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Chapter 44 - A move to fly

Dongfang Bai?

Ye Xiwen quickly pulled up next to a disciple and asked: “What's going on? What's up with all this commotion?”

“Brother Ye! You came back, this is awesome!” A disciple, with his age significantly bigger than Ye Xiwen ,said with respect. But there was nothing strange about this, because, in this world, only strong people commanded respect regardless of the age.

“It is those guys from Zhang family. Today, they sent an elder to discuss with our school about the upcoming core disciples competition. The elder had come with a Zhang disciple, called Zhang Yunfei, who is also the champion of this year's Zhang family's great competition. He challenged our school's 'Great five inner disciples' and has already defeated the three brothers of the 'Great five disciples' and he is so despicable that he plotted against Brother Dongfang Bai and beat him as well!” (NT: 'Great five disciples' consist of four guys and one girl)

Ye Xiwen frowned as he knew that this was a deliberate provocation from Zhang family. Zhang family was not the same as Yi Yuan School, because, Yi Yuan School was tolerant to diversity, but Zhang followed the clan system. Their great family competition was very similar to Yi Yuan School's Inner Weighing, and it also happened every three years. After the championships, the champions from both competitions would compete with each other putting their respective school's reputation on the line.

But Zhang family was trying to provoke Yi Yuan School before the joint core disciples competition had even begun. This was like a slap on their faces!

This was a contest between the younger generations of core disciples. A man with Zhang Yunfei's abilities didn't stand a chance against the core disciples and would eventually die a dog's death, but they could not get rid of him right now, because once he was killed, it would appear as the weakness of Yi Yuan School. He was using this opportunity to mock Yi Yuan School and this plot was set up by the Zhang family.

Certainly, the premise was to use Zhang Yunfei to defeat the geniuses of Yi Yuan School. If he was not stopped right now, Yi Yuan School's reputation would completely become a joke.

Countless thoughts instantly flashed through his mind. Suddenly his attention shifted towards the plaza where the crowd was spread out, and in the center of the field, he saw Dongfang Bai holding a long double-edged sword in one hand and blood was constantly flowing down from his other hand. His complexion was also pale and somewhat unsightly.

While on the other side, there was a young man with contented expression on his face and was flying over the plaza. He also had a sharp sword in one hand, and was actually a master of the intermediate Houtian eighth stage.

No wonder Zhang family had so much confidence in him. He was so young and was still able to reach the intermediate Houtian eighth stage and he also possessed the 'Flying escape barrier'.

“Despicable, you actually used a hidden poisonous needle to injure Brother Dongfang Bai. How could you do such a thing?”

“Shameless, are all Zhang people like this man?”

“Ha ha ha, during a life and death battle, does a man need permission before using his hidden weapons?” Zhang Yunfei had a look of disdain, “He very easily let his guard down. I really don't know how he has survived up until now!”



Zhang Yunfei's actions and words immediately outraged several Yi Yuan School disciples.

“Doesn't your Yi Yuan School have a stronger person? I have heard that a champion has popped up in this year's competition, how come I did not see him? Do not be afraid and come out, ah ha ha ha!” Zhang Yunfei gave out an arrogant laughter.

“Phew!” A terrifying Daoqi exploded causing even the sky to tremble and it seemed as if the air had been cut to shreds. In an instant, this seemingly beautiful but deadly Daoqi rushed towards Zhang Yunfei with terrifying speed. (NT: 'Daoqi' means 'Bladeqi')

Zhang Yunfei sensed the incredible Daoqi coming towards him and he immediately dodged using all of his might. Although he got successful in evading the blade attack but he was already breathing heavily. He didn't wait to catch his breath and suddenly gave out a thunderous shout: “Who dares to attack me!”

“It's me.” Ye Xiwen said and walked out towards Zhang Yunfei. The crowd immediately bifurcated to make a path for him.

“It's Brother Ye Xiwen!”

“Yes! It's Brother Ye! He came back on the right time. Let's see how he crushes this Zhang Yunfei's arrogance!”

“How dare you attack me?” Zhang Yunfei said furiously. The Daoqi present in Ye Xiwen's blade attack was simply so terrible that if he had not been careful, then he would have been chopped down into two halves by now.

“Does a man need permission before using his hidden attack?” Ye Xiwen sneered with disdain.

Suddenly, all of the disciples of Yi Yuan School burst out in a loud laughter which echoed throughout the school campus. It was very clear that Ye Xiwen had thrown Zhang Yunfei's original words back at his face.

Now that his own words had been dumped on his face in public, he had become extremely furious.

His face flushed with anger and he shouted: “Who are you!”

“Ye Xiwen!” Ye Xiwen said.

“You are Ye Xiwen?” Zhang Yunfei's complexion looked unsightly while he was looking at him. He opened his mouth to scold him but he didn't know what to say, because he had already fallen for his own trap. So how could he accuse Ye Xiwen?

Because, he had used a hidden weapon to injure Dongfang Bai a moment ago so he had no other choice but to not say anything and endure this painful embarrassment!

“I see, so you are this year's champion of School Inner Weighing who unexpectedly displayed incredible power and shocked everyone. You and I, let us exchange pointers!” Zhang Yunfei said.

“Well, so long as you successfully receive one move from me, I will turn around and walk away.” Ye Xiwen used the celestial step, and his figure flew like a swallow in Zhang Yunfei's direction. He took out his long blade and instantly chopped out a flying rainbow which rushed towards Zhang Yunfei with only one motive, to behead!

Ye Xiwen blade techniques were quite average when they were practiced by others. However, when he used these blade techniques, then the results would always be mind blowing for others. The reason behind this was very simple. It could be said that his blade skills had already reached a profound level after constantly practicing for a long time. After all, the foundation of one blade skill was also the foundation for other blade skills. And these skills would make the blade techniques even more profound and powerful. For example, if someone wanted to build tall buildings, then it was necessary to lay down a strong foundation for each of them.

Martial arts secret books were like blueprints for the foundation of tall buildings. Even if the blueprints were followed properly but the foundation was weak then no matter how many tall buildings were made on this weak foundation, all of them were bound to collapse someday.

Therefore, regardless of where he was or what he was doing, Ye Xiwen would never forget to practice the foundation of skills.

This blade skill was a manifestation of the hard work he had been doing by daily practicing the foundation of his skills.

A brilliant Daoqi split the air and appeared in front of Zhang Yunfei instantaneously.

Zhang Yunfei quickly brandished his long Jianqi. (NT: 'Jianqi' means 'Swordqi')

“Boom!” A loud explosion occurred when Daoqi and Jianqi collided in the air producing a terrible explosive sound. However, Ye Xiwen's Daoqi did not disperse, instead, with an irresistible force it directly shattered Zhang Yunfei's Jianqi and proceeded towards his long sword.

“Bang!” Ye Xiwen's Daoqi hit the long sword with incredible pressure. The great strength present in this attack directly hit Zhang Yunfei and blood spilled from all over his body. His body, like a broken kite, flew high, and fell heavily on the ground upside down.



All of the disciples were looking forward to this fight but none of them would have imagined that an arrogant and domineering Zhang Yunfei would not be able to stop even a single move from Ye Xiwen.


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