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Ye Xiwen's strength had been ranked among the strengths of the heaven's pride level experts. However, Semi-Sage realm was just the starting point for these heaven's pride level experts; nothing more. Afterwards, there was sage realm and great-sage realm. Therefore, this was just a beginning. It was difficult to determine the true victor in a battle among heaven's pride level experts… unless it was a battle of life or death.

However, Ye Xiwen had displayed terrifying strength just now. He had suppressed a semi-sage expert by merely raising his hand. This terrifying strength had made everyone speechless. Ye Xiwen had once again stunned everyone.

Perhaps, the upcoming battle would genuinely turn out to be a fierce battle between two evenly matched opponents.

Three days. Ye Xiwen had given just three days of time. He would leave if the 'Titan' guy didn't show-up within three days.

This statement had once again left everyone in shock. That 'Titan' guy had been trying to rally as much support of the people as he could in order to kill Ye Xiwen by claiming that Ye Xiwen was an evenly matched opponent. In contrast, Ye Xiwen hadn't even spared him a glance. He had merely said that he'd wait for three days; at-most. Then, he'd leave. And, he would leave for the 'Chaotic Heavenly Region'.

He was clearly looking down on the 'Titan body'. This had left several people in uproar. People didn't find it strange that Ye Xiwen was planning to go to the 'Chaotic Heavenly Region'. After all, he wasn't the only heaven's pride level expert who wished to go to the 'Chaotic Heavenly Region'. In fact, it was said that the 'Titan' guy also wanted to go to the 'Chaotic Heavenly World'. However, he couldn't go because he had to stay here and wait for Ye Xiwen's arrival.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't care about his fight with the 'Titan' guy. He was very busy. And, if his opponent wasn't going to come out soon… then he might as well get the hell out of his way.

Most people had initially thought that the 'Titan' guy was very arrogant. They figured that he'd kill Ye Xiwen irrespective of whether he'd accept the challenge or not. He was extremely overbearing. However, Ye Xiwen turned out to be far-more insolent. He didn't care about who was challenging him. If they wanted to confront him… then they must come sooner. Otherwise, they should get the hell away from him.

Everyone waited for the 'Titan' guy's reaction. Meanwhile, they slowly came to know about the conflict between him and Ye Xiwen. They found out that the 'Titan' body guy was the Second God of the Army of God. It used to be a huge group, and had ruled the ancient road. However, it was brought to its knees when three of the gods were killed by Ye Xiwen. This led to the collapse of the Army of God, and they hadn't been able to restore their prestige ever since. In addition, the First God had disappeared mysteriously. So, all the responsibilities had fallen onto the shoulders of the only remaining Second God. It was difficult for the Second God to support the Army of God by himself. Hence, the reputation of this outstanding organization had declined within no time. They had gone low-key for a certain period of time.

The grudge between Ye Xiwen and the Second God was as high as the sky and as deep as the ocean. It was no wonder that the Second God had started to look for Ye Xiwen after he had stepped into the semi-sage realm. Anyone would've gone crazy with anger by now if they were in his place.

Ye Xiwen also came to know a lot from the rumors. He realized that the 'Titan' guy was actually the Second God. No wonder there had been no news about the Army of God in these two years. Ye Xiwen had already killed the Third, Fourth, and the Fifth God. The First God had disappeared mysteriously. Such a massive 'Army of God' had become entirely dependent on the Second God because of Ye Xiwen. Not just that, Ye Xiwen had nearly smashed and torn the Army of God to pieces; this had scattered their forces. This had left the Second God in deep trouble since he had to consolidate the forces. Therefore, he hadn't gotten a chance to come looking for Ye Xiwen back then. As a matter of fact, he had recently stepped into the semi-sage realm, and had finally managed to sort out the internal matters of the Army of God. So, he could freely deal with Ye Xiwen now.

Ye Xiwen was also determined to settle this matter of the Second God. There was no trace of the First God out of the five Gods of the Army of God. And the Third, Fourth, and the Fifth God had already died in his hands. So, he would only have to be careful of the First God — who was still missing — after he had killed the Second God. In fact, he could seize the opportunity to crush the entire Army of God once he had killed the Second God. After that, Ye Xiwen wouldn't have to be worried about anything even if the remaining First God were to appear later on.

This was a rare opportunity. The opposite party was looking to seize this opportunity to kill him. Why shouldn't he do the same?

Root out the source of trouble to avoid recurring future troubles.

Three days passed in an instant. Countless lofty mountains of the True Martial University pierced through the sky. The loud roars of beasts could be heard echoing from the mountain forests. It appeared like a wonderland in the human world.

'Hidden Star Peak' was bustling with countless disciples. They had gathered to spectate. There were experts of legendary realm, truth realm, semi-sage realm, and sage realm as well. In fact, several experts of the great-sage realm had been alerted about this. They had also arrived to watch.

Ye Xiwen waited on the 'Hidden Star Peak' in silence. He was waiting for the Second God to arrive.

