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The ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’ absorbed the flesh and blood of these pointed-beak dragons. Then, it extracted the real dragon’s blood. However, it could only manage to extract one-tenth of a drop…

Ye Xiwen exclaimed, and thought that this whole planet was covered with dragon’s treasures. He would have to slaughter these sub-dragons to obtain these treasures since they possessed the blood of a real dragon. However, there was a gap of countless years between them and the real dragon. So, extracting real dragon’s blood was easier said than done.

Ye Xiwen didn’t wait any longer after they extracted the blood of the real dragon. He continued to go deeper into the forest. He flew for almost half-a-month, and penetrated very deep inside the forest. He had also killed several sub-dragons on the way, and had done all he could to extract even a drop of the real dragon’s blood.

As that man had said earlier… this place was like the country of dragon race. Only sub-dragons were present here, but this was already enough for a lot of experts. Several experts were planning to turn one of these sub-dragons into their mounts. It would certainly add to their power and prestige if they could take a sub-dragon as their mount.

Ye Xiwen heard a lot of news in this half-a-months’ time. Some people had obtained enormous treasures, and some people had been killed by the angry dragons. Not all dragons had low wisdom. Many dragons were wise. The invasion of human experts had angered the local dragon tribes, and they had mobilized forces to slaughter these experts.

Ye Xiwen started walking more carefully after he heard these things. He concealed his breath as well as his presence using the ‘Restraining Breath Technique’. This also helped him in becoming even more sensitive to the surrounding auras. He wanted to avoid the sage experts. It would be dismal if he were to be pursued by a sage level dragon. He would surely be able to run away from the fight. However, he didn’t want to risk being pursued.

"Roar!" the sound of a dragon’s roar came from the front. Terrifying dragon energy swept into the sky; it was mixed with a demonic aura.

Several experts were coming from afar. They were frantically trying to escape from a liger-type dragon that was chasing after them. It was as tall as a mountain. Its body was like a hybrid of lion and tiger. However, its head and tail appeared as those of a dragon. It possessed a substantial amount of blood of the dragon race. It was extremely tyrannical. It had already reached the peak of the late stage of semi-sage realm. It possessed 700 dao principles inside its body. It would be no different from throwing away one’s life if an ordinary expert of the late of the semi-sage realm – who just had 500 dao principles – were to come across such a vicious beast.

The experts who were trying to flee this monster suddenly became delighted when they saw Ye Xiwen. Various colors flashed in their eyes as they simultaneously ran towards Ye Xiwen. How couldn’t Ye Xiwen know their plan? These guys were trying to save themselves by luring the liger-dragon towards Ye Xiwen. They would then hope for him to deal with on their behalf.

One doesn’t need to run the fastest when danger approaches. One just needs to run faster than others. This is a brutal truth.

They would find enough time to run as long as Ye Xiwen could stop this liger-dragon for a while. These people could do anything in order to survive. In fact, they would’ve even dumped the members of their own group at the time of danger. And, Ye Xiwen was an outsider…

The leader of these experts saw Ye Xiwen standing motionlessly like a silly guy. He smirked in his heart, and flew towards Ye Xiwen. He secretly admitted his bad luck. He didn’t know how many years’ misfortune had erupted all of a sudden since he had ended up provoking this liger-dragon on this day. He had merely come to seek valuable treasures. He hadn’t even gotten started when he ended-up attracting this liger-dragon attention. The liger-dragon obviously started to chase him thereafter.

He just wanted this ‘fool’ to resist it long-enough to help them escape. However, these people weren’t the least concerned with Ye Xiwen’s life or death. Their humanity and righteousness had died-out since they had followed the law of the jungle for several hundred years.


The sword energy suddenly burst out from Ye Xiwen’s fingertips, and surged forward. It lased-out, and chopped those experts to pieces.

Ye Xiwen’s eyes looked ice-cold. There wasn’t a single trace of mercy in them. These people had intended to use him as a shield in order to stop this liger-dragon from chasing after them. They didn’t possess any good intentions. Their cruel intentions were self-evident, and so many in number that it would be hard to count them.

However, he hadn’t anticipated that the overbearing liger-dragon would stop after he’d dispose-off these experts. A somewhat pondering look flashed through its eyes.

This liger-dragon was quite high-handed. It possessed high wisdom. It wasn’t like those other muddleheaded beasts.

This liger-dragon was the lord of this area. It had reached the late stage of semi-sage realm in just hundred years of cultivation. This was extraordinary. It was very close to the bloodline of the real dragon. It wasn’t like those other ordinary sub-dragons which Ye Xiwen had seen so far on this planet. That’s why its cultivation had reached such an extent in merely hundred years.

The dragon race possessed extremely long lifespan. Even sub-dragons were no exception. Mere hundred years weren’t considered long from their standards. Their lifespan was ten times more than that of human experts. This beast wasn’t inferior to the heaven’s pride level experts of the human race.

The law of the jungle was followed more strictly in the world of these demon beasts than it was in the human one. This liger-dragon had come to the top fighting all the way from the bottom in such a cruel world. And, it had obtained the position of the lord of this area. So, it possessed far more fighting experience than Ye Xiwen did.

