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He wasn’t afraid of being infected by small amounts of chaos energy. However, he would die if he were to burst into the chaos.

Therefore, he must be extremely cautious. Emperor Chen might appear at any time. And, Emperor would’ve recovered to his peak condition by the time he would re-appear. So, he would give a fatal blow as soon as he would re-appear.

Therefore, this fight would drag-on indefinitely if Ye Xiwen couldn’t kill Emperor Chen sooner.

"This may turn into a long protracted fight!" one of the spectators observed, "Ye Xiwen can’t stay this vigilant for a long time. And, Emperor Chen can’t continue like this either. He can’t remain hidden inside the chaos for very long!"

Emperor Chen could escape inside the sub-space since he possessed the spatial ability. However, he couldn’t do it for very long unless he was a devil god who had lived in the chaos during the chaos era. Those who had bathed in the sacred lake a few times could also achieve this feat. However, only these aforementioned people could stay longer in the chaos than those with spatial ability.

"Whoosh!" Emperor Chen re-appeared on the right side of Ye Xiwen. He looked somewhat fierce. A murderous look flashed in his eyes. He brandished his lance, and it released endless divine beams. They beams swept across the sky. They then crashed down like a huge star. This spectacle looked extremely terrifying.

Blood-red rays of light erupted from the body of the golden lion. The skin on his body had begun to crack slightly. In fact, veins had started to pop out of its flesh. Its face had turned extremely grim. It seemed as if it was enduring unbearable pain.

"Rumble!" The lance issued boundless aura. It seemed as if a god had raised his lance. Emperor Chen’s aura had restored to its peak state.

"Rumble!" Ye Xiwen raised his long sword to welcome the incoming attack. The long sword collided with the lance, and set-off boundless energy storms. The white-jade stage under their feet gradually began to disintegrate. An endless amount of debris was flung around as a result, and the surrounding air curved and distorted.

Everyone became terrified when they saw this scene. The bodies of the disciples of younger generation had turned ice-cold. These two individuals possessed very formidable strength. Who could contend against them in such a bloody battle of life and death? Both of them were extremely intrepid. And, everyone was scared to see them.

Everyone compared themselves with these two individuals, but they felt that their bodies had turned cold. In fact, it was a hair-raising feeling of terror.

Ye Xiwen condensed a seal attack. And, the ‘Inverting Ocean Seal’ poured down towards Emperor Chen to crush him.

Ye Xiwen had used the same-old formidable attacks. ‘Buried Sword Secrets’, the ‘Inverting Ocean Seal’ – these were very frightening martial arts. Each of them could scare a person to death. And, these attacks had unleashed an incredible power in the hands of Ye Xiwen at this time.

‘Buried Sword Secrets’ could bury anything; the heaven included. So, what was a mere human being? It could bury the heaven, bury the earth, bury a person, and bury all mortal creatures once it had been practiced to the peak. One sword strike could eliminate all living things in its path! It looked like an ordinary sword attack that didn’t carry an outstanding ‘imposing aura’. However, it had broken Emperor Chen’s defence with an irresistible force.

The ‘Inverting Ocean Seal’ smashed down as well. It was a dreadful seal technique. The ‘Inverting Ocean Seal’ and ‘Hanshan Seal’ were completely different. The ‘Hanshan Seal’ contained brute force. So, it would carry irresistible force while it would smash down on someone. However, the ‘Inverting Ocean Seal’ was different from the ‘Hanshan Seal’. It was gentle like seawater. It was kind and soft like the steady flow of water. However, it was also inwardly sinister, and could bring about a destructive flood. So, it was a much more profound attack when compared to the ‘Hanshan Seal’. It coupled strength and gentleness!

The dreadful great seal smashed down. It appeared as if a boundless ocean had been overturned. The steadiness of this attack was very scary.

Emperor Chen raised his lance to resist. However, he felt an unimaginable force being transferred into his hand through his lance. His hand almost broke-off. The muscles in his hand exploded and spattered along with his blood. Everyone got scared when they saw this.

Emperor Chen had already tasted loss once. So, he couldn’t possibly repeat the same mistake again. He dodged sideways to avoid the attack. Then, he transformed into a yellow light, and disappeared inside the space.

Ye Xiwen wasn’t worried this time. He revealed faint a smile on his face on the contrary. He had finally found his opponent’s weakness. The golden lion had already overused its ability. So, its body would collapse very soon as a result. Travelling back and forth in the space in the restricted space of the ‘Metropolis Martial Peak’ must’ve been a very strenuous task for the golden lion despite the fact that it possessed the spatial ability. In fact, it must’ve pushed itself to perform these sneak attacks.

"It’s not good. I’m afraid that Emperor Chen may not be able to last long at this rate! Ye Xiwen possesses a very sharp eyesight." Many sage-level core disciples were present among the spectators. Everyone knew what level of people they were. They could clearly see that Emperor Chen had been forced into a corner. In fact, he might not be able to use the spatial ability for long. In other words, he would be the one to collapse if he couldn’t kill Ye Xiwen soon. And, it would be of no use even if he were to escape into the space… because he would be torn apart by the chaos once the golden lion were to perish. He was running out of time as the matter stood.

