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The two of them flew towards the Wind Dragon City, and continued to wipe out the star beasts that came in their way. They flew continuously for 10 days and 10 nights, and finally got close to the Wind Dragon City.

They didn't take any rest during these 10 days and nights. And, they continued to slaughter the star beasts. Ye Xiwen was unceasingly absorbing the star core — either to transform his universe, or to strengthen his principles. He had undergone a number of upgrades in a short span of time. The principles he had recently condensed couldn't be compared with the ones he had done earlier. He had been using the star cores as nourishment. His growth speed had been nearly ten times that of an average person — thanks the nonstop and crazy struggle with these star beasts for ten whole days.

Hua Menghan's cultivation had also become more pure and proficient. She was just one step away from entering the later stage of the semi-sage realm. She was about to enter the later stage of the semi-sage realm.

However, this wasn't the biggest surprise for Ye Xiwen. Rather, it was that the restoration process of 'Heavenly Source Mirror'. It had reached the completion of the first step after it had absorbed the flesh and blood of countless star beasts. Ye Mo had dived deeper inside the mirror to complete the restoration. The 'heavenly Source Mirror' would perhaps be restored to the sage realm after the completion of this step. It would be able to provide a huge assistance to Ye Xiwen thereafter.

Ye Xiwen would certainly be able to compete with the sage experts with this sage tool in his hands once he had entered the later stage of the semi-sage realm. He wouldn't fall into a disadvantageous situation. However, it must be assumed that his sage level opponent wouldn't possess a sage tool of their own. Not all sage experts possessed sage tools. Only the wealthy and outstanding sage experts kept sage tools.

These two individuals had continuously flown for 10 days and 10 nights. They had flown at full strength, and had unceasingly exterminated the star beasts along the way. An average person would've already died if they were in their place. However, these two weren't ordinary people. The fast regeneration speed of Hua Menghan's Heavenly Phoenix Body's magical power could frighten anyone. And, Ye Xiwen's 'gilded tyrant form' was extremely intrepid. He had only used his body to beat so many star beasts to death. He hadn't used his 'Real Elemental Energy' at all. Therefore, they didn't have to worry about anything, and forged their path with the blood of the star beasts.

There were many other common threats present in this starry sky. Such as… meteorites, the space turbulence as well as the 'rogue chaos' that floated in the space, the magnetic field storms, and so on… They hadn't experienced these things in the past. Both of them were heaven's pride level experts, but they still had to face great difficulties in dealing with these unusual situations.

Ye Xiwen knew about some of these things from his previous life. However, he had never experienced them in-person. He had never cared to find out more about them either. After all, he had never thought that he would be walking inside the void of the universe in-person.

Even a truth level expert had the ability to survive in the space. However, the sheer amount of dangers present in the space was unimaginable. One would be lost forever if one didn't possess the strength of semi-sage realm. In fact, even the semi-sage experts only dared to travel on the edge of this space; they didn't dare to penetrate inside.

The existence of a human expert was too tiny in this vast universe.

"Ye Xiwen, a turbulent group of meteorites is flying towards us!" Hua Menghan gently alerted Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen raised his head to look forward. He saw several thousand meteorites in the distant space. They were rapidly approaching them. It seemed as if there was some kind of unseen attraction force in play that was attracting those meteorites towards them. It seemed like a long range raid of the meteorites was approaching from very far away. Soon, this group of meteorites wasn't too far from them. These two couldn't hide or dodge even if they tried to.

This universe might seem vacuum and empty at one glance. However, it was brimming with all kinds of magnetic fields. The power of these two individuals wasn't enough to send out their 'divine senses' very far away from themselves. That was why they had discovered this group of meteorites only when it had come so close. This was also the reason why they were constantly bumping into star beasts, and were forced to slaughter their way out every time. This was all because the search range of their 'divine sense' wasn't very long. Therefore, there was no way to avoid such meaningless fights.

However, there were no formidable star-beasts present here; fortunately. These two would rarely come across the star beasts of the semi-sage realm. Moreover, Ye Xiwen could deal with two semi-sage beasts at once without breaking a sweat.

"Sister, you take a break first. Let me deal with it!" Ye Xiwen laughed out loud and said.

"Ok!" Hua Menghan smiled as she looked at Ye Xiwen. He was still beaming with energy and vigor, but she looked tired.

Each of these experts possessed martial arts within their bodies to keep them energized. Capable experts like these two wouldn't be affected even if they didn't sleep for 1 or 10 years… under normal circumstances. However, fighting continuously like this was a different thing. It must've exhausted their minds. Her Heavenly Phoenix Body's had indeed restored her 'Real Elemental Energy' very quickly. And, that would've saved her body from getting tired. However, the exhaustion of one's mind and spirit couldn't be avoided.

However, Ye Xiwen was different. His 'gilded tyrant form' was exceptionally tyrannical. He possessed incredible strength even when he didn't use his 'Real Elemental Energy'. Moreover, Ye Xiwen had often come across such long and excruciating battles in the past. His battles had often lasted for several days and several nights. He had experienced the most number of fights among all the heaven's pride level experts. He had never experienced the privileged and favorable practice conditions that were bestowed upon the other heaven's pride level experts. Rather, he had constantly struggled to slaughter his way up to this level. He was self-made, and had earned his success from the battles he had fought thus far.

