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The Sunflower Water Essence(1) was constantly struggling in Ye Xiwen's hands. But, it could never break from Ye Xiwen's grasp. Ye Xiwen had control over it since he held it firmly. Ye Xiwen felt a trace of foreign soul inside that Sunflower Water Essence. It probably belonged to that flood dragon. It must've put a fraction of its soul inside the Sunflower Water Essence to locate it at any time.

Ye Xiwen swallowed the Sunflower Water Essence without any hesitation.

He could feel the Sunflower Water Essence dissolve within his body. The high-quality water essence gradually spread throughout his body, and repaired a few of his subtle internal injuries. The Sunflower Water Essence itself possessed many principles. Its best function was that it could increase the number of principles inside one's body.

The flood dragon was still outside the pond, but he became aware of this matter the moment it took place.

It roared again and again, and said, "Bastards! You tricked me by dragging me away from the Sunflower Water Essence! You snatched it away in my absence!"

The flood dragon released a terrifying dragon breath to force-open its way through the crowd of experts. Then, its huge body dived into the cold pond; paying no regards to the encirclement of those three forces. The flood dragon was extremely fierce. However, it wasn't a match for this joint force. The opposite party had 4 semi-sage realm experts. The wishes of these four semi-sage experts weren't aligned, but they could still inflict enormous pressure on the flood dragon since they were working together. In fact, they could even slay this flood dragon if they could manage to work together as a proper team.

The soul of this flood dragon that was present inside the Sunflower Water Essence had been crushed. This meant that it had fallen into someone's hands. The flood dragon had protected it for hundreds of years. How would he not act anxiously to get it back?

The flood dragon set-off endless water-splashes as it dived into the pond.

Everyone looked at each other. The flood dragon didn't seem to be 'acting' or 'faking' to them. Did something really happen? However, it didn't matter whether something had happened or not. It was vital to pursue the flood dragon one way or the other.

"Pursue it!" Ying Da roared. His divine eagle dived into the pond after him. Pan Shui Rong and Shi Zhi Ming also dived into the pond.

As far as others were concerned… they could only look at each other. They didn't dare to pursue that flood dragon into the pond. They would be frozen to death in the pond since they didn't have the support of the semi-sage principles. Even Ye Xiwen could survive in the pond because of his powerful 'gilded tyrant form' only. The golden divinities had wrapped around him to protect him from the intense chill in the depths of the pond.

Ye Xiwen felt that something was swimming down the pond. He guessed that it could be the flood dragon since its soul had been crushed by him. However, Ye Xiwen had already anticipated that. If its soul hadn't been crushed — the flood dragon would've come down by tracing its soul. So, Ye Xiwen had made the decision to crush the wisp of its soul; once-and-for-all.

Ye Xiwen digested the Sunflower Water Essence, and felt that it had moistened his whole body. The biggest advantage of this was - his physical quality and aptitude would enhance significantly in the future.

It was a rare treasure. Such treasures didn't grow often; even in ten thousand years.

Ye Xiwen clenched his teeth, and proceeded to face the 'Heavenly Tribulation'. He had enough strength now. He had planned that he'd look for a place to undergo closed-door training after he had killed Zhu Tian Zong. Then, he'd be able to have a breakthrough into half-step legendary ninth stage. His fighting strength would reach semi-sage level in one fell swoop if that were to happen. (2)

He was confident that he could condense the principles of semi-sage level; especially after forming his own blood slave.

However, he presently wasn't in a position to condense the semi-sage principles. So, he had begun to have a breakthrough on the spot.

"Dammit! You lay your hands on the Sunflower Water Essence by taking the advantage of my absence!" the flood dragon roared loudly as it rushed down. There was no living creature inside the entire pond… apart from Ye Xiwen. So, he was clearly visible to the flood dragon's eyes… just like a source of bright light in dark night.

"Puff!" the flood dragon roared and spat its terrifying dragon-breath. The exceptionally cold water posed no resistance to the dragon-breath as it rushed forward. It froze the surrounding-water in its path, and arrived in front of Ye Xiwen like a long spear with incomparable and frightening might.

"Kaboom!" the ice-cold dragon-breath didn't crash into Ye Xiwen's body as the flood dragon had expected. Instead, it was blocked by a blood red figure that had suddenly appeared in front of Ye Xiwen.

It was the blood slave that Ye Xiwen had previously condensed. The red blood exploded beneath the blood slave's feet, and propelled its body forward through the cold heavy-water like a red-arrow.

The blood slave arrived beside that flood dragon, and launched an attack. The blood slave's 'Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand' pressed down upon the flood dragon. Ye Xiwen had condensed this blood slave, and its soul was linked with Ye Xiwen. That's why… it could do anything that Ye Xiwen could.

Ye Xiwen had comprehended the Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand to a very high degree. And, the blood slave's attack wasn't one bit inferior to Ye Xiwen's. And… the tyranny of this attack had increased countless times since the tyrannical power of semi-sage realm had been added to it. In fact, the blood slave's attack was several times more powerful than Ye Xiwen's own.

The Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand rumbled on the forehead of that flood dragon. It caused sparks, and a terrifying power began to boil on the flood dragon's body.

"Bang!" the flood dragon's scales were blasted and peeled-off by the blood slave's attack. Its scales fell-off, and its blood started to gush-out.

"Roar!" the flood dragon had been wounded by a single palm attack by the blood slave. It began to scream in pain.

Ying Da, Pan Shoui Rong, and Shi Zhi Ming had also managed to dive to the pond's depth by now. They saw the flood dragon confronting the blood slave. They began to believe that the flood dragon had been right. Someone had secretly snatched away the Sunflower Water Essence by taking the advantage of their fight outside the pond.

The three of them immediately became angry. Ying Da cursed out loud in anger, "Dammit! I was engaged in a life or death fight above, and you sneaked down here to steal the Sunflower Water Essence! You Bastard!"

Unfortunately, the blood slave couldn't speak or think. It just coldly looked at everyone with a murderous look in its eyes.

"Bang!" the Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand appeared again. It overwhelmingly spread-out, and went towards those three experts to grab them.

"Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand!" The three experts immediately recognized the Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand. After all, it was the signature martial art move of the Fire Cloud Cave. They couldn't possibly mistake it for something else. Shi Zhi Ming was even more familiar with it than the others.

"Who are you? How do you know the martial art of our Fire Cloud Cave?" Shi Zhi Ming became very depressed since the others had started to eye him in suspicion. He wouldn't have been this troubled if he had ordered one of his own to pull this off. But, he hadn't. Yet, there was no way to prove it otherwise since the martial arts of Fire Cloud Cave was too recognizable.

"Dammit!" Shi Zhi Ming shouted loudly, and shot the same Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand in reply.

The two terrifying attacks ferociously collided. It appeared as if two gigantic fire clouds had clashed. Dreadful energy waves swept out in the surroundings, and displaced several gallons of heavy water in a flash.

"You two also attack. Don't just stand stunned like that. This bastard isn't one of my men!" Shi Zhi Ming retreated several steps before he finally came to a halt. His huge body had been pushed back. He had fallen into a disadvantageous position when faced with the frightening force contained in his opponent's attack. The blood slave wasn't being cautious since it was condensed from a wisp of a Star Colossus's soul. So, its body was bound to be extremely formidable and dreadful.

Ying Da and Pan Shui Rong eventually came back to their senses after hearing Shi Zhi Ming's shout. They realized that this 'person' might not be one of Shi Zhi Ming's men in reality.

They didn't hesitate any further, and rushed towards the blood slave.

Meanwhile, the flood dragon rushed towards Ye Xiwen since it had failed to deal with the blood slave. It could still feel the Sunflower Water Essence's aura, and it was coming from Ye Xiwen's body.

"Damn you human! I will kill you. How dare you to steal my treasure?" the flood dragon spoke out of anger as it saw Ye Xiwen sitting cross-legged. It had waited for hundred years for this Sunflower Water Essence to mature… and Ye Xiwen had stolen it.

The flood dragon roared loudly. The black scales throughout its body — some covered in blood — ejaculated an incredible divine beam. It appeared as if the flood dragon was treading on the waves it dashed towards Ye Xiwen to kill him.

"Bang!" The blood slave suddenly attacked from a distance even though he had being besieged by three attackers of his own. A long dragon went flying towards the flood dragon, and crashed into it. It was the 'coiling dragon palm'.

The flood dragon was injured, and spouted blood. It had been caught off-guard by this long dragon.

"Roar!" the flood dragon roared repeatedly. It tried to break free a few times, but was blocked by the blood slave every single time.

The blood slave was under the siege of several semi-sage experts. However, it wasn't afraid. It was relying on the toughness of its body that was granted to it by the Star Colossus's genes. It wasn't afraid of its flesh being torn-off in a head-on combat. Anyway, it wasn't afraid of death since it was condensed from a soul, and was only a small fraction of the whole.

"Bang!" the blood slave's body exploded and scattered. However, its body reorganized itself again. This was the most dreadful ability of the blood slave. It was immortal. It could continue to respawn as long as there were enough 'Spirit Dans' to support that. This was why the Devil King had condensed an army of blood slaves so that he could rule the Devil World. And, that was why Ye Xiwen wanted to condense a blood slave. It could deal with the occasional enemies that he himself couldn't.

The experts were very depressed at this sight. They couldn't do anything to defeat it. They had basically been tied-down by the blood slave. They had no way out of there. Hence, they posed no danger to Ye Xiwen even though he wasn't too far from there.

However, Ye Xiwen wouldn't allow the blood slave to face the enemies endlessly. The blood slave could certainly respawn as long as there were enough 'Spirit Dans'. However, Ye Xiwen had to burn 50 million 'Spirit Dans' for merely condensing a blood slave of semi-sage realm. Therefore, he couldn't support the respawns of a blood slave several times with the leftover 'Spirit Dans'.

"Crash-Bang!" the 'Heavenly Tribulation' penetrated through the heavy water, and bombarded Ye Xiwen's body.

(To be continued)

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