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Ye Xiwen had only practiced the 'Tyrant Body Technique' till the fifth layer at present. However, his deduction of the same had already reached the seventh layer. This meant that he could make a breakthrough to the sixth layer at any time.

Then, his 'Gilded Tyrant Form' would attain a completely different level of tyranny. However, even if the breakthrough hadn't happen yet, the toughness of his body had reached great proportions. This was owed to the continuous absorption of 'spirit energy' over the last two years since it had strengthened his 'Gilded Tyrant Form'. His physical strength had also increased by leaps and bounds in these two years. It had become very different from what it used to be two years ago. There was a difference of cloud and mud between his previous and current strength.

Ye Xiwen's 'Observing Person Scripture' had been deduced to the third layer. Though, he had been lingering on the first layer itself. He had condensed Jupiter and its satellites. However, this hadn't hindered Ye Xiwen in any manner. He had continued to deduce the 'Observing Person Scripture', and had already deduced the upcoming layers.

He had mastered the 'Buried Sword Secrets' even though he had obtained it rather recently. He hadn't tested the last move yet, but he was confident that he had mastered it. However, he couldn't try that move since it could cost him his life.

The 'Phoenix Regeneration Technique', 'Devil Wings', and other secret techniques had undergone massive improvements as well. One could say that the current Ye Xiwen was entirely different from what he used to be two years ago. He had progressed to the extent where he could casually blow-away a group of experts of his level with just one punch.

Several of his power-techniques had been deduced (1) too. However, he hadn't seen a breakthrough. One of the reasons for this was that Ye Xiwen wanted to stay in this realm. He wanted to accumulate as much as he could. This would later allow him to advance in one fell swoop. He would then be able to rise to great heights in the future, and the accumulation within this realm had a direct relation to it.

There was another reason as well… he didn't have enough 'Spirit Dans'. There hadn't been a single day when he wasn't in need of 'Spirit Dans' since the day he had obtained the mysterious space. Whether it was to have a breakthrough, or to deduce martial art techniques, or to practice and quickly master those deduced techniques… he must always have sufficient amount of 'Spirit Dans'. He had nearly reached the point where he was in need of an astronomical number of 'Spirit Dans'. There would've been no problem if his requirements were only limited for martial arts. However, the secret techniques and magical abilities he possessed were all world-shaking in their individual accord. Each could be regarded as a stunning heritage. This had led to a drastic increase in his consumption of 'Spirit Dans'.

That's the reason he was always looking for missions even though he had access to such a huge treasure-house like the 'Hidden Star Peak'. His annual income simply couldn't meet his requirements. In fact, his consumption rate of 'spirit energy' could scare a sage expert to death.

The amount of 'Spirit Dans' that Ye Xiwen had earned in these two years had gone past the 100 million mark. However, it wasn't enough. It could be said that even the very rich 'Hidden Star Peak' couldn't meet his prodigal demands. The amount of 'Spirit Dans' that he had earned in these two years was more than enough for an ordinary person to cultivate his way to the sage realm a scratch; even then, there would be some left over. However, for him… it wasn't enough.

Others would stake everything on their aptitude and cultivation time. However, their physique wasn't the best. Moreover, Ye Xiwen cultivation time was less than ten years. So, he could only depend on the 'Spirit Dans' to catch-up with those god-gifted geniuses. He couldn't think of any other approach to compete with those geniuses who had a far higher cultivation time than his'.

However, other people didn't know about this. They merely believed that he was a top-notch genius and a heaven's pride level expert. His growth seemed normal to them — no matter how fast it was. The burden of their expectations was Ye Xiwen's protective layer. He couldn't afford to uncover this veil.

Innate talent and physique couldn't be stolen, but his mysterious space wasn't the same. If this secret were to come out — then it might draw the attention of every expert of the True Martial World.

If he had requested the 'Hidden Star Peak' for such a higher number of 'Spirit Dans' — then he would have to explain why he needed so many of them. However, he couldn't afford to reveal this secret.

Therefore, Ye Xiwen had decided to earn the 'Spirit Dans' on his own after considering it at a length. His mysterious space was the foundation of his martial arts practice. Even a slight leak of this secret could pose a great threat to him. So, he could take no chances.

"What's the next mission that Ye Xiwen is about to complete?"

"This should be his last among the missions he had taken. However, it's also the most difficult one. It involves killing a genius of Bai Mo Jiao (2) named Luo Tong Guang. And that man has recently risen to fame. This Luo Tong Guan has been very active among the geniuses that Bai Mo Jiao has recruited in this session. He had led an army of devils and had exterminated countless families. He's very hard to deal with!"

"This mission is the deadliest among those missions. Even an expert of great sage realm may not return from this mission; let alone Ye Xiwen. Luo Tong Guang is an extremely ferocious and magnificent expert among the new-comers in Bai Mo Jiao. He's a heaven's pride level expert as well. Most importantly, it's said that Luo Tong Guang stays in the underground base of Bai Mo Jiao all year round. Forget about Ye Xiwen — even a great sage expert couldn't return from there!"

Bai Mo Jiao was a giant force… not just in the Southern region, but in the entire True Martial World. It wasn't inferior to the True Martial University in any regard. Moreover, it was backed by the Devil Race. If computed — the strength of Devil Race was superior to that of the True Martial University. But Bai Mo Jiao was the real enemy of the people of the True Martial World. Every force of the True Martial World was hostile towards it because of its evil interests.

