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These people might be the top elites. They were surely a bit older among the other disciples of this session. However, they were absolute elites. In fact, they weren’t much inferior to the heaven’s pride level experts. And, they could even force a heaven’s pride level expert to retreat if they were to join hands.

Every force like the True Martial University considered the time of more than a hundred years to calculate the capability of an expert. In fact, comparisons were often drawn between the older disciples of adjacent sessions. That was because the difference between the older disciples of different sessions wasn’t too big. This disparity was indeed quite evident in the beginning. But, it gets difficult to make breakthroughs after the passage of several decades. In fact, sometimes it takes more than ten years or even several decades. Hence, the gap between the older disciples becomes rather nonexistent at that point of time.

This group of seven people was headed by a young man. He was approximately 27 or 28 years old in appearance. He looked handsome and extraordinary. He had the vigor of a dragon, and the ferocity of a tiger. His overconfidence was reflecting from his body language.

"This liger-dragon belongs to us. You should hurry and leave. We don’t wish to make things difficult for you!" a woman stepped forward from this man’s back, and spoke in an indifferent manner. She didn’t even look at Ye Xiwen as she said that. Ye Xiwen was just an ordinary expert of the initial stage of semi-sage realm in her opinion(1). So, he didn’t hold the authority to talk to them on equal terms.

Ye Xiwen felt a little baffled. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. What was this? They were trying to steal his prey. However, their facial expressions showed as if they were doing charity.

A fierce light flashed through Ye Xiwen’s eyes. His countenance turned cold as he looked at the man in front of him. And, the corners of his mouth curled up to reveal a smile of mockery.

There were 4 men and 3 women among those seven people. Each of these individuals was an outstanding expert. Their imposing auras were quite oppressive. And, their imposing auras simultaneously acted upon him to overwhelm him once they realized that Ye Xiwen wasn’t leaving. The air around his body distorted thereafter.

"Why are you gawking like a fool? We are in a good mood today. But, don’t blame us for our impolite behavior if you don’t leave!" That woman reminded Ye Xiwen quite gently.

"Get lost quickly!" another man shouted rudely. He was attentively looking at the corpse of that liger-dragon since they would soon get to extract the drops of the real dragon’s blood. It was nothing less than a heavy treasure for them. A person could cultivate only to a certain extent of time. These people were outstanding experts. However, they were also trapped in the limitation of time. So, they would also have to embrace death on the road of cultivation at some point.

"I am the one who killed this liger-dragon. So, it should obviously be mine!" Ye Xiwen solemnly said. The ‘killing intention’ was already boiling in his heart. They wanted the real dragon’s blood… but so did Ye Xiwen. There was no problem if they had killed it. However, Ye Xiwen had killed it with his own efforts. Moreover, they had arrived late, and still wanted to snatch away the corpse. He couldn’t possibly allow such a thing to happen.

"We have pursued this liger-dragon for three days. We were about to kill it when you came out and stole our prey. Do you still need a reason?" a man frowned as he coldly said. His ice-cold vision pierced through Ye Xiwen.

"Good, good, good. You are so shameless. I haven’t seen a shameless person like you in a while!" Ye Xiwen burst into laughter. His ‘killing intention’ was still seething. They had pursued this liger-dragon for three days. What a joke! This liger-dragon had been present inside its lair. What was the need to pursue it? They were obviously making things up thoughtlessly.

"According to the division of territories which was agreed upon — this area falls under our jurisdiction. You will fall prey to our crueler methods if you refuse to leave!" the leader of the group spoke-up. He wasn’t being aggressive. He was clearly ignoring Ye Xiwen since he had said this without even looking Ye Xiwen in the eye.

"Division? What division? I don’t know when that happened!" Ye Xiwen frowned and said.

Ye Xiwen pondered secretly. It’s possible that this might have happened. No wonder he had seen other experts flying towards different regions in the past. They hadn’t merely gathered at one place and gone their own ways… It might be possible that this land had been partitioned at the time when they had first landed on this enormous planet. However, he was unaware of it since he hadn’t arrived at that time. He had arrived later.

However, he had nothing to do with this. He hadn’t participated in the partition. So, it was basically just a trifling matter for him.

This partition was nothing more than a joke in the eyes of a genuinely strong powerhouse. There would be no problems as long as there were no treasures involved. However, everyone would indulge in a fight if some treasure were to emerge. The so-called ‘partition of land’ would then be reduced to a big joke.

"There’s no point in talking nonsense with him. Just kill him, and end this farce!" an impatient expert at the back couldn’t tolerate anymore and shouted, "He should have a lot of good stuff on him. Let’s seize them together!"

"Sun rises from the east!" an expert shouted loudly.

Suddenly, that expert launched an attack. His palm congealed into a fist, and rumbled towards Ye Xiwen. A heat wave struck against everyone’s face. The red-colored divine beam condensed into a huge dazzling sun as it swept down towards Ye Xiwen.

This expert had practiced a technique known as ‘Red Sun Tyrant Fist’ technique. It was extremely overbearing. An average person simply couldn’t resist such an attack. He seemed like an unparalleled and unstoppable tyrant.

The way of the tyrant was something that could force the entire world into submission, and could crush any form of resistance. However, the basic requirement for this entailed that one must have enough strength. A person could become overbearing and invincible once they possessed enough strength. However, such a person was bound to suffer a loss when they would come across someone stronger than them.

