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Everyone held their breaths. There was pin-drop silence. Only a light breeze was blowing, but it carried the smell of blood with it. Some people felt somewhat nauseated because of it.

"Emperor Chen is dead. How can he die in this way? He died… just like that!" someone spoke-up as he watched the scene in disbelief. After all, Emperor Chen was extremely powerful in their opinion. And yet, he had been impaled alive by Ye Xiwen in front of their eyes.

Everyone had mentally prepared themselves for this outcome. After all, Emperor Chen had been firmly suppressed by Ye Xiwen from the get-go. However, watching Ye Xiwen killing Emperor Chen for real was a bit difficult for them to gulp.

They had long thought that Emperor Chen would win this competition. Ye Xiwen had merely been one of the eight powerful heaven’s pride experts in their eyes. And, Ye Xiwen’s status as one of the 8 powerful heaven’s pride expert didn’t bother them at all. However, it was impossible for them to think that he would win the championship.

However, Ye Xiwen had swept away his opponents, and had reached the top like a dark horse. Even the most tyrannical opponent wasn’t able to withstand even one blow from him. And, Emperor Chen was no exception to this. He had been thoroughly suppressed by Ye Xiwen in large parts of the fight. Even his spatial ability couldn’t make any difference. He had radically seemed to be worthless in front of Ye Xiwen.

The slim figure of Ye Xiwen was standing in the arena. His facial expression looked as fresh as the clouds and as reckless as the wind. It seemed as if he had killed an insignificant man.

Some people were terrified to see Ye Xiwen’s might. Perhaps he was nothing at present. However, he might become an extremely dreadful person in the future after a few centuries once he would grow up.

He had condensed 1000 dao principles in the semi-sage realm. In fact, nobody could tell what his accomplishments in the future would be once they’d take his talent was taken into consideration.

A person like Ye Xiwen wasn’t terrifying at the present. However, his tyranny would be most dreadful in the future.

Countless gazes swept over Ye Xiwen’s body. And, there was no lack of genuine murderous auras amongst those gazes. It could be said that most people of forces other than True Martial University’s wanted to get rid of him.

Ye Xiwen softly let out a sigh of relief. He felt very relaxed at this time. It seemed as if his inner realm had suddenly broken free of all the shackles. His cultivation level hadn’t advanced, but his strength had already reached the pinnacle of the semi-sage realm. His strength should be able to make a breakthrough to the ‘initial stage of the sage realm’ as long as he would go through closed-door training one more time. His strength would then become comparable to the strength of the sage experts. Ye Xiwen would then be worthy of his current status of a core disciple.

The core disciples were generally sage experts… unless in special circumstances.

Ye Xiwen had defeated Emperor Chen. And, the situation made it seem as if he had completely suppressed Emperor Chen before he had defeated the man in a thorough manner. However, only he knew how much preparation he had to do in order to defeat Emperor Chen. He had only considered Emperor Chen to be his most dreadful opponent since the beginning. He had also considered various battle scenarios. However, Emperor Chen had never cared-enough about him to bother with such things. Therefore, one could say that Emperor Chen’s defeat at Ye Xiwen’s hand was to be expected from this angle. And, it wasn’t an exaggeration as guessed by the other people.

Ye Xiwen was still quite afraid of Emperor Chen… even though he had already killed him. [Emperor Chen wasn’t strong? He was insanely strong. This championship would’ve fallen into his hands if I weren’t here. He would’ve still been at the invincible position even if he had bumped into some other expert who had condensed 1000 dao principles; especially if one takes his spatial ability into consideration. In fact, he might even have defeated that opponent.]

[Moreover, he would’ve become more dreadful once this spatial ability had matured further. He would’ve become extremely ferocious in the future. Even his golden lion would’ve matured in a similar fashion. He might even have condensed 1000 dao principles later on.]

Anyway, Ye Xiwen had killed Emperor Chen. Therefore, he had removed the worry from his heart. And, he could relax for the time being. He had also obtained enormous benefits after going through the tough battle.

Now, he must look for an opportunity to undergo closed-door training in order to make a breakthrough. More so because he would have to face a myriad of schemes and plots in the future. He would certainly have the power to defend himself once his fighting strength would make a breakthrough to the sage realm. So, this was very important for him.

The atmosphere had suddenly turned lively after a moment of strange silence. Everyone was discussing the sensational matter of Emperor Chen’s death at Ye Xiwen’s hands. Even the people who had confidence in Ye Xiwen before the contest had started hadn’t thought that he could reach the top and become the champion. Most people would’ve considered him ‘outstanding’ if he had managed to withdraw from the battle with his body intact.

They placed themselves in the shoes of Ye Xiwen, and thought that they would’ve thanked their ancestors if they had managed to get out with their body intact.

However, the eyes of the Lord of Muddy Sky Island had turned ice-cold atop the tall platform. His complexion had turned ashen since he was watching Ye Xiwen stand in the square. However, he couldn’t say anything. He had been very calm and collected earlier. He hadn’t been worried because he had too much confidence in Emperor Chen. Emperor Chen was invincible among the contestants of the four forces in his opinion. Ye Xiwen was nothing. He hadn’t even heard of Ye Xiwen before. He had thought that Ye Xiwen could only cause a bit of trouble for Emperor Chen even if he were to be extremely good.

However, Ye Xiwen had given a tight slap on his face through his powerful performance. Ye Xiwen had made him realize that the Emperor Chen he had placed high hopes in wasn’t as powerful as he had taken him to be. Therefore, he had been forced to accept that Emperor Chen’s miserable end after he had watched Ye Xiwen’s peak strength.

