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"Puff!" that expert of Hundred Barbarians Cave spouted blood from his mouth. The fragment of his soul inside the iron dart had been crushed by Ye Xiwen. Then, a golden ray of light arrived in front of his face. He couldn't do anything but watch its approach. He didn't have strength equal to that of Ye Xiwen. In the end, his head exploded with a 'bang'.

This was a terrifying melee warfare. The Hundred Barbarians Cave and Fire Cloud Cave had countless years' old enmity. Both the sides were resorting to the use deadly means. Even their leaders weren't holding back. The two of them clamored as they rushed-up into the sky and began to fight.

Yang Hong and Yang Na were in a similar state. The hatred had taken deep root inside them as well.




Ye Xiwen was shuttling back and forth while everyone was indulged in battle; just like a golden flash. These people were certainly the experts of legendry's great complete realm, but they weren't his match. Ye Xiwen had deliberately restrained his own strength since he didn't possess any hatred or enmity towards the Hidden Barbarians Cave. Anyway, he didn't desire to work himself to death for the Fire Cloud Cave.

"Ha ha ha, I didn't expect this place to be so lively!"

A wild laughter sounded from a distant place in the middle of this battle of life or death. A group of people could be seen approaching them from afar; they trod on rainbow lights.

This was another team of Barbarian People. The experts of the Fire Cloud Cave and the Hundred Barbarians Cave stopped fighting as they watched these new people approach. It was as if they had a prior tacit understanding or something. They didn't want the third party to benefit from their fight.

These newcomers weren't inferior to the experts of the Fire Cloud Cave and the Hundred Barbarian Cave. All of them were experts of legendry's great complete realm. They were headed by a man who was approximately 30 years old. He was tall and had rough facial features. His nose was crooked by like an eagle's beak. This gave his face a sinister look. A giant black divine eagle had spread-out its wings. It was more than ten meters tall, and was circling around him. A trace of sage level power was overflowing from his body. It was obvious that he was an expert of semi-sage realm.

"The warriors of the Eagle Cave? How the hell did they arrive here?" Yang Hong cursed.

Ye Xiwen recalled about the Eagle Cave from the memories of their disciples he had earlier killed. The Eagle Cave was also a major force of the Southern Wasteland. Strength wise, it was no less than any of the other two caves. But, the most troublesome thing about them was that each disciple of the Eagle Cave used an ominous eagle beast as their mount. In fact, they grew up with their eagle beast. These Eagle Cave disciples were considered as formidable enemies because of the powerful tag-team they formed with their pet eagles. These eagles were often very powerful as well.

Shi Zhi Ming's complexion turned ugly as he flew down from the sky. Clearly, the battle between Pan Shui Rong and him couldn't reach a conclusion. He was very confident that his cultivation would increase dramatically once he had obtained the Sunflower Water Essence. Then, he'd be able to suppress his arch rival Pan Shui Rong. However, the new leak hadn't only attracted Pan Shui Rong, but also a senior semi-sage expert of Eagle Cave, named Ying Da.

Ying Da's cultivation was nearly equal to that of the other two. However, he possessed about two hundred principles within his body. He was very difficult to deal with. Moreover, his mount — that black divine eagle — was also at semi-sage realm.

The Molten Iron Pond started to seem very small as the three giant forces gathered around it. The place seemed packed.

However, no one among the three parties took the initiative to begin. Everyone was afraid that the last-standing party would benefit from the conflict between the first two. Moreover, the Sunflower Water Essence hadn't appeared yet. Therefore, the three forces were waiting with patience.

The surface of the pond was tranquil. Slowly, the curtain of night descended. The sunlight was replaced by the moonlight. The moonlight seemed to be gently caressing the earth.

The sound of an internal turbulence started to reverberate from the pond. Everyone knew that the Sunflower Water Essence was about to appear. They knew that it was going to take birth with some 'spiritual wisdom'. That Sunflower Water Essence could become a terrifying force in the future if could have a chance to absorb the essence of the sun and the moon for thousands of years. However, these experts wouldn't let it.

Ripples appeared on the water surface. Everyone held their breath. They didn't dare to make any noise since they didn't wish to scare away the Sunflower Water Essence.

Soon, a group of azure-colored water bubbles emerged from the cold pond, and took a human form before everyone's eyes. Everyone was spellbound by the peculiar azure color of its body. It was exuding an incredibly beautiful radiance.

"Begin!" it was hard to tell who shouted from the crowd, but several hundred experts immediately rushed forward to grab the Sunflower Water Essence.

Everyone wanted to capture the Sunflower Water Essence. They couldn't think of anything else in this moment. Greed had prevailed over everyone.

Ye Xiwen didn't move. He quietly changed his stature once again. His height had increased significantly. His facial features had turned even rougher. He quietly circled behind everyone. So many people were competing for that Sunflower Water Essence. Moreover, there were four experts of semi-sage realm on the scene, including Ying Da and his eagle. How could he get the opportunity to grab that Sunflower Water Essence before everyone?

"Bang!" a shocking water-column emerged from the tranquil pond. It went straight-up into the sky like a massive spear. The bulky column of water blotted out the sky, and fell towards the experts who were still in midair.




Several experts didn't get enough time to dodge, and the water column crashed into them. The terrifying force crushed them into fragments.

Sad and shrill cries echoed throughout the entire Iron Pond Mountain in the peaceful night. Blood splashed everywhere in the air. In fact, it seemed like blood had rained from the sky.

"Who was it?" Shi Zhi Ming shouted as he unleashed the Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand. His attack pressed down like a huge fire cloud.

