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One would see a grandiose sky if they'd look down from the endless void above. The sky appeared endless, and stretched as far as one's gaze could reach. This area was known as the 'Chaotic Heavenly Territory'. The Chaotic Heavenly Territory was extremely big; it wasn't just some small territory. It was even bigger than the True Martial World. It was easier to lose one's way in this boundless star-ocean than in the sea.

One must know that getting deviated from the intended direction in a huge sea might not turn out to be fatal. However, one might get separated from their destination by thousands of miles if one would deviate from their route in this endless void. Then, they wouldn't be able to find their destination. Therefore, one must have the star map for directional guidance.

Hua Menghan possessed one such star map. It wasn't difficult for an expert of her caliber to obtain one. Her current level wasn't very high. So, she could only access the layers of this territory that were in the vicinity of the True Martial World using the star map she possessed. However, it was possible to use these star maps to access the depths as well. Therefore, these star maps were considered as treasures in the True Martial World. These star maps were also considered as important strategic resources.

Just like the other forces — the True Martial University had also maintained fixed levels to access the depths of the Chaotic Heavenly Territory for treasure hunting and so on. The possession of a more accurate star map would obviously ensure one's safety to a greater extent. The safety and security of the experts was very important. So, different people could access different layers; this would be in accordance with their levels. The True Martial University had once ruled the entire True Martial World. The True Martial University had sent out their entire manpower to explore the Chaotic Heavenly Territory for resources at that time. Consequently, the True Martial University had obtained the most accurate star map. Many other forces had been eyeing this star map. And, they had repeatedly tried to get their hands on one. However, the most accurate star map was in the hands of the supreme authority of the True Martial University. Other people only possessed the star maps of different precision and layers — as per their ranks.

However, even a primary level star map was enough for Ye Xiwen and Hua Menghan. They didn't intend to go into the depths of Chaotic Heavenly Territory in any case. Venturing to the depths at their current levels was no different than throwing one's own life away.

However, Ye Xiwen soon realized that this starry region was nothing like what he had imagined. It wasn't even remotely a silent and quiet place. On the contrary, one could get slaughtered at anywhere.

"Be careful. We would be going straight into a region controlled by star beasts if this map is correct!" Hua Menghan warned. A large number of star beasts were stationed in this starry void. These star beasts were extremely strange. They could somehow survive without air. Going into this region was extremely dangerous.

Several star beasts emerged out of nowhere and surrounded them as soon as Hua Menghan's voice faded. These star beasts were even more tyrannical than the ones Ye Xiwen had encountered in the foreign battlefield.

Each of these star beasts was pitch-black. Their entire body was covered with scales. These fish-type star beasts had ominous fangs, and each of them looked extremely powerful. They nearly possessed the strength of legendary eighth or ninth stage. Their leader was at semi-sage realm. It was exceptionally powerful.




Each of these 'fanged' star beasts spat water-spears in unison. These attacks were centered at Ye Xiwen and Hua Menghan.

Ye Xiwen didn't get enough time to attack, but Hua Menghan had already launched one. A flaming lotus appeared in her hand. It then expanded to face the attacks.

"Bang!" a huge explosion occurred. The flaming lotus exploded among those strange fish-like star beasts. The terrifying temperature of the explosion destroyed those strange fish-like beasts.

They couldn't even approach those two.

The chief fish-like star beast was at the initial stage of the semi-sage realm. It was wounded by the flaming lotus's explosion. So, it roared as it opened its big mouth, and ferociously rushed towards Ye Xiwen to bite him.

Its big mouth nipped at Ye Xiwen, and the void was broken into pieces. It was an extremely terrifying scene.

Ye Xiwen dodged and rushed up. He sneered. His big hand stretched-out towards that chief strange fish-like beast to grab it. This strange head-fish was extremely tyrannical. So much so that it could bite an ordinary expert of initial stage of the semi-sage realm to death. However, how could Ye Xiwen be taken lightly? Even an expert of the intermediate stage of the semi-sage realm was no match for him. He could effortlessly grab this chief 'strange fish'. It was a piece of cake for him.

"Roar!" the chief fish was caught by Ye Xiwen. It roared, screamed, and struggled. However, Ye Xiwen's giant golden hand had firmly grabbed it.

"Bang!" this huge strange fish was the size of a small mountain, but Ye Xiwen pinched to explosion. It got transformed into a mass of blood fog. Its flesh was absorbed by the Heavenly Source Mirror, and its inner core was absorbed by Ye Xiwen. This replenished the solar system in his universe. His solar system hadn't been perfected yet.

