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This was like facing someone whose achievement would always be higher than yours. You would never be able to surpass them no matter what. And, this kind of desperation hits one the hardest.

"Let’s join together and take him down!" an expert shouted loudly. This was the so-called ‘chasing a wild goose all day long, and then getting one’s eyes pecked at the very end’. Their teamwork was excellent. This wasn’t their first or second time attempting to steal someone else’s prey. In fact, this team of seven people had no rival as long as they were working together… unless they were dealing with a sage expert.

They were dependent on their numerical strength, and the fact that each of these individuals was an expert. And, they had never been forced into a disadvantageous position. They had never suffered a loss either. However, they had come across a freak like Ye Xiwen this time.

The more they fought with Ye Xiwen… the more afraid they became. It didn’t make a big difference to him whether there were more people or less; unless his opponents were at the same level as him.

However, an ordinary heaven’s pride level expert would’ve met with a painful consequence if they were in his place.

These experts shortly realized that they were no match for Ye Xiwen. So, they forged ahead, and launched their final attacks with full strength.

Ye Xiwen sneered. A ‘Hanshan Seal’ was formed. It then crashed down from above. Those attacks got crushed. They couldn’t even reach near Ye Xiwen’s body. These experts were soon killed by Ye Xiwen. He plundered their stuff from their bodies thereafter.

Ye Xiwen took a look at these items. He had obtained several items. There were more than three-hundred-thousand ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ in total. This much stock could be used for practicing up to hundred years, and even then it wouldn’t get depleted in its entirety.

These items could easily solve Ye Xiwen’s desperate energy needs. He had left the inner core of that white dwarf with Hua Menghan since she’d require great amount of energy in order to make a breakthrough.

Ye Xiwen went inside the liger-dragon’s lair after he had collected its corpse. Dragons were fond of collecting precious treasures. This liger-dragon was a sub-dragon. However, it was no exception to this affliction. Every dragon that possessed the wisdom of the dragon race had this habit of collecting treasures.

Ye Xiwen trod on the rainbow light, and landed inside the liger-dragon’s lair. The sub-dragons present in the surroundings wouldn’t dare to wander around this place. They had first been scared away by the battle between Ye Xiwen and that liger-dragon… and then, by the battle between Ye Xiwen and those seven experts. So, they wouldn’t dare to come near this place.

Ye Xiwen was first planning to undergo closed-door training in this liger-dragon’s lair. He would also extract the drops of the real dragon’s blood from its body.

Fighting for so long with those enemies hadn’t gone in vain.

The liger-dragon’s lair was inside a cave, and this cave was hidden among the weeds. So, it wasn’t visible from outside. Moreover, the liger-dragon had always been very careful while he’d enter and exit the lair, and had ensured not to destroy these weeds.

These were merely weeds, but they were still contaminated by dragon’s blood and aura. Therefore, they were no ordinary weeds.

Ye Xiwen saw a vast rice-field outside the cave. Yes, that’s right - a vast lush green rice field. It looked extremely beautiful as the long wheat stalks fluttered in the winds.

Ye Xiwen was in shock when he saw this scene. Could it be that this liger-dragon was a vegetarian?

However, it wasn’t an ordinary rice field. These ears of the wheat appeared blood red – with a tint of greenish-blue color. Ye Xiwen gasped. Strong spirit energy was floating in the surroundings. He felt a strange comfort throughout his body… as if all the arteries and veins in his body had suddenly opened up.

Ye Xiwen immediately realized that these ears of wheat weren’t ordinary ones. In fact, this wasn’t ordinary rice.

"It’s Asura Blood Rice!" Ye Mo uttered in astonishment. "Ye Xiwen, you’ve hit the jackpot! You’ve found Asura Blood Rice!"

"Asura Blood Rice? What is that?" Ye Xiwen asked.

"It’s a much cherished variety of rice. In fact, it’s extremely rare in the Devil World too. Only a few top aristocrats of the devil race get to eat it as food!" Ye Mo replied. "It’s not surprising that those guys dared to run their hands on the moustache of this liger-dragon. They had done this for the sake of this treasure. Even dying for this item wouldn’t be unfair!"

Ye Xiwen heard Ye Mo’s explanation, and finally understood what Asura Blood Rice was. Rice was the most common of food items for the human race. Basically, a vast majority of people were depended on it for their survival. However, the martial arts experts were an exception. They didn’t need to eat food for survival. They transformed the food into the spirit energy for the sustenance of their life. In fact, there would be no problem even if they didn’t eat anything for hundreds of years as long as they possessed ‘Spirit Dans’ or ‘Spirit Stones’. Moreover, one couldn’t imagine the amount of food they would have to eat in order to satisfy their energy needs.

Theirs a so-called saying — ‘immortals eat energy as food’. This was indeed the case. However, this was just one of the many reason. The most important reason was that these experts used to temper their bodies. So, they were mostly afraid of their bodies getting infected by the foods which contained Houtian energy.

