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"Ye Xiwen, it’s over now!" an ice-cold voice said in a ruthless manner as a figure suddenly appeared behind Ye Xiwen. Emperor Chen was seated upright on the golden lion. His lance pierced the vast sky like a dragon. It issued a shrill piercing sound as it swept towards Ye Xiwen’s back, and it seemed as if it would pierce his heart.

Emperor Chen’s body didn’t look in a miserable condition anymore. It was evident that his injuries had recovered in this short period of time.

Ye Xiwen had never thought that he would accidentally obtain a secret technique such as the ‘Phoenix Regeneration Technique’. Similarly, his opponent had also had his own share of adventures. So, he must also have obtained an extremely marvellous healing technique… even if wasn’t as good as the ‘Phoenix Regeneration Technique’.

This was bad for Ye Xiwen in this situation. Who would be able to kill Emperor Chen if he could go into hiding to heal his injuries? In fact, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that he was almost standing at the position of invincibility because of his spatial ability. He was very troublesome. The spatial ability was possessed by the golden lion; not him. However, what difference would it make?

Ye Xiwen had racked his brain to come up with a strategy in order to drag Emperor Chen to the public square of the Metropolis Martial Peak. Wasn’t had meant to restrict Emperor Chen’s spatial ability?

That’s correct. The fact is that breaking the microcosm was also one of his strategies. Otherwise, Ye Xiwen would’ve been in an extremely disadvantageous situation in front of an opponent like Emperor Chen who possessed the spatial ability. Ye Xiwen could also shuttle back and forth in the space if his devil wings had been perfected to the top layer. However, that was a matter for the future. Ye Xiwen wanted to practice the devil wings to such an extent that he could break through the bindings of space at will. However, he still had to go a long way to achieve that.

He didn’t have any way to deal with Emperor Chen’s spatial ability at the moment. Restricting Emperor Chen’s spatial ability was very necessary for him because this fight might turn into a bitter struggle if he couldn’t do that. He was confident that Emperor Chen couldn’t kill him. Therefore, it would become an extremely long confrontation if he couldn’t kill Emperor Chen either.

He didn’t wish for this to happen. He believed that Emperor Chen must be thinking of killing him. So, why mustn’t he try to kill Emperor Chen as well? Therefore, he must think of a method to kill Emperor Chen. Only then would he be at ease!

Ye Xiwen had planned how he would face Emperor Chen before this unexpected fight had begun. He had never looked down on his opponent… unlike Emperor Chen had. In fact, Ye Xiwen hadn’t taken him lightly. Relatively speaking, he was more wary of Emperor Chen than Emperor Chen was of him.

Emperor Chen had never looked him eye to eye before this battle. He had always looked down on Ye Xiwen. However, Ye Xiwen considered Emperor Chen as his biggest enemy in the present generation. And, his valuation of Emperor Chen had increased further when Emperor Chen had revealed the spatial ability.

Ye Xiwen had thought of many ways to restrict Emperor Chen’s spatial ability. However, he couldn’t find any concrete method. After all, he wasn’t a great sage expert. The great sage experts could reinforce the surrounding space to stop the enemy from coming closer to them. So, Ye Xiwen eventually thought of a method, and dragged Emperor Chen to the public square of the Metropolis Martial Peak. The conflagration of this battle had been brought down to the main world. Things would become extremely simple for Ye Xiwen if he could restrict Emperor Chen’s spatial ability. Then, even the tyrannical Emperor Chen wouldn’t be a match for him.

Everything so far had happened as per his expectations. Emperor Chen had become like a crippled person. One could say that one of his arms had been broken since his spatial ability had been restricted. He could only resist Ye Xiwen’s attacks as a result. However, he didn’t have the power to fight back. And, he wasn’t a match for Ye Xiwen when it came to real strength.

Ye Xiwen had condensed 1000 dao principles. Emperor Chen wasn’t far behind him, but there was a difference of heaven and earth between their strengths.

Ye Xiwen had reached perfection in the semi-sage realm.

However, things that happened afterwards had gone beyond his expectation.

"Emperor Chen has appeared!" someone shouted in alarm. It seemed as if this person had already seen Ye Xiwen getting hit in advance, and blood had already splashed out of his body thereafter. Emperor Chen’s sudden appearance – after having disappeared suddenly a while ago – had stunned everyone. He could travel back and forth in the space of the ‘Metropolis Martial Peak’. This ability was far too terrifying.

"Ye Xiwen is screwed. Nobody can be a match for our Emperor Chen since he has regained his spatial ability. Ye Xiwen is nothing more than a trash before him as matters stand!" a Muddy Sky Island’s disciple burst into laughter and spoke. They had become quite depressed when they had seen Ye Xiwen unceasingly suppress Emperor Chen. However, they suddenly burst into laughter as they saw Emperor Chen’s counterattack.

"Clang!" a loud sound of the collision of iron and gold metal resounded along with an explosion. But, blood hadn’t splashed out of Ye Xiwen body as everyone had previously imagined. Rather, he had avoided danger at the most crucial moment with a sudden thrust of his palm. His palm transformed into a huge dragon claw, and went up to face that sage-level lance.

"Rumble!" The collision between the two sides had seemed like the collision between two mega stars. It was the kind of clash that would leave both sides shattered. A huge explosion occurred along with the emission of boundless rays of light. Endless blast waves and energy storms swept out in all directions. Everything in a vast range had been annihilated by this blast; even the air wasn’t an exception to this. It was an extremely dreadful scene.

