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"Who are you?!" suddenly, a loud shout sounded from afar. A group of warriors came out flying out of nowhere. They blocked Ye Xiwen and Hua Menghan's way, and coldly glared at them.

"Who are you two? How dare you come here? Don't you know that this is Young Master Feng's restricted territory?" one of those individuals flew out and shouted coldly.

A bunch of tyrannical divine senses swept all over. Ye Xiwen and Hua Menghan immediately became anxious. Hundreds of tyrannical divine senses had performed soul searches across this area — all at once. Most of these divine senses belonged to experts of the initial stage of the semi-sage realm. However, many among them also belonged to the ones at the intermediate stage of the semi-sage realm.

There was no legendary expert among them. It was quite difficult for legendary experts to move freely in the void of the universe. They could at most travel between some assembly nodal points; that too under the leadership of semi-sage experts only. However, they would basically be a burden. But, Ye Xiwen was completely different. He was even more ferocious than the experts of the intermediate stage of the semi-sage realm.

Ye Xiwen and Hua Menghan hadn't anticipated that they would bump into a gang of experts and meddle with their business. At least hundreds of strong divine senses were floating in the vicinity. And, each one was of the semi-sage level. There was surely a big conspiracy in play since so many semi-sage experts were gathered at one place. And, these two had suddenly intruded into their territory. It was obviously impossible for the opposite party to maintain a good countenance.

"Excuse us! We had no intention to offend you!" Ye Xiwen calmly spoke. "We will leave immediately!"

Their priority was to rush to the Wind Dragon City. They would obviously prefer to have one less trouble on the way.

"You think you can come and go as you want. That's wishful thinking!"

"It just so happens that this man's aptitude is better among these two. He's freely roaming in the space even though he has the trivial strength of the legendary realm. We can capture him and turn him into a slave. And, that woman is extremely beautiful. We can capture her and offer her to Young Master Feng as his 326th mistress. Ha ha! He will give us enormous rewards!"

"I'm just afraid these two are probably the disciples of some big school!"

"What are you afraid of? Isn't our Young Master Feng using a matrix method to extract the core of that white dwarf? He's also looking for a way to devour the core. He can make a breakthrough into the sage realm after that. Then, he will be able to oppress everyone in this vicinity with his tyranny. There's nothing to be afraid of!"

These people were discussing without any hesitation in front of Ye Xiwen and Hua Menghan. They obviously looked down on these two — perhaps because they considered these two individuals to be like the meat placed on a chopping block. It seemed as if they just needed to decide how to chop and when to chop.

Ye Xiwen immediately raised his eyebrow. An angry look appeared on his face. He hadn't wished to get involved in this matter. However, it seemed like the other party had now given him enough reasons to get involved.

Hua Menghan frowned. A disgusted look appeared on her face. The opposite party's obscene words had made her furious. She felt disgusted.

"Brothers, attack!" one of the experts shouted. Several dozen experts of the initial stage of the semi-sage realm emerged from behind, and surrounded Ye Xiwen and Hua Menghan. They were looking at the two of them with malicious intentions.

They were drooling over the beautiful Hua Menghan in particular.

"It seems like we don't have any choice but to slaughter them!" Ye Xiwen used his divine sense to communicate this to Hua Menghan.

Hua Menghan nodded. Neither of them wanted to indulge in a fight with these people. They didn't want to fight an unnecessary battle. But, these people didn't wish to let them go.

"Attack!" Ye Xiwen shouted loudly. Strike first and gain the upper hand… or suffer. Ye Xiwen knew this well. He shot Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand. It appeared like a boundless burning cloud as it advanced towards those people to grab them.

These semi-sage experts weren't some ordinary people. They responded almost immediately.

"This man has dared to launch an attack on us. He's courting death. I've changed my mind. I don't wish to make him a slave anymore. I want him dead. Destroy his soul too… so that he can never reincarnate again!"

That semi-sage expert wasn't a good person. He had been enraged by Ye Xiwen. And so, he ordered in an angry manner.

The Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand went across the vast space. It seemed as if its energy would swallow the entire world. The attack appeared majestic. It seemed as if a heavenly hand had swept down to burn-down the whole world.




The attacks of those experts of semi-sage realm were instantly grabbed by the Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand, and were crushed into fine powder. However, the hand didn't stop here. The hand then rushed towards those semi-sage experts to grasp them.




Those semi-sage experts were grabbed by Ye Xiwen's Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand. Then, he crushed them. Those experts of the initial stage of semi-sage realm were turned into blood fog. They were no match for Ye Xiwen. They weren't even as good as those lightning soldiers. Not to mention, Ye Xiwen's strength had increased countless times after he had crossed that heavenly tribulation. Now, he was far more tyrannical than he was before.

Hua Menghan had also begun to attack. Her jade hands unleashed several secret seal techniques. The entire world suddenly began to heat-up in an abnormal manner. The world began to burn as if it was set on fire. Everything in the radius of 5 Km had submerged in a burning sea of silver-white flames. This looked extremely scary. Those experts of the initial stage of semi-sage realm didn't get the time to escape. They were burned alive. They were reduced to ashes within seconds. Several experts of the intermediate stage of semi-sage realm couldn't take on these flames either. They met with the same fate. They possessed far more tyrannical skills than those experts of the initial stage of semi sage realm did. Therefore, they didn't burn to death in an instant like their weaker comrades had. However, it was even more horrible for them since they suffered extreme pain. First, their principles burned down. Then, their bodies… and finally their souls got exterminated.

