tyrant form’ by using her imposing aura. Her strength was also a bit more tyrannical than that of Emperor Chen in Ye Xiwen’s opinion.

Ye Xiwen had become even more wary after he had heard the girl address that golden lion as ‘brother’ because he knew that the golden lion belonged to the Demon Island. And, the girl and the golden lion clearly knew each other. Therefore, even she might belong to the Demon Island. He was mostly afraid because of this reason…

One must know that the Demon Island was a very mysterious place. Ye Xiwen was still very terrified of the Demon Island. He wasn’t even a truth expert at that time he had visited that island for the first time. He didn’t know anything about this place at that time. He had merely touched the tip of the iceberg. There were many things that he was unaware of. There were many weird places which could leave a person baffled. He had asked the wolf cub at that time. However, the wolf cub hadn’t said anything. This had made the Demon Island even more secretive a place in his eyes.

And, this girl’s strength had amazed him even more. She was already at the peak of the semi-sage realm. Her imposing aura was no less than his’. And, he had become even more vigilant because of this. So, he was cautious to protect himself from this girl’s sudden attack.

"Bi Lian, stop!" The ‘murderous intent’ was flashing across that girl’s face. It seemed as if she was about to attack. However, she was stopped by the woman in red, "Have you forgotten how I had repeatedly warned you before we came here?"

"But, this bastard killed Brother Taihe!" That girl in green was emotional at the moment. Her face appeared a bit grim because of the distorted expression on it.

"Huang Taihe had chosen this path. This is his destiny!" the woman insipidly said, "He had chosen to temper himself under the shadow of a human. He must have been prepared for this day as well. You’re not a kid. You should understand that every person is responsible for their own decisions!"

"I don’t care. He has killed Brother Taihe. So, he must die as well!" the girl in green shouted loudly.

"Shut up. Or, I will personally take you back!" the woman coldly shouted back at the girl.

The green-clothed girl had no choice but to shut up resentfully when she saw that the woman in red had gotten angry. However, she was still glaring at Ye Xiwen, and her eyes were brimming with hatred.

Ye Xiwen could feel that these two women weren’t humans. They had concealed their identities very well, but he was exceptionally sensitive to any unusual aura because he had perfected the ‘Restraining Breath Technique’.

Moreover, it was evident that this green-clothed girl and the golden lion must be closely related to each other. And, Ye Xiwen had understood this after he had seen her ‘must kill him’ appearance. Even the wolf cub might’ve belonged to the same place, and probably had the same origin. Ye Xiwen had seen all kinds of mysterious aspects of the wolf cub. Therefore, he didn’t dare to look down on these women.

Everyone was stupefied as they heard the dialogues of these two women. One of them wanted to kill Ye Xiwen. But, the other one didn’t. What was going on here? Why hadn’t they reached an agreement before they had come here?

"Young lady, I am not aware why you’ve come here!" the Supreme Lord broke the silence and spoke. His voice penetrated the clouds and mists above the tall platform, and reached everyone’s ears.

People obviously weren’t expecting the intruders to be attacked in a direct manner. They were expecting that the intruders would be captured, and interrogated after that. Even the Supreme Lord felt that the aura of the woman in red was very terrifying. However, he couldn’t feel any hostility from her. So, there was no need to fight with them to the death.

She possibly had the support of some big force. And, he also felt that the Lord of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall and the other Lords were taking pleasure in someone else’s misfortune. They were hoping for him to die in a battle with this woman since they would obtain great benefits for being the third party in this dispute. However, the Supreme Lord wouldn’t let them obtain any benefits whatsoever.

"Please, don’t take us in a wrong way. We don’t have any grudges against your university. We also don’t have any evil intentions. We only wish to take away our clan’s member!" the woman in red explained to clarify the doubts. She possessed tyrannical strength, but it would be akin to ‘courting death’ if she would try to cause trouble for the True Martial University.

Especially on the ‘Metropolis Martial Peak’… where there were as many experts as clouds. Many great sage experts were keeping watch on this place. Who would dare to be presumptuous here?

The woman in red had pointed towards the golden lion’s corpse — a corpse that had already turned cold.

"You’re not from the human race?" the Lord of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall opened his mouth and asked. The entire place immediately turned silent. This world was very big. The human race wasn’t all that existed in this world. However, the world was big if one would call it ‘big’, and it was also small if one would call it so. The natural resources were limited. So, a race must fight with other races if they wanted to grow. For example, the devil race had invaded the True Martial World several times. It could be said that they had barged inside in order to fight for the resources.

Two different races very rarely had good relations.

In fact, many races were mortal enemies. Therefore, this remark of the Lord of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall had turned the entire place silence. In fact, there was a pin-drop silence on the peak. Everyone had held their breath.

Everyone looked towards the Supreme Lord. They all wanted to hear what he had to say. He shot a glance at the Lord of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. Wouldn’t he have understood why the other person had spoken such words? He obviously wanted to arouse a conflict between this woman and the True Martial University. In fact, it would be best if he could extend full-support to this woman against the True Martial University. In that case, the other forces would be able to obtain great benefits since they’d be the third party in this dispute.

