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There must've been a difference of heaven and earth between the initial stage of the great-sage realm and the great-sage complete realm. However, he had still been put into such a distressed situation by Bai Jian Song. He had lost face because of this. So, he felt humiliated. His complexion had also turned exceptionally unsightly.

However, he couldn't give much thought to this right now. He coldly looked at Bai Jian Song and said, "The higher authorities have agreed for this fight. It doesn't matter whether your 'Hidden Star Peak' agrees or not!"

His voice thundered like the sound of a big bell. It shook many of the spectating experts. They staggered a little since they couldn't stand steadily. This was a terrifying senior expert of the great sage realm. Even a breath of his' could blow them away and kill a group of people in one fell swoop.

The eyes of the Clear Sky Peak's senior elder turned ice-cold as he looked at Ye Xiwen. His gaze was exceptionally cold. He originally wouldn't have gone as far as to personally get involved in this mess. However, nobody could harmonize this conflict between the Second God and Ye Xiwen. These two individuals weren't fighting to attain hegemony in the younger generation. Rather, they were mortal enemies. One of them would inevitably have to die. So, the Clear Sky Peak could only support its own disciple under these circumstances. The Clear Sky Peak had paid an incredible price in order to get the high level experts' approval that had allowed them to show their support towards the Second God. The Second God possessed the blood of the Titan race. He would have incredible future prospects. In fact, he had even been assigned the position of the chief disciple.

They had high hopes from the Second God. It was a known fact that the True Martial University recruited disciples once in a hundred years. Moreover, there was no lack of heaven's pride level experts among these new disciples. And, the Clear Sky Peak was ranked among the 'Top 10' Inheritances. Many heaven's pride level experts would often choose to join one of these top inheritances. The Clear Sky Peak had only seen three heaven's pride level experts join their ranks in this millennium, and all of them had already entered the sage realm at the time of their joining. However, they had finally selected the Second God, and had assigned him the position of the chief. One could imagine his value in their eyes. However, the Second God had this kind of a mortal enemy. So, it was worth it to spend some more to help him get rid of this enemy. It was better than offending some old and stubborn high-level expert. Not many people would be offended anyway. However, every member of Hidden Star Peak wanted to settle this dispute for Ye Xiwen's sake.

However, he wouldn't let anybody interfere in this battle. In fact, he himself wouldn't intervene. One mustn't disturb this fight between the disciples regardless of its outcome. Moreover, he didn't need to interfere because the Second God had already obtained the victor's position.

"Bullsh*t! I don't care what 'your' higher-ups have agreed to. Damn it all. You've dared to aim for a person of our Hidden Star Peak's, and it is only to break our backbone. You did that so our peak isn't able to make it through this hard time!" Bai Jian Song roared. Blood spilled-out from the corner of his mouth. The people of Hidden Star Peak had never bothered to hide their shortcomings from the others.

The Senior Elder of the Clear Sky Pear didn't care about Bai Jian Song's clamoring. He took it as a funny joke. The 'Hidden Star Peak' was undoubtedly a latent power. However, Clear Sky Peak wasn't a simple power either. And, it certainly wasn't like the War Dead Star Peak… whose chief had been chased-around like a dog by Huang Wuji. Clear Sky Peak was one of the 'Top 10' Inheritances. And, the War Dead Star Peak hadn't even entered among the 'Top 100' Inheritances. There was an unimaginable difference between the two forces.

The Hidden Star Peak had maintained a low profile. So much so that many people were unaware of the Hidden Star Peak's true power.

Everyone drew-out their conclusion on the basis of the battle that had just taken place. How strong was Bai Jian Song? He had stepped into the great-sage real at such a young age. He would have boundless prospects in the future. However, he still wasn't an opponent for a senior elder of the Clear Sky Peak; his cultivation was too short and lacking in comparison. Perhaps, this weakness wouldn't have been this obvious if he had fought against an opponent from the younger generation. However, it had gotten exposed in its entirety while facing a tyrannical expert of the older generation.

"Presumptuous!" the Clear Sky Peak's senior elder coldly scolded. "Who are you to raise your voice against a high-level decision?"

"Dammit! You old bastard! You will pay if something happens to my Sixth Brother!" Bai Jian Song exclaimed.

Meanwhile, it seemed as if Ye Xiwen and the Second God hadn't even noticed these two terrifying experts. They just continued to fight. It should be mentioned that the Second God had become relaxed after he saw that the elder of the Clear Sky Peak had gained an upper hand. In fact, he had become even more impatient to kill Ye Xiwen. And, Ye Xiwen had started to resist the Second God's attacks even more wholeheartedly. The two of them were too busy to worry about others.

They continued to fight. The Second God launched an attack. It seemed as if the world-itself had lost its color… as if the sky would come crashing down to the ground. The vigorous power of the lance exploded, and rushed straight towards Ye Xiwen to kill him. The Second God hadn't used any unnecessary skills. He had merely used pure energy in this attack.

Ye Xiwen's long sword danced in his hand. The 'sword intention' overflowed in the surroundings. Ye Xiwen's previous attacks had certainly been repelled. However, Ye Xiwen's 'fighting intention' hadn't declined one bit. His attack rushed into the sky.

The point of the lance emitted a white beam in reply. The battle had turned exceptionally intense. Blood was unceasingly gushing out of Ye Xiwen's body. But, his wounds had instantly repaired once again. But, some wounds had gradually started to appear on the Second God's body. The wounds weren't very deep. However, it was still bad when one considers that he was in his 'transformed' form.

Many onlookers exclaimed. Several of them were very impressed to see that Ye Xiwen could actually injure the 'real titan' body. He had only done minor damage, but it was enough to prove their speculation that Ye Xiwen would go for a major counterattack once the Second God's 'real titan' body subsided.

