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Silence! There was pin drop silence. Nobody had anticipated that this could be the outcome. Chi Tian had been overbearing. He had suppressed the peers of his generation of the Fire Cloud Cave in order to participate in this competition. So, he had arrived here with the thought of winning this championship.

The owners of Barbarian God’s Real Body had become champion many times in the past. However, he had been killed by Ye Xiwen’s sword. It was an extremely miserable situation.

The Barbarian God’s Real Body had won this championship countless times in the past. They at least hadn’t been killed even if they hadn’t won the championship. And, none of them had been crushed like this… without having any power to fight back.

Ye Xiwen had nearly made the history in this generation. This generation’s Barbarian God’s Real Body wasn’t the weakest… just like the Barbarian God’s Real Body of the past generations. It was above average to say the least. However, Ye Xiwen had swept him away as if he was nothing, and had eventually killed him. In fact, Chi Tian couldn’t even match Ye Xiwen… apart from the beginning of the battle when they were probing each other’s strength.

"Good. Very good!" The complexion of the Lord of the Fire Cloud Cave had turned grim. He sat down after he had watched this scene in front of him, and had spoken with a sneer.

The Supreme Lord of the True Martial University still had no expression on his face. Nobody knew what he was thinking. He was neither happy nor angry. However, the face of the Lord of Muddy Sky Island exposed the trace of a shocked expression. He hadn’t anticipated that Ye Xiwen could have such strength.

However, a calm expression quickly got restored on his face. He still had a lot of confidence on Emperor Chen. After all, Emperor Chen possessed the spatial ability. So, he already stood at the invincible position. Ye Xiwen was certainly very powerful. And, he had acquired a whole new level of respect and admiration in his eyes by now. However, he wasn’t anxious even now.

The Lord of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall was seated beside him. He seemed to be feeling very disgusted on the contrary. It seemed as if he had eaten a cockroach. His facial expression had turned ashen. He had been extremely excited a moment ago. He had even gone out of his way to say that Ye Xiwen wouldn’t be able to win, and that all the experts of the True Martial University would be eliminated from the competition. However, he hadn’t anticipated that Ye Xiwen would give a tight slap on his face not long after this declaration of his’. In fact, Ye Xiwen had shown him stars in bright daylight.

He had also said that Ye Xiwen wasn’t a match for Chi Tian and would get killed. However, the situation had reversed. Ye Xiwen hadn’t died. Rather, Chi Tian had!

Moreover, Ye Xiwen had displayed formidable fighting strength. So, he had gotten scared in his heart. He wasn’t calm and composed like the Lord of the Muddy Sky Island because Twin Stars Brothers didn’t possess spatial ability like Emperor Chen. So, they weren’t standing at the invincible position like Emperor Chen.

Ye Xiwen had won. So, the Twin Stars Brother would face Ye Xiwen in the next fight if they would also win this round. This had already been decided by the competition’s chart.

The more formidable strength Ye Xiwen would reveal… the more dangerous that would be for the Twin Stars Brothers.

The complexion of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall’s Lord turned exceptionally ugly as he thought about this!

"I hadn’t expected that Ye Xiwen would win!"

"What did you not expect? Each of these heaven’s pride expert is more powerful than the other. It’s quite normal for any of them to win. Who knows what kind of strength they must be hiding deep down? Had you thought that Emperor Chen would possess spatial ability before his fight with Qin Wang? You hadn’t thought that Ye Xiwen could effortlessly defeat Chi Tian. But, he ultimately killed him!"

"Yeah. Chi Tian and Qin Wang were completely different from each other. Chi Tian had been ranked below the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars Brothers and Emperor Chen. However, Ye Xiwen has managed to defeat him in an effortless manner. Ye Xiwen’s strength is truly intrepid. In fact, it’s simply beyond your imagination. And, just look at him. He looks quite relaxed. It’s obvious that he hasn’t used his full strength. So, it’s too early to say who would win this competition!"

The disciples of the Fire Cloud Cave felt extremely disheartened after they witnessed the death of Chi Tian at the hands of Ye Xiwen. The Fire Cloud Cave’s run in this competition had come to an end along with Chi Tian’s defeat.

Ye Xiwen had smoothly entered the semi-finals after he had killed Chi Tian. He had now become one of the top four contenders, while Chi Tian had gotten eliminated from the competition in the quarter-finals.

And most importantly, the disciples of the Fire Cloud had seen this battle with their own eyes. Ye Xiwen hadn’t used any tricks. He had thoroughly defeated Chi Tian using pure strength. This had left them speechless. They obviously didn’t wish to admit this. However, they couldn’t say anything against Ye Xiwen at this time.

Ye Xiwen had thoroughly established his might and influence in this fight. Nobody dared to look down upon him anymore. Initially, people were only talking about Emperor Chen or Xuan Yuan Twin Stars Brothers when they were debating the winner. However, they must add Ye Xiwen in that list now. Moreover, the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars Brothers were Ye Xiwen’s next opponents.

The list of the four semi-finalists was out. In fact, Ye Xiwen wasn’t the one to end this round at the earliest. Rather, it was Emperor Chen.

Emperor Chen’s opponent was Sea Demon Jin Wu Shang. Both of them belonged to the same sect. Therefore, these two men didn’t fight. Sea Demon Jin Wu Shang merely laughed and surrendered. The fight didn’t even take place. Consequently, Emperor Chen won the fight at the earliest.