The Lord of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall was a very conniving person.

"We won’t stop you since you wish to take away your clan’s member!" the Supreme Lord replied indifferently. He had nothing to do with the relation between the Golden Lion and the Muddy Sky Island. So, he was merely doing her a favour at little to no cost. In fact, it would be good for the True Martial University if a conflict were to break out between the Muddy Sky Island and the big force that supported this woman.

The face of the Lord of Muddy Sky Island had turned a bit ugly. He wanted to take the corpse of the Golden Lion away. After all, it was a strange beast which possessed spatial ability. It was rare. So, he could’ve obtained an enormous benefit if he could research its spatial ability.

However, he had no choice but to nod in a bitter manner. This was the True Martial University’s region. So, he wouldn’t be able to keep the corpse of the Golden Lion if he didn’t get the True Martial University’s support.

"Thanks a lot!" the woman cupped her hands in obeisance and replied.

The Lord of the Muddy Sky Island got depressed. In fact, he felt like vomiting blood. [You are making a big mistake. You should be thanking me for giving up the lion’s corpse. This Supreme Lord of the True Martial University has seized my opportunity of doing a favour.]

However, could he say this? Obviously not! It wasn’t good to offend a stranger to obtain the corpse of the Golden Lion. There might be a very tyrannical force behind her. So, he might have to suffer a great loss for being greedy over a small profit.

The green-clothed girl turned around as she held the corpse of the golden lion in her hands. And, she looked at Ye Xiwen in a very fierce manner. Her expression had turned very sinister.

The woman in red trod in the void, and came down from midair. She arrived in front of Ye Xiwen and said, "You’re quite good!"

Ye Xiwen became a bit confused when he heard this. He knew that he had provoked that young girl in green. In fact, he would do the same again if given a chance. After all, he would’ve died if he hadn’t killed them instead. So, there was no chance of holding back in that situation.

The woman revealed a smile when she saw him looking confused. She spoke, "Someone has asked me to tell you that he would come looking for you after would come out of the closed-door training. And, he will teach you a good lesson!"

How could Ye Xiwen not have understood this? It had to be the wolf cub. So, this woman must also be from the Demon Island. No wonder she possessed such incredible strength. Even a person like the Supreme Lord hadn’t dared to act blindly when it had come to dealing with her.

The wolf cub had been tidied-up terribly by Ye Xiwen when they had met for the first time. And, he had been clamouring that he would take revenge ever since. He would also tidy up Ye Xiwen very miserably sooner or later. In fact, he had often looked for an opportunity to fight with Ye Xiwen every time after he had made a breakthrough. However, unfortunately it was always Ye Xiwen who’d teach him a lesson every time.

"Is he doing fine?" Ye Xiwen asked.

"He’s undergoing a closed-door training!" the woman in red replied.

Ye Xiwen felt relieved after he came to know that the wolf cub was doing fine.

The woman disappeared into the void after she was done speaking. That girl in green shot a hateful glance at Ye Xiwen, and disappeared into the void.

Everyone suddenly came back to their senses as soon as those two women departed.

"These two women were extremely audacious. Does your True Martial University have a paper barrier that allows anyone to come in and go out as they wish?" a disciple of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall spoke with a schadenfreude expression. This matter had obviously struck the True Martial University’s prestige a bit.

The opposite party obviously hadn’t harboured evil intentions. However, this incident had still given a blow to the True Martial University’s prestige.

"Humph! They weren’t humans. They must be from the demon race or some other alien race!"

"I think demon race. Didn’t you hear what she said? She had arrived to take away her clan’s member. That Golden Lion belongs to the demon race of the Demon Island. Therefore, these two women clearly belong to the demon race as well!"

This Martial Arts Competition between the four forces had finally come to an end. And, it had ended perfectly. This Martial Arts Competition had revealed one climax after another. The Xuan Yuan Twin Stars Brothers had been everyone’s favourites to win this competition because of their outstanding reputation at the start. Then, Emperor Chen had revealed his spatial ability, and had replaced them as the favourites.

However, Ye Xiwen turned out to be the finest dark horse. Another disciple of the True Martial University had also entered the semi-finals. However, everyone felt that he was merely lucky. Otherwise, it would’ve been impossible for him to enter the semi-finals since his strength was equal to that of a quasi-heaven’s pride expert. Luck was also a part of strength. However, he still couldn’t obtain everyone’s acknowledgement.

Only Ye Xiwen could be considered as the perfect dark horse. Initially, he was merely ranked among the 8 big heaven’s pride experts. And, nobody had been optimistic about him. However, he had revealed astonishing strength once the competition had begun. People had been very optimistic about characters like Chi Tian, Twin Stars Brothers, and Emperor Chen. However, all of them had been killed by Ye Xiwen.

He had turned out to be the ultimate winner.

(To be continued)

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