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The human experts, demon beasts, and the star beast experts had arrived on this huge planet. And, they had set-off a scene of bloodbath in all directions.

Countless news spread out that numerous experts had arrived, and were roaming about the planet.

Countless experts would wage war in every three or five days. A reckless expert had stolen the sub-dragon king’s egg a few days ago. He had then fled. The sub-dragon king had recently given birth to this dragon-egg. So, this theft caused a huge sensation. And, the dragon king led its grandiose army of sub-dragons, and killed that human expert… as well as the experts of the other forces. This gave rise to complete chaos.

The dragon-egg was eventually taken back. However, this was only the prologue; nothing more.

Bloodbath could be seen everywhere along with the arrival of more and more experts on this huge planet. And, the discovery of that ancient almighty’s palace had further triggered countless more speculations.

"It is said that this palace has existed since countless years. In fact, it was here even before that wind dragon occupied this planet and built its lair!"

So, there was now news about the palace of the almighty in addition to the wind dragon’s lair. Therefore, more and more people were unable to sit idle, and they arrived one after another to reap the benefits.

It appeared as if someone was deliberately instigating such rumors. And, battles broke out everywhere… and at all times.

The initial bloodbath gradually transformed into utter chaos. And, everyone was left to feel insecure in this situation.

One years’ time quietly passed-by amidst this slaughter. Some people died, while many displayed their talents in this one years’ time. The reputations of several experts of the younger generation had also risen in this series of battles. Pang Yang Bo – whom Ye Xiwen had tidied up quite miserably — was one among such experts.

It was reported that someone had seen him slaughter a star beast that had already entered the late stage of the semi sage realm countless years ago. Moreover, that star beast had condensed 999 dao principles. So, his reputation had come to spread throughout the huge planet after that incident.

Countless people praised him. They thought that the top position in the younger generation would definitely belong to him if he continued to practice. He had suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Ye Xiwen one year ago. However, people interpreted it saying that his age wasn’t enough at the time. They said that Ye Xiwen had taken an unfair advantage of his young age, and had bullied the weak child. Ye Xiwen wouldn’t be his match if they were of the same age. He would’ve killed Ye Xiwen with the flick of one finger.

Ye Xiwen couldn’t help but laugh at this. Other people had always taken an unfair advantage of his young age to bully him in the past. However, the situation had changed completely in this instance since he was being blamed for taking the unfair advantage to bully someone younger. But, he genuinely found it amusing.

Pang Yang Bo’s cultivation speed was abnormally quick. Looking from the ‘talent’ point of view — people could see that Ye Xiwen wasn’t above him. However, age couldn’t decide anything. The future journey was quite long. Why would everyone continue to practice if everything could be decided at an early age?

Ye Xiwen hadn’t stepped out of the closed-door training for most of the last one years’ time. He had comprehended for some time. And then, he had gone out and killed some sub-dragons. In fact, he had collected 10 drops of the real dragon’s blood so far. He had collected enough to help increase his lifespan by a hundred years.

Several group of experts had arrived here because of the Asura Blood Rice, but they had been killed by Ye Xiwen. He hadn’t seized the Asura Blood Rice in its entirety. He had left half of it to grow outside. And, some people had arrived here to spy on it. However, many people had gradually understood that an outstanding expert was present here. Therefore, the ordinary experts didn’t dare to come near this place.

Ye Xiwen had comprehended, deduced, and perfected his ‘Observing Person Scripture’ in the last more-than-a years’ time. The ‘Observing Person Scripture’ was his base. Therefore, he must improve it to a significant level. Moreover, the small universe had operated unceasingly inside his body.

The situation was getting more and more chaotic. But, Ye Xiwen didn’t wish to get involved in this mess. The martial arts competition between the four forces was close at hand. So, he must try hard for this competition. He would come again on this huge planet sooner or later to obtain more treasures. Moreover, that dragon’s vein – which had been locked up inside the ground — was a priceless treasure.

However, Ye Xiwen could also smell some conspiracy brewing. And, he could tell that this chaos would arrive again on this planet after a few years. So, it was quite possible that the truth would come to light as well. Therefore, he would get plenty of opportunities to participate in that major drama at that time.

This over a years’ time had turned out to be quite productive for Ye Xiwen. One year was nothing for the experts who had very long lifespans. However, it could be considered as a groundbreaking period for laying foundation for Ye Xiwen’s journey on the road of martial arts.

Ye Xiwen had finally condensed 999 dao principles inside his body during this time. It was far more than an average person could. His fighting strength had also advanced, and had reached the peak of the late stage of the semi-sage realm. In fact, it was merely one step away from entering the sage realm.

Ye Xiwen’s foundation had stabilized over the course of this time. It had made a huge progress, and had reached a high level because the place where he had been practicing was like a treasure since a dragon’s vein was locked-up underground. It looked mediocre from outside. However, the spirit energy it leaked had filled the cave mansion.

