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Ye Xiwen opened his eyes, and looked all around. Things looked exactly the same as they were half-a-year ago. The rented rooms of these martial art experts were completely different from that of an ordinary person’s. They were protected by all kinds of small sized but solid matrix formations. Even dust couldn’t enter into these rooms. Otherwise, half-a-years’ time was enough to fill the entire room with dust.

Some small sized matrix formations were laid inside the room as well. However, Ye Xiwen and Hua Menghan had jointly laid out a big matrix formation of their own inside the room before they had started the closed-door training. They had done this to isolate their auras from the outside world. Therefore, nobody on the outside could hear the sounds that came from inside their room. There was a huge explosion at the time when Ye Xiwen had made a breakthrough into the semi-sage realm. However, nobody had sensed anything outside the room.

He raised his head, and saw that Hua Menghan was sitting cross-legged in front of him. Her beautiful and gentle looking face didn’t have any expression on it. Her long and thin eyelashes were curved upward. She was in a deep level of closed-door training. Even Ye Xiwen’s breakthrough into the semi-sage realm couldn’t wake her up. This meant that she felt extremely safe in this environment. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have dared to undergo such a deep-level closed-door training here.

This showed that she felt very safe in Ye Xiwen’s presence. This realization ignited a warm feeling inside Ye Xiwen’s heart.

Ye Xiwen had just stood up. However, he suddenly saw an astonishing and imposing aura shoot-up from Hua Menghan’s body. It almost broke through the matrix formation barrier which these two had laid out. Ye Xiwen promptly strengthened the matrix barrier in order to suppress her imposing aura. Otherwise, the entire city would’ve been alarmed of their practice.

Ye Xiwen could clearly see the power of countless principles as they crazily rushed towards Hua Menghan. The dao principles quickly took shape in the form of magical talismans, and entered her body.

"Sister!" Ye Xiwen spoke-up; he was somewhat surprised. Hua Menghan’s imposing aura indicated that she had already made a breakthrough into the late stage of the semi-sage realm.

Ye Xiwen could presently be regarded as the peak expert among all the experts of the late stage of the semi-sage realm. Moreover, he would be much safer with Hua Menghan by his side. Two heaven’s pride level experts of the late stage of the semi-sage realm had joined hands. So, Ye Xiwen was confident that they would be able to escape unscathed even if a sage expert were to attack them.

Ye Xiwen got a firm grasp on the matter of the Wind Dragon Lair; it was anticipated to be born soon.

Ye Xiwen was undergoing closed-door training. However, this didn’t mean that he didn’t know anything about the Wind Dragon’s Lair. Hua Menghan was undergoing a deep-level closed-door training. Therefore, he sent out a portion of his divine sense outside the room, and heard the discussions of several people. He got to know everything about all the major events that had taken place in the last half-a-years’ time.

He was very interested in the Wind Dragon’s Lair. Moreover, he knew far more about it than an average person. He had come to know everything from the Star Colossus that was present inside the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’.

The wisp of the Star Colossus’s soul had been unceasingly sucked for its energy, and this energy was then being used to condense and power-up the blood slave. So, its memories were also gradually revealed in front of Ye Xiwen. There was no difference between that wisp of soul and the main body of that Star Colossus… apart from certain core things such as bloodline inheritance, matrix formations and so on. However, this wisp of soul knew everything the Star Colossus did. Therefore, Ye Xiwen’s knowledge had gradually enriched. It had become even more extensive after the unceasing absorption of this Star Colossus’s memories. In fact, his knowledge had seen an incredible rise in the past half-a-years’ time. He had come to know many of the universe’s secrets.

One must know that each of these Star Colossuses could consume planets and stars as food. And, they lived for several thousand years. So, they obviously knew many secrets of the universe. They possessed rare knowledge. In fact, they were aware of all kinds of rare treasures and exotic gems which had ever existed.

Even Ye Mo knew many such secrets. However, he had only been an assistant to a Devil King. So, most of Ye Mo’s knowledge was related to the Devil World, and he didn’t know about many secrets of the universe. Moreover, Ye Mo was like a teacher and a friend to Ye Xiwen. So, Ye Xiwen would never treat him like the Star Colossus; he wouldn’t devour Ye Mo’s soul and memories.

An average person wouldn’t dare to try this. Many people could peek into others’ memories. However, they wouldn’t dare to swallow such a mixture of soul and memories because the absorbed-memory could become a portion of their own. So, it could easily affect their memory, and result in a possible identity crisis. In fact, they might even become deranged. Therefore, nobody would do it unless they were forced to do it and had no choice.

However, Ye Xiwen was different. He had the mysterious space. So, he could digest these memories without letting them affect his own.

And, the secret of the Wind Dragon City was present in the Star Colossus’s memories. Moreover, the impression of this memory was quite profound. This Wind Dragon City had genuinely been established on the corpse of a wind dragon. That was true. This wind dragon had existed, and so had its lair.

In fact, that wind dragon had been killed by the Star Colossus himself. The Star Colossus had wandered here once upon a time. It had then come across the newly matured wind dragon. Both parties were rare monsters, and stood on top of the food chain of the universe. So, they hardly said anything before they started their battle. The dragon race was a very intrepid one. Moreover, this wind dragon was a purebred of the dragon race. However, it had only matured recently. Therefore, it couldn’t be a match for the Star Colossus. It eventually lost its life to the Star Colossus.

