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Not many forces of the True Martial World could be placed at the same level as the True Martial University. However, some could be. And, a majority of these forces had immense and deep-seated hatred toward the True Martial University. They didn’t get along with each other. In fact, each force would look for every possible method to weaken the strength of the other forces.

There was huge conflict between the True Martial University and the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall in particular. It couldn’t have been bigger than it already was. The True Martial University had dominance over the Southern region. Many forces were jealous because of this. The Xuan Yuan Palace Hall was a force of the central plains, and was located south of Yellow River. They were in close proximity, and this had made them hostile towards the True Martial University. The disciples of these two forces were more hostile towards each other than they were towards the disciples from other regions.

Ye Xiwen’s name had begun to spread inside the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall after he had killed Fan Ming. The competition in the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall was also very intense; just like True Martial University. Countless people would attentively watch the state of competitions among the heavens’ pride level experts. Fan Ming’s sudden death had come as a big shock. This had caused a huge sensation in the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. However, the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall didn’t pay much attention to this matter since they couldn’t rise in revolt against the True Martial University. It seemed as if this matter had been left unsettled.

However, Ye Xiwen had become very famous in the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. Each disciple of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall had come to know that Ye Xiwen had killed one of their heaven’s pride level experts. Consequently, they began to look for him to cause trouble.

Several heaven’s pride level experts of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall hadn’t yet competed against one-another. Therefore, it was difficult to decide who was stronger and who was weaker. However, since Ye Xiwen had killed Fan Ming. So, one wouldn’t have to do anything else to prove that they were the best among all heaven’s pride level experts if they could defeat or kill Ye Xiwen.

Wouldn’t they become famous very quickly?

Ye Xiwen decided to pass through this crucial situation. And, it was somewhat indeed a strange one. However, it did make some sense as to why they would aim for him. This situation was very similar to the one that had arisen after he had killed the Second God — many people had come to believe that he was the top expert in the younger generation.

"This child is hateful!" Hua Menghan had become somewhat angry. Her beautiful face had turned slightly red because of anger.

Ye Xiwen smiled and said, "I can handle him!"

"Be careful. He’s extremely arrogant, but he doesn’t seem ordinary!" Hua Menghan whispered to him.

"Yeah!" Ye Xiwen nodded. He looked calm. However, he wouldn’t underestimate this child either. No, it wasn’t a joke for him. How could he look down on an 11 or 12 years old child who had such cultivation? It was enough to make other heaven’s pride level experts die with shame.

However, Ye Xiwen wasn’t dejected by this. His own cultivation speed wasn’t slower than this child’s. This road was very long, and this was just a beginning; nothing more. It was just a short-lived fad; nothing more. Only the most talented person would have the final laugh.

"It seems that the True Martial University’s disciples are trash!" Pang Yang Bo laughed coldly. His small face was covered with a disdainful expression.

Ye Xiwen slowly walked out of the crowd, and stepped into the arena. He said, "Even a child can become famous when there are no heroes around. A brat like you who hasn’t even grown hair down there… should first learn how to fight and kill!"

"Ha ha ha ha!"

"Ha ha ha!"

Several experts burst into laughter after they listened to Ye Xiwen’s words. Many people among these experts hated this arrogant Pang Yang Bo. No one’s ever fond of an arrogant person. However, they didn’t dare to provoke him. This child had slapped several experts of the semi-sage realm a moment ago, and had sent them flying. They were no match for him. However, those experts couldn’t control themselves, and burst into laughter after they saw someone daring to provoke him.

An incomparably bitter look appeared in the eyes of the disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. Pang Yang Bo’s age was his highlight; as well as his most vulnerable spot. And, Ye Xiwen had poked him where it hurts the most.

"Who are you?" Ye Xiwen’s words had made Pang Yang Bo’s small face turn deep-red. He was extremely furious. He would get enraged whenever someone talked about his age.

"I’m Ye Xiwen!" Ye Xiwen smiled indifferently, and said, "I wouldn’t have bothered to haggle with a child. But, I’m not so heartless as to see a child wait for three months in the arena. So, I came out!"

"Do you wish to die?" Pang Yang Bo’s complexion had turned gloomy and ugly. It seemed if he would start crying any moment now. Ye Xiwen had already poked his sensitive spot twice or thrice.

"Oh ho, you also have a bit of bad temper!" Ye Xiwen laughed out loud and said, "But, even your anger is as half-assed as a child’s!"

"Shut up. I only had the intention to suppress you in order to show you your place. But now, your death is certain!" Pang Yang Bo stated. He had clearly been enraged out of shame.

"You wish to suppress me? Forget about it, brat. Why don’t you first grow some hair down there?" Ye Xiwen laughed mischievously. He was deliberately saying such poisonous words.

Everyone laughed. Hua Menghan also smiled a little. Her delicate body shook gently. She had never seen Ye Xiwen smile so mischievously… or use such poisonous words at someone.

"Dammit! You have made me very angry today. You will certainly die!" Pang Yang Bo’s complexion turned ashen. It seemed as if tears would roll down from his eyes any moment now. He thundered and rushed towards Ye Xiwen. It seemed as if his anger would pierce through the space. His tyrannical strength left everyone to tremble with fear.

Ye Xiwen had poked him again and again. This had made him lose face in front of everyone. He began to knead a ‘seal technique’ with his hands. It produced a lightning which seemingly split-open the entire world. It illuminated the void, and swept towards Ye Xiwen to chop him down.

