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"Ye Xiwen has successfully crossed the great complete level's tribulation. His foundation must've reached perfection. His power must've soared-up high!"

"Yes. Reaching Half-step legendry's great complete realm is like turning into a dragon from a fish. He's no longer an ordinary person!"

"It's not surprising that Ye Xiwen managed to kill that 'Titan' guy. He has crossed an extremely terrifying 'Heavenly Tribulation'. An average person would've met with an untimely death. However, Ye Xiwen treated it like it was nothing!"

"Was that Heavenly Phoenix Body who just passed by?"

"Yes, that's her. I've seen her only once… from afar at that. But, why has she arrived at the 'Hidden Star Peak'?"

Several people were discussing about today's tribulation. Ye Xiwen had once again gained importance in everyone's eyes.

"Sister Hua!" Ye Xiwen was surprised for a moment. He didn't expect that the person to arrive would be Hua Menghan. However, he saw a woman clad in black dress. She looked approximately 17 to 18 years old. Her eyebrows were black and curved. She had a tiny mouth and bright eyes. Her fluid glance moved like ripples. Her skin was as white as snow and had a jade-like texture. It was as if a fairy had descended on earth. Her beauty seemed pure and untainted. Wasn't this really Hua Menghan?

Ye Xiwen saw her treading on the rainbow light. She arrived in front of him in an instant; like a streak of electric flash. He was greatly surprised by this. Hua Menghan had restrained her aura. But, the principles were faintly fluctuating in her aura. She had reached the peak of the intermediate stage of the semi-sage realm. She was surprisingly a bit faster than him in terms of cultivation.

"Long time no see, Sister Hua. You're still as elegant as before. Your cultivation is somewhat ahead of mine!" Ye Xiwen couldn't help but sigh with emotion. Hua Menghan's progress had been incredibly fast. He had heard the discussions of the surrounding disciples. He hadn't anticipated that Hua Menghan would turn out to be that Heavenly Phoenix Body.

Ye Xiwen had recently established his power and glory, but the other heavens' pride level experts had carried their own titles for a long time.

In fact, people seemed to have forgotten their real names as the time had passed.

Ye Xiwen had heard the name 'Heavenly Phoenix Body' many times. However, he had never thought that it would be referring to Hua Menghan.

However, it wasn't a big deal even if she had the heavenly phoenix body. These heaven's pride level experts had magnificent innate talent. In addition, many of them had special physiques. Moreover, their respective inheritances put their entire energy and resources to groom them. They could obtain the guidance of their seniors in case of any difficulty. The 'Hidden Star Peak' was in a bit of a difficult position in this regard. In fact, it was far worse than the other inheritances in this regard. The first disciple Huang Wuji was perennially absent from the peak. The Second Sister was always undergoing vigorous closed-door training. The Third Brother, Bai Jian Song, would also disappear occasionally.

These three powerhouses were always a complete mess, and were mostly focused on closed-door training. That was because they had to rely on their innate talents because it was hard to have breakthroughs. The other two disciples namely — Yang Wen Jun and Deng Shui Xin — were slightly lacking in the aptitude section. They had recently stepped into the later stage of the semi-sage realm with the help of the complete version of the 'Hidden Star Scripture' that Ye Xiwen had comprehended.

The two of them had deep foundations as they had stepped into legendry's great complete realm several decades ago. So, they had suddenly obtained successive breakthroughs after they had comprehended the complete version of the 'Hidden Star Scripture'. They had deep foundations. So, they should be able to step into the Sage realm before they came to a halt.

However, there was no way to consistently get directions from the inheritance or the seniors at this Peak. Therefore, the practice conditions of this Peak's disciples couldn't be compared with those of the privileged heaven's pride level experts at the other ones. In fact, an average person would've given up if they were in their place. Thanks to the mysterious space — Ye Xiwen could comprehend all the martial arts techniques. He didn't need the guidance of the teachers, and could well walk on his own. Otherwise, he would've fallen far behind based on the aptitude he had.

However, this came with a heavy requirement for 'Spirit Dans'.

Hua Menghan smiled faintly. Her fine black hair was covered with a shawl. She was as elegant as a fairy. Her demeanor had become deeper as her cultivation had become more profound. She was standing in front of him at this moment. However, she could fly up and get anywhere anytime.

"Where have you been all this time? I heard that you also killed that Titan Body. It has caused a huge sensation in the True Martial University!" Hua Menghan spoke in her mellowed sweet voice.

Ye Xiwen smiled bitterly. This matter had gained him a lot of fame. However, he hadn't intended it. He and the 'Titan' guy had been mortal enemies from the beginning. So, there was no way he would've held back.

The two of them walked side-by-side on the lane of the Hidden Star Peak. The setting sun was sketching a beautiful portrait in the background. Their shadows were long-cast on a lane that no one had used in a long time. So, it had turned somewhat desolate and bleak. Various kinds of herbs and fruits had overgrown at its edges. And, the ones growing on the lane itself were gently brushing against their hands and leaving faint prints.

"We are the people of Jianghu. We are bound to go through pain and suffering," Ye Xiwen replied with a smile.

Hua Menghan chuckled and spoke, "Don't talk about pain and suffering. So many people in the True Martial University are envious of you now!"

"As if the bird has finally raised its head and revealed itself in the forest!" Ye Xiwen indifferently said. Then, he changed the topic, "However, one can only reach the top by overcoming the obstacles!"

"I know this is your style!" Hua Menghan looked at Ye Xiwen and spoke, "I knew long ago that your heart had big desires. Yi Yuan School couldn't entrap you. And, the True Martial University won't be able to contain you either!"

"Ha ha ha, you have more confidence in me than I do!" Ye Xiwen laughed out loud.