And, Ye Xiwen was trying to make a breakthrough to 1000 dao principles inside this treasure trove. An average person could only condense 999 dao principles at the most. This was the limit. And, many people couldn’t even achieve this amount. Only those experts who had managed to level-up to the great complete realm with half-step legendry realm could condense 999 dao principles. As for 1000 dao principles… it was impossible to condense 1000 dao principles. This scenario only existed in fairytales.

However, Ye Xiwen didn’t feel that his body had reached its limit. So, Ye Mo suggested him to attempt a breakthrough to 1000 dao principles. And, his cultivation would obtain enormous benefits in the future if he could really do so. He had just set foot on the threshold when it came to the aspect of his future cultivation. And, he would be able to advance smoothly in the future if he were to have a more reliable and solid foundation.

Ye Xiwen went into a deep level of comprehension. He could enter such a state anytime and anywhere with the help of his mysterious space as long as he had enough spirit energy. So, it wasn’t a difficult thing for him.

Rings of light began to revolve around Ye Xiwen’s body. These mysterious rays of light were dazzling enough to intoxicate anyone.

Time passed day-by-day. A huge sensation had aroused in the outside world while Ye Xiwen was trying hard to make a breakthrough to 1000 dao principles. Someone had seen an ‘Enlightened Mind Ancient Trees’ on top of a mountain. So, the experts present on this huge planet seethed with excitement when they heard of this.

The so-called ‘cultivation’ was external as well internal. The external cultivation involved the practice of martial arts techniques. And, the internal cultivation involved cultivating one’s own mind. The experts often gave importance to cultivating their mental state. The mental state and martial arts techniques are different. The martial art techniques require step-by-step practice. However, the mental state might not require that. In fact, the mental state of an old roadside sweeper could be more profound than that of a legendary expert. So, it was quite difficult to say.

One’s realm couldn’t decide one’s mental state. However, it was very important. An expert couldn’t control his strength if he didn’t have the sufficient realm to support that.

Ye Xiwen could display as well as control the strength of the late stage of the semi-sage realm even though he was at the initial stage of semi-sage realm. In fact, his strength had already reached the peak of semi-sage realm. Yet, he didn’t dare to promote his strength to the sage realm since his current realm hadn’t made a breakthrough. This clearly showed the importance of realm.

9 out of 10 so-called ‘cultivators’ used to practice in order to improve their realms. Otherwise, it was quite easy to merely increase the strength. An expert could give anything to reach to the peak, or could possibly swallow lots of heavenly treasures… and so on. And, these methods could enhance the martial power very rapidly. However, they could easily meet with accidental rebound if they didn’t have enough mental control. And, their hundred years of cultivation could vanish all of a sudden…

The biggest function of this ‘Enlightened Mind Ancient Tree’ was that it could help a person to clearly see through their own mind. And, it was very important to clearly become aware of one’s own conscience for the sake of cultivation. However, that was impossible for a majority of people. In fact, it was very difficult to accomplish for those people who were too smart for their own good… or those who indulged in plotting against others. Therefore, the so-called ‘pure and innocent like the heart of a newborn’ was the rarest statement.

The clearer a person could see through their own mind… the better the cultivation of their mental state would become. And, there were plenty of methods to quickly increase the strength if the cultivation of the mental state could be increased rapidly.

It’s just like an engine of the battleship. The weight of the battleship is of no consequence as long as sufficient power is supplied…

Therefore, one could well imagine how appealing this ‘Enlightened Mind Ancient Tree’ was for these experts. In fact, even the ancient folklores had never spoken of many people who had possessed an entire ‘Enlightened Mind Ancient Tree’.

However, the ‘Enlightened Mind Ancient Tree’ that had appeared this time didn’t blot out the sky and cover the earth as mentioned in the folklores. It wasn’t extremely tall. In fact, it was merely the size of a man. So, it was totally different from its version in the folklores. However, someone guessed that this was only a branch of the ‘Enlightened Mind Ancient Tree’ that had grown up and taken shape of late. So, its efficacy might not be as good as that of the entire ‘Enlightened Mind Ancient Tree’. However, it was sufficient to make countless experts crazy.

However, god knows how many terrifying experts would’ve arrived here if the complete tree had appeared.

However, even if this small branch was sufficient to make countless people crazy. The sage and great sage experts – who had gone into the depths of this huge planet looking for that wind dragon’s left behind treasures – returned to compete over this small plant.

These rumors fell into Ye Xiwen’s ears as well. However, he didn’t pay attention to them. The most important thing for him was to condense 1000 dao principles. And, he would only be satisfied if that were to happen.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen’s cave suddenly shook fiercely. A heavy object had crashed on the vacant land in front of that cave.

Ye Xiwen swept out his divine sense, and discovered that the object that had come to crash was a small tree; it was the size of a person. It was reddish-brown in its entirety… just like an unknown metal. It was emitting a strange light, and this light flickered and dazzled. Each leaf on that tree appeared like white jade. And, its entire body was translucent. A quick glance at it could make a person sink deeply into oneself. It was like watching everything from one’s own past appear before one’s eyes.

Ye Xiwen suddenly thought. Could it be that rumored ‘Enlightened Mind Ancient Tree’?

(To be continued)

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