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"Didn't your elders teach you how to respect an elder? Anyone can commit mistakes. One must forgive them when possible!" that Elder from the Clear Sky Peak spoke with a strong sense of righteousness. He didn't seem to feel any shame in his heart. Ye Xiwen was like an ant in his eyes. Ye Xiwen might have boundless future prospects. However, that was a matter for the future. He didn't care about it. He had the backing of the Clear Sky Peak, and it was one of the 'Top 10' inheritances. Ye Xiwen wouldn't be a big threat for a 'Top 10' inheritance even if he were to grow stronger in the future… even if he were to become a top-notch senior great sage expert. This was one of the main reason why this elder had allowed the Second God to kill Ye Xiwen despite the protests from the 'Hidden Star Peak'.

People don't care about an ant's feelings. They merely trample ants to death. Ye Xiwen must shed tears of thankfulness for not being stamped to death. That was the Elder's way of thinking.

Ye Xiwen clenched his teeth and spoke, "Respect an elder? It depends on whether you deserve it or not. Do you even behave like an elder? Moreover, you said that 'anyone can make mistakes. So, one must forgive them when possible'. But, he came here to kill me. How can you possibly call it a 'forgivable' mistake?"

Anyone can commit mistakes. One must forgive then when possible - this was a great-sounding and pompous saying, but it had vanished long ago. This was a typical case of using 'double standards' — one set of rules for other people… and a completely different set of rules when it comes to oneself.

"You're just a corrupt old fogy who likes to cheat by using double standards!" Ye Xiwen sneered and retorted impolitely.

"Do you wish to die? It's true that you're a peerless genius who has boundless future prospects. However, you're not even a semi-sage expert at present!" the Senior Elder of the Clear Sky Peak threatened him. His complexion turned somewhat unsightly. Ye Xiwen was like an ant in his eyes. And, he had dared to say such insulting words to him. This was an enormous provocation.

"It's genuinely laughable. 'Others mustn't interfere since the higher authorities have given their consent to this fight'. These were your words. However, the man who shamelessly intervened at the end was — you. Is your Clear Sky Peak filled with people like you?" Ye Xiwen sneered and retorted.

The 'killing intention' flourished in Ye Xiwen's heart. This Senior Elder of the Clear Sky Peak had a bias in the Second God's favor. This inspired his 'killing intention', and the anger flourished multiplicatively. This was very pathetic. Firstly, they advocated this 'fight to death', and now they were against it!

Everyone stared blankly at Ye Xiwen. He had held an extremely stubborn image in everyone's eyes since the beginning. He had even killed the Law Enforcement Hall's disciples after having announced it beforehand. However, they hadn't anticipated him to be this arrogant. He was looking down on a Senior Elder of the great sage realm. He had even talked-back maliciously, and had insulted the Senior Elder in the process. This elder of the great sage realm wasn't a generous person by nature. However, Ye Xiwen had still dared to be so courageous before him. This inspired a sense of reverence in people's hearts for Ye Xiwen.

"Well said. Clear Sky Peak is like this only!" Bai Jian Song sneered as he came over to Ye Xiwen's side. He seemed in a somewhat distressed state. However, nothing could conceal his rebellious nature. "I'll stop this old guy. You go and kill that guy. I'll see who dares to stop you. Dammit, didn't he say that the higher authorizes have given their consent?"

Bai Jian Song sneered. The anger in his eyes could burn the blue dome of sky. He certainly knew the intention of that Clear Sky Peak's Senior Elder. The higher authorities had agreed to Ye Xiwen's slaughter by the Second God's hands. And, it was also clear who had made them do so. However, they couldn't say it openly. So, it seemed like they had only agreed for the two individuals to settle their personal grudges. However, they hadn't anticipated that Ye Xiwen would gain an upper hand in this battle instead of the Second God.

Bai Jian Song was suddenly aggrieved in his mind. He didn't know what price the people of the Clear Sky Peak had paid. However, this matter hadn't ended yet. It seemed like the people who had approved this matter had only included one individual in their calculation… not the other!

"Bai Jian Song, is this what you teach your new disciples? The 'Titan Body' is a genius of our True Martial University. He can become the backbone of our university in the future. Do you understand?" the Senior Elder of the Clear Sky Peak looked coldly at Bai Jian Song as he spoke.

"Well, that very individual lost in the battle. Yet, you still dare to boast about him? Ha ha. I'm really out of words here if you're saying that this so-called 'genius' of your Clear Sky Peak is proud that he can suppress an expert of lower realm!" Bai Jian Song mocked in a satirical manner.

Everyone secretly exclaimed in admiration. These two brothers were the same. Both of them were courageous, and had looked down on a so-called Senior Elder. Everyone understood Bai Jian Song's intention. The sarcastic meaning in Bai Jiang Song's words was clear to everyone. He basically meant that the so-called 'geniuses' of the Clear Sky Peak had no other talents apart from using their realm's advantage to suppress those at lower one. The Senior Elder of the Clear Sky Peak had used the advantage of his cultivation level to suppress Bai Jian Song. And, the Second God had also tried to do the same to suppress Ye Xiwen. Therefore, everyone believed that this was indeed true. Perhaps Ye Xiwen and his fellow brother-apprentice would've chased down their opponents like stray dogs if they had been in the same realm.

The Senior Elder's complexion had turned ashen. These two brothers had repeatedly mocked him. His complexion had turned exceptionally unsightly as result of this.

"Humph! I see. You people of the 'Hidden Star Peak' are courting death!" the Senior Elder threatened.

