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The complexions of the Xuan Yuan’s Twin Stars Brothers had turned ashen when they saw this scene unfold at the gate of the gambling house. This situation had appeared right after their fight. They like everyone had abandoned them. They felt like they had been thrown away like a pair of tattered shoes… as if they were of no use whatsoever.

"Ye Xiwen, it’s because of that Ye Xiwen!" the Twin Stars Brothers clenched their teeth and spoke-up in unison. Their complexions had turned sinister.

"So, it is the Xuan Yuan’s Twin Stars Brothers!" a somewhat mocking voice sounded from behind them.

They turned around to look, and saw a young man clad in cyan-colored clothes. He was looking at them with a bright smile on his face.

"Ye Xiwen, it’s you!" the Twin Stars Brothers shouted angrily. They had identified this man. And, it was none other than Ye Xiwen.

"I didn’t expect to see you here. I guess it’s true that enemies often cross each other’s path!" Ye Xiwen faintly laughed and said. Then, he walked past the Twin Stars Brothers.

The complexions of the Twin Stars Brothers turned pale as they saw Ye Xiwen. They clenched their teeth so tightly that it seemed as if they would break down. They glared at him with extreme hatred. This was a huge humiliation for them. They wouldn’t have faced such humiliation if Ye Xiwen hadn’t been there. This was even worse than death for them.

However, they had no choice but to watch helplessly as Ye Xiwen walked past them. They couldn’t do anything. They could only watch him walk past them. However, they couldn’t see that Ye Xiwen had secretly clenched his fist to guard himself against any sudden attack.

He was prepared. In fact, He would have killed them on the spot if they had attacked. However, they didn’t attack in the end. So, Ye Xiwen relaxed. However, he was also somewhat disappointed.

"Can I bet?" Ye Xiwen walked up to that disciple – who was managing the betting – and asked.

"Brother… Brother Ye?" That disciple couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Ye Xiwen here. "Of course!"

Even a person like Ye Xiwen wanted to bet. What could one say about the others…

"I bet on my own victory!" Ye Xiwen calmly said.

"That is natural! How much does Brother Ye wish to bet?" the disciple asked. Ye Xiwen would obviously bet on his victory. That’s was a given. That disciple knew that very well. There was no doubt about it.

"3-million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’!" Ye Xiwen replied.

"What? 3-million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’!" That disciple was suddenly dumbstruck.

An ordinary semi-sage expert would belong to the very rich category if he had 100,000 ‘Primary Spirit Dans’. And, those who had more than one million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ were rarely found in the semi-sage realm.

Let alone three million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’! There wasn’t any other person in the semi-sage realm who could have so many ‘Primary Spirit Dans’… apart from Ye Xiwen.

There were many people who had a wealth of more than one million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’. However, that also included different kinds of divine tools and heavenly treasures. Only Ye Xiwen could have such courage to throw away an astronomical amount of three millions ‘Primary Spirit Dans’… apart from the sage experts of course…

Moreover, any rare personality who had accumulated so many ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ wouldn’t dare to bet the entire amount in one go. That’s because one would lose everything if they lost the bet. Such a huge loss would be enough for a semi-sage expert to commit suicide.

"Yes. Three-million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’!" Ye Xiwen confirmed.

The onlookers gasped in admiration as they looked at Ye Xiwen. They couldn’t believe that he had bet 3 million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ on his own victory. It indicated that he was very confident.

Ye Xiwen looked calm. Not because he had a lot of confidence in himself, but because he had no other choice.

He had to go all-out no matter whether it was against the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars or Emperor Chen. There could only be two outcomes. Either he would kill both of them. Or one of them would kill him.

These ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ would be of no use for him if he were to get killed. However, he would obtain an astronomical amount of ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ if he were to succeed in killing them. He would obtain two major rewards as a result. One was an amount of more than 10 million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ he’d get if he won the bet; plus a reward of 10 million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ which he’d get from the Jade Yang Peak. Then, he would get rid of the future problem of the shortage of ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ in fell swoop.

"That’s all!" that disciple thought that he wouldn’t reject any bet irrespective the amount. After all, Ye Xiwen was a guest at the moment. He was more dazzling than everyone else, but there was no reason to turn him away since he was a guest.

"I wish to bet five-hundred ‘Primary Spirit Dans’!"

"Put one-hundred under my name!"

"I want to bet one-thousand!"

The disciples who were merely waiting and watching until now also stepped forward and started to place their bets once they saw that Ye Xiwen was so confident about himself.

Ye Xiwen was practically the biggest party involved in this gamble. However, he had dared to bet three-million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ on his own victory. Therefore, they had no reason to not bet. The disciples of the True Martial University especially contributed even more generously in Ye Xiwen’s favour.

On the contrary, the disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall got very depressed when they saw the True Martial University’s disciples betting before their eyes. They said, "Humph! All of you will cry bitterly soon!"

These disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall looked towards the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars Brothers; the two of them were standing at the gate. They were expecting these two brothers to declare their position as well. These disciples would like to support these two brothers if they would compete against Ye Xiwen in this aspect. In fact, these disciples wouldn’t mind even if they lost some money over this gamble. After all, they belonged to the same force as these brothers.

