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One year passed… the 'Hidden Star Peak' was the still the same as it was one year ago. It was still tall and lofty. It still seemed as if it would pierce the sky. It had been nearly restored to normal appearance post the destruction caused by the startling battle that had taken place over a year ago. It had been the same since hundreds-of-thousands of years - somewhat desolate, but with a boundless presence.

Ma Wen Rui was an ordinary former disciple of the 'Heavenly Ocean Peak'. This Peak was situated in the vicinity of the 'Hidden Star Peak'. He would pass through the Hidden Star Peak every day. He had done so for over a hundred years. He had entered the True Martial University over a hundred years ago. He had travelled like this every day ever since because he wasn't an elite disciple. So, he wasn't qualified-enough to reside on the 'Heavenly Ocean Peak'. Therefore, he had to travel to the 'Heavenly Ocean Peak' to attend lectures every day. Afterwards, he would return to the city.

He passed through the Hidden Star Peak today as well; just like every other day. It was nothing special. He had been doing this for more than a hundred years. However, the peak had turned a bit livelier over the last two years. The disciples of this peak had obtained a whole new level of respect in the eyes of the people. Huang Wuji, Ye Xiwen, Liu Yanlan, and Bai Jian Song were once unknown names. But, the reputation of these individuals had slowly spread in these few years. Their reputation might've brought more trouble to their doorstep. However, provoking them wasn't a good thing. The Law Enforcement Hall had provoked them once. Several of their disciples had been slaughtered as a result. And, one heaven's pride level disciple had also died doing the same. This was disastrous loss. The 'War Dead Star Peak' had also dared to provoke them once. Consequently, their Chief had been chased-around like a stray god. Even the 'Clear Sky Peak' had provoked them once. And, they were amongst the Top 10 inheritances. Their heaven's pride level expert had been killed in the end. Even the Senior Elder of the 'Clear Sky Peak' had been put into a distressed situation by the joint attacks of Bai Jian Song and Liu Yanlan. So, they weren't able to get any benefit in the end either. In fact, they had paid a huge price in order to get the approval of the high-level experts. However, their future chief had ended-up getting killed in the end. Yet, they hadn't been able to obtain anything.

This series of incidents had made the Hidden Star Peak famous. Many ordinary disciples had gotten unusually envious of them. The Hidden Star Peak was like a huge hornet-nest. Poke any one of them, and that might provoke a bunch of people. Something like this naturally wasn't possible in other inheritances. Other inheritances had more than hundreds-of-thousands of disciples. So, only the super elites enjoyed such privileged treatment. Otherwise, those elders and superiors would have to deal with such matters all day long.

Suddenly, Ma Wen Rui felt an enormous pressure rise upon his heart. One could clearly see that countless black clouds had assembled in the sky. And, they were moving in the Hidden Star Peak's direction.

An exceptional 'Heavenly Tribulation' hovered over the Hidden Star Peak. This attracted the attention of many people. The True Martial University was certain very large. However, it wasn't a big thing for these people with supernatural powers. Any activity in any area could easily attract the attention of several people. Not to mention that this strange event was happening at the Hidden Star Peak. A majority of people had gradually forgotten the Hidden Star Peak after the big event that had taken place a year ago. However, several resolute and interested individuals hadn't forgotten about it.

Ma Wen Rui was panic-stricken since he realized that this heavenly tribulation was far beyond his imagination. It wasn't an ordinary tribulation that merely rained-down thunder and lightning at its target. Rather, this one comprised of a group of lightning soldiers. All of them were clad in metal armors, and held long spears in their hands. They were vigorously rushing towards the Hidden Star Peak to kill their target at this moment.

This scene nearly scared him to death. He had seen such heterogeneous heavenly tribulations, but only in ancient books. However, he hadn't seen such a frightening heterogeneous 'Heavenly Tribulation' in real life. Those soldiers possessed the strength of semi-sage realm. They possessed extremely tyrannical strength. Their bodies were condensed of lightning dao principles, and magical symbols were floating around them. This spectacle would frighten anyone.

The entire 'Hidden Star Peak' had turned into a huge battlefield. Hundreds of lightning soldiers swept down like a rain of lightning and launched attacks. Each one of these attacks was an exceptionally horrifying martial art.

A figure was marching back and forth among these lightning soldiers. His hands were like claws. And, these claws were emitting golden light of dao. Each time he attacked with his golden claws — a lightning soldier would get ripped apart. It would then transform into energy, and would get absorbed by him.

Ye Xiwen's complexion was the same as usual. Even this many lightning soldiers couldn't make him anxious. This 'Heavenly Tribulation' was more terrifying than the previous ones. This was comprised of an army of lightning soldiers. These were more dreadful than those lightning-apes or the lightning-demon-beasts and so on… It was as if the heaven's will itself had taken form, and had crusaded against this evildoer since he had surpassed the tolerance and patience of the heavens.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's palm pierced through a lightning soldier. The 'Tyrant Body Technique' was operating throughout his body. That lightning soldier got absorbed by Ye Xiwen. And, the transformed lightning went inside Ye Xiwen's universe. A tremendous change was occurring inside Ye Xiwen's universe since he was absorbing endless amount of such formidable energy. The quantity of cosmic dust increased more and more. His universe had started to appear more and more like the real one. A new planet began to form inside the solar system by attracting and accumulating countless dusts. The planet finally took shape, and began to revolve on its orbit around the sun.