The experts inside Bai Mo Jiao were enormous in numbers. In fact, the experts of sage realm and great sage realm were present in abundance. Nobody could complete this mission on their own as far as the public opinion was concerned. Even if Luo Tong Guang were to come-out in the open — he'd be accompanied by many sage realm experts. Nobody could think of a way to kill him.

"No one can complete this mission. Ye Xiwen will die if he goes there. It would be extremely difficult for him to get out of there even if he were to somehow kill Luo Tong Guang. It's simply impossible!"

"However, it is difficult to say how many impossible missions he has completed in the last two years. May be he can complete this one too. These heaven's pride level experts have many hidden methods and cards up their sleeves. You never know!"

"How do you say it's possible?" an onlooker sneered and said. "This mission is impossible for anyone. Do you think those high-level experts of Bai Mo Jiao are blind or something? You think they won't spot Ye Xiwen? There's only a small possibility of success if several forces of the True Martial World join forces to destroy Bai Mo Jiao!"

"He will die if he tries to complete this mission!"

"I think so too. I think that there's high probability that Ye Xiwen will give-up on this mission!"

Nobody believed that Ye Xiwen could complete this mission. However, he had completed several missions that had been deemed impossible by most people. Therefore, everyone was in dilemma. Yet, most of them were inclined towards him failing in this mission.

Several people would say that this mission was simply impossible to complete each time, but Ye Xiwen would still complete the said-mission. The missions turned out to be very thrilling on several occasions, but he had managed to complete them in the end.

Sometimes, the news about his mission would spread all over, and would even reach the ears of the enemies since so many people would discuss his new missions. Sometimes, the enemies would even launch surprise attacks on him in attempts to ambush him on the way to the mission.

Ye Xiwen felt helpless regarding this matter. He didn't have any method to shut the loud-mouths of these gossip-loving people. He couldn't stop everyone from talking. He could only solve this problem with his tyrannical strength.

However, this mission was different from the previous ones. The targets had possessed tyrannical strengths in the previous missions as well, but most of them were small forces. Some were even unaffiliated with any major forces. Therefore, they weren't difficult to deal with. The biggest problem in this mission was not Luo Tong Guan, but Bai Mo Jiao itself.

Bai Mo Jiao had an enormous number of experts. To kill Luo Tong Guang in their presence… was harder than reaching for the heavens. Even a great sage expert was said to never return from their lair. Therefore, nobody was optimistic that Ye Xiwen would be able to complete this mission.

Even the people who used to talk in favor of Ye Xiwen every time weren't optimistic this once.

However, Ye Xiwen had returned unscathed to the True Martial University even still. He went inside the Merit Palace Hall. This suddenly attracted the attention of countless people.

"See, I told you. Ye Xiwen will give-up on this mission. He wouldn't have come back alive otherwise!"

"I know. Even an expert of great sage realm can't complete this mission. It's understandable that he couldn't complete it!"

"It's not surprising why nobody could complete this mission for so many years!"

Almost everyone said the same thing unanimously. Meanwhile, Ye Xiwen entered the Merit Palace Hall… ignoring the popular discussion.

Ye Xiwen arrived in front of a disciple at the reception and said, "I've come to report that the mission is cleared. I've killed Bai Mo Jiao's Luo Tong Guan!"

Then, Ye Xiwen stretched-out his hand into the void and grabbed the head of a person. It was a young man's head. Those deceased anger-filled eyes were glaring towards the sky.

"What? How is it possible? He has really completed the mission. It's incredible. It's not a fake, is it?!"

"It's not a fake. That face… I've seen it earlier… in a portrait of Luo Tong Guang. It's him. You don't know how many people hated him, and wanted him dead!"

"But, how in the world did he complete this mission? Wasn't it supposed to be a mission impossible? Even for a great sage expert?!"

"My god!"

A look of disbelief appeared on everyone's faces. This mission was extremely difficult. Nobody had thought that Ye Xiwen would be able to complete it.

The disciple at the reception promptly took the head and raised it to verify.

Ye Xiwen heard what everyone was saying, but he didn't say anything in reply. It might have been an incredible thing for other people. However, it wasn't impossible in his eyes.

This mission was very difficult because of the presence of so many experts of Bai Mo Jiao in the vicinity of the target. It was nearly impossible not to alert them. However, Ye Xiwen possessed methods which could enable him to restrain his breath. He knew techniques to transform his appearance. He had successfully disguised himself as one of the disciples of Bai Mo Jiao. He had then become one of them and snuck inside.

(To be continued)

There are two steps required in practicing a power technique. First step requires deduction of a technique. Ye Xiwen burns spirit dans to operate his mysterious space to achieve that. The second step again involves consumption of spirit dans, but this time he does that to pay the toll to enter the mysterious space. Once he is inside, he can freely practice the deduced technique and master it faster.

In the last two years, Ye Xiwen has deduced a lot of stuff but has yet to practice them. But the deduction of stuff increases his knowledge or wisdom and it more or less like accumulation. Just like he had accumulated knowledge in Yi Yuan School's library to have a breakthrough.

Bai Mo Jiao = Devil Worship Religion or Devil Worship Cult

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