Ye Xiwen rushed ahead. The huge devil wings behind his body had opened up. Ye Xiwen had dashed towards the Second God like the flash of a golden lightning. His devil wings were flapping at an incredibly fast speed. Moreover, Ye Xiwen had unleashed the entirety of his strength. He arrived in front of the Second God in a split second.

"Audacious!" The senior elder went completely mad. Ye Xiwen had dared to make a move in his presence. This clearly demonstrated that Ye Xiwen had looked down on him. This suddenly sparked immense anger inside him.

The Senior Elder of the Clear Sky Peak launched an attack almost instantly, and a shocking divine beam was sent rumbling towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen's devil wings flapped behind him, and he dodged that sharp divine beam.

"Bang!" the divine beam ripped-open the space and the chaos leaked out. Everyone was terrified by this scene.

"Old man, you're truly shameless!" Bai Jian Song released an astonishing sword beam.

"You're can't recognize what's good for you!" The Senior Elder snorted coldly. He grabbed that sword beam which could've easily cracked-open the sky. And then, he crushed it. Afterward, he advanced towards Ye Xiwen to kill him.

"Haa!" a delicate yet loud shout came from the horizon. The clouds began to tremble frantically. A magnificent attack streaked across the vast sky. It appeared like a giant black dragon as it swept-down upon the Senior Elder.

"Bang!" the senior elder couldn't evade this attack. A whip struck him, and his body was nearly split-apart.

"Bang!" that old man went flying in the sky. The whip's attack didn't kill him. It just inflicted minor injuries to his body. However, his complexion had turned exceptionally ugly. He looked towards the origination-point of that attack with a dull look on his face.

A delicate and charming figure slowly appeared from the void. She looked approximately 20 years old. Her skin was glowing like snow. Her eyebrows were curved, and her mouth was small. She looked extremely beautiful. She was clad in a fiery-red dress. She held a long whip in her hand. She looked valiant and formidable.

"Second Sister!" A smile appeared on Bai Jian Song's face as he saw this woman. He also felt a bit relaxed.

Ye Xiwen turned around to see. He had heard a lot about the well-known Second Sister. But, this was the first time he was seeing her. Liu Yanlan was famous for being a 'practice maniac'. She basically practiced all-year-round. It was quite difficult to force her out of her practice.

"Crash-Bang!" another whip was swept down towards the Senior Elder of the Clear Sky Peak. It sent sonic booms in all directions. It appeared like black lightning as it quickly arrived in front of the Senior Elder.

The Senior Elder had no other choice but to retreat frantically in order to avoid this whip-attack.

Everyone was stunned. Some people had recognized her. This was Hidden Star Peak's second disciple. She was named Liu Yanlan. However, she had merely used one whip-attack to compel the Senior Elder to retreat. This kind of strength was too incredible.

No wonder the 'Hidden Star Peak' was so strong. Huang Wuji was invincible. This second disciple — Liu Yanlan — wasn't easy to deal with either. Plus, Bai Jian Song had already stepped into the great sage realm. And, Ye Xiwen also had the potential to enter the great sage realm if he didn't perish in the way. The true strength of the 'Hidden Star Peak' had instilled a new level of reverence inside everyone's heart. The 'Hidden Star Peak' was small, yet proficient. It didn't have many people. However, they were elites; all of them.

Liu Yanlan merely stood at her spot. Her aura was as tyrannical as an endless ocean. Her energy could swallow thousands of miles. She appeared like a goddess. Her temperament was ice-cold and unapproachable.

Ye Xiwen shot a glance at her, and rushed towards the Second God to kill him. He didn't even stop once.

The Second God saw Ye Xiwen approach him. He was startled. But, he became furious as well. He hadn't anticipated that Ye Xiwen would dare to launch an attack on him despite the opposition from the Clear Sky Peak's Senior Elder. Moreover, Ye Xiwen looked desperate to kill him, and wasn't willing to let him off.

Suddenly, his heart began to burn with anger. He had never realized that Ye Xiwen would've tried to kill him even if he hadn't insisted on a fight with Ye Xiwen. However, the upper echelons of the University would be alerted if Ye Xiwen were to kill him now. This obviously left Ye Xiwen to feel more threatened by the Second God's existence. Things might become very messy in the future if Ye Xiwen were to spare the Second God.

"You wouldn't dare!" the Second God roared loudly.

"Stop!" the Clear Sky Peak's elder shouted. He wanted to help the Second God. However, Liu Yanlan and Bai Jian Song couldn't possibly have allowed him succeed in his plan. They joined forces, and launched attacks on him.

"Bang!" the fight between those three great-sage experts caused the collapse of the sky. The Earth trembled, and the chaos leaked out from the spatial debris. The space got crushed wherever they trod.

This 'great sage level' battle was exceptionally frightening for most spectators.

Ye Xiwen had rushed towards the Second God to kill him without showing any regard for the Senior Elder's opposition. The Second God had recovered a lot since he had taken advantage of the time. However, his healing-speed couldn't be compared with Ye Xiwen's. After all, Ye Xiwen had the 'phoenix regeneration technique', while he didn't.

Time had passed quickly, and he had only managed to recover to some extent.

However, he didn't have the means to continue to withstand Ye Xiwen's attacks.

"Bang!" He wasn't Ye Xiwen's opponent. Ye Xiwen's slap sent him flying into the sky.

"I'm invincible!" the Second God shouted in a somewhat demented manner. Ye Xiwen sneered. Ye Xiwen trod on a golden light, and arrived in front of the Second God. Then, he launched a grindstone-like slap at him.

"Stop!" the Clear Sky Peak's elder roared.

However, Ye Xiwen payed no attention to it, and slapped the Second God a second time.

"Bang!" the Second God's body was disintegrated by Ye Xiwen's slap.

(To be continued)

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