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Chapter 436: Many Powerful Enemies!
Ye Xiwen obviously didn’t know that these four big personalities were talking about him. But, his mood wouldn’t have changed even if he knew. He had goals that he must surmount in the future.
The second round’s results began to spread quickly among the disciples since most of the participants had finished their respective fights.
"Those heavens’ pride experts will dominate this time’s competition. However, you never know someone might emerge out as a dark horse!"
"That’s difficult though. Those heaven’s pride experts have been specially groomed by each of the major forces. The resources they obtain from their respective forces are far beyond our imagination. One can only surpass them if their innate talent goes against the heaven’s will. Otherwise, it’s not possible!"
"Yeah, that’s right. It’s said that Fire Cloud Cave’s Chi Tian is the most powerful expert this time. Barbarian God’s real body is considered invincible in the entire world. He has killed his opponents in one slap in both the rounds so far. His opponents didn’t even have the power to fight back. The Fire Cloud Cave has suffered heavy losses in the rounds so far, and they have sent only one heaven’s pride expert in this competition. However, Chi Tian has enough strength to suppress the other outstanding heroes!"
"Barbarian God’s Real Body? That’s nothing. I think our True Martial University’s Golden God of War — Ye Xiwen — is more powerful. Do you think this Barbarian God’s Real Body is more powerful than that Titan’s body? And, was he also not killed by Ye Xiwen in the end?"
"Yes. Our True Martial University’s Qin Wang and Han Bing Wang have also participated apart from Ye Xiwen. These two individuals are also very mysterious, but are also quite ruthless. Their opponents didn’t even get the time to react while facing their attacks. It can be said that they aren’t much slower than Ye Xiwen in defeating their opponents!"
"Absolutely not. Your True Martial University is merely a frog sitting at the bottom of the well. It can never be a match of our Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. Our heaven’s pride experts are outstanding. Our ‘Xuan Yuan Twin Stars’ are widely famous, and are considered unbeatable in the entire world. What Ye Xiwen? What Qin Wang? They can be easily crushed to death!"
"I spit on you. Your Xuan Yuan Palace Hall is like a feather. Don’t forget that your heaven’s pride expert — Fan Ming — was killed by our Ye Xiwen. Moreover, Ye Xiwen has also taught a good lesson to that child Pang Yang Bo. It’s been so long, and you still don’t know who killed him. What are you so proud of?"
The news about that fight between Ye Xiwen and Pang Yang Bo in the Wind Dragon City had already spread throughout the True Martial University. It had attracted the attention of countless disciples of the younger generation. They now looked at Ye Xiwen as their idol. People had only raised their eyebrows when Ye Xiwen had killed the Titan Body. The internal struggles are always far less noticeable than the external ones… regardless of the era.
"What’s more despicable are those Xuan Yuan Twin Star experts of yours. They team up in their fights. Who wouldn’t win a fight when it’s 2 against one opponent? I can’t bear to see such villainous people!"
True Martial University’s disciples angrily spoke-up to defend themselves.
"What are you quarreling for? There’s no match for our East Sea’s Emperor Chen and Hai Yao Jin. They are invincible. They are widely popular among the experts of the younger generation in the entire East Sea region!" (1)
The disciples of the four forces were arguing amongst themselves. However, they weren’t able to convince each other. So, they could only stare at one another helplessly. It was impossible for these people to win this time’s competition. So, they could only have the expectations from their own schools to win this com

petition, and suppress the other outstanding heroes. And, they were depending on the heaven’s pride experts for that…
Ye Xiwen was hearing everything quietly. Nobody could spot him in the crowd since he had restrained his breath. The people these disciples had mentioned were strong opponents. These 8 heaven’s pride experts were the front-runners in this time’s competition. The result would change only if someone could make a sudden rise. Otherwise, the winner would be one among these 8 powerhouses.
