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Ye Xiwen wasn't angered by the Second God's remark. Rather, he found it laughable. The Second God was too naïve in making such a ridiculous claim that Ye Xiwen had relied on a secret technique.

He himself had relied on his 'titan' body to spread his tyranny. However, he hadn't thought that he wouldn't have been ranked as a heaven's pride level expert if he didn't have the 'titan' body.

He had consistently flown with the wind, and had ended-up becoming accustomed to it. It was normal if he won. However, if someone else won… it meant that they had drawn support from some secret technique. According to him, his 'titan' body must be treated as an ordinary fighting power, while the other secret techniques were external powers. This was a very immature and laughable way of thinking.

The Second God had never come across any setbacks or defeat in the past. And, Ye Xiwen had emerged from the bottom, and had made his way to the top by killing everyone who stood in his way. There was nothing to compare between these two individuals. Ye Xiwen had never thought about how 'outstanding' his innate talent was, or how 'noble' his bloodline was. He merely wanted to get stronger than the others, and he had struggled for the same purpose. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that every single step that he had taken had left bloody footprints behind. A short-time defeat couldn't sway his firm mindset. So what if the opponent was stronger than him? It didn't matter whether his opponent was using his own strength, or some external help. He would do anything in his power to kill his enemy. He would hone his own strength and get stronger if he didn't have enough strength. He would strive to surpass his opponent; no matter what. And then, he would defeat them.

This was precisely because he had never placed himself above everyone else. He knew that there must be others who were probably stronger than him. He also didn't consider his innate talent to be at the peak. Therefore, a temporary setback was unlikely to sway his confidence.

However, the Second God was different. He had always had a smooth sailing. His 'titan' body had given him invincible confidence. Even the other heaven's pride level experts were afraid of the consequences. However, he had never thought of the possibility of losing. Today, his biggest moral support had been smashed by Ye Xiwen. One could only imagine the kind of mental state he was in.

"Humph. I'm relying on secret technique? You have a 'Titan' body. Isn't that unfair? You would've been nothing more than a pig in my eyes if you didn't have that 'Titan' body. You're very stupid!" Ye Xiwen coldly retorted.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen slapped the Second God, and he went flying in the sky. He spouted blood from his mouth. His robust body had gone flying upside-down. Fortunately, the 'titan' body was incomparably strong. This slap would've smashed another person's body into pieces.

However, even then… his flesh had cracked open. His red blood — which was mixed with cyan-colored divine blood — gushed out like a shower.

Everyone was dumbstruck. A pin-drop silence spread. Everyone was in utter shock after they witnessed this. This scene was extremely horrifying. Those who saw this scene were extremely terrified. They had speculated how this mortal combat would turn out to be… and how one person would win the battle by a narrow margin. However, it turned out to be very different from what they had anticipated. There had always been a big gap between the two fighters. The 'Titan' guy had initially suppressed Ye Xiwen with the help of his 'titan' body. And then, Ye Xiwen had fought back and suppressed him. Then again, he had unleashed the 'real titan' body, and had suppressed Ye Xiwen completely. Thereafter, Ye Xiwen made a comeback in the end. However, he had now come across Ye Xiwen's cruel suppression. The 'Titan' guy had gained fame several years ago. He had enjoyed the reputation of a top-notch expert of the younger generation in his early days on this ancient road. In fact, he had attracted the attention of the experts of the True Martial University before he had even stepped on this ancient road. He hadn't joined the True Martial University willingly… as if to boast his own importance. Rather, he had stepped on this ancient road. Even so, he had managed to gain an outstanding reputation. He had caught the attention of several experts of the True Martial University from that time itself.

However, nobody knew where Ye Xiwen was at that time. Ye Xiwen used to be one of the outstanding new talents who had risen abruptly at that time. But, he was far from being comparable to the Second God. They didn't belong to the same level. However, nobody had thought that the Second God would be suppressed by Ye Xiwen. They had never anticipated that a man who had already stepped into the semi-sage realm would suppressed by one who hadn't even entered the semi-sage realm. This outcome would've been normal if they were at the same realm. After all, even a small disparity between the contending experts could create a huge difference in the fight's outcome. Therefore, determining the winner in a single move wasn't something strange either.

However, it turned out that Ye Xiwen hadn't even entered the half-step legendry's great complete realm… let alone, the semi-sage realm. Even so, he had completely suppressed the Second God. The Second God had been beaten miserably. In fact, he was nearly half-dead. One of his arms had been cut-off, and he had been sent flying into the sky by a slap.

"Impossible. I'm invincible. You're nothing compared to me!" the Second God roared. His black hair swirled in the wind. His mind was in chaos. He believed that he was invincible. However, the facts showed otherwise. He had suffered defeat at the hands of Ye Xiwen. Moreover, it wasn't an ordinary defeat, but a crushing one. He had basically been suppressed by Ye Xiwen very thoroughly. So, how could he possibly be invincible after that? How did this happen?

The Second God appeared like a madman at this moment. He shot a punch across the sky. The endless thunder and lightning mixed with a cyan-colored storm, and rushed towards Ye Xiwen. He straightaway abandoned the lance, and used the remarkable 'titan' powers. Titan race had once shaken the entire world and the heavenly clans with their inherent powers.

The Second God's move exploded the world, and it seemed as if the world had lost its color. An ancient aura swept out. It seemed as if this aura had crossed the river of time to arrive from the past.