"Bang!" both of them ferociously collided once again. Then, they were sent flying in the sky by the collision; though, Ye Xiwen went much farther. Both of them spouted blood. Both of them had arrived in a 'neither side wins' situation once again. Their bodies were covered in all kinds of wounds, and blood continued to ooze out from these wounds. Ye Xiwen had sustained more severe injuries than the Second God.

However, Ye Xiwen's wounds got restored in a flash once again.

"This Ye Xiwen is holding his own in this battle against the 'real body' of a titan. This is unbelievable! An average person's bones would've shattered into pieces if they had received one-such blow. And, the next blow would've crushed them to death!"

"Perhaps, this situation is unfavorable for the 'Titan' guy. As you can see… Ye Xiwen has slowly started to gain the power to fight back. Perhaps, this isn't very good news for that 'Titan' guy. Ye Xiwen may make a sudden comeback as long as he doesn't kill Ye Xiwen in one blow!"

"Ye Xiwen's recovery may not continue like this for long in my opinion. However, it's also possible that the 'Titan' guy won't be able to keep his 'real titan' form for long!"

"This 'Titan' guy has always done things his own way. He's arrogant and despotic. He doesn't pay attention to anyone. There are rumors that the Clear Sky Peak has paid a considerable price because the Titan guy stood up, and took the oath that he'll forever-and-ever guard the Clear Sky Peak. That's how he has obtained the Clear Sky Peak's support!"

"Well, anyone would agree to the fact that it's extremely tough to get rid of Ye Xiwen!"

"Die!" the Second God roared. His entire body got covered with cyan-colored energy waves as he swept forward. The entire world trembled. It seemed as if an ancient Titan God had been resurrected. He went all-out in an effort to kill Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen didn't hold back either. His body was his best defense. So, he continued to fight.

This was a battle of life or death; an incredible mortal combat. Both the individuals had gone all-out. So, even a small negligence could cost them their life.

Both the individuals had put their lives on stake. Other people felt their hair stand on end. This mortal combat had left them in utter shock. Especially Ye Xiwen — since he had managed to keep-up with the 'Titan' guy till now. After all, his cultivation level was far inferior to the Second God's.

The Second God growled. Ye Xiwen had been gradually returning to the earlier situation… where he had the upper hand. The Second God knew that Ye Xiwen hadn't become stronger. Rather, he himself had become weaker. The suddenly outburst of power that was required for kick-starting and maintaining the transformation had left him weaker than before. Therefore, his transformation had started to fade. His eyes flashed as he stimulated his blood to unleash all sorts of titan arts, and all of them were aimed at Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen merely brandished his sword to tackle to the incoming attacks. No matter what kind of titan powers you throw at me — my one sword move can destroy ten thousand principles. Ye Xiwen's long sword vigorously began to gather energy, and suddenly launched an enormous attack.

Both of these individuals were walking on the same route - the so called route to the great dao, and they must arrive there easily. The easier it will be — the closer one would get to the great dao — and, the more terrifying one would become. These two had mutually chosen the easier path of attempting to kill one-another. Therefore, only one would come out victorious. This path was easier; that's all.

From the Second God slowly occupying an absolute upper-hand… to Ye Xiwen regaining his position in the battle… this battle had reached its most tragic phase. Both of these individuals had caused severe wounds on the body of the opposite party, and these wounds were difficult to heal. The blood was gushing out of those wounds. They had thoroughly beaten each other's bodies. Their bodies were completely covered in blood as a result.

"Rumble!" they collided again, and a figure went flying upside-down. Everyone looked closely. It was the Second God. On watching carefully, one could see that the Second God's 'real titan' body had disappeared. There was no difference between him and an average person at this moment. Blood was dripping from his body. He had fallen into the disadvantageous position in this clash of absolute power.

Ye Xiwen's sword slashed several times. Each of his slashes cut through the dao principles of the world. It seemed as if the era of primal chaos had been restarted. The sword slashes rushed towards the Second God… one by one… it seemed as if they were pursuing his soul. This was Ye Xiwen's turn to counterattack.

It seemed as if the Heaven and the Earth… the Sun and the Moon… had started to revolve around Ye Xiwen's long sword. Those who wouldn't obey… would be cut apart.

Ye Xiwen pushed the Second God into the disadvantageous position. Everyone was dumbstruck by this. Many people had already guessed this move, but they were still extremely shocked to witness it happen in reality.

"Puchi!" Ye Xiwen's long sword emitted an incredible divine beam. It chopped-off Second God's left arm. This fight had entered the deciding stage of life or death very quickly.

The Second God screamed. His entire body was covered with bloodstains. Even his courage had been cut-off by Ye Xiwen. Some bitter resentment was left in his eyes, but he no longer had that same imposing aura he previous did. He still possessed the invincible strength, but no longer had the invincible heart.

Everyone had gone silent. Nobody had thought that this could be the outcome. There would've been no problems if the Second God had been merely 'killed'. However, he had been first brought to the point of being 'terrified' before getting 'killed'. He would now be scared until he had died. After all, he had even used his biggest hidden trump card. Still, he had miserably failed to beat Ye Xiwen. How could he not be terrified after that?

"I'm invincible. You're merely relying on your secret technique and nothing more. Otherwise, I would've killed you effortlessly!" the Second God said, and it seemed like he hadn't yet resigned.

"Humph. I'm relying on secret technique? You have a 'Titan' body. Isn't that unfair? You would've been nothing more than a pig in my eyes if you didn't have that 'Titan' body. You're very stupid!" Ye Xiwen coldly retorted.

(To be continued)

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