Ye Mo was absorbing the accumulated flesh and blood inside the Heavenly Source Mirror. He sat cross-legged as he floated over the blood pond. He constantly extracted the energy from the Star Colossus so that he could use it to strengthen himself, and upgrade the Heavenly Source Mirror.

The Heavenly Source Mirror's combat power was already knocking on the door of the sage realm. It would finally complete the first step of its restoration if it could cross this gateway. Moreover, Ye Mo would be able to condense his own body. He would finally be able to separate his soul from the mirror then.

Therefore, Ye Mo was exceptionally careful in upgrading the Heavenly Source Mirror. A majority of the 'Primary Spirit Dans' they had received in the last one year had been absorbed by the Heavenly Source Mirror. So, it had made successive breakthroughs. However, it wasn't that simple to break through to the sage realm.

The Heavenly Source Mirror was better than the other divine tools because it was a high-grade tool. It was only broken and incomplete at present; nothing more. However, it could enhance itself as long as there was sufficient energy. This was its biggest advantage. Other divine tools had to face one tribulation after another for each subsequent upgrade. In fact, they must suffer a lot before they could become a sage tool.

The sage realm was a very large watershed for martial experts. And, it was same for the divine tools. A tool would gradually begin to gain its own spirit once it had become a sage tool. Thereafter, its strength would increase very significantly. Some tools might even gain their own body like Ye Mo would.

No matter whether it was an expert or a divine tool… they would become extraordinary once the 'sage' word was attached to them.

Ye Xiwen and Hua Menghan were extraordinary. Hua Menghan's flame had effortlessly grabbed the star beasts in that vast area, and had then burnt them to death in one fell swoop. Her attack could deal with a large numbers of enemies with ease. Ye Xiwen had no choice but to admit defeat in front of such an attack. He had no choice but to acknowledge that Hua Menghan was more powerful than him in this regard.

The two of them joined forces, and continued to exterminate the beasts along their route. They had soon eradicated the star beasts of this area. However, this was just the beginning. The True Martial University was in the vicinity. So, those star beasts weren't considered very strong. They weren't like the sage realm and the great sage realm star beasts that were present in the depths of this starry space.

They proceeded towards a nearby assembly point. This place was known as the 'Wind Dragon City'. They continued to eradicate the beasts that came in their way. There were many cities in this vast starry space. These cities were treated as nodal points in this mesh of stars. The Wind Dragon City was a nearby assembly point. It was a big city, and had a population of over 1 million. Many experts who travelled in the void would choose these cities to stop over for some time. The 'Wind Dragon City' was regarded as a tyrannical place in the region. It had been reported that the City Lord was a senior expert of great sage complete realm. He was alone a deterring force, and the experts of the nearby areas didn't dare to act presumptuous in front of him.

This starry space was similar to the 'exile' places on earth. Many experts who could no longer stay in the True Martial World had escaped into the void. So, the people who came here were often rebellious and unruly fellows. It was impossible to deter these guys without being tyrannical.

This starry space might seem close to the True Martial World. However, the distance between the Chaotic Heavenly Territory and the True Martial World was over 30,000 kilometers. How could it be easy to arrive there? A distance of 30,000 kilometers wouldn't have been a problem if the conditions on the way were normal and stable. However, the presence of star beasts and astral winds had made it a dangerous place. These beasts were always ready to incite trouble. These two had to move side-by-side, and were forced to exterminate the star beasts they met in order to advance. This would lend them great benefits in the future because exterminating these star beasts was an important task. The True Martial University and the other forces undertook this task very seriously. One must know that there was unending internal chaos among the forces of the True Martial World. However, they would all unite when it came to dealing with foreign aggression. This foreign aggression was mostly headed by two groups. One was the Devil World. They would poke their nose into the True Martial World's affairs from time to time. And, the second was the star beasts. An enormous threat might be posed for the True Martial World if a Star Colossus were to take birth among these star beasts present in the starry space.

After all, what was the reason behind the True Martial University's decline? They had opposed the invasion of a Star Colossus, and had thoroughly declined as a result. This had given an opportunity to the other forces to rise. Therefore, the True Martial University and the other forces took it as an important duty to eradicate these star beasts from time to time. They had been collectively killing star beasts for many years. It wasn't easy for a powerful star beast to take birth among these small and weak star beasts. However, there was always such danger. Moreover, these star beasts reproduced very quickly. So, it was required to wipe them out timely. Otherwise, they could pose a huge threat to the True Martial World even without the leadership of a Star Colossus.

Moreover, so many of these star beasts would make people's life difficult if they weren't exterminated from time to time. However, no one came to clean up the area frequently.

Ye Xiwen and Hua Menghan advanced towards the Wind Dragon City, and continued to exterminate the star beasts throughout their route.

(To be continued)

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