However, the Star Colossus had also sustained severe injuries. So, it had no other choice but to escape in order to repair its wounds.

Therefore, Ye Xiwen knew that wind dragon’s lair really did exist. He just didn’t know the specific time it would be born in this space. He also didn’t know how this news had come to spread.

Innumerable years had passed since that battle. Many a things had been lost in the river of time. However, one such ‘forgotten’ matter had resurfaced again. Was it possible for the people to make a calculation as to where it would appear?

Ye Xiwen didn’t know. However, this didn’t hinder his interest in the wind dragon’s lair. Everyone knew that the dragon race was fond of collecting treasures. One could benefit immensely if they were to obtain one or two such treasures. In fact, it would be like a dream come true.

Ye Xiwen saw that Hua Menghan hadn’t awakened yet. She was still undergoing the deep-level closed-door training. He became somewhat anxious as to why she hadn’t come out of the closed-door training already…

"Gee, this girl is extraordinary. She wants to cross two hurdles in one go. She wants to make a breakthrough into the sage realm in one fell swoop!" Ye Mo spoke in astonishment, "I must say… she is bold and ambitious. But, she possesses the Heavenly Phoenix Body, as well as the bloodline of the heavenly phoenix. She may even succeed if she gave it a try!"

Ye Xiwen calmed down after he heard Ye Mo’s words. She wasn’t continuing with her closed-door training because she had run into any problem or anything… Rather, she wanted to make successive breakthroughs. The inner core of that white dwarf had decreased in volume. Only one-third of it was left. However, it was still a lot. In fact, it was enough for both of these individuals to continue the closed-door training and make another breakthrough.

Ye Xiwen would’ve accompanied Hua Menghan in the closed-door training if this matter of the wind dragon’s lair hadn’t come to light. His realization was already enough. His understanding regarding the principles and main dao was extremely rare among the younger generation. In fact, his overall understanding was enough to enable him to level-up without any difficulty. However, he had been presented with an excellent opportunity. There could be rare treasures inside the lair of the wind dragon. He naturally didn’t wish to miss out on this opportunity.

He could come back and proceed with the closed-door training after he had dealt with this matter. A martial arts competition would take place between the four forces after two years’ time. This would be a big and brutal gathering of experts. And, not every heaven’s pride level experts would get to participate in the fights. However, Ye Xiwen was sure about himself. He was certain that he would get to take part in the competition. After all, only he had the outstanding accomplishments among all heaven’s pride level experts. The Titan Body and Fan Ming were considered as top heaven’s pride level experts. Yet, he had managed to kill these two. Now, he needed to hold the line, and push forward.

He had killed two heaven’s pride level experts. However, he hadn’t taken them lightly. They used to be regarded as heaven’s pride level experts. How could they possibly not be skilled and powerful? Ye Xiwen could’ve easily fallen into the gutter if he had been caught off-guard. Moreover, the peak heaven’s pride level experts of the four major forces would gather in such a big competition. He might be killed on the spot if he were to see the face of defeat. After all, there’s no need to reiterate the main purpose why these forces would gather for a competition.

As far as Ye Xiwen was concerned — he wouldn’t show any mercy if need be.

Ye Xiwen didn’t wake Hua Menghan up, and went out the room. He hadn’t gone out since half-a-year. However, the waiters weren’t a bit baffled to see him. This entire place was full of experts. So, this kind of thing was fairly normal. These experts used to undergo closed-door training for several years… even for decades. So, this wasn’t something strange. Everything was fine as long as one had enough money to pay the rent for the room.

Ye Xiwen looked for a spot to sit down inside the tavern. A bunch of news fell into his ears from the surroundings.

"Everyone is saying that the wind dragon’s lair is about to be born. But, why has there been no concrete information about it in the last six months? It’s probably a lie!"

"Maybe… But, I think that it’s true. Even the respectable City Lord has dispatched experts. In fact, he himself has gone out thrice to look for the entrance to this wind dragon’s lair in this last half-a-year. He didn’t find it though. However, I think this must be true for someone of his status to try to so hard to find it!"

"I don’t know where this news has come out from… But, many powerful experts have gone out to look for the whereabouts of the wind dragon’s lair in the last half-a-year. In fact, many sage experts were also present among them. They couldn’t find the lair, but they have found some traces of it. This shows that wind dragon’s lair genuinely exists!"

"Yes, it is also said that the wind dragon’s lair isn’t in this subspace, right? So, ordinary people certainly can’t see it!"

"It has also been said that the major forces have reached out to some knowledgeable experts, and have requested them to find out the time and place that wind dragon’s lair will appear."

Ye Xiwen pondered that no one had been able to find the whereabouts of the wind dragon’s lair in the past half-a-years’ time. However, he wasn’t in a hurry; nor was he anxious. That was because others didn’t know the whereabouts of the lair of the wind dragon… but, he did since the Star Colossus had already passed through this region of space in the past, and had a battle with the wind dragon.

"The wind dragon’s lair is born!" a loud roar came from outside the tavern… right when Ye Xiwen was pondering.

(To be continued)

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