The Xuan Yuan Twin Stars realized that everyone was staring at them. They didn’t know why, but they immediately felt a bit depressed. They imagined themselves throwing away several million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ recklessly. However, the very thought of it paralyzed them. After all, it wasn’t a few million ‘spirit stones’. It wasn’t a few million ‘Spirit Dans’. It was a few million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’!

They wouldn’t be worth so much even if they were to sell themselves off. These two brothers had the combined wealth of merely one million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’. And, their divine tools and heavenly treasures were included in that wealth. So, they wouldn’t be able to surpass Ye Xiwen’s bid even if their entire wealth would be converted into ‘Primary Spirit Dans’.

They differed significantly from Ye Xiwen in terms of wealth. They would only see themselves become a laughing stock in front of everyone even if they were to throw away everything they possessed. And then, they would end-up being ridiculed by Ye Xiwen. They would hardly obtain any benefits from it as a result.

Their state could only be described as ‘depression’. After all, from where did Ye Xiwen obtain so many ‘Primary Spirit Dans’? The True Martial University wouldn’t have given him so many ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ even if he was a heaven’s pride expert. That was simply irrational.

They thought that Ye Xiwen must have obtained some rewards from the True Martial University. After all, their income mostly came this way. However, they didn’t know that Ye Xiwen had obtained the majority of his wealth through a myriad of methods. It wasn’t given to him as a reward by the University. Ye Xiwen’s energy consumption was huge. How could his cultivation speed have been so fast if he had only depended on the University’s rewards and monthly income? He would have been lingering in the half-step legendary realm even now if he had depended on the University alone!

They felt like throw away a huge amount too. However, they would be embarrassed in front of Ye Xiwen if they couldn’t surpass the mark of 3 million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’.

The two brothers shared their feelings with each other. They then came to a mutual decision, turned around, and left. They ignored the ardent gazes of countless disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall behind them as they left. Their ardent looks couldn’t make these two brothers to lose face in front of everyone.

"Ye Xiwen, you’ll regret this!" the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars brothers gritted their teeth in rage as they spoke. They ferociously thought that they must humiliate Ye Xiwen in the battle.

The disciples of the True Martial University made a huge noise as soon as they saw the Twin Stars Brothers retreat in defeat. They had faced a lot of taunts and scorching satires from the disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall due to these Twin Stars Brothers. They had been insulted even more after the defeat of Qin Wang and Han Bin Wang. However, they were feeling proud and elated at the moment. What’s great about the Twin Stars Brothers? What’s rich about them? This is what it means to be rich. Whom are they calling an ‘idol’? This is how an idol should be. Ye Xiwen had thrown away three million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ in one breath. Whoever dared to challenge him would get a slap on their face.

This was three million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’. Many sage experts didn’t have such wealth. Perhaps Ye Xiwen would’ve drawn several sage experts to trail behind him if he had revealed his wealth at a place other than the True Martial University.

It might be an astronomical wealth for other people. However, even this amount of ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ was insufficient to cultivate to the sage realm as far as Ye Xiwen was concerned.

His strength was very tyrannical. However, this was truly an endless pile of ‘Primary Spirit Dans’. This statement was no exaggeration. Ye Xiwen could do anything in this world with so many ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ in his hand. This wasn’t a joke.

He could match the speed of exceptional talents in making breakthroughs as long as he had a guaranteed supply of ‘Primary Spirit Dans’. He could even surpass those heaven’s pride experts without any problem.

Many disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall became very depressed as they saw the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars Brothers leave. And, they had no choice but to leave dejected as the cheering voices and mocking laughters of the True Martial University’s disciples turned louder.

On the other side, the complexions of the disciples of the Muddy Sky Island and the Fire Cloud Cave had become complicated as they saw this scene. It could be said that there were negligible grudges between them and the True Martial University… especially when compared to the hatred between the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall and the True Martial University. The disciples of the Muddy Sky Island had a lot of confidence on Emperor Chen. It didn’t matter to them how strong Ye Xiwen was.

Many people among the disciples of the Fire Cloud Cave were watching Ye Xiwen with immense hatred. Ye Xiwen had killed Chi Tian. And, they had lost their hope of winning this competition because of that.

They had been turned into mere spectators among the four forces as a result. They could only see the fight between Ye Xiwen and the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars and Emperor Chen.

However, Ye Xiwen didn’t care. He had prepared himself for these things when he had decided to kill his opponents to win this championship.

The so-called ‘the taller trees in a forest are always the first to be blown by the wind’. However, it was finally the time to see what was stronger – the wind or the forest trees?

Not being infected by jealously was mediocrity!

The news about Ye Xiwen spending three million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ in the gambling house had quickly disseminated everywhere. However, this was merely an interlude in comparison to the long period of oppressive and intense atmosphere that followed. And, it became merely ‘another’ topic for gossip during leisure time.

The competition between Ye Xiwen and the Twin Stars Brothers was about to take place in this tense atmosphere.

(To be continued)

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