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The Titan Body was dead!

The news exploded and spread throughout the True Martial University. It shook the entire True Martial University. This was the first time a heaven's pride level expert of the younger generation had died in a battle.

However, this wasn't the thing that had shocked people the most. After all, the Second God was the one who had issued the declaration for battle. Moreover, he had obtained the approval of the higher authorities. He had been able to issue a death match against Ye Xiwen as a result of this approval. Therefore, everyone knew that the battle between these two individuals wasn't going end on a good note. In fact, one among them had to die…

However, they had never thought that the person to die at the end would be the Second God. Everyone had thought that it would be Ye Xiwen. After all, Ye Xiwen's strength was much lower than the Second God's since they latter had already entered the semi-sage realm. One must know that their realms differed by heaven and earth since Ye Xiwen hadn't even entered the half-step legendry's great complete realm. (1)

Everyone below the sage realm was like an ant. The semi-sage realm obviously wasn't the same as the sage realm. However, it still had the word 'sage' attached to it. So, it was bound to give immense strength. The legendary realm couldn't be compared with it. Therefore, everyone was optimistic that the Second God would kill Ye Xiwen with ease. They had expected that he would thoroughly defeat Ye Xiwen at the very least. After all, Ye Xiwen's realm differed by a significant margin.

However, they hadn't anticipated that the person who would die in the end would turn out to be the Second God. Moreover, Ye Xiwen hadn't used any cheap tricks to pull this off. He had depended on his tyrannical strength to suppress and then kill the Second God. And, that too after terrifying him! This had even scared the onlookers. They hadn't anticipated this outcome.

The Second God had nearly been driven to the point of insanity before death. Even the interference of a great-sage expert hadn't been able to prevent his death. Ye Xiwen hadn't cared about facing the frightening coercion of a great-sage expert.

Word spread that Ye Xiwen had killed the Second God. It caused a huge uproar. Countless people were discussing about this matter. They were discussing the possible consequences of this matter. The Clear Sky Peak was one of the Top 10 inheritances. It certainly wouldn't shy away from expressing its wrath.

The 'Hidden Star Peak' wasn't a push-over either. It had already caused havoc throughout the War Dead Star Peak for Ye Xiwen. They weren't easy to deal with.

That startling collision between the three great-sage experts had transcended everyone's imagination. It had been a disastrous battle. A high-level expert was forced to arrive in order to prevent the two sides from killing each other.

It didn't matter how the higher authorities would look into this matter — Ye Xiwen had suddenly become popular. Many people had started to remember him. People had initially believed that Ye Xiwen was at the bottom amongst the heaven's pride level experts. However, it didn't look like that now. Ye Xiwen's fighting strength was perhaps sufficient to rank him amongst the tops ones. He had become famous overnight. And, that too in a world where many people were ambitious to compete on this road to invincibility. His peers felt a bit depressed. Ye Xiwen was powerful, and he wasn't even at the so-called '200th rank'. Yet, he had established a scary reputation for himself. This frightened everyone even more.

Everyone had seen that Ye Xiwen succeeded in defeating his opponent by depending on his true strength alone. However, such ability seemed exceptionally dreadful.

The Clear Sky Peak had no choice but to suffer in silence; this was the first time they had been forced into such a situation. After all, they were the ones who had advocated this battle. They had paid a considerably high price in order to get the approval of the higher authorizes. However, what about the outcome? The Second God had gotten killed by Ye Xiwen in the end. They had been taken aback by this result. Nobody had anticipated such an outcome.

They needed to have a reason to make noise. The Clear Sky Peak had wanted to impose itself onto the 'Hidden Star Peak', but couldn't say something like 'let Ye Xiwen die to compensate Second God's death'. They couldn't say it out aloud even if they wanted this to happen.

They had no option but to accept this outcome. Nobody would know if something were to happen in private. However, they would have to appear peaceful from the outside; at the very least.

Ye Xiwen's name had thoroughly spread in the True Martial University. It was reported that even the supreme officials had heard this name. Killing the Second God had also brought piles of trouble for him. For example, he had suddenly become famous. He had been named a heaven's pride level expert before this battle. However, he hadn't been regarded on top thus far. That was because everyone considered him as the weakest amongst all the heaven's pride level experts. However, this notion had suddenly changed. The 'titan' guy was considered at the top of heaven's pride level experts. This was so because none of these heavens' pride level experts had ever indulged in a mutual conflict. The battle between Ye Xiwen and the Second God was the very first collision between two heaven's pride level experts. Therefore, nobody could say who among these heavens' pride level experts was stronger, and who was weaker. However, the existing fact was that Ye Xiwen had killed the Second God. So, he had suddenly become the target of public attention. He had also obtained the top position among the heaven's pride level experts on temporary basis.

He used to have a low-key profile, and had stayed hidden on the side. However, he had suddenly become the center of everyone's attention at present.

Of course, there were several disadvantages related to this. Yet, it also had advantages. One of the advantages was that he had obtained the attention of higher authorities. Ye Xiwen had come to be known as a heaven's pride level expert in the past. However, very few people regarded him as a genuine one. He hadn't been acknowledged by the higher authorities. After all, Ye Xiwen's cultivation had been lower than the minimum requirement of half-step legendry's great complete realm at the time. So, it was quite difficult to tell whether he had boundless future prospects or not.