"This is the magical power of a supreme thunder technique. It seems that this Pang Yang Bo has obtained a wonderful book - ‘Nine Temples Five Elements Thunder Book’. It is the most exquisite thunder technique. Some people even say that he’s the reincarnation of the Thunder God!"

"I’ve heard this rumor too. This eleven years old semi-sage expert is truly astounding!"

"It has also been said that he possesses the extraordinary blood of the Chaotic Heaven Thunder Body. This means that he must have reaped exceptional benefits by practicing his own thunder cultivation method. Not to mention that ‘Nine Temples Five Elements Thunder Book’ would enhance his power even further. An average person can’t match him. I say his insane progress speed is strange!"

"Humph!" Ye Xiwen snorted. His hands got covered with golden divinities. He didn’t dodge or avoid. He charged towards the incoming lightning, and grabbed them. Other people would have been very scared of such a thunder technique. However, it was nothing in front of Ye Xiwen since he had used the lightning energy of heterogeneous heavenly tribulations to temper his body.




Ye Xiwen’s palm exploded those lightning. And, the terrifying force from his hands swept out energy storms everywhere. The lightning attack was straightaway crushed by Ye Xiwen. It couldn’t pose any threat to him.

Someone immediately opened his mouth in shock after he saw Ye Xiwen fight in such a relaxed manner. He said, "So this is Ye Xiwen? He’s really outstanding. He just used his bare hands to tackle Pang Yang Bo’s lightning attack. His body is insanely tough!"

"That’s true. One of the earlier opponents didn’t even get the time to evade the attack. His flesh had been lacerated, and his blood had splash out as a result. There seems like a huge difference of power between these two!"

"That’s not true!" an informed disciple of the True Martial University spoke-up somewhat proudly, "That Pang Yang Bo isn’t an ordinary person. Our Ye Xiwen isn’t an ordinary person either. He has the strongest body in our True Martial University. Even the famous Titan Body lost and died in his hands. His body is invincible. Nobody can stand in front of him!"

"Titan Body suffered a major defeat and got killed in the end. But, he was very powerful. After all, he was of a rare bloodline, and had the invincible body of a titan. However, he still turned out to be inferior to Ye Xiwen. I must say that this Ye Xiwen is unbearably strong!"

"This child is extremely arrogant. He has provoked Ye Xiwen. He will soon start to cry once he realizes that he has messed with the wrong guy. Ha ha ha!" that disciple of the True Martial University burst into laughter after he was done talking. He was no longer sour about his earlier defeat at the hands of Pang Yang Bo. "He can only deal with an invincible expert like Ye Xiwen if he can suppress him with some supreme magical powers. Otherwise, he doesn’t stand a chance!"

Pang Yang Bo became even angrier after he saw that Ye Xiwen had effortlessly destroyed his offensive. He knew that Ye Xiwen wasn’t an ordinary person. After all, Fan Ming had lost and died in his hands. So he couldn’t possibly be an ordinary guy. However, Pang Yang Bo still looked down on Ye Xiwen. The experts like this child felt like the whole world was in their palm since they had remained at the peak for a long time. Hence, they could be called extremely arrogant and lawless.

What authority? What reputation? Everything was bullshit. Only one’s fist was the strongest. A majority of so-called heaven’s pride level experts used to think like this!

Pang Yang Bo’s countenance had turned even colder. An endless amount of lightning was boiling and surging on his body. It seemed as if he was attracting the wandering lightning like a conductor. The thunder and lightning were objects most people always maintained a respectful distance from. However, they appeared obedient and docile in his hands.

Numerous seals dazzled in his hands. Countless thunders and lightning condensed into dozens of giant thunder dragons as per his will. Then, those giant dragons started to roar in anger.

The surrounding space shook. The claws of these dragons could grab and explode the space. They were exceptionally terrifying. The onlookers were left in shock by this spectacle. Nobody had thought that Pang Yang Bo could be this strong. Each of these dragons could be compared with an expert of the semi-sage realm. However, dozens of such thunder dragons had conveniently condensed at his will. None of his previous opponents had been able to force him to display his true strength. However, he had displayed the extent of his strength in this battle. His tyrannical strength had left everyone in shock.

Ye Xiwen was also somewhat dumbstruck. It wasn’t difficult to practice till the intermediate stage if one had talent. But, one might not become a heaven’s pride level expert even though they had practiced till the intermediate stage of the semi-sage realm. In fact, many experts of the younger generation had practiced till the intermediate stage of the semi-sage realm. However, there were only a few heaven’s pride level experts. The reason was quite simple. It was because of the disparity in their strengths. One heaven’s pride level expert could easily beat dozens of experts of the same realm. Heaven’s pride level experts could stand tall against all the other top experts of the same realm. These were the traits of a real heaven’s pride level expert. Pang Yang Bo was very young. However, he was truly an evil genius since he had displayed such strength. Moreover, his ‘chaotic heaven thunder body’ was really outstanding.

These thunder dragons simultaneously revealed their ferocious features. They soared up and fluttered around in the space. The massive thunder dragons gathered around Ye Xiwen, and surrounded him. Then, they swept down towards Ye Xiwen. Each of these dragons was exceptionally scary.

Ye Xiwen snorted and rushed forward like a ferocious beast.

(To be continued)

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