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"The wind dragon’s lair has appeared!"

Suddenly, the entire Wind Dragon City began to seethe with excitement. Everyone had been looking for the whereabouts of this wind dragon’s lair for last half-a-years’ time. It could be said that it had attracted the attention of every person present in the Wind Dragon City. However, they hadn’t been able to find any whereabouts of the wind dragon’s lair in this half-a-years’ time. However, it had finally appeared.

Soon, the accurate news spread. It was reported that a semi-sage expert had gone out to wipe out the lair of star beasts. However, he found an abnormality in the space inside this lair. He might not have paid attention to it on ordinary days. After all, there were many such strange places in the universe. In fact, distorted and broken spaces could be found everywhere… let alone an abnormality.

These places were obviously classified as forbidden and exceptionally inauspicious areas. An average person wouldn’t dare to go near such places.

However, the matter of the wind dragon’s lair had become widely famous in this last half-a-year. Therefore, this expert had been keen on finding it; like every other person. As a result, he ended up finding a planet. And, this planet had life on it.

It was reported that many sage experts inspected and verified that this planet was indeed the lair of the wind dragon. It was brimming with thick ‘dragon power’ even after countless years. In addition, a large number of demon beasts were living on this planet. Moreover, they all possessed the blood of the dragon race.

Ye Xiwen was surprised to hear this. He hadn’t anticipated that the wind dragon’s lair would’ve turn into a planet, and would’ve been able to support life after so many years. He had searched through the memory of the Star Colossus, and had come to know that this wind dragon’s lair used to be a desolate planet.

Many planets in this vast universe supported life. However, only a few planets could transform into a living world. Indeed, this planet now supported life, but the world it hosted was far more advanced than the planet itself. Only one or two planets among countless ones could get the opportunity to transform into a world. This was extremely rare.

The experts couldn’t help but proceed towards the wind dragon’s lair after they obtained this news. These experts weren’t ordinary people. In fact, many of these experts had survived in the universe for years, and this was nothing short of incredible. And now, they had simultaneously rushed towards the wind dragon’s lair. These advancing experts seemed like a grandiose army going on an expedition. They even possessed various kinds of beasts as their mounts. In fact, it almost appeared as if cavalry troops were going on a punitive conquest.

However, Ye Xiwen was in no hurry. So, he first went back to the inn in order to safeguard Hua Menghan. He laid out a huge matrix so that nobody could disturb her during the closed-door training. Moreover, many experts of the True Martial University were present in the city, and they could look after her if something were to happen. Therefore, it would be safer for her to stay here.

Ye Xiwen left for the wind dragon’s lair after he had safeguarded Hua Menghan. He finally arrived over a planet after he had passed through several ruptured spaces on the way. It appeared endless… and stretched as far as one could see. It was an enormous planet. It was different from other planets. It was clearly visible that this planet was brimming with life… even if one looked from space.

Ye Xiwen had excellent eyesight. He could clearly see the mountains, forests, rivers, and seas from the space. Ye Xiwen somewhat sighed with emotion. He knew this planet from the memory of the Star Colossus. However, he hadn’t anticipated that it would transform so much and become like this.

Ye Xiwen opened his devil wings. He transformed into a golden streamer of light, and burst into the atmosphere of this planet.

The endless mountain ranges stretched for countless kilometers. They appeared like a giant dragon to Ye Xiwen. The ancient sky-touching trees rose straight from the ground. These trees had blotted out the sky and covered the earth as they formed a huge forest.

The demon beasts’ terrifying roars reverberated on the surface. The sonic booms dissipated in all directions. This place didn’t look like a normal place. The demon beasts – which possessed the bloodline of the dragon race – were lurking everywhere. So, how could this place still be normal?

The dragon race was considered a supreme race in the universe. And, these demon beasts had some connection with the dragons’ characteristics. Hence, they were extremely dreadful as well.

Ye Xiwen saw a seriously damaged forest as soon as he landed on the planet. It seemed as if this forest had hosted a fierce battle. An expert must’ve visited this place.

This planet was extremely huge. One couldn’t see its edge. So, it wasn’t easy to find the treasures the wind dragon had left behind. However, that didn’t affect the spirits of the experts. Nothing is easy is the beginning. So, how would they obtain enormous benefits if they didn’t pay the price?

Ye Xiwen flew for hundreds of miles. He could see all kinds of rare herbs almost everywhere. It was extremely hard to find these herbs elsewhere since the dragon race had vanished long ago; more so because these herbs were related to the dragon race. However, these herbs could be seen everywhere on this planet. Ye Xiwen had once visited the Flood Dragon’s Tomb. But, even that was nothing in comparison to this planet.

This wind dragon was a pureblood of the dragon race. So, he was far superior to that flood dragon since it was a mixed blood. That flood dragon’s tomb was indeed very big. However, a big faction had been stationed there for a long time. Therefore, the herbs must’ve already been plundered by the faction.

However, precious drug ingredients were present here in abundance, and these herbs could increase a person’s lifespan by 5 to 10 years.

