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In a fight between experts, even a small disparity between the contenders could create a huge difference. Ye Xiwen's strength was dependent on his healing ability, and it was far more formidable than that of the Second God. This small disparity was enough for Ye Xiwen to slowly and gradually suppress the Second God.

Ye Xiwen consistently maintained himself at his peak condition. The Second God also possessed an outstanding secret healing technique as well. Moreover, his 'titan' body itself was extremely strong. However, he couldn't possibly be placed on par with Ye Xiwen.

"I hadn't thought that the 'Titan' guy would fall into the disadvantageous position!"

"Yeah… It's very difficult to tell who's got the stronger body and who's got the weaker one. The disparity between their physiques isn't clear. But, there is huge difference between their healing powers. Ye Xiwen's healing technique simply goes against the heaven's will!"

"It's indeed incredible. The 'Titan' guy was very aggressive in the beginning. He was the one who came to cause trouble for Ye Xiwen. He wanted to kill Ye Xiwen. But, the outcome has finally turned out to be like this!"

Everyone discussed as the battle continued. The Second God looked coldly at Ye Xiwen. Blood was dripping from his chest. Ye Xiwen's sword had repeatedly struck his body. Even his 'titan' body couldn't endure such attacks. He heard everyone's comments about him, but he had disregarded them. He had indeed been suppressed. However, he was far from being in danger as suspected by the others. After all, both of them had sustained similar injuries. It was just that one individual recovered quicker than the other. However, these secret healing techniques had a common characteristic. It was to hurt one's vitality in order to restore one's injuries faster; especially when the wounds were serious. After all, these techniques went against the heaven's will. So, they had to come with a heavy price in exchange of accelerated recovery.

"Ye Xiwen, you're very strong. But, you can only become a nameless skeleton in my path to invincibility!" The Second God's countenance turned ice-cold. The wounds on his body unexpectedly began to transform into scars.

"Bang!" the Second God's imposing aura instantly changed; very significantly. A dark-green cyclone began to revolve around his body. The metal rings worn on his arms and ankles began to rotate as his stature increased by a section.

The Second God had never revealed his secret 'True Titan Body'; the one that had been mentioned in the legends. This was the first time he had revealed it. He had previously seen Ye Xiwen as a formidable opponent. But, Ye Xiwen had turned out to be even more formidable an opponent than he had imagined. His 'killing intention' began to burn even stronger. His path to invincibility would become clearer if he could kill this super-formidable opponent.

"Ye Xiwen, be careful. He's transforming into a Titan!" Ye Mo warned Ye Xiwen. "His strength will increase by leaps and bounds after he transforms into a Titan!"

Ye Xiwen nodded. He was standing in the sky with the long sword in his hand. He was blankly looking at the Second God. He trampled the void as he fiercely trod forward, and arrived in front of the Second God.

Ye Xiwen's sharp sword had cut-open the vast sky. His 'killing intention' had spread all around. The many spectating disciples of the True Martial University were left in utter shock as they watched from afar. They could feel the astonishing 'killing intention' that was coming-out from his long sword.

Then, they looked at the Second God. His strength had increased by a layer after he had completed his transformation into the 'real titan' body. This left them dumbstruck. These two individuals were going against the heaven's will.

The Second God sneered. He grasped the cold-black lance and rushed out. His imposing aura had become more powerful than before. This was indeed the 'real titan body'. All the heavenly races had been shaken by its power at one point in time. His left hand rose in the sky. It grasped a bunch of strong winds and lightning from inside the void. And then, he thrust them towards Ye Xiwen. The winds and lightning blotted-out the sky as they rolled towards Ye Xiwen to crush him.

These exceptionally terrifying winds and lightning could strangle a truth level expert to death; an ordinary legendary expert would be seriously injured by their force. Gales and lightning were like 'pets' for titans. It seemed as if the 'god of gales and lightning' was watching-over this fight from above as the Second God continuously chanted some 'sutras'.

"Bang!" the gales and lightning swept down towards Ye Xiwen. The dreadful wind pressed down upon Ye Xiwen to crush him. This mixture of gales and lightning was like a grindstone that had advanced to grind Ye Xiwen to death.

Ye Xiwen sneered. The thunder and lightning carried the strong 'positive' power of the world. But, he wasn't afraid of the power of lightning; nor did he feel restrained in the face of it. Could these thunders and lightning be more formidable than the energies unleashed by the 'Heavenly Tribulation'?

Ye Xiwen's left hand transformed into a 'heavenly big' hand! It stretched-out; as if to grab something. Ye Xiwen grabbed those gales and lightning. Then, he began to operate the 'tyrant body technique' and absorbed them in their entirety. This was the strongest ability of the 'tyrant body technique'. It could absorb all energies; regardless of its type. It didn't follow the way of a 'benevolent king' who would accept any and all. Rather, it was a tyrant who knew only 'domination'.

Ye Xiwen had just finished absorbing that energy. But, he saw a startling and black divine beam just then. And, it had already arrived in front of him. The space in front had collapsed, and had been broken into small pieces.

He was still fearless. The long sword danced in his hand as he swept out a world-shaking aura. Ye Xiwen had used the 'Buried Heaven Sword'; and that too for the first time. Nobody among his peers had been able to compel him to use the 'Buried Heaven Sword'. The use of this attack against the experts of older generation would've been pointless since they possessed far more tyrannical strength than Ye Xiwen.

