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They found it inconceivable to know that Ye Xiwen had condensed 1000 dao principles. They believed that condensing 999 dao principles was the limit. However, he had condensed 1000 dao principles. Such strength could scare a person to death!

This had already exceeded their expectations. A champion would emerge in every hundred years. However, it was quite difficult for those people to pose a threat to a person of the Lord of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall’s rank. None of the previous champions had made him feel a sense of crisis.

After all, talent was one thing. And, smoothly growing to such an altitude was another. However, his ‘killing intention’ had risen very steeply after he had realized that Ye Xiwen had condensed 1000 dao principles. In fact, the ‘murderous intention’ was clearly visible in his eyes.

He had a premonition in his mind that a person like Ye Xiwen could pose enormous threat to the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall in the future if they ignored him and allowed him to grow up.

The Supreme Lord would’ve discovered his unconcealed ‘killing intention’ on ordinary days. However, he was also in shock at this time. He obviously hadn’t anticipated that Ye Xiwen had condensed 1000 dao principles. Only sage experts could accomplish this feat. In fact, 1000 dao principles was the beginning of the sage realm.

Ye Xiwen had 1000 dao principles, but his 1000 dao principles and a sage expert’s 1000 dao principles were two entirely different things. A sage expert’s 1000 dao principles would be scattered, but not disorganized. Moreover, the overall might of these principles would be endless. Therefore, the same 1000 dao principles would be far more tyrannical than those of Ye Xiwen’s.

This was the precise reason that had made him realize that Ye Xiwen hadn’t made the breakthrough into the sage realm yet. However, this fact was even more stunning. It wouldn’t have been strange for him if Ye Xiwen had become a sage expert. Moreover, he was also very surprised by Ye Xiwen’s growth speed. These juniors of the younger generation had merely begun their cultivation journey as far as he was concerned. So, it didn’t matter if they were a bit quick or a bit slower. One would be able to catch up with the others as long as they could come across some fortuitous adventures. However, Ye Xiwen had accomplished this in the semi-sage realm itself. This showed that Ye Xiwen might have astonishing potential… a potential which he wasn’t aware of…

His vision gradually turned resolute as he thought of this.

Ye Xiwen hadn’t heard people’s comments. However, he felt that many tyrannical gazes had been sweeping over his body since the moment he had released his 1000 dao principles. In fact, he felt as if these knife-like sharp gazes would cut-open wounds in his body.

In fact, he believed that these gazes would’ve been enough to kill him if he weren’t inside the True Martial University.

However, he had already thought about this at the time when he had decided to reveal his 1000 dao principles. He knew what he wanted. He wanted to settle Emperor Chen’s matter; once and for all. And, he didn’t wish to delay any further. So, he must use his entire strength to kill Emperor Chen.

A crazy idea had secretly popped-up in his heart. He knew that many forces would wish to get rid of him soon after he would reveal his true strength.

He didn’t believe in the saying that ‘a tall tree attracts the strong winds’. However, that very same proverb also spoke that those very-trees tend to grow even stronger and faster after they’ve survived through the rainstorm. And, they become far superior to the plants which have grown in the safety of a greenhouse.

He wanted to take advantage of these external strong winds in order to temper himself and become even more tyrannical!

Let the storm be even more violent!

He felt that the world before his eyes had suddenly become much clearer after he had released his full strength. Many principles had remained hidden thus far, but they had unfolded themselves before his eyes at this time.

Ye Xiwen noticed that a golden ray of light was flickering in front of his eyes. It appeared like a golden strand of hair that was floating in the sky. It was even issuing slight fluctuations of spatial power.

Could it be that the golden lion was setting the coordinates with the help of these golden hairs?

Ye Xiwen’s eyes lit up. Suddenly, everything became clear in front of his eyes. He had been thinking that one must possess spatial coordinates in order to travel back and forth in the space since the chaos flowed in the sub-space. One may take a small step into the sub-space. However, they might arrive at an unknown place when they would reappear in the main space.

It was also possible to get lost inside the flowing chaos as a result.

A powerhouse wouldn’t need this kind of a positioning system because they could see the main space from the sub-space. However, it should’ve been impossible for this immature golden lion to achieve that in the restricted space of the ‘Metropolis Martial Peak’.

Therefore, Ye Xiwen had been wondering about what the golden lion had been using for fixing the coordinates. And, he realized what that thing was when he saw the golden hair.

"Whoosh!" Emperor Chen suddenly re-appeared. But, Ye Xiwen was already prepared. In fact, he noticed that the hair of the golden lion issued a spatial array at the spot where Emperor Chen had appeared.

"I see!" Ye Xiwen shouted loudly. He brandished his sword. The ‘sword energy’ soared into the sky like a rainbow, and instantly swept down like a giant golden dragon.

Emperor Chen disappeared hastily as soon as he saw that Ye Xiwen had discovered him.

"This battle is already decided. It will be very difficult for Emperor Chen to make a comeback even though he possesses the spatial ability. It’s not that he’s not enough strong. Rather, Ye Xiwen is extremely powerful. 1000 dao principles in semi-sage realm! I’ve never heard of this!" someone said regretfully. Everyone in the surroundings looked at him. He turned out to be a disciple of the ‘Muddy Sky Island’. He had lost his confidence on Emperor Chen. His expression had made it evident that he had been stunned by Ye Xiwen.

