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Qin Wang released the long arrow from his hand. It made a raid towards Emperor Chen; just like a dragon.


Emperor Chen once again transformed into a golden flash, and disappeared before everyone’s eyes.

"Bang!" the long arrow smashed on the ground, and opened a huge crack.

Everyone looked more carefully this time.

Ye Xiwen again felt the fluctuations in the space. His heart sank. This was indeed spatial ability.

This was the most troublesome and thorny matter. The principle of space was second only to the abstruse principle of time in terms of profoundness. Even the great sage experts had no way to feel the traces of this principle.

They could feel its traces only if they were born with such talent. Otherwise, they could only use some shallow applications of space principle since it was difficult to use in actual combat. So, what could one say about disappearing and reappearing anywhere and anytime like Emperor Chen could? This wasn’t possible for average people.

The great sage experts could rip-open the void. However, they might get lost in the chaos if they went in. It would then be impossible for them to come out of it without having the coordinates!


Suddenly, something clicked in Ye Xiwen’s mind.


Emperor Chen had disappeared once again. He appeared behind Qin Wang this time. His long spear struck down to crush Qin Wang like a rolling mountain.

"Bang!" Emperor Chen’s attack caught Qin Wang off-guard. Qin Wang didn’t get enough time to react. He got knocked-off from his horse, and fell down. He crashed into the ground, and his fall created a huge crater.

Even the mysterious guards who were beside him didn’t get the time to react. Emperor Chen once again disappeared, and then appeared right above Qin Wang’s head the very next moment. He thrust his spear downward towards Qin Wang… as if to stab him to death.

"Whoosh!" A long arrow was once again unleashed, and it went lasing out. It spread brilliant rays of light across the sky, and arrived right in front of Emperor Chen in a split second. However, Emperor Chen disappeared just when it was about to penetrate his body.

Qin Wang once again got on top of his horse, and sat upright. But, he was shivering slightly. Emperor Chen had posed no small threat to his life a moment ago.

Everyone was in uproar. They hadn’t anticipated the situation to turn into this. Qin Wang had gained the upper hand in the fight a moment ago. However, he had suddenly been forced into a disadvantageous position by Emperor Chen.

The two experts no longer seemed on the same level in terms of performance either. A clear disparity had become visible between the two great experts.

The expert who possessed the ability of space had turned out to be more powerful one. This was beginning to reflect very vividly and very thoroughly at this moment.

"Bang!" Emperor Chen suddenly appeared behind Qin Wang. His spear struck down upon Qin Wang, and struck him on his back. Qin Wang was sent flying once again. His armour got shattered, and his blood splattered.

Ye Xiwen had come to realize that Emperor Chen didn’t possess the spatial ability. Rather, it was the golden lion he was seated on who had this ability. It must’ve been derived from the bloodline that it possessed.

However, what difference would it make? Both of them could be considered as one.

Qin Wang didn’t stay at one place after he had received this blow, and started to move around at a lightning speed. He would attack at once whenever Emperor Chen appeared. However, he still couldn’t restrain Emperor Chen. In fact, Emperor Chen would manage to inflict heavy damage on Qin Wang whenever he’d obtained the slightest opportunity.

Some time passed in this manner. Qin Wang’s blood splashed, and bone fragments swirled in the air. He no longer had the strength to fight back. The condition of the injuries on his body had become more serious. And, his movements had become even slower and sluggish. His entire body was covered with wounds. It was an extremely tragic scene. Emperor Chen’s movements had become even quicker on the contrary. And, his attacks had become even fiercer and ruthless.

A chill ran inside the spectators who were watching from the observatory microcosm. This was an extremely tragic fight. They had anticipated it to be an evenly matched fight. However, the outcome had turned out to be like this. There was no longer any suspense attached to this fight.

It had seemed as if it would be an evenly matched battle. However, Qin Wang’s entire body was drenched in blood at the moment. In fact, nearly half of his body had been blown-off. However, Emperor Chen was fine.

"Bang!" Qing Wang was once again blasted away. He went flying. His entire arm had been blown to smithereens.

Everyone stood up from their seats. Emperor Chen didn’t care about Qin Wang’s screams, and thrust down his spear; it almost seemed like a dragon.

"Stop!" even the most calm and composed Supreme Lord of True Martial University couldn’t help but shout as he realized that Qin Wang was about to get killed. There wouldn’t have been any problem if an ordinary heaven’s pride expert were to die. However, Qin Wang was different. He was a top-elite among the heaven’s pride experts. How could he be compared with an ordinary heaven’s pride expert?

The Supreme Lord’s loud shout transformed into a dragon’s roar, and entered the microcosm. The microcosm trembled under its effect. Emperor Chen heard this. However, he sneered disdainfully, and thrust his long spear down.

"Bang!" Qin Wang’s body got nailed to the ground along with his mouth.

The breeze carried a trace of bloody smell along with it.

Qin Wang was dead!

Everyone was dumbstruck. They hadn’t anticipated that this could be the outcome.

Perhaps they had anticipated it. However, they hadn’t thought that the fight would end like this. They had believed that perhaps none of these two individuals would win the fight. However, they hadn’t expected it to evolve into an entirely one-sided battle.

