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Chapter 45 - Condensed Xiantian Zhen Qi

“You dared to behave arrogantly in front of me and my Yi Yuan School. I know that Zhang family disciples are all mediocre, so I thought I should teach you a small lesson using my blade. You don't have the qualifications to be arrogant, and the next time you tried to be boastful in front of me then without showing any mercy, I will directly cripple you!” Ye Xiwen coldly turned away and left.

He had already killed two Zhang younger masters. And Zhang followed a family system so it was obvious that those two young masters held a higher position in the Zhang family compared to Zhang Yunfei. So how could Ye Xiwen tolerate his arrogance?

“You …”

Zhang Yunfei saw the icy-cold in Ye Xiwen's eyes and he immediately got furious from shame and embarrassment while his blood continuously flowed from the corners of his mouth.

“I want revenge, I want revenge, I will tear you to shreds, and one day, I will surely take revenge for today!” Zhang Yunfei was shouting in his heart, but he did not dare to speak out loud because Ye Xiwen's eyes looked too cold. And if he dared to take any action or even speak a word then Ye Xiwen won't think twice before beheading him.

“Ye Xiwen is getting more and more terrible!”

“Yes! His single blade attack actually sent Zhang Yunfei flying, that's really terrible!”

“He was not this terribly powerful in the competition two months ago!”

“Two months ago, that Ye Xiwen became radically famous, which was totally unexpected for everyone!”

Dongfang Bai himself only blood, eyes looking at the complex Ye Xiwen. Others might not know, but he knew very well. If Zhang Yunfei had not used a hidden weapon, he might not have lost to Zhang Yunfei because they were both equally matched in strength. However, Zhang Yunfei had even used his sword and still could not stop one blade attack from Ye Xiwen and was also sent flying. It was obvious that Ye Xiwen had gone easy on him causing only shallow cut wounds, otherwise, he would have definitely hacked Zhang Yunfei into pieces by now.

In the competition two months ago, he had given Ye Xiwen a good fight. After the competition, his progress was not at all slow, because, from the peak of Houtian seventh stage, he had already reached the intermediate level of Houtian eighth stage. However, even if his cultivation speed was fast, his strength was nowhere near Ye Xiwen's current terrifying strength.

How did the gap between them become this wide?

Ye Xiwen did not pay attention to the whooping of these disciples, because, he was not in a mood for these discussions. Now, his only goal was to climb the peak of martial arts.

Ye Xiwen went home and saw his only sister Ye Ruxue who had finished her closed-door training in just two months time and had already reached the peak of Houtian eighth stage. This rate of progress was simply incredible as she was a year older than Ye Xiwen. Although, geniuses like Dongfang Bai and Zhang Yunfei had also reached the intermediate eighth stage but their ages had already crossed twenty, and in contrast to them, she was only a teenager.

During this time, their father Ye Kongming had forced her to start closed-door training, and the result was quite incredible.

Her cultivation speed was faster than what Ye Xiwen had expected.

“Well done! You actually defeated that Zhang Yunfei in a single blade attack!” Ye Ruxue said with a bright smile.

“That guy was too annoying.” Ye Xiwen said with a smile.

“You’re absolutely right, that guy is way too arrogant. He dared to clamor inside our Yi Yuan School and disrespected us, so it was necessary to get rid of a nuisance like him.” Ye Ruxue nodded.

In fact, a lot of core disciples were concerned about Zhang Yunfei, but, they could not get rid of him, because that would have started rumors. However, Ye Xiwen had already stopped him so they didn't need care of this matter anymore. Of course, if Ye Xiwen had failed in stopping him then they would have personally come to teach Zhang Yunfei a lesson, at any rate, stopping Zhang Yunfei from running amuck was necessary.

However, Ye Xiwen had defeated Zhang Yunfei in a single strike, and this caused a lot of the core disciples to feel ashamed because Zhang Yunfei had become arrogant thanks to their weakness and ignorance.

“But don't you get too excited, because that Zhang Yunfei guy is nothing compared to his elder brother. He has a brother who is very powerful and is ranked among the top five Zhang core disciples. He has already been a master of Houtian ninth stage for the last two years. This time you have wounded his younger brother so he will not easily let you off.” Ye Ruxue said.

“Houtian ninth stage?” Ye Xiwen said.

“I know you’re stronger now, but Zhang Yunfei's brother cannot be taken lightly. When he comes for you, no matter how much he tries to provoke you into fighting him, do not fight him. Our big brother will come back tomorrow, so let him handle this Zhang Yunfei's brother.” In Ye Ruxue's eyes, no matter how powerful he had become, he was still her little brother who had just entered the core disciples ranks of Yi Yuan School, however , Zhang Yunfei's brother was one of the top players among the Zhang core disciples.

Ye Xiwen felt warm in his heart after seeing that Ye Ruxue was worried for him. He smiled and said: “Rest assured, I have a sense of proportion, although he is fierce, but I am also not made up of cotton.”

When Ye Ruxue saw her littler bother's confident demeanor, she couldn't believe her eyes. A few months ago, she had noticed that she could not understand her little brother's way of thinking. Earlier, her brother, although liked to practice very hard, used to have a very simple thought process, but now, she felt as if she could not see through him at all.

But Ye Ruxue realized that this must have happened because her little brother had finally grown up!

Ye Xiwen did not know about the change in her perception about him, but for him, these few people were the only ones he loved the most in this world.

Before long, Ye Xiwen parents came back and after having dinner, Ye Xiwen as usual went back to his small courtyard to cultivate. He knew very well that he was not a genius and hard work was the only way to compensate for the lack of talent. (NT: How nostalgic, it reminded me of the fight between Naruto and Neji)

Not a moment to relax!

While treating Hua Menghan, he had learned a good deal about the Xiantian Zhen Qi. He had also gained some insights about how to condense Houtian Zhen Qi into Xiantian Zhen Qi. These two types of Zhen Qi were not at all similar, because, a significant qualitative change occurred whenever Houtian Zhen Qi was condensed into Xiantian Zhen Qi. Also, compared to the Houtian Zhen Qi, the Xiantian Zhen Qi was way too fierce.

Usually, if someone wanted to refine Xiantian Zhen QI then the most important first step was to open up the world bridge. The body's internal circulation would become more vigorous and the refining efficiency would also enhance multiple times.

Ye Xiwen, a Houtian realm expert, was trying to condense Xiantian Zhen Qi inside his body, if other people got to know about this, it would shock the entire world, because, no master of the Houtian realm had ever tried to condense Xiantian Zhen Qi.

However, Ye Xiwen's other half of memories belonged to Earth's knowledge boom era. So, he could never be shackled by the old norms.

If he could successfully condense his Houtian Zhen Qi to Xiantian Zhen Qi, then, he would experience an explosive increase in his strength. Also, he would be capable of handling even two Xiantian masters at the same time.

Ye Xiwen concentrated his mind and began to condense his own Zhen Qi into the very first strands of Xiantian Zhen Qi.


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