"Yeah. Ye Xiwen has constantly maintained himself at his peak condition. His secret healing technique is also exceptional. He doesn’t even need to keep himself at his peak state for a long time. He only needs to do it for a bit longer than Emperor Chen. Emperor Chen can’t go on like this for long. He’ll get exhausted soon. So, he must attack with the entirety of his strength, and as early as possible. Otherwise, he may not need to attack Ye Xiwen later since he’ll die inside the space’s chaos!" someone had clearly understood what this scene represented.

"Emperor Chen’s strength is on the level of previous champions. He would’ve won if he hadn’t encountered a freak like Ye Xiwen. All I can say that he’s very unlucky!"

Ye Xiwen suddenly moved to the middle of the arena for some unknown reason. Then, he brandished his long sword, and unleashed the ‘Buried Heaven Sword’ attack. A seemingly endless sword light burst out as a result. The attack spread in mid-air, and went straight towards an empty spot.

The spectators were baffled by this. After all, Ye Xiwen had acted like some crazy guy who had issued the sword attack towards an empty spot where no one was present.

The space suddenly began to fluctuate violently after Ye Xiwen launched the attack. Then, Emperor Chen’s figure re-appeared in front the sword attack.

Emperor Chen realized that a giant sword was already present in front of him as soon as he appeared. His complexion turned pale as a result. He didn’t understand how his whereabouts had been ascertained. How was it possible? How had Ye Xiwen discovered his whereabouts?

"Puchi!" Emperor Chen didn’t get enough time to think. Ye Xiwen’s long sword had already cut into his shoulder. Emperor Chen’s body was extremely intrepid, and could be compared with metals and stones. However, it was like butter in front of this dreadful ‘sword intention’, and got cut as a result.

Blood splashed out, and showered down to the ground. Each drop of blood opened a small pit in the ground. This scene was exceptionally terrifying.

Emperor Chen’s entire arm had been chopped off. It had seemed that his entire body would be cut into two halves by Ye Xiwen’s sword. However, he had snorted eerily and had maneuvered his body to shift sideway in order to avoid this fatal sword strike at that critical moment.

However, his entire arm had still been cut-off by Ye Xiwen. His blood was gushing out like a fountain. Emperor Chen’s complexion had turned pale. He promptly urged his golden lion, and disappeared into the space once again.

This entire scene had taken place in a split second. No one had anticipated that they would see such a scene. An arm of the incomparably tyrannical Emperor Chen had been chopped-off by Ye Xiwen’s sword.

Moreover, this hadn’t even been the most surprising spectacle for most people. They were mostly surprised by the fact that Ye Xiwen had ascertained Emperor Chen’s whereabouts in advance. One must know that Emperor Chen’s spatial ability hadn’t been able to take advantage of Ye Xiwen so far because Ye Xiwen’s reaction-speed was fast enough. In fact, Ye Xiwen’s attacks would always impact first even though he would attack second.

However, it was different this time. Everyone had seen that Ye Xiwen had attacked first. Ye Xiwen had brandished his sword first. Then, Emperor Chen had appeared right at that spot. In fact, it had seemed as if both of them were coordinating with each other. It was as if Emperor Chen had presented himself before Ye Xiwen’s sword so that Ye Xiwen could kill him. It seemed as if both of them had sparred together many a times. Ye Xiwen had brandished his sword, and Emperor Chen had voluntarily appeared before it to get chopped off.

Everyone obviously wouldn’t think that they were coordinating with each other. So, there was only one possibility. And, that was that Ye Xiwen had seen through Emperor Chen’s whereabouts. In fact, he might have predicted it in advance. This was extremely dreadful.

The spatial ability was the most dreadful ability because one could appear and disappear in an unpredictable fashion with the help of this ability. A person with spatial ability could easily hide inside the sub-space, and could then look for the most appropriate opportunity to attack.

However, Emperor Chen suddenly appeared defenceless in front of Ye Xiwen since he had unexpectedly lost the advantage of this ability.

There wasn’t any suspense left in this battle.

Ye Xiwen suddenly found a tiny golden hair floating away at an astonishing speed at this time. So, he realized that Emperor Chen must be trying to escape.

Emperor Chen had repeatedly faced defeats against Ye Xiwen. However, he was still very strong. So, it would become very troublesome for Ye Xiwen if he managed to escape.

Ye Xiwen decided against waiting any further. He shouted loudly. The ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’ within his body suddenly released an astonishing blood column. The scarlet energy began to boil, and flooded within Ye Xiwen’s body. Then, the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’ integrated into his body. And, he felt that his entire body had started to brim with power.

"Hidden Dragon Rises from the Abyss!" Ye Xiwen shouted loudly. A tinge of scarlet appeared on his golden hands. His hands suddenly transformed into a pair of dragon’s claws. And, he ripped-open a huge crack in the space with these claws! The one-armed Emperor Chen appeared in front of Ye Xiwen as a result. He was about to escape when he discovered that Ye Xiwen had suddenly appeared in front of him.


The ‘sword energy’ condensed into a huge sword. It started from the top of Emperor Chen’s head, and ran through his body as it pierced downward. Emperor Chen and his mount had been crucified in the chaos!

(To be continued)

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