Ye Xiwen exposed a cold smile. His golden divinities started to surge and boil. He used the move 'Hidden Dragon rises from the Abyss'. His hands transformed into a pair of dragon claws, and welcomed the incoming attack.

"Rumble!" the Second God was struck by Ye Xiwen again, and was sent flying into the sky. His arm was shattered by the terrifying power. This was the first time he had fallen behind in a clash of pure strength. His arm had been crushed by Ye Xiwen. This outcome would've been unimaginable during the early phase of their battle.

However, it seemed pretty normal at this time. Nobody felt anything wrong with it. Everyone knew that Ye Xiwen had gained an upper hand. The Second God had been trapped in confusion. It wasn't like he didn't have the power to fight on equal terms. However, he was no longer Ye Xiwen's opponent now.

That was because Ye Xiwen had seized his willpower, and had eliminated his 'fighting intention'.

"It's impossible!" Blood was unceasingly gushing-out from the corners of the Second God's mouth. It was very hard to believe.

"What 'titan' body? Your ancestors were titans, but do you know how formidable they were in reality? Those formidable and glorious titans disappeared long ago. Moreover, you only possess titan's blood; nothing more. Yet, you proudly rely on your 'titan' power? In fact, you dare to boast about it? Don't you think it's rather laughable? Only an invincible heart can lead you on the road to invincibility. Anything else is insufficient to depend on!" Ye Xiwen spoke, "Do you think that I'm fortunate to have this secret technique that has made me victorious? I've arrived here by walking step by step. I didn't have a smooth sail like you did. I had to kill many powerful enemies. In fact, I barely managed to save my life many time. Only then have I managed to create this disparity in our strengths. It's not by a fluke. It's not luck!"

The Second God's eyes turned somewhat dull after he had listened to Ye Xiwen's words. His vision wasn't conceited as before. It seemed as if he had realized that his perception wasn't the reality. He had finally come out of his illusion. He unceasingly groaned in a low voice. He had never imagined that he could lose in this manner. Actually, not lose… but outdone. He had always underestimated the bloodline of ordinary people. Yet, his noble bloodline lost today; and, so had his pride. He had been certain of his victory in his heart… because he possessed the 'titan' bloodline. However, his bloodline had lost. And so, his ego had disappeared.

"I had forgotten about your Army of God, and what had happened between us. I didn't expect that you would come forth so impatiently. You've courted your death by doing so. Nobody can save you now!" Ye Xiwen's countenance turned grim as he spoke.

Ye Xiwen didn't wish to show any mercy. He and the Second God had tried to kill each other countless times during the course of the battle. Only the death of one of these two could end this battle. Therefore, he was unlikely to show any mercy.

"Clang!" Ye Xiwen's long sword soared in the sky. It streaked across the vast sky in a split second, and rushed towards the Second God to split him apart.

"Is this the end?"

"Will it end like this? This mortal combat will end with the defeat and death of the Second God?"

"Bang!" a terrifying collision's sound resounded. Ye Xiwen's long sword had crashed into a big hand. That big hand was made-up of energy, and it had grabbed Ye Xiwen's long sword.

Ye Xiwen's complexion suddenly changed. Someone had dared to interfere in this battle of life or death. He looked upward. It was the senior elder of the Clear Sky Peak.

"Old man, what is the meaning of this?" Ye Xiwen asked in a cold voice. There was no trace of respect in his words. This old man had left a very bad impression on him from the beginning. He had dared to provoke the 'Hidden Star Peak' without any hesitation in order to support the Second God. He had also injured the Third Brother.

The elder merely turned towards the Second God and shouted, "You idiot! You should be happy that this only the outcome of a battle; nothing more. It's nothing. You have long way ahead. Your road is still quite long. Sage realm? Even the great sage realm won't be the peak of your achievements. A temporary setback like this one is nothing. You will get the opportunity to bathe in the snow sooner or later. You can clear your reputation then!"

The Second God's eyes gradually began to regain their vigor after he heard the senior elder's shout. He realized that this was merely a fight; nothing more. It was no big deal. He still had a future ahead of him. He could always get a chance to bathe in the snow and wash away his shame. He had always been an outstanding and shrewd talent. He had been terrified by Ye Xiwen for a short period of time. But, the great confusion in his heart had vanished within a moment. His defeated state of mind had also vanished; in fact, it had regained its previous form by now.

The elder seemed satisfied as he watched the Second God's recover. He nodded with satisfaction. He had some regrets that Ye Xiwen wasn't dead. However, it didn't mean that the Second God hadn't harvested anything from this battle. He was sure that Ye Xiwen wouldn't be able to escape next time.

Ye Xiwen felt very regretful as he watched the Second God regain his state of mind. He had scared the Second God and seized his willpower with great difficulty. But, the Second God turned out to be fortunate since someone interfered. Ye Xiwen recalled this old man had previously said that the higher authorities had agreed to this mortal combat, and that no one was allowed to interfere. Yet, he himself had interfered. This was pure shamelessness.

What was more annoying was the fact that the elder was still instigating the Second God to cause trouble for Ye Xiwen in the future.

"You have no sense of shame, you old guy!" Ye Xiwen clenched his teeth tightly as he stated.

"Give it a rest. The battle has ended. It's hereby terminated!" the senior elder flatly stated as if he was merely notifying everyone about the matter.

(To be continued)

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