This was followed by Ye Xiwen. He had effortlessly defeated the incredibly strong Chi Tian. Everyone had been very optimistic about the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars in their fight against Han Bing Wang. However, they had to struggle a lot. He had always been low-key and mysterious. Even more so than Ye Xiwen! However, it was hard to get hold of him. And, he disappeared right after his fight ended.

He had displayed tyrannical strength this time. The Xuan Yuan Twin Stars Brothers had to go through a lot of trouble in this fight. The microcosm had nearly collapsed under their fight. They had eventually managed to defeat Han Bing Wang. However, they couldn’t kill him.

In fact, several people said that the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars Brothers wouldn’t have been a match for Han Bing Wang if they had challenged him one-to-one instead as a team.

This rumor made the most noise. Even more so than Emperor Chen even though he had advanced easily after Sea Demon Jin Wu Shang had surrendered… or Ye Xiwen who had effortlessly defeated Chi Tian.

In addition, Emperor Chen had easily crushed Qin Wang in the previous round. That was also the first time a heaven’s pride expert had been defeated. But, it could be said that the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars Brothers had to face a lot more difficulty to reach the semi-finals compared to Emperor Chen and Ye Xiwen since they had won effortlessly. And, it could be said that the presence of Ye Xiwen could increase the obstacles on the Twin Stars Brothers’ way to win the championship.

Many people were secretly gambling in the True Martial University. The rate of Ye Xiwen’s victory had already surpassed that of the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars Brothers. This also indirectly meant that everyone wasn’t optimistic about the victory of Xuan Yuan Twin Stars Brothers anymore.

It was even more so because the semi-finals were tomorrow, and the fourth semi-finalist was a dark horse. Nobody had heard of him. He was a disciple of the True Martial University. His strength was equal to a quasi-heaven’s pride experts’. It must be said that he was very lucky that he had reached till here.

The debate on who would win and who would lose had become even more intense after the competition had reached the semi-finals. The underground gambling houses had especially turned even livelier.

These underground gambling houses had the support of a myriad of forces of the True Martial University behind them. Hence, the higher authorities had turned a blind eye to them even though they operated in public.

"Come, come, come... we are going to start now. Bet on Ye Xiwen. The rate is 1 if he wins, and 1 if he loses. Bet on the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars. The rate is 1 if they win, and 1.5 if they lose!" a disciple was announcing the biggest ‘handicap bet’ on the ‘Metropolis Martial Peak’. Many disciples were watching him attentively, and were watching the other disciples place their bets. The disciples were present in the surroundings also went ahead and placed their bets. The disciples of the Fire Cloud Cave, the Muddy Sky Island, and the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall were also among them. However, the majority were the disciples of the True Martial University.

Almost all the disciples of the True Martial University had unanimously betted for Ye Xiwen’s victory. Ye Xiwen was the only heaven’s pride expert of the True Martial University who was still in the competition. Another disciple of the True Martial University was also in the competition. However, they could tell that he wasn’t a match for Emperor Chen. The strength of a quasi-heaven’s pride expert was way below Emperor Chen’s. In fact, the difference was so huge that the betting for Emperor Chen’s semi-final match didn’t even open. There wasn’t any suspense in that battle. The dealer would go bankrupt if he were to open the betting for that match. In other words, it was certain that the finals would take place between Emperor Chen and Xuan Yuan Twin Stars Brothers or Ye Xiwen. And, that was dependent on the battle between Ye Xiwen and the Twin Stars Brothers.

However, it was evident from the odds that everyone was more optimistic about Ye Xiwen’s win. However, the disparity between them wasn’t very big. Many people had also betted on the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars’ win; especially the disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace. Nearly all of them had unanimously betted on the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars’ win. They were determined to have their revenge on Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen’s rank had progressed by one position after he had effortlessly defeated Chi Tian. He was now second only to Emperor Chen.

"I placed my bet on the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars. They’ve come very far. That Ye Xiwen is like a feather in front of them. He’s just an upstart!" a disciple of Xuan Yuan Palace Hall spoke angrily.

The Xuan Yuan Twin Stars used to be everyone’s favourites to win the competition until Emperor Chen hadn’t displayed his formidable fighting strength. After all, they are two men fighting as a team. So, they had been hot favourites to win this competition. However, Emperor Chen had become everyone’s favourite after he had displayed his spatial ability.

It would be alight if Emperor Chen had become everyone’s favourite. After all, he had displayed the spatial ability. He stood at the invincible position as a result. So, this was quite normal. However, Ye Xiwen was nothing. He had only defeated Chi Tian; that’s all. In fact, Chi Tian had been placed below the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars in the rankings. So, Ye Xiwen name didn’t have to be placed above the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars’ even if he had defeated Chi Tian.

The Twin Stars Brothers were two individuals at the end the day!

However, even that Xuan Yuan Palace Hall disciple might not have noticed when his confidence on the Twin Stars Brothers and his expectations with them had got stuck to only one point – the Xuan Yuan’s Twin Stars were two men, and Ye Xiwen was alone!

Initially, he had thought that they were powerful-enough as a team to sweep away their peers. However, he suddenly felt that having more number of people wasn’t advantageous anymore. Emperor Chen had used his spatial ability to defeat Qin Wang’s counterattack with ease. And, Ye Xiwen was so tyrannical that he defeated Chi Tian effortlessly. Both of them had displayed top-notch strength; strength that was far above their peers.

However, people generally talked about the two-to-one accomplishments when it came to Xuan Yuan Twin Stars. They had greatly benefited from this thus far. However, people were still not very optimistic about them. When did they get reduced to such an extent?

(To be continued)

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