Each of these lightning soldiers was a terrifying expert of the initial stage of the semi-sage realm. An expert of the semi-sage realm would be an awful opponent for any other individual. However, they were unworthy in front of Ye Xiwen. It wasn't that these lightning soldiers were weak or anything... Rather, Ye Xiwen was too powerful. He had used this over-a-years' time to practice. The number of principles within his body had also reached the upper limit of his capacity. He had condensed 299 principles. Of course, the number of new dao principles that he had condensed in this duration wasn't much. However, these newly condensed principles were ten times more powerful than the ones he had condensed in the past. That was because the degree of condensation was very solid and deep. This had increased Ye Xiwen's strength tremendously. In fact, his one causal punch could blast-away a dozen experts of the initial stage of semi-sage realm at once.

Ye Xiwen wasn't even afraid of the experts of the intermediate stage of the semi-sage realm. Moreover, he would be able to condense 200 more dao principles after he had crossed the 'Heavenly Tribulation'. Then, he'd be able to beat an ordinary expert of the intermediate stage of the semi-sage realm.




Those lightning soldiers would collaborate from time to time. But, they still couldn't sway Ye Xiwen. In fact, he didn't even need to defend himself. He merely used his palm to grab-and-explode these lightning soldiers. Ye Xiwen had genuinely started to feel the benefits of laying a solid foundation. His foundation was very profound, and his strength was very tyrannical. As a result, he was crossing this tribulation quite easily. He might've succeeded in crossing this tribulation a year ago with the help of his strength. However, he wouldn't have crossed it this easily. Each of these lightning soldiers was only marginally weaker than the 'last's year's Ye Xiwen'. Therefore, their sheer number might've succeeded in defeating Ye Xiwen a year ago.

However, Ye Xiwen could easily wrap-them-up at present. This was the advantage of laying a robust foundation, and a profound martial power.

Ye Xiwen was unaware that several people had gathered to see him cross the tribulation. They were nearly scared to death as they witnessed this. Each of those lightning soldiers appeared like a god to them. Each one of them had iron armors and long spears. It seemed as if these soldiers were on an expedition. However, they couldn't even withstand a few moves that Ye Xiwen casted. They were getting annihilated left and right. They were no match for him.

The manner in which Ye Xiwen went-about on a killing spree inside that group of lightning soldiers made it seem as if a god had descended into the mortal world. This left countless people to evaluate Ye Xiwen at an even higher level. In fact, nobody said anything regarding Ye Xiwen's title of a heaven's pride level expert from the moment he began to cross this tribulation of the 'great complete realm'.

Some people had questioned his title in the past. They had said that he hadn't yet reached the half-step legendry's great complete realm. However, nobody would say that now.

This 'Heavenly Tribulation' was extremely scary. But, it was evident that crossing it wouldn't be difficult for Ye Xiwen judging by the power he was displaying. This also meant that Ye Xiwen would become even more terrifying after he had entered the half-step legendry's great complete realm.




These lightning soldiers were ferocious and unafraid of death. They rushed forward one by one. Each of them displayed exquisite martial arts. However, they were too weak to compete against Ye Xiwen. They were slaughtered; one after the other.

The 'Heavenly Tribulation' ended. The planet 'Uranus' had been fully condensed inside Ye Xiwen's universe. The solar system had improved by one step.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's aura became uncontrollable, and it surged towards the sky. He had finally entered the half-step legendry's great complete realm.

Ye Xiwen's aura got thicker, fuller and richer. It could be said that the 'earlier Ye Xiwen' was like an unsheathed sword — sharp. But, he was now like a sword that was inside the sheath. Not shining, but far more frightening. Ye Xiwen's legendary level power had grown even richer after he entered the half-step legendry's great complete realm. It had reached the level of perfection. That's why it was exhibiting such a rich feeling.

Ye Xiwen felt a familiar yet strange energy flowing inside his body. It was different from what it had been in the past. It had previously seemed as if a huge barrier was blocking his way. However, this barrier had suddenly vanished. It seemed as if an unseen force had been firmly stopping him from having a breakthrough and condensing 300 dao principles in his body. But, this unseen power had suddenly vanished.

Ye Xiwen promptly sat cross-legged. He began to absorb the power of the surrounding principles, and started to condense them into dao principles in the form of magical symbols inside his body. The dao principles appeared like magical symbols as they began to spin inside his body. They gradually condensed and emitted a mysterious aura.





The count of dao principles inside Ye Xiwen's body reached 400, and he started to he feel that the accommodation of principles within his body had temporarily reached a saturation point. He would need to temper and refine his body further in order to go past the mark of 500 dao principles. This amount was required to enter the later-half of the semi-sage realm.

However, Ye Xiwen's fighting strength was already sufficient to compete with the top experts of the intermediate stage of the semi-sage realm.

Ye Xiwen heaved a sigh of relief. He had finally entered the half-step legendry's great complete realm. His foundation had become very robust. This showed that he didn't possess less potential than those other heaven's pride level experts. Ye Xiwen was extremely happy about this.

The 'Heavenly Tribulation' had just ended. A pretty figure appeared treading on the rainbow light, and arrived on the 'Hidden Star Peak'.

(To be continued)

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