It had preyed on several sub-dragons of the semi-sage realm before, and had killed them to become the lord of this area. In fact, its innate talent had attracted the attention of the ancestors of this planet.

It didn’t pay attention to ordinary semi-sage demon beasts. It had chased and killed several beasts of the late stage of the semi-sage realm. In fact, semi-sage sub-dragons had already gone extinct in this area because of it. As a result, this area had become its territory. Many sub-dragons used to say that it would perhaps ascend to the sage realm in less than hundred years. It would truly bring all sub-dragons of this area under his control if that were to happen. And, it would become the genuine Dragon King of this territory.

However, it felt true fear and trepidation when he came face-to-face with Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen had casually killed several human experts of the semi-sage realm. It was baffled, and its eyelids jumped. It felt firmly restrained inside… as if it was staring at an ominous beast.

It didn’t know that Ye Xiwen had made his way here by killing… god knows how many dragons. In fact, he had also killed many species related to the dragon race before he had arrived here. These were just sub-dragons, but thanks to his mysterious space — he had somewhat faintly comprehended the ‘Slaying Dragon Technique’. He had started to faintly sense the weaknesses of the dragons, and could land fatal blows every time he fought with them.

Ye Xiwen might not be able to perfect this ‘Slaying Dragon Technique’ in his entire life since it was merely in the embryonic form at the moment. However, his ‘killing intention’ wasn’t concealed one bit. It was permeating everywhere around him, and had left the liger-dragon to tremble with fear.

This abrupt surge of dread had made it feel weird. It possessed extraordinary bloodline. So, it was naturally very tyrannical. It believed that it was the top-notch fierce beast in the entire world. How could some human be crueler than it? The ordinary dragons of the late stage of the semi-sage realm used to be slaughtered by it just like dogs. Yet… this human had aroused such a feeling in its heart!

Ye Xiwen looked at this liger-dragon just when it was suppressing that inexplicable feeling of dread in its heart. It appeared like a hybrid of lion and tiger. Its shiny fur glowed like some lustrous metal. Its head and tail were densely covered with palm-sized cyan-colored scales. They were faintly emitting greenish light in the sunlight.

Its robust body contained unfathomable power.

Ye Xiwen could tell that it was the lord of this area. Perhaps, the blood of the real dragon was stronger in this liger-dragon. Ye Xiwen might obtain several drops of blood by slaughtering it.

The amount of blood running in its body wasn’t dependent on its strength. Rather, it was related to the purity of the blood. This liger-dragon possessed an ample amount of blood of the dragon race. It was far purer than the blood of those other sub-dragon whom Ye Xiwen had killed earlier. It could be compared with the flood dragons. In fact, its blood was even somewhat purer than the blood of that young flood dragon which Ye Xiwen had earlier encountered.

However, he didn’t dare to treat it lightly. This liger-dragon was powerful-enough to be able to kill a heaven’s pride level expert.

The liger-dragon couldn’t keep his patience, and became restless and irritated. It roared again and again. It opened its big mouth like a sacrificial bowl. It quickly rushed forward to kill. This liger-dragon had finally decided to attack Ye Xiwen first in order to gain the upper hand after it had waited for a long time. It could feel the divinities running in Ye Xiwen’s body, and was attracted to it. It could faintly feel that the sage realm wouldn’t be far away from its reach if it could kill Ye Xiwen, and swallow his body. It would be able to make a breakthrough in just a few years instead of a hundred…

The greed had leapt-up in its heart, and the liger-dragon couldn’t control it any longer. Moreover, Ye Xiwen had only scared it somewhat. It wasn’t a feeling of absolute danger or anything…

Ye Xiwen saw this fierce dragon approach. The dragon’s roar cut across the vast horizon. Its energy surged up, and began to roll and boil in the sky. Its energy pierced through the vast sky and spread everywhere. It was an ominous beast. One couldn’t tell how many demon beasts it had swallowed in these many years. Its murderous aura condensed and scattered everywhere.


The ‘sword intention’ condensed into a long sword in Ye Xiwen’s hand. He brandished the sword, and it seemed as if the world had lost its color. It seemed as if the sun and the moon had lost their brightness; like the end of the world had come to pass.

"Rumble!" Ye Xiwen’s palm swept downward along with the long sword. It cut through the space, and into the body of that ominous beast.

"Puchi!" Blood gushed out from the body of that fierce beast. Its lustrous scales should’ve been difficult to damage, but they had been broken by Ye Xiwen’s one sword attack. The blood splashed out.

"Roar!" this liger-dragon screamed. It had finally realized that it had messed with the wrong man… that it wasn’t the top-notch beast in this world. It wasn’t even the second-or-third-best. There would always be a more savage and ominous beast than it…

It felt that there was no difference between Ye Xiwen and a stubborn ominous beast… just like the dragons were considered as a bunch of savage beast by the humans. The liger-dragon screamed endlessly. It had never come across such a ferocious man. Its body was as big as a small mountain. And, Ye Xiwen’s body was as thin as a piece of paper. However, an incredible power had emerged from such a slim body, and had sent its mountain-like body flying.

(To be continued)

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