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Someone would always be crueler than the liger-dragon. This person in front of him was just a human. And, humans were nothing more than ant-sized existences in its eyes.

Blood gushed out from that very deep cut, and sprinkled around.


The liger-dragon screamed and roared loudly. It coldly stared at Ye Xiwen with its bloodshot eyes.

Ye Xiwen should be able to extract several drops of real dragon’s blood after he had killed this liger-dragon. This meant that his lifespan would increase by several decades. He couldn’t help but be tempted by this.

The liger-dragon became violent after it sustained these injuries. It suddenly charged towards Ye Xiwen as it roared, "Human, I will tear you to shreds!"

It roared loudly. The entire atmosphere began to boil endlessly. It had come so far by killing everything that had stood in its path since it was a cub. So, its accumulated murderous aura was absolutely astonishing.

Ye Xiwen also rushed forth, and slashed with his sword. It seemed as if his sword would destroy the world. He appeared like the reincarnation of a Sword God with a golden armor draped over his body. This made him appear like a golden god of war. His long sword was constantly contended to win in his hand.


Ye Xiwen brandished his long sword, and roared. It seemed as if the unleashed energy would swallow the mountains and rivers. The golden rays of light covered his body, and started to appeared like a golden armor.




Ye Xiwen’s long sword cut right into the liger-dragon’s body, and sparks flew in all direction. It seemed if the long sword had struck against a metal. There was a burst of roars immediately-after. The scales on the body of that liger-dragon had been split open by Ye Xiwen’s sword attack. Ye Xiwen had attacked countless times with his sword in that split second, and the scales on the liger-dragon’s body had been broken due to this.

The space got torn-open like piece of paper wherever Ye Xiwen’s ‘sword intention’ went. The chaos energy leaked out from the broken space, and unceasingly opened wounds on that liger-dragon’s body. This was an exceptionally terrifying scene.

The liger-dragon became angrier as it faced such a terrifying attack. It had reached a long way by beating his opponents. Nobody had ever forced it into such a disadvantageous situation. It had bullied everyone since the beginning. However, it didn’t matter whether it possessed magical powers or intrepid body in the present situation. It had been thoroughly forced into a disadvantageous position by Ye Xiwen. Its hill-sized body was a mere joke in front of Ye Xiwen.

"Bang!" the collision occurred, and the liger-dragon was went flying by the terrifying force. Ye Xiwen just stood motionless while the loud metallic sound of the collision between gold and iron reverberated.

"Rumble!" the entire void crumbled.

This scene was just too horrible. The divine senses of the sub-dragons – which were lurking in the surroundings – were retracted. These two individuals were extremely ferocious existences of their generation. It was difficult to tell who was fiercer among these two. Yet, it was clear to everyone that they might have to suffer a calamity if they dared to infuriate these two individuals at this moment.

"This liger-dragon definitely possesses the blood of a pure real dragon. That’s why its body is so formidable!" Ye Mo said.

Ye Xiwen nodded. He was certainly very aware of the capabilities of his own body. He knew that he could effortlessly tear a god or a devil with his bare hands. Not to mention that an ordinary person would be dismembered by a mere slap of his’. He had been able to come this far; this was enough to prove that his body was extraordinary.

The liger-dragon was also extraordinary. However, it wasn’t a pure-blood dragon. In fact, considering its current strength… even Ye Xiwen wouldn’t have been its match if it were a pure-blood dragon. Ye Xiwen’s current realm would have been insufficient in that case.

This was his weak point. He possessed incomparable fighting strength. Let alone the experts of the same realm… Even the experts of the higher realms weren’t his match. He usually didn’t pay attention to ordinary experts, but he could fall in a very difficult situation if he were to come across a top-tier heaven’s pride level expert of a higher realm.

He wasn’t afraid of anyone in the same realm. However, his realm was always lacking in comparison to his opponent. This was his biggest worry.

Ye Xiwen’s eyes turned ice-cold. The dragon race had lived-up to their incredible reputation. This was an impure sub-dragon, but it still wasn’t something an average expert could deal with.

"Obediently hand over the real dragon’s blood to me!" Ye Xiwen softly said.

"Roar! Human, you are courting death!" The liger-dragon immediately became angry. It also coveted Ye Xiwen’s divinities, but this was its personal matter. However, its pride would never allow someone to treat it as a prey. It certainly wouldn’t let someone kill itself.

The liger-dragon faced upwards and roared. It seemed as if it would grab and break the universe with its front claws. It was alone, but its overwhelming murderous aura blotted out the sky and covered the earth… like a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses.

"Die!" Ye Xiwen shouted loudly. He pulled out his golden form, and rushed towards the liger-dragon to kill it. His golden divinities surged forth, and blotted out the sky and covered the earth like a gigantic sea wave. The ‘sword intention’ mixed with his divinities, and soared in the vast sky; it shattered the space in its wake.


The heaven and the earth trembled. The fight between these two individuals had reached its climax. Their murderous auras swept down from the heaven, and their ‘fighting intentions’ cut across the vast sky.