Ye Xiwen heard a familiar name — Emperor Chen. He had heard it last on the demon island. He was one of the two individuals who had left the most profound impression on him. The other individual was Qing Xuyi. These two individuals were undoubtedly the two strongest experts among the geniuses who had been summoned to the demon island from the ten countries of the Southeast region. Ye Xiwen had obviously indulged in a fight with him at that time. However, he had soon realized that he wasn’t a match for Emperor Chen.
Moreover, Emperor Chen had been very hostile towards Ye Xiwen. And, Ye Xiwen was quite wary of him because of this. In fact, the matter concerning Eighth Prince Yue Yi’s life and death had nearly sparked a major fight between Ye Xiwen and Emperor Chen at that time.
Would there be an extension of that unfinished fight here?
Ye Xiwen was quite wary of Emperor Chen even now. However, he must defeat him or even kill him in order to win this time’s competition.
He wouldn’t mind killing Emperor Chen if given the opportunity. He knew that Emperor Chen must still be hostile towards him because he had killed the Eight Prince Yue Yi despite the warning from Emperor Chen. Emperor Chen felt that his prestige had suffered a huge damage because of that. Moreover, one could say that such enmity wouldn’t change because of change in circumstances for an arrogant person like him. Ye Xiwen knew that the opposite party wouldn’t let go of any the chance to kill him either… if given the opportunity…
Ye Xiwen was also wary of Xuan Yuan’s Twin Star experts. He was wary of them because he would have to fight with two individuals at the same time. The Twin Star experts always fought as a team. They represented fire and water properties respectively. Both of them were ranked as heaven’s pride experts. Therefore, one could imagine the dreadful might of these two individuals as a team. They were considered invincible in their region. And, their accomplishments weren’t just for show either…
Ye Xiwen was especially wary of these two individuals. He didn’t care about other heaven’s pride experts since they weren’t a matter of concern for him. For example… his ‘gilded tyrant form’ itself was far superior to the Barbarian God’s Real Body of Chi Tian. In fact, Ye Xiwen’s gilded tyrant form had also benefited a lot from the ‘Flaming Sun Real Water’. So, he knew how intrepid the ‘Flaming Sun Real Water’ could make a body…
This guy wasn’t an ordinary person!
Ye Xiwen sighed. The road to winning this competition was full of dangers and obstacles. However, he had no other choice but to attain victory.
"No matter who among these 8 individuals is stronger or weaker… we aren’t a match for any one of them. I hope we can advance for several rounds without coming across them. We can obtain more and more rewards round after round if that happens!"
"Yeah, that’s right. The best thing would be to surrender if we bumped into any of them. Otherwise, we might get killed on the spot by these eccentric heaven’s pride experts. In fact, the slightest delay can be fatal!"
This competition was incomparably cruel since the hidden objective was to kill the heaven’s pride experts of the other forces. Hence, one should expect no mercy if they bumped into the heaven’s pride experts.
Ye Xiwen closed his eyes to regain his composure. Shuiyan Luo and the others also came out soon. Shuiyan Luo and Huang Luochen had experienced a daunting fight this time, but things had thankfully ended without any mishaps. But, more than half of the other disciples of Yi Yuan School had been eliminated.
Ye Xiwen knew that more-than-half of the remaining disciples of the Yi Yuan School would probably get eliminated in the next round. In fact, Shuiyan Luo and Huang Luo Chen might come across bitter fights in the next round…
"Fortunately, I didn’t encounter a very strong opponent this time!" Shuiyan Luo patted her bountiful chest and said. She looked somewhat glad.
"You will sooner or later!" Huang Luo Chen casually spoke-up – cold as always. Everyone knew that his disposition was like this only. He was always frank, and didn’t care about anything.
"Can’t you hope for something good for me?" Shuiyan Luo stared coldly at Huang Luo Chen, and said.
"I’m only speaking the truth; nothing more!" Huang Luo Chen insipidly replied.