They were suddenly at a loss for words, and didn't know what to say. They remained silent for a moment and walked ahead. A long while passed. Ye Xiwen opened his mouth and said, "There are many things in this world which don't happen according to one's wishes. And then, we are left with no choices. I wish to walk on this road, and I wish to walk to the top. And, one day the road will end. My fate is under my control; not the heaven's!"

"It's very important for you, isn't it?" Hua Menghan asked this question out of the blue.

"Eh?" Ye Xiwen replied somewhat doubtfully.

"You have always gone very fast. You never care about the scenery that you leave behind. You just keep going father and father away!" Hua Menghan said.

Ye Xiwen was somewhat speechless. Perhaps, Hua Menghan was right. He had never harbored a sense of belonging to this world. He cared about his close relatives. But, he had never cared about other stuff. In fact, he hardly cared about anything — that was the reason why neither Yi Yuan School nor the True Martial University would be able to contain him. He genuinely possessed a heart with big desires. It seemed as if he just couldn't find any other thing to be worthy of his attention and care.

Ye Xiwen looked at Hua Menghan. He didn't realize that the sun had already set. The moon had quietly climbed up the sky. The somewhat ice-cold moonlight had started to sprinkle on the earth. Hua Menghan looked extraordinarily delicate and beautiful under the moonlight. Her aura also appeared somewhat magical and fairylike.

It was difficult to put his heart's feeling in words. He didn't know what to say. It was a beautiful and charming scene… somewhat like the first time he had met her.

"I didn't expect that the Sister Hua would turn out to be Heavenly Phoenix Body with the blood of the ancient heavenly phoenix!" Ye Xiwen spoke. Ye Mo had told him that the heavenly phoenix possessed the noblest blood among all the phoenixes. They were the strongest among all the phoenixes, and were called the King of phoenixes. Their status could be compared with the nine-clawed golden dragon of the dragon race. However, the heavenly phoenix race had disappeared without a trace long ago.

Hua Menghan wanted to say this aloud, but didn't. Rather, she muttered to herself, "I would rather not have this bloodline. It's too heavy a burden to shoulder. Too heavy!"

Then, she abruptly smiled. Her bright smile blossomed like a spring flower - it was devastatingly beautiful.

"I may never be able to catch up with you if I'm not quicker!"

"Eh?" Ye Xiwen gawked for a second. It seemed as if he was still trying to figure out what she meant by that.

"Nothing. Forget what I just said!" Hua Menghan spoke with a smile, "I have come here for a reason. Do you know about the 'Chaotic Heavenly Territory'?"

Ye Xiwen became serious and replied, "Yes, I know. It's located in the foreign territory!"

There was a lot of chaos in the Chaotic Heavenly Territory. The people of the True Martial World weren't the only ones to visit it. It was home to many escaped criminals from the other regions. It wouldn't be wrong to say that it was very chaotic.

In fact, many experts of the great sage realm and above could be found in the depths of the Chaotic Heavenly Territory. They were the self-proclaimed kings of their territories. But, the areas closer to the True Martial World were less dangerous since the experts found there weren't too powerful. After all, there were too many experts inside the True Martial World. The great sage experts were also in abundance. So, the unaffiliated experts and criminals of great sage realm didn't dare to come in the vicinity of the True Martial World.

"I have recently come out from my closed-door training. I'm planning to proceed towards the Chaotic Heavenly Territory for practice. So, would you like to go together?" Hua Menghan asked. "The others have already entered the Chaotic Heavenly Territory!"

Ye Xiwen knew that Hua Menghan meant 'the other heaven's pride level experts'.

"Well, why not. My punishment's sentence will end in a few days. Then, we can go together!" Ye Xiwen had been planning to go to the Chaotic Heavenly Territory. It was a coincidence that Hua Menghan also wanted to go. Now, they could go together as companions.

Several days passed in the blink of an eye. Ye Xiwen's punishment also ended. Nobody had put surveillance on him. However, Ye Xiwen didn't wish to challenge the dignity of the university either.

The house arrest ended very quietly. Ye Xiwen had already flown away into the endless void along with Hua Menghan by the time some people remembered that it was time for his punishment to end.

There was endless void outside the True Martial World on the way to the Chaotic Heavenly Territory. They had to fly past millions of feet thick atmosphere. They had to make their way through the thunder and lightning. There were different kinds of extremely frightening astral winds in the way as well. These winds could easily blast a truth level expert to death. They could even blow away the experts of legendary realm and cause serious injuries to them. It was indeed a very dangerous place.

However, both of them were top experts. Hua Menghan had reached the peak of the intermediate stage of the semi-sage realm. And, Ye Xiwen's 'gilded tyrant form' was very tyrannical.

Hua Menghan was wrapped in a layer of silver-white flame. The astral winds that struck her body would get burnt into fragments by this flame. Ye Xiwen's 'gilded tyrant form' was discharging golden rays of light. He merely allowed the astral winds to caress his body. He wouldn't get swayed at all.

Even so, the two of them had to face difficulties as they moved ahead. They flew non-stop for two days, and covered several hundred kilometers.

"The thick atmosphere of the True Martial World is extremely terrifying. The Earth's atmosphere doesn't even come close!" Ye Xiwen heaved a sigh and muttered to himself. They had faced many difficulties during their flight. The True Martial World's atmosphere was much higher and thicker than that of the Earth's. It was extremely dangerous as well. Only sage experts could freely travel through it. It was very difficult for the semi-sage experts to pass through it. And, the ordinary legendary experts would get blown away and sustain serious injuries.

Ye Xiwen had arrived in the foreign territory once before, but he had used the transportation portal. Otherwise, it would've been impossible for him to pass through this atmosphere since he only had the strength of legendary realm back then.

(To be continued)

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