The incomparably aggressive sword-power swept down. It shattered the space, and the chaos leaked out. It seemed as if this sword would bury the heavens, restart the age of chaos, and open the pathway for a brand-new world.

The 'Buried Heaven Sword' displayed infinite power in Ye Xiwen's hands. Ye Xiwen's offensive had grown much more potent than before. His attack, and that long lance, collided ferociously.

They came in contact, but soon moved away. Then, the lance's and the sword's tip rushed towards their respective targets.

However, the spot where the collision had taken place collapsed and broke down into pieces. A huge force swept across the surroundings, and even the void caved-in. Everyone was dumbstruck by this spectacle. This fight had reached a mind-boggling level.

"Bang!" a giant explosion took place. A figure went flying upside down. Blood dripped from his body and spilled in the sky.

Everyone looked closely. It turned out to be Ye Xiwen. The Second God's strength had increased significantly after he had revealed his 'real titan' body. The 'evenly matched' fight had suddenly transformed, and Ye Xiwen had fallen into disadvantageous situation.

The Second God pursued after Ye Xiwen with strides as mighty as that of a tiger or a dragon. His lance swept down straight towards Ye Xiwen. It rampaged forward like a long dragon. It seemed as if it would destroy the entire world.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen firmly blocked the Second God's attack.

"Ye Xiwen, you are done for. Obediently accept your death!" the Second God's countenance turned sinister as he spoke. The thought that he would kill Ye Xiwen had made him happy.

Everyone's hearts began to beat ferociously. Could it be that Ye Xiwen would be killed? Ye Xiwen had fallen into disadvantageous position. He had merely relied on his excellent 'recovering' ability to gain advantage over his opponent. But, that advantage had disappeared after the emergence of the Second God's 'real titan' body.

The onlookers couldn't help but sigh with emotion. The special physiques had been famous in the entire world for countless years, and it wasn't without reason. They always possessed a concealed advantage that an ordinary person couldn't match. They could easily achieve the level of proficiency an ordinary person couldn't in their entire lifetime. Not to mention that the prestige of Titan bloodline had suppressed the entire world for countless years.

However, Ye Xiwen clearly didn't have such an advantage. This was his biggest disadvantage in this fight. Therefore, he had fallen into disadvantageous position.

Countless people were worried for Ye Xiwen. Yet, he was very calm for some reason. His expression didn't change one bit. The look in his eyes got more and more profound on the contrary. In fact, there wasn't a single trace of anxiety in his heart.

These special physiques were outstanding. The Second God had changed entirely after his body's transformation. He had been beaten and suppressed by Ye Xiwen in the beginning. However, he had started to suppress Ye Xiwen now. This massive transformation couldn't be described in words.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't lose heart. He had willingly chosen this path. He was on an expedition to fight and kill his way to the top. He had been in such thrilling fight several times. He had gotten so used to it that his heart was as honed as a solid rock.

Most importantly, Ye Xiwen had understood that it must've been extremely difficult to exhibit the 'real titan' body. It was similar to any other secret technique, and would eventually get used-up. After all, the Second God merely possessed the titan's blood. He wasn't a real titan. Therefore, this transformation would end once his 'real titan' body got exhausted.

However, this battle would still be a difficult one even if Ye Xiwen clearly understood this fact. The Second God's moves had caused serious injuries to him after the transformation had taken place. After all, there was a big difference between their levels. Ye Xiwen would still have been able to suppress him by merely raising his hand if they were at the same level same realm… despite the body transformation.

An average person might not have been able to last this long if they were in Ye Xiwen place and were to unceasingly sustain such serious injuries. In fact, they would've perished in five moves or less. The terrifying power of the titan blood had been exposed in its entirety. However, Ye Xiwen had the 'phoenix regeneration technique'. It had maintained him at his peak condition. The only way to kill Ye Xiwen was to kill him with a sudden explosion since it wouldn't give him a chance to regenerate. Otherwise… he wouldn't be able to kill Ye Xiwen.

Time passed… second after second… minute after minute. Ye Xiwen sustained severe injuries again and again, but he managed to recover quickly each time. The Second God had started to get anxious. Just as Ye Xiwen had speculated — it was impossible for him to maintain this 'real titan' body for long. After all, he wasn't a real titan. Things would turn out very badly for him if he couldn't kill Ye Xiwen before he exhausted his advanced form.

"Roar!" the Second God roared. The lance swept-out and penetrated the blue sky. The world suddenly lost its color, and the sky turned pitch-black.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's long sword welcomed the incoming attack, but couldn't block it. He was again sent flying upside-down. He spouted blood, and the bones throughout his body got shattered.

The Second God was about to proceed to kill Ye Xiwen. But suddenly, the earth and the sky began to shake frantically. The sky disintegrated, and two suffocating dreadful auras swept down from above. A person's figure came flying down, and spouted a mouthful of blood.

Everyone exclaimed because they had seen that person before. It turned out to be Bai Jian Song. He had sustained severe injuries all over his body.

Another figure came chasing-after. It was the senior elder of the Clear Sky Peak. Both of them had sustained serious injuries. However, his condition was much better than that of Bai Jian Song. However, he appeared to be in a distressed situation as well. His complexion was pale. He was at the peak level of the great-sage realm. Yet, he had been reduced to such a distressed state by Bai Jian Song… a man who had stepped into the initial stage of the great-sage realm only recently.

(To be continued)

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