Ye Xiwen had obtained the upper hand in the present situation. However, this liger-dragon was no pushover either; it could kill an ordinary expert of the late stage of the semi-sage realm in just one move and swallow them whole.

It could’ve become the overlord of this region if it hadn’t come across the wrong person. In fact, entering the sage realm would’ve been a piece of cake for it in time.

Ye Xiwen had completely suppressed this liger-dragon. And, it had fallen into a grossly disadvantageous position. However, it hadn’t been easy for Ye Xiwen to kill it in a short period of time.

"Puchi!" Ye Xiwen’s long sword opened a huge wound on that liger-dragon’s body, and its blood splashed out. The liger-dragon roared since its body had been nearly pierced by Ye Xiwen’s attack. An ordinary iron sword wouldn’t have been able to move its hair.

However, it knew that Ye Xiwen would destroy its internal organs after his sword had penetrated its body. In fact, it wouldn’t be able to save its soul either…

Suddenly, the ‘demon energy’ condensed around the liger-dragon’s body. It instantly spat out dragon-breath. Only a purebred dragon or a dragon with its bloodline close to the dragon race could spit dragon-breath. A pure-blood dragon could instinctively spit the dragon-breath. However, a sub-dragon could only spit dragon-breath if its bloodline was very close to the dragon race. But, it must practice to an extremely profound realm in order to display such supernatural powers.

Several martial arts of the dragon race essentially needed one to make great efforts to move in the direction of ‘attained purer blood’. This situation was extremely common in the universe. There was a time in the ancient era when the ancestors of various races possessed invincible strength. However, these present younger generations were striving to attain purer blood in order reach closer to their ancestors.

The atmosphere began to burn under the enormous power of this dragon-breath.

The dreadful divine power was overflowing from Ye Xiwen’s long sword. He was much shorter than this liger-dragon. However, he had been crushing it and suppressing it like a mountain. And, the space would collapse and break into small pieces wherever he went.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen’s long sword defeated the dragon-breath. He stood on the liger-dragon’s body and slashed-open a very deep wound on it. Its bones became visible through the wound. The liger-dragon’s tough body was cut like a piece of clay by Ye Xiwen’s sword attack.

The long sword cut-open a huge wound on its body, and blood started to gush out of it.

The liger-dragon’s hill-sized body rumbled to the ground under the influence of the power of Ye Xiwen’s sword.

Ye Xiwen didn’t hold back this time. A ‘Hanshan Seal’ appeared in the sky, and pounded on its body like a huge mountain.

"Bang!" it pounded on the liger-dragon’s skull, and cracked it open. The brain-matter gushed out from its broken head. It was an exceptionally dreadful scene. The liger-dragon screamed continually. No strength was left in its body. Ye Xiwen’s attack had rendered it powerless.

"Clang!" Ye Xiwen stretched out his palm, and a long sword condensed in it. His expression didn’t change. Finally, it was the time to give a final blow to this liger-dragon. Afterwards, he could extract the several drops of real dragon’s blood that ran through its body. Ye Xiwen had become somewhat excited.

This was the land of dragons. So, it was like a ‘treasure planet’ for ambitious people. Of course, he wasn’t the only one who was contemplating to extract the blood of real dragon.

This place would continue to witness incredible killing expeditions once the news about this place would gradually spread out. This place would inevitably witness bloodbath everywhere. However, Ye Xiwen had no relation with all that. He would leave after he had found the things he needed. But, the killing expeditions might continue here for hundred or two hundred years… until the dragons had been completely wiped-off from the surface this planet… or perhaps until the local dragon tribes killed or scared away the invading human experts, demon beasts and the star beasts.

Ye Xiwen was about to kill this liger-dragon when… a startling and divine rainbow suddenly fell from the sky, and impacted upon its body.

"Bang!" that fierce liger-dragon was killed in a flash. It had been eradicated efficiently… without any wasted effort.

A group of people arrived immediately-after; they were treading on rainbow lights.

This was a group of formidable human experts. Each of them was a young expert of approximately 25 or 26 years old. Their auras surged up; one by one. They were the top experts of the late stage of the semi-sage realm. Every individual had condensed 600 to 700 dao principles. The late stage of the semi-sage realm only required 500 dao principles. Theoretically speaking, one could prepare to make a breakthrough into the sage realm after they had condensed 500 dao principles. However, only a few people were in such a hurry to make a breakthrough to the sage realm. That was because the semi-sage realm could accommodate up to 999 principles. So, one could truly complete the semi-sage realm only after they had condensed 999 principles. They could thereafter breakthrough to the sage realm, and reach the peak of the initial stage of the sage realm. In other words, one wouldn’t be considered at the bottom of the sage realm after the breakthrough unless they had condensed 999 principles. Therefore, every ambitious expert chose to make an attempt to have a breakthrough after they had condensed 999 principles.

Moreover, these people seemed to have practiced for up to 100 or 200 years. So, they would be considered as elites among elites since they had practiced to such an extent.

(To be continued)

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