Most importantly, he couldn’t say anything about this fight. He couldn’t find a reason to intervene. After all, Emperor Chen had gone out to look for trouble on his own accord. He himself had been in the wrong. It was already enough that the Supreme Lord hadn’t caused trouble for Emperor Chen when he had broken the rule. Moreover, Ye Xiwen had defeated him by relying entirely on his own strength.

He was burning with rage because of this feeling. However, he couldn’t find any reason to vent his anger. He could only hold back forcibly. He had firmly grabbed the armrest of the throne with his both hands. The armrest was made up of jade. However, it crumbled like rotten dregs in his grip.

Meanwhile, the complexion of the Lord of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall had also turned ugly. He had spoken many sarcastic words before the beginning of this contest. In fact, he had openly mocked Ye Xiwen. The Supreme Lord hadn’t mentioned a word of it at this time. However, he could still imagine what must be going on in the Supreme Lord’s mind regarding his contemptuous and taunting comments. It seemed as if he had voluntarily flung several tight slaps on his face by opposing the True Martial University. In fact, he was so depressed that he wanted to die.

Therefore, the ‘killing intention’ had become stronger in his eyes as he looked at Ye Xiwen.

A mysterious light was flashing in the eyes of the Lord of the Fire Cloud Cave. Nobody could tell what he was thinking. He would always look like an illiterate. However, nobody dared to regard him as one. And, those who’d regarded him as one would only end up vomiting blood when they’d find out that he was only pretending to be illiterate…

"Ye Xiwen is the winner of the finals, and the champion!" the refereeing elder declared the result. Everyone came to their senses, and realized that this competition had finally ended.

This term’s competition had been brutal. It had left everyone in shock. Only three out of the eight big heaven’s pride experts had survived it. One was Hang Bing Wang apart from Ye Xiwen, but he was still recuperating from his wounds. The other was Jin Wu Shang, but he had admitted defeat without a fight.

However, the casualty-rate had been more than 50% even then. It could be said that this competition had been nothing less than tragic… but, not the most tragic one. However, it had undoubtedly been the most splendid one. Particularly, Ye Xiwen had managed to defeat Emperor Chen even though the latter had revealed the spatial ability. Countless people had regretted the fact that any of these two individuals were capable enough to win the championship if they had appeared in the former competition. However, they had appeared in this competition… so one of them had to die. It was like the saying ‘a mountain can’t accommodate two tigers’. Therefore, a showdown was necessary to decide the victor.

Everyone was still immersed in that battle even though the referee had declared Ye Xiwen as the winner. They hadn’t come out of it yet. This term was coming to an end.

The space suddenly fluctuated in a violent manner… right when the atmosphere was about to turn lively. It seemed as if a picture scroll had been torn as a huge black crack was torn-open in the sky in the fortified space of the Metropolis Martial Peak. Then, two women rapidly flew out of it.

The one in the front looked like a young woman. She seemed approximately 25 or 26 years old. She looked stunning. She looked quick-witted, and had nice facial features. She looked very elegant. She was clad in a fire-colored long dress. It undoubtedly outlined her splendid figure. Her long hair was gently tied at the back of her body. Her thin lips looked smooth. She had a majestic presence.

She was followed by a young girl. This young girl looked approximately 17 or 18 years old. Her big dark eyes glittered. She had thin lips, and her skin was fairer than snow. She looked beautiful. She was clad in a green and long robe, and seemed elegant and refined.

However, there was a look of anxiety and disbelief on her face.

"Who are you people? How dare you trespass into the True Martial University?" the Supreme Lord’s dignified voice thundered ferociously.

"Who are these people? They have actually dared to intrude into the True Martial University. They are so bold!"

"You don’t know? They aren’t the people of your True Martial University?"

"No, I’ve never seen them. And, didn’t you hear what the Supreme Lord spoke just now? They obviously don’t belong to our True Martial University!"

"So beautiful! I would even be willing to die if I can get close to them in this lifetime!"

The sudden arrival of these two women had shifted the attentions of everyone from Emperor Chen’s death. However, they had also made the Supreme Lord extremely furious. This was the True Martial University; not some ordinary region. Moreover, it was the ‘Metropolis Martial Peak’ – a very important place in the True Martial University. It was a place of pilgrimage… not only for the people of True Martial University, but also for the people of the entire Southern Region.

In fact, many sage realm and great sage realm experts were personally keeping watch over this area because of this competition. The saying ‘experts such as clouds’ wasn’t enough to describe the number of experts who had been stationed on the ‘Metropolis Martial Peak’ at present. However, these two women had barged-in in a very casual manner. These two women had either had their heads kicked by a donkey, and had probably turned into idiots because of that… or they were they truly skilful and bold people. And, everyone had to bet on the second possibility after they saw the calm and collected appearance of that woman in red. She seemed like a skilled powerhouse… someone who was daring enough to regard the True Martial University as nothing.

"Brother Taihe!" That young girl in green ignored those countless gazes, and went flying towards Ye Xiwen. While everyone was still trying to guess what she was up to. So, they were very surprised to see that she had thrown herself upon the golden lion’s body. Then, she began to cry. She looked extremely sad. Her beautiful face had gotten stained with tears.

"Excuse us! We don’t wish to oppose the True Martial University. We only wish to take our deceased back!" the woman in red solemnly explained.

"It’s you... You killed Brother Taihe. I must kill you and take revenge for him!" that young girl in green clothes suddenly raised her head, and spoke out in anger. The ‘murderous intent’ flashed across her face as she looked at Ye Xiwen.

(To be continued).

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