After all, he didn't seem much different from most of the ordinary people. The True Martial University had been standing tall and upright in the Southern Region since countless years. They had even ruled the entire True Martial World once upon a time. So, they wouldn't look at the short-lived fads. Rather, their gaze was fixed at the matters of the future - several hundred, or even several thousand years from now. Therefore, it was quite difficult for a short-lived tyranny to attract their attention. Only the people who had at least practiced till half-step legendary ninth stage could obtain their acknowledgement. And even so, the experts of half-step legendary ninth stage were merely considered elites. Only the experts of half-step legendry's great complete realm could be called as real heaven's pride level experts.

One's present tyranny didn't ensure that they would remain as such in the future. They must be able to become the True Martial University's backbone in the future… after a thousand or several thousand years. This incident of agreeing to this death match had been largely related to this notion.

Ye Xiwen hadn't made them feel that he was un-expendable.

However, the situation had reversed after this incident. Ye Xiwen had obtained everyone's acknowledgment in its entirety. Therefore, the True Martial University rewarded Ye Xiwen with a 100,000 'Primary Spirit Dans' after he had killed the Second God. They gave him other rare herbs etc as well.

Ye Xiwen felt that he had genuinely obtained the True Martial University's attention; not just materialistic rewards. Bai Jian Song had mentioned that this matter had alarmed one very senior person. This senior person had opened his mouth and spoken, "You've made enough noise. Now go back, and reflect on your mistakes in seclusion!"

The Clear Sky Peak had initially wanted to cause trouble. However, they had no other choice but to abandon their idea of causing trouble after looking at the power and influence of this senior person.

The Clear Sky Peak certainly had the wrong stance in this matter. But, that senior person seemed in a mood to punish the innocent and guilty alike. However, Ye Xiwen was rather pleased when he heard this news. This was indicative that the higher authorities wouldn't support the opposite party. Ye Xiwen had never hoped that the higher authorities would support him. However, this meant that they wouldn't cause any more trouble for him.

This was the advantage of displaying strength. There were pros as well as cons to this. And, to choose one of the two was beyond Ye Xiwen's control.

Ye Xiwen was grounded for a year — as a punishment for killing the Second God. The higher authorities had issued the punishment. However, everyone felt that this judgment was extremely biased in favor of Ye Xiwen. The price for murder was death penalty. However, Ye Xiwen was only grounded for a year.

This indeed seemed like a biased decision in Ye Xiwen's favor to outsiders. However, both the sides involved in this matter were very much dissatisfied. The Clear Sky Peak felt that this punishment was too light as per Ye Xiwen's conduct.

However, the Hidden Star Peak felt otherwise. Ye Xiwen had killed the Second God. But, their side hadn't instigated this matter. Everyone had agreed upon this death match. In fact, many high-level officials had even witnessed the battle. Killing one's opponent in a death match shouldn't lead to a punishment of being been grounded for a year. This didn't make sense. Had this been done to bully the handful members of the Hidden Star Peak?

However, Ye Xiwen himself didn't complain. He could tell that the higher authorities were divided into two factions over this matter. He could tell that both the factions had arrived at a mutual compromise to conclude this matter.

He didn't see any loss in this matter. There was no harm for him in being grounded for a year. In fact, he could seize this opportunity to consolidate this half-step legendary ninth stage realm. One could only imagine how difficult it would've been to condense principles in this realm. Ye Xiwen must spend time to consolidate these newly acquired things. And, this was the best chance.

The only problem was that he had planned to go to the Chaotic Heavenly Territory. This trip could only be put down for now.

Time passed quickly. It didn't stop for anyone. It passed day-by-day. The effects of the sensation caused by Ye Xiwen also faded away with time. Several people would arrive every day at the Hidden Star Peak after Ye Xiwen had been grounded for a year. They'd hope to see Ye Xiwen who was undergoing closed-door training at the steep cliff of the Hidden Star Peak. They would often come to take a look at this temporary top heaven's pride level expert of the younger generation. However, this sensation slowly quieted down like any other matter along with the passage of time, day by day, month by month. It had slowly disappeared from people's discussions too. No new news disseminated during the one year's time that Ye Xiwen spent grounded. It was indeed a short-lived fad. So, people forgot this person named - Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen was happy being idle since he could practice properly. He could comprehend the dao principles without being disturbed by the others.

(To be continued)

Translator's Thoughts Novel Saga

1. Half-step legendary ninth stage

There is a gap of one entire realm between Ye Xiwen and Second God.

Realm vs Stage: Think of realm as an accomplishment in martial arts. But, there are usually several stages that one must cross in order to attain one accomplishment. And, one attains new powers and expertise with each new accomplishment.

Sometimes, these changes are qualitative.

For example: if a semi-sage expert releases a certain amount of energy, it should be able to beat the same amount of energy released by an expert of lower realm. That's because the semi-sage level energy is qualitatively superior. The same can be said about one's physical strength.

However, not many changes on the qualitative side occur with each new stage. Only quantitative changes occur.

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