Their obscene words had thoroughly infuriated Hua Menghan. So, she had started to use her most fierce attacks. She hadn't held anything back.

These so-called 'subordinates' of Young Master Feng didn't know that they had messed with the wrong people this time. However, they quickly realized that these two weren't some 'random cultivators with no background'. One was extremely fierce, while the other was very spicy.

"Stop! How dare you attack us? Do you know who we are?" an incomparably terrified semi-sage expert spoke up. He was an expert of the intermediate stage of the semi-sage realm. He had just played the role of the leader a moment ago. However, he was no match for Ye Xiwen and Hua Menghan. These two individuals weren't ordinary people. The ordinary semi-sage realm experts were practically no match for them.

Ye Xiwen sneered. The 'Hanshan Seal' pounded down from above. This semi-sage realm expert was smashed and turned into blood fog. He couldn't even fight back. He would've never been able to stop Ye Xiwen's attack. That was because even a causal fist attack of Ye Xiwen's carried the power released by the combined attacks of dozens of experts of the intermediate stage of the semi-sage realm.

Ye Xiwen slaughtered several experts of semi-sage realm in a matter of moments. They simply didn't stand a chance against these two.

They were preparing to leave when — suddenly a loud shout sounded, "Who are you two? Do you wish to die?"

A big hand cut-open the void, and advanced towards Ye Xiwen and Hua Menghan to grab them. A terrifying power was boiling upon that hand. This power was invoking a grandiose pressure on those two.

Ye Xiwen wasn't deterred one bit. He used his hands to counter. They got shrouded in endless golden light, and ripped that big hand apart.

"Sister Hua, let's get out of here quickly!" Ye Xiwen shouted. This big hand turned out to be of a peak expert of the later stage of semi-sage realm. Neither of these two could match him.

Hua Menghan trod on the rainbow light without any hesitation, and immediately flew away. Her speed wasn't slow… even when compared with the speed of Ye Xiwen's devil wings. She possessed a top-tier agility technique. She had travelled a thousand feet in the blink of an eye.

Ye Xiwen's speed wasn't slow either. He opened his devil wings, and followed after Hua Menghan.


That big hand grasped down as soon as Ye Xiwen left. The entire space was caught by that big hand. A large section of the surrounding space collapsed, and the chaos leaked out from the other side.

"Dammit! Don't you ever make Young Master Feng see you again. Or else…!" the angry voice of a young man sounded from direction of the white dwarf.

Ye Xiwen and Hua Menghan flew away for hundreds of miles. They came to a halt after they realized that nobody was pursuing them. Both of them were gasping for breath. They looked at each other, and burst into laughter.

"They wouldn't pursue us till here!" Hua Menghan said.

"Yes!" Ye Xiwen nodded. They had flown hundreds of miles away from there, and the opposite party hadn't pursued them. There was obviously some reason that had kept them there. There must've been a reason why they hadn't chased after these two.

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen recalled what one of those experts had said. It seemed like they were about to extract the core of the white dwarf. One could imagine how precious the core of a star could be. It was the essence of the entire star. The white dwarf was a dead star. However, its core was still a priceless treasure.

However, the entire white dwarf could explode if one wasn't careful. The power of the explosion would be extremely terrifying. Everyone in the proximity of countless miles would be killed.

"Sister, you proceed to the Wind Dragon City. I will join you later!" Ye Xiwen said.

"What are you going to do?" Hua Menghan asked.

"I'm going to give them a 'pleasant surprise'!" Ye Xiwen laughed mischievously and stated. His eyes glittered like the tip of a sharp weapon.

"That's extremely dangerous. They have an expert of the later stage of the semi-sage realm. And, it seems like there's more than one. You won't be able to deal with them alone!" Hua Menghan spoke in a worried tone.

"Relax. There won't be a problem. They can't catch me with the kind of speed they possess!" Ye Xiwen tried to console Hua Menghan. He wasn't consoling her with nonsense. One must know that an average person couldn't match the speed of Ye Xiwen's devil wings. Moreover, Ye Xiwen had also perfected his 'tyrant body technique' till the sixth layer. He wasn't an opponent for the opposite party. However, it would be impossible for them to kill him in an instant. And, his 'phoenix regeneration technique' with its superfast regeneration speed would quickly restore him back to normal if they weren't able to kill him in an instant. In-effect, he wasn't an opponent of the experts of the later stage of semi-sage realm, but they must also give up on the idea of taking him down.

"Alright, I will also come with you!" Hua Menghan stated. She was still worried for Ye Xiwen. Moreover, the vulgar words of those people had made her extremely angry.

"You don't need to come. It will be easier if I go alone. I know that I'm not capable of defeating them. However, they can't take me down either. I wish to give them a 'pleasant surprise' this time!" Ye Xiwen stated as he laughed.

(To be continued)

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