"Good, very good!" The Supreme Lord took his seat again. He sneered twice, and didn’t say anything. He must’ve seen such a tragic scene — the death of his own disciples, and that of others’ — several times in this competition since it was held every hundred years.

He had seen so much that he had become too insensitive towards it by now.

The Muddy Sky Island’s Lord smiled mischievously; unlike the Supreme Lord. However, he didn’t say anything. He seemed quite self-satisfied based on the look on his face.

This fight had already ended; regardless of whether one was willing to accept this outcome or not. This fight had been the first face-off between the eight heaven’s pride experts. And, Emperor Chen could now be considered as the strongest among them. People had been scared out of their minds after they had watched such an outcome.

Everyone had to acknowledge Emperor Chen’s strength. Many people had already started to consider him the top expert among the entire range of heaven’s pride experts. They felt that nobody could match him.

Everyone had become quite pessimistic about other contenders after they had watched his spatial ability. How could anybody compete against such a person?

Several people felt that Emperor Chen’s strength had already surpassed everyone else’s.

The other fights couldn’t attract the attention of most spectators after the fight between Emperor Chen and Qin Wang concluded.

The third day’s competition came to an end soon after.

However, everyone had become even more excited. The fourth day’s competition must be countless times more intense than the third days’. Only the experts of the late stage of the semi-sage realm were left in the competition by now.

They had gotten to watch the fight between only one pair of heaven’s pride experts today. However, the fights tomorrow would take place between three pairs of heaven’s pride level experts. The winner of yesterday’s contest Emperor Chen would face the expert of his own school in the first group. His opponent would be none other than Sea Demon Jin Wu Shuang. The people of Muddy Sky Island had become restless after they watched such an arrangement of the competition. However, they didn’t have any way to express their disagreement. The arrangement of fights was random at first. However, it had been fixed afterwards. Therefore, one could only advance after they had defeated their predetermined opponents.

In other words, only one of these two famous heaven’s pride experts of the Muddy Sky Island would be able to advance in this time’s competition.

The fight between these two experts of the same sect was one contest. And, the second one would take place between Xuan Yuan Palace Hall’s Twin Stars and True Martial University’s Han Bing Wang. Han Bing Wang was the most low-key and mysterious person among these eight heaven’s pride experts. It would be impossible to catch a glimpse of him if he weren’t fighting in the competition. And, he would again disappear after the competition.

The bright moonlight in the sky had sprinkled upon the earth tonight.

Ye Xiwen lay atop a tall platform on top of the ‘Hidden Star Peak’. He was staring at the countless stars that occupied the sky. He was lost in his thoughts. He had arrived at the ‘Hidden Star Peak’ after he had covered the entire ancient road. And, he had done so one step at a time. Nearly ten years had passed in a flash. Time had disappeared without leaving any trace; just like a white steed flits past a crack.

Ye Xiwen had always wanted to return to Earth. So, he was practicing as quickly as possible. He wanted to return to the Earth before his parents from previous life would pass away. However, he had come to realize that he had thought it to be a simpler task that it was in reality. Ten years had passed in an instant. He was still somewhat away from the sage realm. God knows when he would find the way back to the Earth. He undoubtedly longed to return to Earth. However, the hope to go and meet his real parents had gradually extinguished. It was needless to mention that he didn’t even know where the Earth was located.

In fact, he didn’t even know whether the Earth was situation in the same dimension or not…?

"Brother Ye!" The shadow of a tall person appeared before Ye Xiwen’s eyes at this time.

"Brother Bai!" Ye Xiwen sat up from the resting position, "Weren’t you undergoing closed-door training?"

Bai Jian Song had already made the breakthrough into the great sage realm. However, he had obtained great insights during that fight earlier. Moreover, he wanted to consolidate his newly obtain great sage cultivation. Therefore, he had been undergoing closed-door training.

"Ha ha. Sometimes you have to come out to take a breath of fresh air!" Bai Jian Song laughed and said, "Congrats Brother Ye, you have advanced so far in the competition!"

"Why are you congratulating me? I haven’t won the championship yet!" Ye Xiwen was blunt about it. He and Bai Jian Song had become quite familiar with each other. Ye Xiwen wouldn’t have spoken such frank words otherwise.

Bai Jian Song just looked at Ye Xiwen. He didn’t mind his words. He sat down beside him, and replied, "There’s obviously a reason. Ha-ha, it seems as if Qin Wang’s death has affected some old fogies rather strongly. Some people have flown into a rage out of humiliation. The old fogies of Jade Yang Peak are even angrier than the others!"

Jade Yang Peak was Qin Wang’s inheritance. It was also one among the Top 10 Inheritances. Jade Yang Peak had nurtured Qin Wang as their future hope and pillar of support. They had allowed him to participate in this time’s competition so that he could gain some experience. Nobody could match Qin Wang among his peers as per his strength in their opinion. It should’ve been impossible for anyone to force him to retreat. Who would’ve thought that Emperor Chen would crucify him on the ground in front of thousands of spectators?

"Some old fogy told me that they want you to look for an opportunity to get rid of Emperor Chen. You will get a reward of ten million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ as long as you kill Emperor Chen. This would obviously be separate from the assigned competition’s reward!"

(To be continued)

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