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No one would dare to grab them if these spiritual arteries didn’t have enough strength. That was because these spiritual arteries were often deeply ingrained in the earth, and slight carelessness might invoke the earth’s rebound. However, one could still try to cut-off a small portion of it.

Ye Xiwen soon discovered that he couldn’t move the grounded spiritual arteries. It was as if these spiritual arteries had been locked-up by someone. Moreover, these weren’t merely spiritual arteries, but dragon arteries that had been locked underground.

Ye Xiwen performed soul search by sweeping down his divine sense to explore the underground. He saw that a thick and sturdy dragon’s vein was locked inside the ground by a matrix formation. So, it was very difficult to move it.

Ye Xiwen was in a state of shock. A dragon’s vein was more like the source of the spiritual arteries. Even a force such as the Yi Yuan School didn’t possess dragon vein. In fact, a force wouldn’t even be able to restrict a dragon’s vein if they were to somehow obtain it. What could one possibly speak of capturing one and keeping it locked-up underground…

The dragon’s vein didn’t possess spiritual wisdom. It didn’t have the capability to think and comprehend either. However, it possessed spiritual intelligence and instincts… the likes of which an average person simply couldn’t match.

"Ye Xiwen, this place seems to be extraordinary. There must be a big problem here!" Ye Mo cautioned. Dragon’s vein was definitely an incredible thing. It could make a super big school flourish. Everything would flourish in the vicinity of its placement. The vegetation would become lush. The spirit fruits would start to grow. Moreover, the demon beasts in the vicinity would become intelligent and extraordinary. Even the human beings born in a place like that would possess outstanding innate talent. These were some of the advantages of the dragon’s vein. However, this dragon’s vein had been locked up. And, only a little of its spirit energy was leaking out to nourish the Asura Blood Rice. So, where did the remaining energy go? It was hard to say which almighty had senselessly used the dragon’s vein to support such a small amount of Asura Blood Rice…

"No one would trap the dragon’s vein under such a mediocre place if not for the Asura Blood Rice." Ye Mo sighed with emotion and said.

Ye Xiwen sighed with emotion as well. A dragon’s vein had died in the past, and it had left behind the dragon’s essence and a club for people to fight over. However, this dragon’s vein was locked underground. Ye Xiwen was spell-bounded as he explored this place with his divine sense. He walked in the direction of the point that was leaking out the spirit energy from the dragon’s vein. And, he was surprised to find that it had led to that liger-dragon’s lair. He walked along the lair, and arrived at an extremely strange and precipitous cave. And, he found that the spirit energy had become thicker in the depths of the cave. It looked average and normal from outside. But, it was like an abode of immortals on the inside. It wasn’t surprising that the liger-dragon was so protective of this place. That’s why it didn’t leave this place. In fact, it hadn’t even dared to damage the weeds present at the entrance of the lair. Perhaps, it was afraid of this place being discovered by other entities.

"Bang!" it wasn’t clear how far Ye Xiwen had walked when he knocked against a transparent strong barrier.

"Buried Earth Sword!" a ‘sword intention’ suddenly bubbled out of Ye Xiwen’s hand. It swept out towards the barrier to break it.


Ye Xiwen’s ‘sword intention’ struck the barrier, but couldn’t break it. This barrier was very hard… far beyond his imagination.

It was very difficult to break this barrier. So, what kind of stuff would be present behind it? There could possibly be some extraordinary stuff, and it may have been left behind by that ‘almighty’ who had locked-up the dragon’s vein.

Ye Xiwen became excited with anticipation. The dragon’s vein didn’t possess the spiritual wisdom. However, it possessed instincts. So, it could easily rip-apart a great-sage realm expert if the same was caught off-guard. Moreover, some treasure had been left behind this barrier by a powerful person; a person so powerful that he hadn’t only grabbed this dragon’s vein, but had also managed to lock-it-up. How could this treasure be lowly?

It might be possible that this almighty person had left behind this cave-mansion.

"What should we do about this barrier? Ah, I struck it with the entirety of my strength, but it still didn’t break!" Ye Xiwen said. The entire cave was dark. However, he could see anything as long as there was any trace of light. Therefore, he brightened the cave to his eyes with the help of his Martial Power.

Ye Xiwen saw the barrier before him. It looked like a purple-colored wall.

"There’s still a way. I know a mnemonic chant. I will pass it to you. And then, you will be able to break this barrier!" Ye Mo said. "Moreover, this barrier has already sustained some cracks. So, it won’t be difficult to break it open as long as we have the appropriate method!"

Ye Xiwen was surprised to see that the entire barrier was densely covered with marks and lines. They must’ve appeared on its surface after being attacked countless times. Ye Xiwen assumed that this must’ve been done by that liger-dragon. He speculated that the liger-dragon didn’t know countless secrets that a freak like Ye Mo did. However, it must’ve guessed that there could possibly be some precious treasures on the other side of the barrier. So, it may have tried different methods to break the barrier. That’s why this solid barrier was densely covered with marks. Moreover, it was clear that it had tried for more than 1 or 2 days. In fact, it must’ve tried to break this barrier for more than ten or even twenty years.

Ye Xiwen had initially anticipated that this liger-dragon had settled at this place for that Asura Blood Rice. However, now it seemed more probable that it had done so because of this cave.

Ye Mo spoke up, and read out a secret technique. Ye Xiwen memorized it, and began to deduce it inside his mysterious space. Ye Xiwen perfected this secret technique, and became exceptionally proficient at it after he had burned hundreds of ‘Primary Spirit Dans’.