Ye Xiwen stretched-out his big hand, and grasped several of these herbs. Then, he put them inside the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’. These drug ingredients were top-notch, and could help him in concocting high-level immortality pills with the help of his alchemy furnace.

"This planet was occupied by the wind dragon once upon a time. The dragon is now dead, but this place is still is contaminated with his blood, essence and dragon energy. And, the dragon energy has managed to evolve this planet into such a treasure trove after countless years of development!" Ye Mo spoke-up in astonishment. "This planet would’ve stayed barren if that wind dragon hadn’t occupied it!"

Ye Xiwen continued to walk, and continued to collect these drug ingredients; the harvest was plentiful this time.

"Roar!" Ye Xiwen wanted to penetrate even further. However, a terrifying dragon roar suddenly reverberated in the surroundings.

Hundreds of pointed-beak dragons appeared in front of Ye Xiwen. This territory belonged to a group of pointed-beak dragons. These dragons possessed long and pointed beaks. Their mouths were adorned with sharp teeth. They weren’t extremely tall, and appeared equal to the combined height of two men. They had two strong legs, and possessed two small claws that protruded from their chest. They looked exceptionally frightening.




These hundreds of pointed-beak dragons roared in unison. The monstrous demon energy began to boil over their bodies. These dragons possessed the strength of legendry’s great complete realm. The few dragons at the forefront possessed the strength of the initial and intermediate stage of the semi-sage realm. They were extremely tyrannical.

"I hadn’t anticipated that I’d be seeing so many sub-dragons here!" Ye Mo said. "Very few people have seen so many sub-dragons roaming around after the disappearance of the dragon race!"

These creatures were born by being moistened in dragon energy. So, each of these dragons possessed the blood of a real dragon. They were extremely rare in the outside world.

"Ye Xiwen, kill these pointed-beak dragons and extract their blood. The dragon race has the highest lifespan in the world. Even one drop of a real dragon’s blood can increase your lifespan by ten years!" Ye Mo promptly said. "Moreover, it can also strengthen your ‘gilded tyrant form’!"

The dragon race possessed intrepid body. It was famous in the world for that. It had been said that one could become a peerless genius after they had bathed in dragon’s blood. The strength of Ye Xiwen’s ‘gilded tyrant form’ would definitely increase enormously if he could absorb the dragon’s blood into his ‘gilded tyrant form’.

Ye Xiwen’s spirits suddenly rose-up after he heard this. He felt that his lifespan wasn’t sufficient; even after he had entered the semi-sage realm. A person would have boundless future prospects if they could step into the semi-sage realm under the age of 30; their lifespan also would be enough. Stepping into the sage realm wouldn’t be a problem for them.

However, it wasn’t the same for Ye Xiwen. His lifespan was mostly consumed by the ‘Phoenix Regeneration Technique’. He couldn’t unceasingly consume the ‘longevity dans’ either. Therefore, he was very interested in increasing his lifespan in whichever way possible.

"Roar!" Several pointed-beak dragons opened their big mouths like a sacrificial bowl, and revealed their big and ferocious teeth. They spat chilled energy. This energy condensed into energy swords, and darted towards Ye Xiwen.

These sub-dragons were born with magical powers. Ye Xiwen was greatly amazed by this. This was almost an instinctive type of magical power. So, it was far more ferocious than the acquired powers of the human race.

These magical powers were often inherited from the blood. These pointed-beak dragons might not have any wisdom. However, they could frequently display their magical powers to perfection.

Ye Xiwen stretched out his big hand, and weaved an energy shield before him. He had formed a huge eight trigrams chart before himself.




A huge explosion occurred as these energy swords rumbled against the eight divinatory trigrams. However, these attacks couldn’t sway the eight divinatory trigrams, and were immediately transformed into a mass of energy.

Ye Xiwen’s index finger and middle finger stuck together, and that mass of lingering energy suddenly transformed into energy swords and darted out.

"Puchi!" a pointed-beak dragon couldn’t evade the attack, and was split into two halves.

However, its death didn’t make those other moderately sized sub-dragons cower in fear. It stirred them up on the contrary, and they rushed towards Ye Xiwen to kill him.

The energy swords ripped apart the vast sky, and swept towards Ye Xiwen from all directions. There was no way out of this encirclement. These pointed-beak dragons were working together as a team… as if they were casually hunting a prey. They appeared exceptionally skillful. They possessed better mutual understanding than a usual small group of experts. So, when some attacked Ye Xiwen… the others ensured that he didn’t get a chance to retreat.

The corners of Ye Xiwen’s mouth curled up. He realized that these ferocious animals possessed some hunting wisdom. However, it would be a big mistake on their part if they were to consider him an ordinary prey.

Ye Xiwen casually made a hand gesture, and a body-size eight trigrams chart appeared around him. These energy swords couldn’t break Ye Xiwen’s eight trigrams chart. They could only produce some ripples in the eight trigrams chart before they ultimately got submerged in it.




Several energy swords congealed around Ye Xiwen’s body. He used a hand seal, and the energy swords went flying out in all directions; whoosh, whoosh, whoosh… and, those fierce dragons got chopped into two halves.

(To be continued)

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