"Clang!" suddenly, a sword’s cry resounded. A huge long sword suddenly appeared in Ye Xiwen’s hand. The ‘sword energy’ soared in the sky. It sweep across boundless divine beams, and suddenly pounded towards Emperor Chen to chop him.

"Bang!" this long sword cut-apart that boundless storm, and struck Emperor Chen.

"Poof!" blood splashed out from Emperor Chen’s body, and rose 300 feet in the air. He snorted painfully, and disappeared before everyone’s eyes.

Everyone had been holding their breath since the moment Emperor Chen had appeared. And, they finally let out their breath when they saw Emperor Chen disappear again. The sounds of inhaling and exhaling resounded everywhere as a result. Everything had been said long ago. However, all this had happened in a flash.

Everyone had held their breath the moment Emperor Chen had suddenly appeared. This was because they had anticipated that Emperor Chen would pierce Ye Xiwen’s heart, and insta-kill Ye Xiwen… just like he had done with Qin Wang.

After all, Qin Wang’s strength wasn’t bad either. However, he had been defeat instantly. Emperor Chen hadn’t spent a bit of his strength, but had managed to defeat him in a moment. And, this had left a deep impression in everyone’s heart. Therefore, everyone had thought that Ye Xiwen would be defeated as soon as Emperor Chen would demonstrate his spatial ability.

Ye Xiwen had also showed tyrannical strength, but nobody was optimistic about him when it came to fighting with Emperor Chen.

However, everybody realized that Ye Xiwen was too tyrannical once the real fight started. And, his speed was extremely high; this fact was even more important. He obviously didn’t have the means to prevent Emperor Chen’s spatial ability. However, he was fast enough to ensure that he could retaliate before he got hit by Emperor Chen’s surprise attacks. Ye Xiwen might not be able to land a fatal blow on him. However, this passive fighting style would also be quite effective.

It turned out that Emperor Chen had sustained injuries as a result of this attack. Everyone was dumbstruck. They didn’t expect that Ye Xiwen would injure Emperor Chen even though he had revealed the spatial ability.

"This outcome is beyond everyone’s imagination. Who would’ve guessed that this would come to happen?" someone exclaimed.

"Yeah! It’s an extremely thrilling fight. It’s changing its course every now and then. Everyone had thought that Emperor Chen would gain upper hand since the start. However, he fell into Ye Xiwen’s trap, and has been forced into a disadvantageous position. Ye Xiwen has played him quite miserably!" someone acknowledged.

Emperor Chen would’ve been thoroughly defeated by Ye Xiwen if he hadn’t displayed his spatial ability at the last moment. After all, Ye Xiwen had displayed an extremely terrifying combat strength.

Nobody had thought that Emperor Chen wouldn’t be able to suppress Ye Xiwen even after he had displayed his spatial ability. Moreover, they had never anticipated that Ye Xiwen would still be the first one to land a blow, and injure Emperor Chen again. This outcome had left everyone in shock. In fact, they simply couldn’t accept it.

"This Ye Xiwen is far too powerful. Even a guy like Emperor Chen can’t suppress him with his spatial ability," someone spoke up.

"Ye Xiwen is far too strong. Look at his wings. I don’t know what kind of magical ability this is. But, his wings are too terrifying… and ridiculously fast. Isn’t it some kind of an ancient magical ability? This Ye Xiwen is very lucky!" someone had guessed how many magical abilities Ye Xiwen must’ve obtained to turn so ridiculously strong. This person obviously became very envious.

A person could be on their way to be ranked as a heaven’s pride expert if they could obtain even one of the magical abilities that Ye Xiwen possessed. Not to mention that so many of these magical abilities had concentrated together in the hands of one person. So, it wasn’t surprising that Ye Xiwen had become so strong.

Ye Xiwen didn’t relax after he injured Emperor Chen. He knew that Emperor Chen was hiding within the space, and was waiting for his injuries to heal. However, knowing this was also useless. Everyone knew this, but this knowledge was still useless.

It seemed as if Ye Xiwen would tear the space, and burst into the subspace. However, that would result in his body getting torn into pieces by the chaos energy. Even the great sage experts wouldn’t dare to do that because the chaos energy was too frightening.

The rumours suggested that the chaos energy was the mother-energy of everything. In other words, all things in the Ten Thousand Worlds had evolved out from the chaos energy. An almighty had created this universe in the chaos. And, this universe had come to be known as Ten Thousand Worlds. This explains how the chaos energy had become incredibly famous as the mother energy of everything, and how tyrannical this energy was in reality. A person could only walk inside it unhampered, but only if they possessed tyrannical strength. However, it would a dead end for a person of Ye Xiwen’s strength if he were to dare to go in. In fact, he would die instantly, and his body would be reduced to dust.

However, people who possessed spatial ability could freely travel back and forth in the chaos. Of course, this was because they had an innate affinity for space. So, the power of space would protect them from getting eroded by the chaos.

Some special physiques could also move in the chaos freely. However, the people with such special physiques were very rare, and had natural affinity for chaos energy since birth. They could even command the chaos energy to attack when they faced a powerful opponent. And, the lower the opponent’s cultivation… the scarier it would get for them. That’s because the people with lower cultivation held lesser resistance towards chaos energy. So, this scenario was very dreadful for them.

Ye Xiwen knew how dreadful the chaos energy was. So, he didn’t dare to approach it… even though he possessed the ‘Gilded Tyrant Form’.

(To be continued).

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