The Lord of the Muddy Sky Island had already become nervous atop the tall platform. He wasn’t nervous at first since he was very confident about Emperor Chen. He believed that Emperor Chen would defeat Ye Xiwen. However, he realized that he was overconfident about Emperor Chen after having watched the fight. Ye Xiwen’s tyranny had gone far beyond his imagination.

"It’s impossible. Emperor Chen has condensed 999 dao principles. And, each of these principles is at least ten times thicker than that of an ordinary person. He can be considered at the peak in the younger generation with such strength. One doesn’t even need to include the spatial ability in this equation. Then, why does he seem so vulnerable in front Ye Xiwen?" the Lord of the Muddy Sky Island exclaimed in disbelief. He had confidence on Emperor Chen at the start of the fight. However, that confidence hadn’t sources from his spatial ability alone.

Emperor Chen’s spatial ability was his hidden trump card. He had never revealed this ability before. Therefore, even the Lord of this Island didn’t know about this. The reason behind such confidence was Emperor Chen’s inherent tyrannical strength. He had condensed 999 dao principles. And, each of these principles was at least ten times thicker than that of an ordinary person. Therefore, calling him invincible in the semi-sage realm wouldn’t be an overstatement. This was the main reason behind the Lord’s confidence. Even someone who had the same strength as Emperor Chen wouldn’t be able to prevail over him. It’d be a tie at the most. However, Emperor Chen looked very vulnerable in front of Ye Xiwen. What was going on?

"What the hell is this? What’s going on?" Everyone was perplexed; especially the disciples of the Muddy Sky Island. They had seen Emperor Chen’s might in the past. Moreover, Emperor Chen hadn’t even revealed the spatial ability back then. However, he had defeated each of his opponents, and had earned himself the title of the Undisputed King of East Sea. He had achieved that by relying on his invincible strength alone; nothing else.

That fight between him and Qin Wang had been very devastating. However, everyone believed that Emperor Chen would kill Qin Wang even if they would engage in a bitter struggle. Both of them had condensed 999 dao principles. However, if Qin Wang was elite among elites — then Emperor Chen was the king of kings.

However, Ye Xiwen hadn’t used some shameful tricks. He had suppressed Emperor Chen’s counterattack by depending on his own strength. And, such strength was truly dreadful! Such intrepid strength didn’t look like that of a semi-sage expert. In fact, it seemed as if Emperor Chen was fighting against a sage expert since he didn’t have enough power to fight back.

"Has Ye Xiwen reached the sage realm?" a bold disciple speculated.

"That’s impossible. Ye Xiwen doesn’t possess the unique aura of a sage expert. He’s still in the semi-sage realm. He hasn’t entered the sage realm yet!" a sage-level core disciple shook his head and replied. The sage experts were very susceptible towards the unique aura of the sage realm. Therefore, a sage expert couldn’t conceal his strength from another sage expert even if he had suppressed his true power.

It’s like… an adult can’t become a child no matter how much they pretend to be one. An adult will always look like an adult even if one would chop their legs and shorten their height to make it equivalent to that of a child…

The semi-sage experts used preliminary principles. However, the principles of the semi-sage experts were disordered and unorganized. There was no connection between each principle. However, this wasn’t the case with sage experts. The principles of the sage experts were scattered, but not unorganized. A mysterious and inexorable force kept the magical symbols of these principles bound together. And, these principles would come into play together as soon as an attack was launched by a sage expert. It would carry endless might compared to a semi-sage expert’s attack since the principles would act one at a time in the case of the latter. And, this difference was even greater than the one between cloud and mud.

However, Ye Xiwen’s principles didn’t appear to be bounded together. They still looked somewhat unorganized and disordered.

"So how’s this possible?" someone asked doubtfully. How could Ye Xiwen be so powerful?

Ye Xiwen knew that Emperor Chen had escaped into the sub-space. He also knew that he could slowly push Emperor Chen towards his death by passing time. However, he couldn’t become careless with it, and he couldn’t delay too much.

Therefore, Ye Xiwen finally decided against concealing his true power. Thus, his principles began to soar into the sky one after another. Then, they began to twine around him.





"1000... What? How’s this possible!?"

Ye Xiwen’s principles soared into the sky, and began to revolve around him. Someone counted the number of principles on his body, but the count reached 1000 dao principles. That person thought that he must’ve made some mistake. So, he counted again. However, he still found out the count to be at 1000 dao principles.

The gasping sounds started to resound one after another. Everyone believed that 999 dao principles was the absolute upper-limit in the semi-sage realm for a human expert. However, Ye Xiwen had condensed 1000 dao principles! This had gone beyond everyone’s imagination.

"How’s this possible?!" Everyone was shocked. The Lord of the Muddy Sky Island stood up from his seat. Little to nothing could’ve moved him this much when one take his cultivation into consideration. However, he had been frightened to such an extent that he had jumped up from his seat.

"He actually has 1000!" The Lord of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall also saw this scene. A strong murderous intention flickered in his eyes… apart from the obviously shocked look. [This is the so-called matter of ‘something so abnormal can only be a demon’s doing’. But, this evil genius isn’t even one of my subordinates… So, I will have to find a way to eradicate him.]

An unfathomable ‘killing intention’ flashed in the eyes of the Lord of the Fire Cloud Cave, the Lord of Muddy Sky Island, and the other experts of the various other big forces even though these ‘other forces’ hadn’t participated in this competition.

(To be continued)

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