In fact, this kind of ‘Barrier Opening Technique’ wasn’t rare. It could be found everywhere. And, everyone could learn this skill. After all, who would dare to say that they wouldn’t come across such fortuitous encounters in their lifetime? So, people would often learn an appropriate ‘barrier opening technique’ at the time they learned to make matrix formations. However, there were subtle differences between the techniques taught by different clans.

The barrier looked ordinary from the outset. However, it was mostly reflecting the death of this place’s background. Ordinary ‘random cultivators’ could also hit the jackpot and obtain an exceptionally good power technique. However, theirs wouldn’t be as detailed as the barrier present here. A higher number of details in the barrier reflected that it protected a place with a deeper background.

The True Martial University also had its own version of the secret-hand techniques to solve matrix formations. Ye Xiwen had naturally learnt it. He had learnt one in Yi Yuan School as well. The Yi Yuan School’s technique was obviously far inferior to the True Martial University’s. Moreover, he was a core disciple. So, he had received high-level attention as a heaven’s pride level expert. The secret-hand technique that he had learnt wasn’t an ordinary technique. In fact, it was far superior to the one the other disciples of the True Martial University had learnt.

However, the technique that Ye Mo had just taught him was far superior and sophisticated to the True Martial University’s.

Therefore, Ye Xiwen sat cross-legged in front of the barrier. And, he was determined to break it.

Time passed gradually. And, a total of 10 days passed in an instant.

"Bang!" a big explosion occurred. And, endless energy waves swept out. Ye Xiwen’s clothes started to blow, and make ‘fluttering’ sounds.

Ye Xiwen was troubled for 10 days, but he had finally made the barrier to disappear. He opened his eyes, and suddenly jumped with joy. Fortunately, Ye Mo had taught him the secret-hand technique. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to break it even if he had tried for an indefinite amount of time.

It wasn’t the treasure house that Ye Xiwen had initially imagined it to be. Rather, it was a cave mansion. It had a stone chair, and a stone bed. In fact, it appeared like a small bedroom.

There were traces of someone’s presence inside this abode. Ye Xiwen made a speculation. It was probably a restricted practice area of some great powerhouse.

"These stones are obviously more than a hundred-thousand years old. In fact, this place belongs to a timeline that came to happen long before that wind dragon occupied this planet. I suppose that this planet isn’t the lair of the wind dragon… It may be an abode of some almighty being. And, this is the restricted place where he must’ve undergone closed-door training. In short… it is quite marvelous!" Ye Mo heaved a sigh and spoke.

Ye Xiwen got secretly speechless. This entire situation would become even more complicated if this was genuinely an abode of some almighty. In fact, this would perhaps draw a higher number of experts. And, it would particularly draw the human experts.

Ye Xiwen thought about the tangled and complicated scene when those forces would arrive here like storms. This gave him a slight headache.

"What’s this?" Ye Xiwen saw a dark-colored and oval shaped seed that was kept on the table. This seed was covered in a mysterious light, and lay quietly on the table.

Ye Xiwen felt somewhat strange. He swept-out his divine sense inside the cave mansion. He couldn’t find any other things. It might’ve been a restricted abode. But, it was probably just a place to perform training. The owner must’ve sealed it off before they had left.

However, the seed on top of the table had caught his attention.

This seed was protected inside a layer of mysterious light, but Ye Xiwen could tell that it still had vitality. He was extremely amazed by this. One must know that this abode had been abandoned a very-very long time ago. And, even if this seed had been here since the time that wind dragon had occupied this planet… then… it would effectively mean that it had been here for more than ten-thousand years. What kind of a seed could survive for such a long time?

"This is an extraordinary seed. However, I have no clue what it is!" Ye Mo came out from the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’. He carefully examined it for some time. However, he couldn’t determine the origin of this seed.

However, he was certain that it was an extraordinary seed. He picked-up the seed, and examined it for a long time. But, he still didn’t have a clue of what it really was. He had already been promoted to a sage tool. So, he could condense himself as a ‘solid entity’ instead of the ‘phantom’ form he had earlier been in. This was a huge progress. However, this was just the beginning. He would be able to practice in the future by being able to treat the ‘Heaven Source Mirror’ as his main body. And, his practice speed would obviously be extremely quick. He would advance by leaps and bounds without any problems.

He would become a dreaded expert as long as he could mobilize the power of the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’. In fact, the prospect of becoming a ‘spirit cultivator’ wasn’t a problem for him. He often used to think of this possibility in the past. However, he hadn’t anticipated that he would land in Ye Xiwen’s hands at that time. And, now he couldn’t run away after having fallen into Ye Xiwen’s hands. However, he and Ye Xiwen had come to get along very well over these many years. And, his initial sad mood had also disappeared gradually…

"However, you can still cultivate it since its vitality is persevered inside the mysterious light. Give this and the Asura Blood Rice to me. I will cultivate them. I can’t determine the origin of this seed at the moment. However, I should be able to determine it once it sprouts!" Ye Mo spoke quite confidently.

"Ok!" Ye Xiwen nodded. "But, we can’t even move this underground dragon’s vein. So, how will we cultivate the Asura Blood Rice?"

Ye Xiwen felt jealous by looking at the Asura Blood Rice. These things didn’t show instant results. But, its effects would be immense if consumed over the years. So, he wasn’t willing to give-up on it so easily.

"Nothing can be done now. We can only use the ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ for now. The cultivation of this rice will someday expand once we obtain 1 or 2 spiritual arteries!"

(To be continued)

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