"Bang!" the entire water-surface of the pond began to boil up. A seemingly endless amount of water vaporized in an instant.

At this time, a huge shadow appeared from the middle of the pond. Meanwhile, the Sunflower Water Essence was scared away by the battling experts, and submerged deep into the pond.

"Roar!" suddenly, that black-shadowy figure let out a loud roar. It sounded similar to the roar of a dragon. Everyone's gazes finally pierced through dark curtain of night, and they saw who it really was.

It was a wicked flood dragon of semi-sage realm. These so-called heavenly treasures were often guarded by all sorts of beasts. This Sunflower Water Essence was being guarded by this flood dragon. The flood dragon must be waiting for this Sunflower Water Essence to mature. It probably wanted to consume it for enhancing its cultivation further.

The black scales of the flood dragon appeared ominous under the moonlight. They had frightened everyone. Its ice-cold eyes were like a pair of red lanterns, and were glaring at everyone.

Ye Xiwen felt an abnormal and dangerous aura arising from the body of that flood dragon. This feeling was more intimidating compared to what he had felt when he had first seen Shi Zhi Ming and other semi-sage experts.

This inborn strange beast was undoubtedly catastrophic. It was very strong. In fact, it could be said that it was hard to find a match for this flood dragon.

Its dragon power was overflowing everywhere. It was applying suppression force on everyone in the vicinity.

"Humans, get lost!" the flood dragon revealed its mouthful of steel-like teeth and bellowed. A foul and fishy smell spread in the surroundings, and assaulted everyone's nostrils. It also unleashed its demonic energy in the surroundings.

Dragons were supposed to be auspicious creatures according to the hearsay. However, there were evil dragons in this world as well, and flood dragons were widely known for their brutal and ferocious nature.

"I am guarding this Sunflower Water Essence for five hundred years now. So, you better get lost. Otherwise, I'll kill you all!" the flood dragon roared as its huge body suddenly slammed against the pond's surface, and splashed countless water droplets in the air. The water droplets then fell down from the sky like raindrops. These water droplets were very heavy, and weighed up to several kilograms. The weight of falling water reached a horrifying extent when gathered together. Several weak warriors had their bodies smashed by the falling water, and sustained severe injuries.

"Everybody, it doesn't matter how we compete amongst ourselves. But, we mustn't lose to this beast. It will be best if we join hands to first kill this beast!" Pan Shui Rong stepped forward and suggested.

Everyone knew that this flood dragon was very powerful. They couldn't dare to fight head-on with it. It was clear that this flood dragon was also afraid of them teaming-up against it. Otherwise, this fierce beast would've attacked and slaughtered them by now.

"Alright, let's join hands and kill this beast first!" Ying Da replied in agreement. Now, everyone's gazes turned towards Shi Zhi Ming since they didn't know what he'd choose.

Shi Zhi Ming struggled a bit, but finally made his decision. He nodded and agreed with the idea of forming a team to kill this flood dragon first.

"Attack!" he shouted, and the Fire Cloud's Falling Sky hand swept-out from his body. It rushed out and pressed down upon that flood dragon.

Pan Shui Rong and Ying Da also shot various martial attacks towards the flood dragon.

The flood dragon suddenly got furious. It had already taken into account that it wouldn't be able to contend against the combined force of these semi-sage experts. It knew that it wouldn't be able to slaughter them very easily if they joined hands. But, it hadn't expected that they'd collaborate to take it down.

The flood dragon roared. It opened its big mouth, and spat an extremely cold breath. This breath froze everything in the surroundings; including the space. Then, the frozen space started to shatter; inch by inch.


This cold breath attack and the attacks of other experts collided severely. The terrifying energy waves swept out in the surroundings.

Ye Xiwen no longer hesitated, and restrained his breath. He stealthily retreated from that chaotic scene. Nobody spotted him doing so. Ye Xiwen carefully walked far away. Now, everyone looked like tiny dots from that distance. Then, he dived into the pond.

He was suddenly struck by the piercing chill, and was left shiver uncontrollably. His entire body froze stiff, and sank down.

Ye Xiwen secretly thought that this wasn't a good idea. It was much colder inside the pond than outside. He might get frozen to death if he stayed longer in the pond. Luckily, he had activated the resistance.

Ye Xiwen had begun to operate his 'Real Elemental Energy' frantically at maximum output. Its output speed was getting faster and faster. Thanks to that, his complexion was gradually restored. His breathing went back to normal.

The temperature in the pond was seriously terrible. And, the temperature fell by several degrees with every meter that he sank into the depths of the pond. Moreover, it was hard to determine how deep this pond was in reality.

Ye Xiwen could faintly hear the fluctuations coming from the surface. These fluctuations had been caused by the battle that was taking place on the surface. However, that couldn't affect the state of water in the pond.

Ye Xiwen realized that those fluctuations couldn't penetrate deeper into the pond — probably because of the heavy weight of water.

He released his divine sense to look for the whereabouts of that Sunflower Water Essence which had taken advantage of the sudden appearance of the flood dragon to escape deeper into the pond.

It was very difficult for an average person to use their divine sense to search in this kind of an environment. However, it was a piece of cake for Ye Xiwen since he had wrapped his divine sense in divinities. Therefore, his divine sense could spread anywhere with an irresistible force.

Eventually, Ye Xiwen's divine sense pinpointed the location of the Sunflower Water Essence. A smile appeared on his face. He stretched-out his big golden hand, and grabbed the Sunflower Water Essence.

(To be continued)

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