And, this guy had unfortunately come across the equally tyrannical Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen had also attacked. He had used the move ‘Divine Dragon Flings its Tail’ this time. Ye Xiwen’s arm transformed into a bulky dragon, and this dragon started to swing its tail. An endless sea of divinities swept down and began to boil. The faint sounds of winds and thunders erupted as the sea of divinities surged forth.

"Crash-Bang!" The space had been torn-open from the middle; almost as if it were a painting. And then, the broken pieces of space rolled down like a mountain avalanche.

"Rumble!" The big and round sun looked extremely brilliant as it descended from the sky. However, it was easily destroyed and dispersed by the mountain-like dragon’s tail since it was made up of endless divinities. That big sun was the creative concept of the ‘Red Sun Tyrant Fist’ that this expert had practiced. However, it was no match for Ye Xiwen’s dragon’s tail attack, and got annihilated with ease.

A creative concept is the embodiment of an expert’s knowledge of the heavenly laws and the martial arts. And, his creative concept had been destroyed just now. This had made him so depressed that he wanted to vomit blood. He restrained himself from puking blood, and came close to fainting from that.

However, the dragon’s tail attack didn’t stop there. The heaven-shaking might of this attack pressed down. The heaven and the earth began to tremble, and shattered into small pieces.

That expert’s entire arm was swept away by Ye Xiwen’s dragon’s tail. His arm got turned into a mass of blood fog.

"Ah!" that expert screamed as his body was sent flying upside-down. His body wasn’t transformed into a mass of blood fog like his arm. However, the bones in his entire body had been shattered by the impact.

"Everyone, we mustn’t let him off!" the leader shouted loudly as he witnessed this. He had finally realized that this man of the initial stage of semi-sage realm wasn’t an ordinary person since he hadn’t shown any weakness while facing them. Moreover, he hadn’t collapsed at the first blow. In fact, he might have killed them by now if they were alone instead of being in a group. He was possibly a heaven’s pride level expert of this generation.

He faintly recalled a person named ‘Ye Xiwen’ who had come into the limelight half a year ago. It was rumored that he was merely at half-step legendry’s great complete realm when he had routed Pang Yang Bo’s offensive. However, Pang Yang Bo was a heaven’s pride level expert of this generation. He was an invincible expert in his realm. However, he had nearly been beaten to death by Ye Xiwen even though he was at a much lower realm at that time. Ye Xiwen genuinely possessed tyrannical strength. It was simply hard to imagine.

He sucked a lump of cold air as he thought of this. However, he still didn’t hesitate. He didn’t change his mind because they had already ended-up provoking Ye Xiwen by attempting to steal his loot. They hadn’t only offended Ye Xiwen, but had also tried to suppress him. Moreover, they had tried to attack him after that. This had incited Ye Xiwen’s retaliation. Thereafter, one of his teammates had his arm reduced to blood fog, while the bones of his body had been shattered. So, he couldn’t back down since that would shatter the confidence of his team’s members.

He didn’t have much to think in this situation. He had only one option, and that was to kill Ye Xiwen.

He took the initiative, and launched an attack on Ye Xiwen. He brandished his long blade. His temperament had changed entirely. He didn’t look dull anymore. A strange evil aura swept out of his body on the contrary.

The long blade swept down, and the outcome was world-shaking. An endless amount of evil energy condensed and soared up. It blotted out the sky and covered the earth as it swept down towards Ye Xiwen to engulf him.

He had practiced a power technique of the evil ways called ‘Evil Heart Blade’. The blade technique was termed as ‘Evil Heart’ since it could turn a person evil. Its speed was extremely quick. It had unleashed dozens of blades in a flash. These blades chopped down the entire space between the heaven and earth.

He didn’t have much confidence after he had ‘kind of guessed’ Ye Xiwen’s identity. However, he had attacked with all his strength. He would have died quite miserably if he hadn’t done so.

Those experts behind him didn’t know what had happened to their leader. They didn’t understand why a powerful man like him was giving so much importance to this boy. It definitely didn’t seem from this attack that their leader had held back. However, they didn’t dare to say anything, and promptly rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

It was an incredible spectacle in which the heaven and earth was left to tremble. The entire space in front of Ye Xiwen had completely shattered. Hardly a bit of it was left intact.

Endless divine beams and murderous auras swept down from the sky. Ye Xiwen finally launched an attack this time. However, he merely resorted to a mediocre palm attack. It didn’t create any gorgeous scene since it was just an average palm attack. Yet, those incoming divine beams pounded upon his palms, and got blocked. They couldn’t advance even a step further.

"Haa!" Ye Xiwen shouted in a low voice. His big hand suddenly went up. It transformed into a big golden hand, and illuminated the surroundings with its golden brilliance. It seemed as if the god himself had stretched out his heavenly hand upon the mortal world. Those divine beams didn’t stand a chance, and got caught in an instant. Then, the divine beams got crushed without posing any hindrance whatsoever.

Everyone suddenly got terrified. Those people finally understood why their leader had suddenly taken this boy so seriously. This attack had been an exceptional killer move. They felt as if Ye Xiwen was a peerless god killer — a very frightening god killer.

They wouldn’t have become so agitated if Ye Xiwen had defeated them one at a time. They did believe themselves to be invincible. However, they didn’t dare to call themselves ‘invincible’. Many stronger people lived in the same generation. Yet, Ye Xiwen had assumed an incredibly powerful stance this time, and had instantly defeated their joint offensive. Such strength was simply beyond their very imaginations. Moreover, he wasn’t even a sage expert. He was merely an expert of the initial stage of semi-sage realm; nothing more.

(To be continued)

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