The experts could become Xiantian from Houtian after they had established the bridge to connect with the world. Then, they could use the Xiantian energy to wash their bodies clean. Henceforth, they would become brighter and wiser, and would no longer remain ignorant. Therefore, a majority of experts didn’t regard food as something ‘important’. In fact, some people ignored food altogether.

They couldn’t eat ordinary food. However, this didn’t mean that they couldn’t eat some spirit fruits. These rare heavenly materials weren’t only pure and uncontaminated… they could promote one’s cultivation as well.

Those genuine experts often arranged the spiritual materials on the table rather than ordinary food. The impurities decreased with an increase in the grade of the item. And, the benefits to their cultivation would also increase significantly.

Rice also had different varieties apart from the ordinary ones. Many experts used to cultivate special rice for the members of their family. The children of many aristocratic families, or the disciples of big forces, grew up eating such rare varieties of rice since childhood. Such pure diet was capable of washing their bodies entirely. It would improve their physique as well. They would become far more ferocious than their peers as a result.

However, the cultivation of such varieties of rice wasn’t easy. The True Martial University also used to cultivate different variety of rice many years ago. However, they lost the area for the rice’s cultivation with the passage of time. In fact, even the methods of cultivation had gone extinct. Not many people could consume these items of luxury even in a massive place like the devil world. The Asura Blood Rice was the most famous variety of rice. Only a few top aristocrats of the devil race had the resources to consume it.

It was said that this Asura Blood Rice was originally cultivated by the outstanding Asura Devil Lord. In fact, it was initially circulated only among the peak Asura lords of the Asura race. However, it slowly began to spread among other aristocratic clans of the devil race with the passage of time. However, it was very surprising to see it grow on this planet.

It didn’t matter whether its cultivation method had been developed by the Asura Devil Lord. It was bound to have a great origin if it had any connection with the devil lord.

Ye Mo’s previous master was also a Devil King. In fact, he was the lord of the entire Devil World. Ye Xiwen hadn’t seen the Devil King. However, he had seen the Demon Emperor. He looked exceptionally outstanding, and it had seemed as if he was the lord of the entire world. Ye Xiwen had only seen a wisp of his soul. However, his profound image had engraved itself inside Ye Xiwen’s mind since the time he had seen him.

He looked like a ‘real’ man – like a man of character.

The Devil King and the Demon Emperor were characters of the same level. If the Demon Emperor was so outstanding… then how could the Devil King be any different?

"The biggest advantage of this Asura Blood Rice is that it can refine one’s body and toughen it. The body can become tyrannical to an unfathomable extent if refined with the nourishment obtained from this Asura Blood Rice for many years. The results will be even more incredible if an Asura consumes this Asura Blood Rice!" Ye Mo explained. "This is a big fortune for you. Your ‘gilded tyrant form’ is already very tyrannical. And, it will become invincible in the future if you consume this Asura Blood Rice for many years!"

"That liger-dragon must have built its lair here because of this reason only!" Ye Mo said.

"But, the quantity of Asura Blood Rice isn’t enough!" Ye Xiwen spoke as he looked in the direction of the Asura Blood Rice. This Asura Blood Rice was indeed present here in abundance. In fact, it was spread over dozens of acres. So, it was sufficient for an ordinary person. However, Ye Xiwen could consume that much of rice in one go. This variety of rice was surely outstanding. However, it required many years of consumption to show the results.

"That’s enough to let us nurture the seeds. We can plant it inside the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’. Give it some time, and then you can have as much as you want!" Ye Mo laughed out loud and continued, "I don’t even remember the sheer number and variety of the plants and spirit fruits my master had planted inside the Heavenly Source Mirror back then. He had even planted various kinds of rice… many of which are already extinct!"

The Devil World had gone out on an expedition to conquer the Ten Thousand Worlds in the past. And, everything that was looted along the way had been placed inside the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’ by the Devil King.

"I know the cultivation methods for various extinct or endangered species of vegetables and fruits!" Ye Mo triumphantly said, "In those days, my master had cultivated great amounts of different varieties of rice to enrich his body!"

Ye Xiwen was secretly flabbergasted after he had heard this. The Devil Lord was really high-handed. One must know that it was quite difficult to find the methods to cultivate so many different varieties of rice. Moreover, it required huge amounts of natural resources for cultivation process. Ordinary people couldn’t consume such precious foods. Only a few top lords in the Devil World could consume it. However, the Devil Lord had cultivated rare variety of rice to enrich his body. One could clearly see the huge disparity.

"However, the Asura Blood Rice can’t be cultivated without a great amount of spirit energy. The Asura Blood Rice is growing here… this indicates that the spiritual arteries must be running under this place. So, we will need to dig out the spiritual arteries from this place. And then, we will put it inside the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’!" Ye Mo said as he laughed. "However, it will be better if you can grab as many spiritual arteries as possible in order to get unlimited supply of energy for Asura Blood Rice in the future. In fact, it will be better if you obtain dragon arteries!"

Ye Xiwen forced a smile. He even lacked ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ most of the times… forget about the spiritual arteries. How could it be easy to get one’s hands on the spiritual arteries?

(To be continued)

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