Suddenly, a loud shout rang through the vast sky. It pierced through the clouds in the sky. The space rippled like the water's surface. A light-green figure ripped open the sky, and rushed towards the 'Hidden Star Peak'. He had a robust physique. He was 10 feet tall, and looked extremely powerful. His facial features were as sharp as a knife. He had bright and piercing eyes. His eyebrows slanted to his temples. He looked extremely valiant.

The space distorted and collapsed wherever that figure went. His incomparably dreadful form then swept-out from the spatial cracks.

"The 'Titan' guy has arrived!" some people with sharp eyes had recognized this figure.

His overwhelming and strong aura had shaken the heaven and earth.

"It's indeed the 'Titan' guy. Just look at his body. No wonder they call him 'Titan Body'. He's got such a majestic stature. An ordinary person's physique wouldn't even come close. He possesses the bloodline of the titan race. It's was true. The titans themselves were ancient gods. That's why his subordinates are known as the Army of God!"

"Such terrifying imposing aura can suppress a truth level expert to death!"

"He has an invincible body; one derived from an immemorial race. I'm not very optimistic about Ye Xiwen!"

"I still think that Ye Xiwen has hope. I guess you haven't seen him fight before - he unleashes an overwhelming Golden Ocean. He appears like a golden god when he casts out that 'Golden Ocean' move. It almost appears as if he's god who has descended to rule the world. His body isn't inferior to that of the 'Titan Body'. I've yet to hear of an expert who could challenge Ye Xiwen's physique!"

"This will absolutely turn out to be a fierce battle between two evenly matched giants!"

"Ye Xiwen, come out to die!" the voice of the Second God exploded after he arrived in front of the 'Hidden Star Peak'.

The sonic booms exploded in all directions. It seemed like a milky-way of huge sound waves had swept across. It had caused the massive trees in the surrounding area to collapse.

"Humph! You're an arrogant young man. Come, I'll teach you the profoundness of this world!" a cold sound transmitted from the 'Hidden Star Peak'. It was followed by a startling 'sword energy'. The 'sword energy' rushed towards the sky in a flash. It streaked across the vast sky and shattered the space. Even the chaos started to leak-out from cracked space.

"This is a matter of the younger generation. We mustn't interfere!" a discontented sound echoed from the depths of the void. A massive hand swept down from the sky and grabbed that startling 'sword energy'.

"Bang!" it seemed as if the entire world had collapsed and broken into small pieces. An incomparably horrifying light burst out in a flash. The Yin and Yang elements of chaos leaked out and spread around. The terrifying aura swept out in the surroundings.

"Wei Guang Yuan, you old fart, you dare to go along with his unreasonable and reckless actions!" an angry voice sounded from the 'Hidden Star Peak'. Bai Jian Song came flying from that direction. His eyes were open wide. He seemed to be glaring angrily.

Bai Jian Song had come out of his closed-door training because of Ye Xiwen's matter. He had recently stepped into the great-sage realm. So, he didn't have too much control on his own power. His great-sage aura was leaking out. And, it was forming a terrifying cyclone around him. He didn't very different from a Devil God.

However, the place in the depths of the void was still tranquil. Nothing happened from that direction.

"What? Clear Sky Peak's Wei Guang Yuan is personally supporting the Titan guy. No wonder he has dared to openly challenge Ye Xiwen to a death-fight!" an expert uttered in surprise. Wei Guang Yuan held a very high position in the Clear Sky Peak. He was the chief of the elders. He had personally show-up for this event. That clearly showed that the Clear Sky Peak was supporting the Second God in his mission to kill Ye Xiwen.

Nobody would've bothered if this matter concerned ordinary disciples. After all, the True Martial University had a massive pool of disciples. A large number of these disciples died every day. Sometimes, they died in the hands of the experts of other forces; or got killed by demon beasts and so on… Casualties to such disciples weren't unusual. However, Ye Xiwen and the 'Titan' guy were ranked among the heaven's pride level experts of this generation. Only a few people could be considered as treasures in a particular generation. They were extremely precious. Only these people could become the pillars of the True Martial University in the future.

The death of any such expert would set-off a huge unrest. Moreover, both the experts were looking to kill each other. This matter was bound to attract the attentions of countless people. In fact, it could even lead to an overall conflict between their inheritances. Every heaven's level disciple was like a future pillar for any inheritance. Death of any such expert could injure their strength very greatly.

The 'Hidden Star Peak' had very few people. However, that didn't mean that one could crush them that easily. 'Clear Sky Peak' was ranked among the 'Top 10' inheritances. Their strength was profound; simply incredible.

There was a possibility of a full-scale conflict between the two inheritances.

There would've been no issues if this was a conflict between two individuals alone. However, Wei Guang Yuan had arrived here. This revealed the intention of the Clear Sky Peak very clearly. They stood strong in the Second God's support. They were clearly biased, and in favor of the Second God.

Bai Jian Song had immediately understood the Clear Sky Peak's intentions. That had made him furious. The 'Titan' guy himself was extremely overbearing. And now, the Clear Sky Peak also stood in his support. He couldn't help being furious at this.

(To be continued)

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