"You…" Shuiyan Luo snorted angrily.
"Are you Ye Xiwen?" Ye Xiwen seemed amused as he watched these two people talk. That was when the voices of two individuals sounded from behind him — in unison. These were extremely sinister voices.
Ye Xiwen turned around to see. Two young men were approaching him side by side; they looked exactly the same. They had an imposing appearance; the vigor of a dragon, and the ferocity of a tiger. They were walking in sync with one on the left, and the other on the right.
The only difference between the two was – the young man on the left had red hair and beard. And, the one on the right had aqua-blue hair and beard.
The unexpected arrival of these two had made Ye Xiwen and other people tense.
"Aren’t they Xuan Yuan Twin Stars? Why are they looking for Ye Xiwen? Are they planning to start the fight ahead of time?"
"He he. We will get to watch good show now. There’s a strong feud between Ye Xiwen and Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. Fan Ming had been killed by Ye Xiwen. Even a well-known genius like Pang Yang Bo – said to appear once in several millennia – had been defeated miserably at the hands of Ye Xiwen. One can only imagine the kind of hatred and desire for revenge they must hold when it comes to Ye Xiwen, tut tut!"
"Xuan Yuan Twin Stars!" Ye Xiwen immediately understood that these two individuals were brothers. The one on the left with red hair and beard must be the older brother — Huo Chi. And, the other one was the younger brother — Huo Lan. Both of them were extremely ferocious.
"Ye Xiwen, you’re pretty good. Even we know your name! You must be very proud of yourself!" The older brother Huo Chi opened his mouth and said, "We weren’t aware of the situation here since we were on an expedition. However, we heard that you are quite the savage after we returned. That trash Fan Ming was killed by you. However, it doesn’t matter now. You will soon die at our hands. So, make sure you cherish your remaining days well!"
Ye Xiwen was speechless. He was baffled by what he had just heard, [who’s more savage between me and you two? My savagery is easily dwarfed, and is basically rendered insignificant in front of madmen like you two…]
[I wonder what you’d say if you were to find out that Pang Yang Bo was also killed by me!]
Ye Xiwen obviously wouldn’t reveal that. He might end-up being chased for the rest of his life if he revealed this secret. This may not have much to do with Pang Yang Bo’s death, but with the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’. So, Ye Xiwen would never risk revealing this secret. It would be very detrimental since he didn’t possess enough strength to fend for himself.
"I have nothing to say if the entireties of your Xuan Yuan Palace Hall’s heaven’s pride experts are planning to die at my hands!" Ye Xiwen coldly replied. These Twin Stars experts were truly powerful. The most important aspect was that they would always attack as a team… regardless of the situation. It wasn’t known what price had been paid to make the major forces permit the participation of these two brothers as a team…
"Your razor-sharp mouth can’t save your life!" Huo Lan coldly said, "Wash your neck properly, ok? The future of the True Martial World is in the hands of us Twin Stars. Only we are the absolute… whereas everyone else in the world is as transient as a fleeting cloud!"
"Well, look at you two making empty promises so blatantly. I just hope you are a bit stronger than Fan Ming and Pang Yang Bo at the very least!" Ye Xiwen continued to speak in an indifferent manner.
"We will soon find out who’s the one to talk big. You won’t be living for long. So, cherish these last days of your life properly!" Twin Stars experts spoke-up in unison. Then, they turned around and left. They had a haughty attitude. They had simply looked down on Ye Xiwen. It could be said that he was already a dead person in their eyes.
"Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see a fight right here. Even the domineering personalities like Xuan Yuan Twin Stars and Ye Xiwen didn’t dare to start a fight in private!"
"Of course. That’s a given. Several great sage experts are overseeing this competition. The disciples can’t possibly dare to break the rules and regulations!"
Ye Xiwen didn’t get time to think much since the third round started soon. He grasped the token, and entered the designated competition-space.
(To be continued)

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