Fighting for several days and nights was normal for him.

"Clang!" the 'sword intention' appeared in Ye Xiwen's hand and rumbled loudly. It suddenly expanded and transformed into a huge sword. He then brandished the sword towards those meteorites to chop them down at once.




The sword intention chopped up those meteorites into fine pieces.

This task might've been very troublesome for an ordinary expert of the initial stage of the semi-sage realm. They could've been knocked down by this group of meteorites if caught off-guard. However, it seemed like nothing to Ye Xiwen.

Hua Menghan immediately followed after Ye Xiwen as he rushed through that group of meteorites. She said, "You don't consider these meteorites anything, isn't it?"

She obviously wasn't afraid of these meteorites either. Her heavenly flame could burn these meteorites to ashes. Even Ye Xiwen had been flattered by her large-scale attack since it could easily take-on large groups. In fact, he had been stunned by her ability.

However, Ye Xiwen had an upper hand when it came to the ease involved in his way to deal with groups. That was because he didn't need to consume too much 'real elemental energy'; unlike her.

Ye Xiwen laughed mischievously and spoke, "Sister, you are flattering me. This is just a sword technique I've recently learnt. It's extremely sharp and swift!"

"Buried Person Sword!" Ye Xiwen shouted loudly. A 'sword intention' appeared in his hand. It appeared like some form of a mystical entity. It then exploded into countless sword-shadows. They overwhelmingly spread out towards the group of meteorites to chop them down.




Those meteorites had been chopped and reduced to dust by that bright sword beam. The sight was similar to the most dazzling fireworks in the sky.

Ye Xiwen had already practiced the 'Buried Sword Secrets' to the perfection level. He initially hadn't understood many of the concepts, but he had come to understand them now.

The road to practice the swordsmanship to perfection was simply disastrous; 'Buried Person', 'Buried Earth', 'Buried Heaven', and then the 'Great Nirvana' at last. The Great Nirvana could break everything in existence, and reestablish a very new 'great dao'.

It had sounded awesome in Ye Mo's words. However, one couldn't always get the opportunity to practice it to the peak level. The existing world must be shattered and a new 'sword world' must be re-established in order to practice it to the peak level. However, even the thought of that was impossible. The world would've been destroyed countless times in the last 8 billion years if it could be shattered so easily.

However, the first three moves were still usable. And, the 'Buried Sword Secret' was still considered as the supreme sword technique. It was the move that had been practiced by the expert who had fought head-on with the Star Colossus that could swallow planets and stars. It wouldn't have attracted the disciples of the True Martial University if it wasn't good enough.

"Sister, what do you say? Do you like this technique?" Ye Xiwen asked with a smile.

"It's quite fierce. It's difficult to learn and use this supreme technique of sword cultivation!" Hua Menghan nodded and said. She felt that Ye Xiwen looked like a child who was happily flaunting his treasure before her. She couldn't help but laugh in her heart. However, she also had a nice fuzzy feeling… as if some ripples were bubbling in her heart.

"I can teach you if you wish to learn!" Ye Xiwen offered with a smile.

"No, I don't need to have a sword cultivation technique. This sword power technique can be a bit beneficial. However, it's nothing in the long run!" Hua Menghan shook her head and refused. After all, a majority of people had their own path they must follow. She knew that her road had been paved since the beginning of the awakening of the Heavenly Phoenix Body. It was certainly a fabulous road. However, she didn't have many choices.

Moreover, the recent awakening of her blood had presented her with many magical power techniques. They could scare a person to death if displayed. Her cultivation had reached such an extent in such a short span of time. The great contributions of those magical power techniques couldn't be ignored.

On the contrary, Ye Xiwen hadn't chosen any path. He possessed a big heart and great ambitions. He wanted to walk on the road of martial arts. He wanted to use all sorts of martial techniques. Merely sticking to one road didn't suit him.

Hua Menghan didn't wish to learn. So, Ye Xiwen didn't insist. The understanding between the both of them had advanced by leaps and bounds after they had fought together for several days and nights. The mutual trust between them had also progressed greatly. Ye Xiwen wouldn't have said such a thing to her so abruptly in the past. However, it came out of his mouth quite naturally at this moment.

Some unknown feelings had started to arouse between them.

"We must quickly rush to the Wind Dragon City and take proper rest!" Hua Menghan's beautiful face revealed traces of exhaustion.

"Yeah!" Ye Xiwen nodded.

Their speed was extremely fast. They trod on the rainbow light and quickly moved in the empty space. They appeared like a streak of electric light.

They had soon flown for another day and night. However, they had started to feel more and more heat for some reason. They looked in the star map, and found a white dwarf in the vicinity. It used to be a star once. However, it had perished and transformed into a white dwarf. So, it was silently hanging nearby.

"Who are you?!" suddenly, a loud shout sounded from afar. A group of warriors came flying out of nowhere. They blocked Ye Xiwen and Hua Menghan's path, and glared at them coldly.

(To be continued)

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